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Another role for TNF-cachetin.

Another role for TNF/cachectin

Tumor necrosis factor (TNF) is becoming a do-everything substance. First Rockefeller University researchers in New York City realized that cachectin, the weight-loss-producing substance they had been working on for years, was essentially the same as tumor necrosis factor, a substance that researchers had isolated using its ability to kill cancer cells (SN: 8/31/85, p.132). Now a study described in the Oct. 30 NATURE indicates that cachectin can directly kill several kinds of viruses, independently of its ability to induce production of antiviral interferons in the body.

The report comes from several German institutions and Genentech, Inc., in South San Francisco, which is interested in the commercial potential of TNF. Whether it will be an anti-cancer drug, a weight-loss product or a cure for the common cold remains to be seen.
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Title Annotation:tumor necrosis factor
Publication:Science News
Date:Nov 22, 1986
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