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Another battleground to confront.

Byline: M. Saleem - Qatar

I am residing in Qatar for the last fifteen years and like many other thousands of Pakistanis, earning foreign exchange, which is supposed to be back bone of Pakistan economy. However the huge mess at home is frustrating for us. A large number of Indians are also working in Qatar, with whom we have perhaps eternal enmity. Whether it is a cricket match or testing of missiles, we both feel duty bound to undermine each other. Being a patriotic Pakistanis, we always praise our defence organizations and portray them the best in the world. Now the recent Geo onslaught on ISI/ Army has placed us in a very awkward position. Every now and then we face some direct or indirect criticism by Indians on the issue. The Geo is being projected as victim by these anti Pakistan elements.

We, the patriotic Pakistanis pray the government to give exemplary punishment to Geo and all those who are trying to defame our prestigious defence institution. It is the institution of military, not a private channel, that the political leadership must stand up with for this relationship to come to the fore.

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Publication:Frontier Post (Peshawar, Pakistan)
Geographic Code:7QATA
Date:May 23, 2014
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