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Annual development day for hemodialysis staff exploring case studies in classroom and simulation lab.

The Northern Alberta Renal Program Clinical Nurse Educator (CNE) team along with the support of management implemented mandatory Annual Development days for the hemodialysis staff. The purpose of this day, which is offered numerous times throughout the year, as well as in various locations, is to provide staff--experienced, as well as newer staff--with the opportunity to spend a day of focused learning opportunities.

The format of the day is divided into classroom learning, as well as simulation (SIM) lab. In the classroom, presentations highlight case scenarios of Alberta Kidney Care Practice Direction Documents (PDD) that had been identified as areas of increased knowledge gaps (including anemia management and immunization--hepatitis B). SIM lab learning focused on providing staff with a safe environment to capture case scenarios that provide staff the opportunities to practise, and highlight and review common and uncommon complications experienced by chronic kidney disease (CKD) hemodialysis clients. SIM lab routine includes a pre-brief, case scenario simulation, and debrief. Case scenarios such as hypotension, hypoglycemia, anaphylaxis management, and hemolysis, are managed by the CNE team to track the progress of staff and reflect the interventions staff have performed. Debrief allows the opportunity for staff to reflect on the situation and the CNE team to capture key elements of the PDD.

Overwhelmingly positive feedback on evaluations from staff have provided the CNE staff with suggestions for potential areas for future scenarios and requests for regular Annual Development days, to allow for improved client care with continuing educational opportunities for hemodialysis staff.

Anita Fenn, BScN, RN, CNeph(C), Barrie, ON

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Author:Fenn, Anita
Publication:CANNT Journal
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Date:Apr 1, 2017
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