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Another view.

In your November 2003 issue, the "Point of View" article attempts to compare [Venezuela President Hugo] Chavez's shenanigans with [Bolivian leader Hugo] Banzer's political performance in Bolivia during his tenure as a dictator first and as an elected president later. I believe the word "dictator" is their only common denominator. Do you think Chavez will call for free elections, as Banzer did, and surrender his presidential powers to the opposition, if the latter wins? You also stated that Chavez "has given dignity and hope to his country's poorest." I suppose you mean as Castro has given the Cubans far over 40 years. Is this what you mean?

Perhaps many of your LATIN TRADE readers, especially Venezuelans still residing in their country, as well as those forced to start anew in other countries, would be interested in knowing your definition of "dignity and hope" because the way you use them in your article are certainly offensive to every free man and woman in the entire Western Hemisphere. I respect your publication and its dedicated staff. Just look forward to producing better and more responsible information in future issues!

Vincente Timiraos

Miami, Florida
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Title Annotation:Letters
Author:Timiraos, Vincente
Publication:Latin Trade
Article Type:Letter to the Editor
Date:Jan 1, 2004
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