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Another World First from Kurz.

The National Bank of Kyrgyzstan has issued a new 2000 som commemorative banknote featuring a KINEGRAM COLORS[R] (KC) patch from KURZ, which comprises three distinct metal colours--gold, green and blue--taking the form of a traditional Kyrgyz yurt.

The new note celebrates the 25th anniversary of the independence of the Kyrgyz Republic and the establishment of its national currency. The note is the first in the world to feature a KC patch.

The new banknote has a unique combination of sophisticated, artistic designs conceived by the National Bank of Kyrgyz Republic banknote designer Murat Sagimbaev.

The new note is the first paper note on which KC technology is applied.

The foil patch includes distinct optical effects created with KURZ's proprietary KINEGRAM technology, which can be observed as the note is tilted. Fine lines within the yurt move from right to left, a traditional Kyrgyz symbol, and the number 25 flips from the symbol to the number, whilst the colours dynamically appear to change.

Holography News[R] readers may recall the first polymer banknotes to feature KC technology were the new English 5 [pounds sterling] and 10 [pounds sterling] banknotes, issued in September 2016 and 2017 respectively (see HN September, 2017 and 2016), with a KC registered stripe applied over a clear window.

The technology was presented only recently, at the 2016 Banknote Conference in Washington, where KURZ unveiled its 'Colorful World' Specimen Banknote Series.

Design integration

Before this innovation, foil-based security features on banknotes were typically restricted to one colour, silver, which limited the design integration opportunities of the foil with the rest of the banknote design. With KC technology, this limitation is lifted--the banknote user sees the expected metallised image in a specific colour of choice, or a set of colours, with these colours in perfect register to the partial metallisation. This, says KURZ, makes these features not only very attractive, but also virtually impossible to counterfeit.

And indeed, when selecting the principal security features to be applied onto their new banknotes, the Bank of England embarked on a three year research programme with the aim of determining the effectiveness and counterfeiting resilience of many security features available in the market. Backed up by durability and performance studies, they finally decided on the KC technology, applied as a registered foil stripe, to protect their new notes as a main security feature.

The novelty and security of the feature were equally among the reasons of the National Bank of Kyrgyzstan to select this technology for their new notes. RUS&materiaI=83707

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Caption: Kinegam Colors patch feature on the Kyrgyz commemorative 2000 som banknote.

Caption: Kurz's 'Colorful World' specimen banknote series comprising Kinegram Colors.

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Publication:Holography News
Date:Dec 1, 2017
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