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Announcing the Ace of Diamonds Trumpcard; triple function Ethernet+V.34 28.8 data/fax/cellular modem+CD-ROM; simultaneous access to all three functions in Type II PC card.

LAS VEGAS--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Nov. 12, 1995--Ositech Communications Inc. announces the Ace of Diamonds, the world's first Triple Function PCMCIA card that combines a high-performance Ethernet network adapter, V.34 28.8 data/fax/cellular modem and IDE CD-ROM into a single Type II PCMCIA card.

The Ace of Diamonds will offer mobile professionals state-of-the-art integration and functionality. No longer do users need to shuffle numerous PC cards or have functionality limited to the number of slots in the notebook. With simultaneous access to all functions and DOS, Windows and Windows 95 support customers have a previously unheard of level of integration and flexibility.

``The Ace of Diamonds is essentially building upon Ositech's award-winning Ethernet-Modem Jack of Diamonds,'' explains Michael Dodgson, product manager at Ositech. ``Enhancing this design was an exciting challenge that we undertook because of our customers' increasing need for highly-integrated connectivity solutions. Ositech is ideally suited to deliver quality multifunction PC Cards because of the advanced modular design of both hardware and software.''

High-Performance Ethernet Network Interfaces

The high-speed, high-performance 16-bit Ethernet interface provides support for either 10BaseT or 10BaseT/10Base-2 wired networks. Smart Ethernet technology automatically senses an Ethernet 10BaseT or 10Base-2 connection and configures itself accordingly.

High-Speed Cellular Data/Fax Modem

The Ace of Diamonds modem offers V.34 28.8 Kbps connectivity when in the office or on the road. For cellular communications, the MNP 10 EC protocol supported ensures reliable error-free data transfers. Direct cable connection to a variety of popular cellular phones are available.

Smart Cellular technology ensures that when switching from land line connections to cellular, the Trumpcard will ensure that your initialization strings are automatically updated. No longer do you have to reconfigure when you switch environments.


The Trumpcard CD-ROM is ideal for customers that need portable data access with their notebook computer. Weighing approximately 1 lb. (0.45 kg), the CD-ROM is one of the lightest CD devices on the market. This Double Speed IDE CD-ROM is MPC2 compliant and compatible with current industry standards including QuickTime(TM), Video CD playback, Multisession photo CD and CD-I formats.

With Ositech's Triple Power Option, customers can be up and running anywhere. The CD-ROM can be powered by three power sources: 1) the notebook via the PCMCIA connection; 2) 4 AA batteries; or 3) with a 6V power adapter (available separately).

Shipping and Pricing

The Ace of Diamonds will ship in March with a suggested retail price of $949 U.S. (CD-ROM+Ethernet 10BaseT+28.8 Modem), the CD-ROM+Ethernet 10BaseT and 10Base-2 is $999 U.S. The Ace of Diamonds can be purchased without the CD-ROM for $699 U.S. Customers can purchase the CD-ROM separately for $299 U.S.

Warranty and Support

The Ace of Diamonds is backed by a 30-day money-back guarantee and a five-year limited warranty. Comprehensive 24-hour service and support is available via BBS, CompuServe (GO Ositech) and World Wide Web ( Toll-free technical support is available through our 800-563-2386 line. The Ace of Diamonds is compatible with all notebooks incorporating the PCMCIA standard.

For more information, please contact Ositech via telephone at 800/563-2386.

Ositech Communications Inc., Guelph, Ontario, is a leader in the design and development of innovative connectivity solutions for mobile computers. In 1992, the company pioneered the industry's first all-internal, high-performance network and modem multifunction adapters for use in laptops. Ositech's current hassle-free connectivity products are sold in more than 26 countries worldwide.

CONTACT: Ositech Communications Inc.

Amy Greenberg, 708/291-8421 ext. 272

Fax: 708/291-1758
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Publication:Business Wire
Date:Nov 12, 1995
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