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Another reason to eat your broccoli raw.

Another reason to eat your broccoli raw

Last year, Canadian researchers reported that some of the most potent natural anticancer agents present in broccoli and related cruciferous veggies, such as cabbage and cauliflower, predominate only in the raw produce (SN: 11/25/89, p.351). Now Agricultural Research Service scientists in Beltsville, Md., find that cooking broccoli, and its cruciferous brethren, also takes its toll on an important nutrient -- one some suspect may help protect against atherosclerosis.

Four ounces of raw broccoli contains twice the vitamin C in an equivalent amount of reconstituted frozen orange juice -- about 100 milligrams. If the broccoli is especially fresh -- evidenced by a bluish-green hue -- it can contain up to 40 percent more of this vitamin. Because vitamin C is the premier antioxidant in blood (SN: 8/26/89, p.133), some researchers suggest diets high in this nutrient may help protect against the development of atherosclerotic deposits. But freezing, boiling, blanching, steaming or otherwise cooking broccoli roughly halves its vitamin C, Joseph T. Vanderslice now reports.
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Title Annotation:atherosclerosis
Publication:Science News
Date:Jun 9, 1990
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