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of London started in a baker's shop in Pudding Lane. It destroyed 13,000 buildings in four days. 1852: Queen Victoria bought Balmoral.

Queen Victoria's first act after her Coronation was to move her bed from her mother's room. 1936: The results of the 1935 Census showed a 95 per cent increase in the number of bicycles since 1931.1939: Men aged 19-41 were conscripted under the National Service Bill. 1958: China's first television station opened in Peking. 1987: The CD-video was launched by Philips.1989: Ozzy Osbourne was charged with threatening to kill his wife, Sharon. The case was dropped when the couple attempted a reconciliation. 1997: Prostitutes in Mexico City promised not to wear see-through clothing before 10pm. 1998: Princes William and Harryissued a statement calling for a halt to the excessive Diana merchandising after her death. 1998: Two Scots Guards convicted of shooting a terrorist were freed.

They had served six years of a life sentence. 2001: The First World War disease, Trench Fever, was discovered among Britain's homeless. Birthdays: 1933: Victor Spinetti, 71, actor, whose films include The Little Prince, A Hard Day's Night and Under the Cherry Moon and The Wild Affair. Before taking up acting, Victor was a waiter and a factory worker.1952: JimmyConnors, 52, American tennis player. Jimmy is left-handed. 1961: Carlos Valderrama, 43, flamboyant Colombian footballer.1964: Keanu Reeves, 40, American actor, whose films include Speed and The Matrix. 1965: Lennox Lewis, 39, British heavyweight boxing champion.


Keanu Reeves is 40
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Date:Sep 2, 2004
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