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Middle Eastern-North Africa Writing Center Association

May 27-28, 2021: 3 to 8 p.m.(6MT+3)

Virtual Conference

"Imagine and Innovate: Navigating Uncertainty in Writing Centers"

Attendance is free! The sessions will be scheduled between 3-8 p.m. (GMT+3) and of course international presenters will be assigned the later slots. For further information, contact Sahar Mari: and Inas Mahfouz: Conference website:

National Conference on Peer Tutoring in Writing

November 11-14, 2021

Virtual Conference

"Subversion and Subterfuge"

Conference contact:; conference website:

Online Writing Centers Association

October 4-9, 2021

Virtual Conference

"Interdependence in the Online Writing Center"

This conference will take place synchronously and asynchronously. Proposals due: May 1, 2021. Accepted presenters notified: June 21, 2021. Presentation materials due: September 20, 2021. Asynchronous sessions posted: October 4, 2021. Synchronous sessions: October 4-9; exact times/days to be determined. For further information, contact: conference@onlinewritingcenters. org; conference website:

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Publication:WLN: A Journal of Writing Center Scholarship
Date:May 1, 2021
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