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Another member service.

Many of our valued ADAA members speak out on a variety of subjects as professional speakers in addition to their usual careers of educating, consulting and otherwise being productive members of the Dental Assisting Community.

ADAA would like to provide an opportunity for its members to list their availability at no charge in occasional issues of The Dental Assistant. If you wish to offer your services as a speaker for dental-related groups only, excluding subjects relative to hobby or leisure time activities, ADAA will be pleased to insert your name, address, phone and e-mail address.

In addition to this information, we will list any or all of the following three categories: Clinical, Administrative, Professional Development.

ADAA will not act as a speakers' bureau, evaluator or clearinghouse for speakers, but will only provide a venue for those who wish to offer their services on a fee basis to be negotiated with the group retaining speaking services.

Please send your listing to with "Speaking Out" as the subject. You must list a category.
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Title Annotation:Association Bulletin
Publication:The Dental Assistant
Date:Jul 1, 2004
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