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We are delighted to welcome our new Co-Editors: Karen Gabrielle Johnson and Ted Roggenbuck. They have already been hard at work as Associate Editors, having also guest edited a WLN special issue on tutor education (vol. 42, nos. 1-2), and in addition, are finishing up a Digital Edited Collection on tutor education that will be available soon as an open-access publication on the WLN website. (Yes, they somehow manage to also be full-time faculty who direct their writing centers.)

We offer huge thanks to Kim Ballard, who has cycled off for a much-deserved rest after her years of editorial work on WLN. Lee Ann Glowzenski, who will continue her work as Co-Editor, is currently recovering on a "sabbatical" from WLN editorial work. (Shhhhhh....Lee Ann thinks she's only doing half as much work as usual, but we know otherwise and continue to rely heavily on her editorial skills on an almost daily basis.)

Elizabeth Foster (who also has a real world job) is our absolutely vital Assistant Editor who valiantly works at keeping us organized and whose innate wisdom about all things WLN we rely on constantly.

Elizabeth Kleinfeld, Sohui Lee, and Julie Prebel are our Associate Editors who develop webinars on writing for publication in WLN. Their first webinar, held this last year, is now available online in the Resources section of our website, and they plan another webinar in the fall.

Chris LeCluyse, Clint Gardiner, and Karen Jackson are our Associate Editors who established a one-to-one mentor program for authors to have a mentor as they write for publication in WLN. All the mentors now have writers to work with, but more applicants will be paired with mentors when more mentors become available.

Our reviewers are also a dedicated, vitally important group whom we thank profusely and have listed on the WLN website, in the Submit section of the website.

Muriel Harris


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Author:Harris, Muriel
Publication:WLN: A Journal of Writing Center Scholarship
Date:Sep 1, 2018
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