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Ansoft Confirms That New Matrix Solver and Parameterized Model Library Will Ship with Ansoft HFSS Version 6.0

Breakthrough Provides Dramatic Reduction in CPU and Disk Usage

PITTSBURGH, June 8 /PRNewswire/ -- Ansoft Corporation (Nasdaq: ANST), the leader in electromagnetics-based design automation software, today confirms that development of new matrix solver technology is ahead of schedule and will be included in the upcoming release of the Ansoft High Frequency Structure Simulator (Ansoft HFSS). The announcement was made on the exhibits floor of the IEEE MTT-S International Microwave Symposium in Baltimore, MD. "The new matrix solver was originally scheduled for Version 7.0," said Dr. Zoltan Cendes, Ansoft's Founder and Chairman of the Board. "However, accelerated product development has enabled us to deliver this in Version 6.0. This breakthrough will speed solutions and reduce disk usage dramatically." Ansoft HFSS is a full-wave finite element based electromagnetic (EM) simulator that computes s-parameters and fields for passive, three-dimensional (3D) structures.

The announcement comes on the heels of a very successful Ansoft HFSS User's Workshop held in Los Angeles, CA last month. Over 100 HFSS users attended the two-day workshop to better understand the application of high- frequency electromagnetic simulation with presentations by notable HFSS users and by Ansoft engineers. Ansoft software developers indicated at the workshop that new solver technology was emerging rapidly. Ansoft now confirms remarks made at the workshop that the new matrix solver and a parameterized model library will be included in Version 6.0.

"Ansoft is in the unique position of increasing software capabilities after the original Version 6.0 product announcement," said Dr. Lawrence Williams, Director of Marketing for High-frequency Products. "We're already enthusiastic about the new interface, periodic boundaries and the ALPS fast frequency sweep -- now Version 6.0 has a new matrix solver and model library to further increase our user's productivity." Version 6.0 was originally announced at the Wireless Symposium, Santa Clara, CA, in February 1998.

Disk usage has been reduced dramatically for all problems. For example, a typical lossy problem with 60,000 unknowns used 10 times less disk space when compared with the Version 5.0 solver. More importantly, CPU time has also been reduced to allow users to get their simulations finished faster. The new solver is especially effective when solving large lossy problems and for geometries that include ferrite materials. For lossy problems solve-times in version 6.0 were typically 5 times faster than version 5.0. As an added benefit to users, the new technology allows HFSS to predict memory and disk usage as simulations commence. Users may now monitor a solution at the beginning to make sure that their computer platform has sufficient resources.

Model Library is a Key to Productivity

In keeping with the theme of enhanced user productivity, Ansoft has implemented a library of standard geometries by utilizing the new macro recording capabilities. The library can be used to parametrically define standard shapes including microstrip Tee junctions; broadside coupled lines; mitered and unmitered bends; radial and asymmetric bends; coax lines with prescribed Zo; round and square spirals; magic Tees; patch antennas; and helix geometries. "We've created this library so that designers can synthesize popular microwave components," said Jack Parkes, Vice President of Engineering. "There's virtually no limit to the number or complexity of library models that can be added."

The Version 6.0 macro recording and playback features allow users to log an entire drawing and simulation session to an easy-to-read and modify ASCII text file. Parametric simulations are performed by editing the text file followed by macro re-play. A macro can prompt for geometry dimensions during re-play enabling users to create their own library of geometries -- based on a nominal structure -- that is later simulated to provide design curves, geometric sensitivity, and optimal design. Ansoft expects that users will customize HFSS for their particular design activities. It is possible, for example, for users to create their own custom design library for microwave couplers, power dividers, phase shifters, matching networks, and transition circuits. Macros allow design data to be read from user-defined look-up tables or by processing particular design equations.


Electromagnetics and microwave analysis/design are challenging subjects to master. Proper application of engineering software often requires interaction between software vendor and user. Ansoft's expert applications engineering staff is available through hot-line, fax, e-mail, and anonymous FTP. Ansoft applications engineers are located in field offices in the United States and worldwide. For new users, regularly scheduled training courses are held in the corporate office and at several field offices. On-site group training is also available.

European Ansoft HFSS Users Workshop

Ansoft continues to support it's users with a series of user workshops throughout Europe this Fall. Watch for final announcements or call/e-mail Ansoft for more information ( Pre-registration for the workshops is required.


Ansoft HFSS Version 6.0 is in Beta release now; final release will commence in the next few weeks. It is available on all popular UNIX workstation platforms and on PCs running Windows NT/95/98. To model arbitrarily biased ferrite materials, the Maxwell 3D Field Simulator is available as an add-on option. Maxwell Eminence bundles Ansoft HFSS, Maxwell Spicelink, and Maxwell Extractor.

Ansoft develops, markets and supports electronic design automation ("EDA") software based on fundamental electromagnetic principles. Ansoft's products are used by design engineers in a wide range of industries, including the wireless communications and RF markets as well as the semiconductor, computer, automotive and consumer electronic industries. Ansoft markets its products worldwide through its direct sales force and distributors, and provides comprehensive customer support and training. Ansoft customers include leading electronics, telecommunications, and automotive companies including General Motors, Intel, Motorola, ABB, Raytheon, TRW, Mitsubishi, Texas Instruments, Hitachi, Lucent, Chrysler and Sun Microsystems.

Maxwell(R) is a registered trademark of Ansoft Corporation. Other companies and products named are trademarks of their manufacturers. Ansoft is publicly traded on the Nasdaq Stock Exchange under the ticker symbol "ANST."

Note: The "o" in "Zo" in paragraph five is subscript.

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