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Announcing Research Grants for the year 2003 for Renaissance Society of America members.

The Renaissance Society of America will award ten grants for a total amount of $22,000 in the year 2003. The grants will be available to applicants in all fields.

There are two series of grants:

(1) RSA RESEARCH GRANTS (9) -- The Renaissance Society of America will award up to nine RSA Research Grants in amounts ranging from $1,000 to $3,000, with the average amount expected to be about $2,000, for a total amount of $18,000. Three grants will be awarded in each of the three categories of Non-doctoral Scholar, Younger Scholar, and Senior Scholar. These Research Grants are available to applicants in all disciplines and topics dealing with the Renaissance.

(2) RSA-ISTITUTO NAZIONALE GRANT FOR FLORENCE -- The RSA has entered into an agreement with the Istituto Nazionale di Studi sul Rinascimento in Florence to award one research grant for research in Florence. The purpose of the grant is to enable a scholar to use the archival, manuscript, and printed book collections of Florence and/or study the works of art of Florence and the surrounding area. RSA will award the recipient $2,000 toward travel and other costs. The Istituto will provide lodging in a pensione in Florence for up to four weeks and access to its collections. For 2003 the grant will be available to applicants in all three categories.

There will be a single competition for the ten awards. Applicants for the RSA-Istituto award should indicate that they wish to be considered for this award. They will also be considered for RSA Research Grants. No applicant will receive more than one award. Please note that all applicants must be members of the Renaissance Society of America for the required number of years (see below). The following rules apply for all awards.

Research Grants will be awarded in three categories according to the career stage and employment circumstances of the applicants. Applicants will compete for grants within ONE category only.

NON-DOCTORAL: These awards will support doctoral candidates, pre-university teachers, and other applicants lacking doctorates.

YOUNGER SCHOLAR: These awards will support assistant professors; associate professors in the first two years of appointment at that rank; temporary, adjunct, and/or part-time professors; and independent scholars holding the Ph.D. Younger scholars will normally hold the Ph.D.

SENIOR SCHOLAR: These awards will support associate professors with more than two years at that rank, full professors, and retired professors.

The primary purpose of the Research Grants is to enable scholars to study research materials, such as archival documents, manuscripts, rare printed editions, works of art, and major collections of primary and secondary sources essential to the applicant's research but unavailable locally or nearby. A Research Grant will typically enable a scholar to travel to research materials in continental Europe, England, and/or depositories in the United States and Canada.

Research projects in all subjects and language areas within Renaissance Studies are eligible for support. Graduate students must be members of the RSA for at least one year at the time of application. All other applicants must be members of the RSA for at least three years at the time of application.

The Executive Board will appoint a jury drawn from different disciplines within Renaissance Studies. The criteria for judgment will be the scholarly excellence of the project and applicant, and the demonstrated need for access to research materials. The jury reserves the right to award fewer or more grants in one category, but only if there are insufficient applications of merit in another category. The deadline for applications will be 1 January 2003. Awards will be announced as soon as possible after 1 January 2003.

Application for a grant CAN ONLY be made online at the RSA website:

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Publication:Renaissance Quarterly
Date:Dec 22, 2002
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