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Answers Sought at Climate Symposium.

At the first-ever climate change symposium at Ohio State University, Columbus, professors spoke about the many ways global warming is changing our world, offering possible solutions to some of the problems global warming is said to cause.

"I believe that the greatest challenges of the 21st century are twofold: learning how to get along with each other on this planet and learning how to get along with the planet on which we all depend," says Lonnie Thompson, professor of earth sciences. "These two challenges deal with human behavior and are therefore closely related."

Adds Jeff Bielicki, professor of civil, environmental, and geodetic engineering: "We only have a dozen or so years to do this. We need to be thinking about how we produce energy in ways that don't just avoid emitting carbon dioxide, but actually reduce the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere."

That could mean planting more forests, capturing carbon dioxide, and finding places to store it--and considering ways to boost natural processes of breaking down C[O.sub.2] in oceans and rocks. "These are not just scientific, engineering, and technical challenges," Bielicki stresses. "These are also policy and social science challenges"--and that means modifying human behavior, not just to slow or stop climate change, but to adapt to it.

"Climate impacts the decisions we make on a daily basis about every aspect of our lives," notes Jan Weisenberger, senior associate vice president for research. "If we think about the big problems that are going to be facing humanity in the next century and beyond, all of them intersect with climate."

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