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Another A-frame answer: built-ins and plaster.

Another A-frame answer: built-ins and plaster

Plastered walls and built-ins give characterand a contemporary look to this 15-year-old A-frame house (also shown on page 108). The built-in counters, a tall bookcase wall, recessed display niches, and a bedroom couch replace independent pieces of furniture and make the rooms seem less cramped.

Plastering allows for gentle rounding ofcorners, which softens the mass of the shelves and cabinets. Under the plaster is a framework of 2-by-4s and plaster-adhering wallboard. Plywood reinforces the tops of built-in tables and counters.

Photo: Shaped by roof's peak, triangular bedroom wall is divided into 11 1/2-inch-deep pockets for shelves. Built-in day bed is to right of door

Photo: Unusual nooks for storage and displaygive sculptural quality to bathroom corner. Above tiled recess is built-in night light

Photo: Multilevel table near bedholds storage bins with mirrored and louvered doors

Photo: White-plastered walls, window trim, stairs, and display case brighten living room. Built-in fluorescent fixtures light display niches
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Date:Mar 1, 1987
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