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Another name lost; YourSay.

KEMBLE Pianos, the last quantity manufacturer of pianos in Britain, has closed down with loss of all jobs for it highly skilled specialised workforce. So what! Sign of the times you might say, but should it be? Like HP Sauce, Alstrom, LDV, Rover/MG, and possibly in the near future Cadbury, to name but a few, Kemble had been taken over by a multinational company, Yamaha in Japan.

After 98 years of manufacturing British pianos, the Kemble business and name has been asset-stripped and gone to Japan to go on to an inferior product under a British quality name.

Why is this country losing its quality manufacturing base to foreign competitors rather than remaining in Britain? The answer is simple. Our Government makes it far too easy and more profitable to throw British workers on to the scrapheap, whether manufacturing or service industries like call centres and administrative business.

Their weak legislation makes it cheaper to close down, asset-strip and move businesses abroad than in any other major country in the world.

It is about time Gordon Brown and his cronies started to stand up for British workers, British business and Britain.

Swaggering around the world stage as its saviour is delusionary and, while he is fiddling, Britain is burning.

John Berry, Northfield
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Title Annotation:Letters
Publication:Birmingham Mail (England)
Date:Nov 5, 2009
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