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Announcing Colorado Nurses Association as an ANCC Accredited Approver.

The Colorado Nurses Association (CNA) is pleased to announce it is now an Accredited Approver Organization for American Nurses Credentialing Center (ANCC).

ANCC Accreditation is a voluntary, peer review process intended to strengthen and sustain the quality and integrity of continuing nursing education. Approvers demonstrate excellence in evaluating providers of continuing nursing education (CNE) for quality and excellence in curriculum design and delivery. Accredited approver organizations, like CNA are credentialed to assess, monitor and assist CNE providers in adherence to comprehensive, evidence-based ANCC criteria.

As an Accrediting organization, CNA will assess providers of continuing nursing education and ensure they adhere to rigorous global standards set forth by ANCC. Organizations approved by CNA will now be known for providing the highest quality continuing nursing education.

We are proud to be acknowledged by ANCC for our commitment and excellence in recognizing organizations that provide the highest quality continuing education for nurses. Please see the Colorado Nurses Association website for information/education on the steps your organization can take to become an Approved Provider of continuing nursing education or to provide individual educational activities. Please note we are offering virtual "Conversations with the Nurse Peer Review Leader" on April 3 & May 23, 2018. Please watch our calendar and website for more information to be able to call or video chat with our Nurse Peer Review Leader, Connie Pardee, PhD, RN, who will answer your questions regarding approved continuing nursing education at your organization.

Colorado Nurses Association Continuing Nursing Education Advisory Council looks forward to working with you and/or your team to support ANCC accredited continuing nursing education. We can support Individual Activities you may like to sponsor, as well as Accredited Provider status to provide a variety of multiple individual or ongoing continuing nursing education activities. Please contact Colorado Nurses Association for more information or go to our website and click Education for more information.

Colleen Casper, DNP, RN, MS, Executive Director

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Author:Casper, Colleen
Publication:Colorado Nurse
Date:May 1, 2018
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