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Another gay filmmaker, another NC-17.

THE MOTION Picture Association of America continued its jihad against gay sexuality in movies when Pedro Almodovar's Bad Education was slapped with an NC-17 rating. Like John Waters's A Dirty Shame, the film was given the most restrictive rating despite the absence of explicit sexual content.

Publicists for Bad say objections were raised over a scene in which Gael Garcia Bernal, in drag, simulates oral sex on another man. The ratings board didn't object to Bernal's head moving from side to side, but they did have a problem with his head bobbing up and down.

"To try to dissect the minds of the MPAA with regard to what is acceptable can be a black hole of inscrutable logic," says Dawn Hudson of the Independent Feature Project/Los Angeles, who says independent filmmakers have often been left out of the MPAA's decision process. She hopes that the organization's new president, Dan Glickman, will be open to a little Education from IFP about the difference between art films and pornography.
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Date:Dec 21, 2004
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