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Annual review of medicine; v.58, 2007.


Annual review of medicine; v.58, 2007.

Ed. by C. Thomas Caskey et al.

Annual Reviews


520 pages




These 33 papers reflect the latest research in fields ranging from administration of records to the cardiovascular risks of antiretroviral therapies. Topics include the efficiency and safety of drug development, risk factors for idiosyncratic toxicity, new pathological insights and therapies for schizophrenia, cardiac resynchronization, cardiomyopathy in muscular dystrophy, new therapies in acute ischemic stroke, using stents to treat intracranial cerebrovascular disease, kidney disease and cardiovascular risk, cystic fibrosis and airway surface dehydration, genetics and asthma, prostate cancer, NSAIDS and cancer prevention, cancer stem cells, stem cells and chronic lung disease, regenerative medicine and its promises, T-cells in autoimmune diseases, an innovation in post-exposure therapy for rabies, end-stage renal disease, new therapies for multiple sclerosis, several new insights on AIDS treatment, macular degeneration and targeting VEGF-A to treat cancer and other conditions.

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Date:Jun 1, 2007
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