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Another landmark along the way.

Another Landmark Along The Road

While in itself not a major news event destined to make front page headlines in the New York Times, the simple fact that Nonwovens Industry has joined the American Filtration Society as a corporate member is yet another significant landmark on the nonwovens industry's road into areas previously dominated by more traditional technologies.

We first became interested in the relatively new AFS during discussions with industry consultant Wells Shoemaker, who has been called the father of the Society for his role in separating it from its traditional position within the British-based filtration association. The story behind the split--which came about due to what one participant labeled as "taxation without representation" but was mostly based on a desire by the growing American filtration companies to better control their industry's own destiny--is documented in a feature article on AFS in this issue.

What we also found in researching a survey of this market for this issue was that nonwovens utilizing technologies ranging from needlepunching to spunbonding have made remarkable in-roads into the worldwide filtration market. What was perhaps most heartening to learn was that nonwovens did not wrest this market share away from wovens and other technologies based on price alone.

Rather, performance led the way. Or more to the point, performance mixed with the versatility of the nonwovens processes convinced filter manufacturers to make nonwovens the media of choice for everything from conventional air and liquid filtration applications to high tech uses such as the revolutionary automobile interior filters. Increased environmental regulations concerning air quality inside and outside the workplace spell good news for the domestic and international filtration participants.

We are enthusiastic about becoming a part of such an active organization as the American Filtration Society. We join such prestigious nonwovens companies as Reemay, Chicopee and James River, among others, in this fledgling group. Our acceptance by the AFS board indicates their recognition of the role nonwovens already plays and will continue to play in their business.

And from our viewpoint, joining AFS indicates our recognition of the role the filtration business already plays and will continue to play in the nonwovens industry. We look forward to a long and prosperous relationship.
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Title Annotation:Nonwovens Industry magazine joins the American Filtration Society
Author:Jacobsen, Michael A.
Publication:Nonwovens Industry
Article Type:editorial
Date:Feb 1, 1990
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