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Ansys claims CFD record.

ANSYS has claimed a new record with its simulation software.

The company said its computational fluid dynamics (CFD) software had been used to run a single mesh with more than a billion computation cells, the first time a commercial package had achieved such a high degree of accuracy.

The milestone was reached by an Italian engineering team investigating the aerodynamics of a yacht for the Luna Rossa Challenge entry in the America's Cup race.

Dr Ignazio MariaViola, who led the engineering team, said: "Our research indicates that this is among the world's first applied engineering simulations using a single mesh of more than one billion cells performed with commercial software.

"The possibilities for engineering simulation using high-performance computing are massive, and I'm sure we will see groundbreaking design developments."

Computational cells are an integral part of CFD simulations. When conducting a simulation, computers break down the surface area and/or volume of a design into cells. These form the basis for a series of equations that model the fluid flow or stress on a design. The higher the cell count, the more detailed a simulation.

According to Ansys, the simulation of a racing yacht was difficult because of the combination of hydrodynamic and aerodynamic flows and the stiffness of the yacht. The one billion cell-plus simulation focused on the aerodynamic impact of wind on the vessel sailing downwind, with emphasis on the mainsail and an asymmetrical spinnaker.

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Title Annotation:TECHNOLOGY; computational fluid dynamics
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Date:Nov 26, 2008
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