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Another Dole win: the stories InsideCounsel covers often continue developing long after we write about them. Here are the latest updates.

"Righteous Anger," June 2009 (InBrief)


In April, Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Victoria Chaney dismissed two cases Nicaraguan workers brought against Dole Food Co. The plaintiffs in Meija v. Dole and Rivera v. Dole claimed Dole exposed them to DBCP, a pesticide that causes sterility in men. Dole used the pesticide, which is illegal in the U.S., to control fungus on Central American banana farms. Chaney dismissed the case on the grounds that the plaintiffs participated in numerous frauds, including bribing witnesses and a plot to extort the defendants. The cases are two of some 250 lawsuits over Dole's use of the pesticide.


On Oct. 20, a federal judge in Miami ruled that Dole doesn't have to pay a $97 million judgment a Nicaraguan court levied four years ago in favor of 150 plaintiffs who alleged DBCP injuries. Judge Paul Huck refused to enforce the judgment because it was delivered by a system rife with "political interference and judicial corruption." The system, he wrote, "stripped defendants of their basic right in any adversarial proceeding to produce evidence in their favor and rebut the plaintiffs' claims."
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Title Annotation:LEGAL UPDATE
Author:Williamson, Lauren
Date:Dec 1, 2009
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