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Annual business meeting resolutions. (Program Exchange).

At the Annual Business Meeting held in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, on April 5, 2001, the following resolutions were passed:

Whereas, the United States President George W. Bush has placed education at the forefront of his agenda; and

Whereas, United States President George W. Bush has proposed that no child will be left behind; and

Whereas, ACEI advocates for children and teachers; and

Whereas, ACEI has been a leader in the field of education, specifically in relation to sound educational practices and empowerment of teachers;

Therefore, be it resolved that ACEI and its U.S. members will work actively to persuade President George W. Bush and members of Congress to design and implement an educational plan that:

a. Includes educators in planning and implementation

b. Meets the individual needs of all children

c. Promotes sound educational practices

d. Gives teachers autonomy

e. Places less emphasis on standardized testing, and

f. Encourages appropriate use of tests and test results.

Whereas, there have been many tragedies resulting in death and injury to children around the world; and

Whereas, ACEI continues to impact the lives of children worldwide; and

Whereas, safety issues are related to many factors including, but not limited to, health, nutrition, living standards, community and societal mores, family relations, and the school environment; and

Whereas, the occurrence of violence to which children are subjected to continues;

Therefore, be it resolved that ACEI will continue to address the issues of safety and violence for children worldwide. ACEI will undertake to address this issue through its publications, through continued education of its members and the global community, and by taking proactive stances on issues concerning the safety of children worldwide.

Whereas, the Local Conference Committee has invested and expended commitment, time, energy, and other resources to the Association for Childhood Education International's 2001 Annual Conference and Exhibition; and

Whereas, the membership of ACEI is benefiting greatly from this successfully planned and implemented conference;

Therefore, be it resolved that the membership of ACEI extends its sincere thanks and appreciation to the Local Conference Committee.
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Publication:Childhood Education
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Date:Dec 22, 2001
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