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Annual Review of Entomology; Volume 59, 2014.


Annual Review of Entomology; Volume 59, 2014

Edited by May R. Berenbaum, Ring T. Carde, and Gene E. Robinson

Annual Reviews


604 pages




This annual review contains 28 articles in the field of entomology that focus on ecological interactions; evolution and systematics; the management of specific pest species; physiological problems faced by insects in their life history; the influence of molecular omics on understanding silkworm biology, locust phase transitions, and phylogenetic relationships; and the role of the central brain in behavior. Topics include a memoir of Nancy E. Beckage and her work in insect host-parasite interactions; emerald ash borer invasion in North America; mosquito diapause; the response of native insect communities to invasive plants; freshwater biodiversity and aquatic insect diversification; interactions between insect herbivores and plant mating systems; the genetic control of mosquitoes; molecular mechanisms of phase change in locusts; traumatic insemination in terrestrial arthropods; the biology and management of psocids infesting stored products; the chemical ecology of bees; insect speciation rules; the neural and hormonal control of postecdysial behaviors in insects; the effects of pesticides on mobile terrestrial invertebrates; the development and functions of oenocytes; sexual selection; the systematics, phylogeny, and evolution of orb-weaving spiders; and the role of mites in insect-fungus associations. Contributors are entomologists, ecologists, biologists, zoologists, and other researchers from the US, Australia, Europe, Chile, and China.

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Date:Apr 1, 2014
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