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Another cancer culprit?

Fears that a cancer-causing chemical may be leaching out of teething rings and soft plastic toys prompted the Consumer Product Safety Commission last year to call for a study into the hazards of di(2-ethylhexyl)phthalate (DEHP), used to soften polyvinyl plastics. A report issued last week confirmed low amounts of DEHP, known to cause liver cancer in lab animals, may be absorbed from certain infant products, dialysis machine tubing and plastic blood bags.

Chemical and plastic industry officials were quick to point out that the levels of DEHP needed to cause cancer in animals were far greater than those being absorbed from their products.

But, although the outside advisers to the commission who compiled the report concluded there was no hard evidence that DEHP-containing plastics cause human cancer, the report said "DEHP must be considered potentially carcinogenic to humans" and called for more research on DEHP levels in children.
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Title Annotation:DEHP
Publication:Science News
Date:Oct 19, 1985
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