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Annual review of plant biology; v.59, 2008.


Annual review of plant biology; v.59, 2008.

Ed. by Sabeeha Merchant et al.

Annual Reviews


831 pages




The 30 articles in the 2008 edition of the annual series summarize recent advances in plant biochemistry and biosynthesis, genetics, cell differentiation, acclimation, and investigation methods. Peggy Lemeux (Berkeley) responds to common concerns about consuming genetically engineered crops and foods, citing peer-reviewed literature of study results and interpretations. Other topics include algal sensory photoreceptors, plant processes regulated by proteases, mechanisms of salinity tolerance, patterning in seed plant shoots, cuticular wax formation by epidermal cells, and alkaloid biosynthesis.

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Publication:SciTech Book News
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Date:Sep 1, 2008
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