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Annual poultry show brings fanciers together.

Wisconsin's International Poultry Show attracted nearly 2,000 chickens, ducks, geese and turkeys to Portage, WI, September 25-26. Poultry devotees' finest expressed themselves in a loud variety of crows, honks and gobbles. The show is one of the Midwest's largest.

A young enthusiast showed the new color variety she has coaxed from her breeding birds. Starting with a Silver Penciled Rock rooster and a White Silkie hen, Corallina Breuer, 15, of Stoughton, WI, has developed Silver Penciled Silkies. After several generations, her birds have the unusual color feathers as well as the purple skin required of true Silkies.

She worked under the tutelage of Wisconsin International Poultry Club President Airlyng Gunderson of Butch's Birds, Pardeeville, WI, and Myron Turk of Brooklyn, WI. Gunderson, show superintendent, organized the annual poultry show.

Miss Breuer's project was part of the 4-H Youth Poultry Program's Poultry Master, which was conferred on her at the awards dinner. She is the first in the nation to achieve that level.

The Poultry Master level follows Coop Tender, Flock Tender and Flock Master, each of which Miss Breuer achieved after about a year of effort.

Other projects she completed over the past three years to earn the award include organizing a judging clinic, developing the Poultry Olympics for the local fair, compiling a Youth Directory for all the young people involved in poultry in the state of Wisconsin and writing two books for children.

She also won Champion in Advanced Showmanship at the show. Her birds won Best and Reserve Blue Andalusian, Reserve Black Sumatra and Champion Mediterranean.

Miss Breuer, a sophomore at Stoughton High School south of Madison, took a serious interest in poultry after she entered and won the Pullet Surprise, the Wisconsin State Fair youth literary contest, in 1998. For the past two years, she has organized the Wisconsin International's Youth Photography Contest. This year's judge, professional photographer Donna McElroy, was an education in herself.

"As she was judging, she told me what she was looking for," said Miss Breuer. "It helped me see how I can compose my own photos better."

The contest is open to all young people age 18 and under, with judging in three age categories. Last year's winning entries were made into a calendar with dates of interest to poultry fanciers noted. She made a similar calendar for limited distribution this year.

"It's for everyone, whether they want to show or not," she said.
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