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Annie's become a bit of a drag; Weakest Link is getting weaker.

WITH that dominatrix garb and relentlessly lashing tongue, Anne Robinson's Weakest Link caricature is hardly the epitome of feminine charm.

But faced with an array of dodgy peroxide wigs and even dodgier cleavages on a Drag Queen Special (BBC2, New Year's Day), the hostess with the most (catty comebacks) looked positively butch.

This truly was the most bizarre idea for a special, with nine drag acts variously named everything from Bryan to Baroness, pitting their all-but non-existent wits against each other.

To give you an idea of just how dim they were, when a bouffanted blonde called Sassy was asked: "what 'C' is the measure for the purity of gold?" her not-so-glittering answer was chastity.

Still, at least these bitchy broads gave Anne a run for her money on the riposte front.

And they didn't hesitate to dole out the barbed comments once they'd gathered their stilettos and teetered along the walk of shame either.

Voted out for her total lack of knowledge, strapping Sassy (built like a German shot putter but in a sequined mini dress) said she hoped Lola Lasagne won the cash.

"Because she needs it for liposuction and corrective surgery, " she jibed with unsisterly venom.

Fellow peroxide lover Zoe ventured her best line in Anne's direction. "Didn't you have time to do your hair?" queried Annie in her usual flattering fashion. "Oh it used to be worse than this, " snapped back Zoe. "It was ginger!"

In the end, though, it was left to Lola - bubbly curls piled threefoot high - to sum up the 'girls' and their IQs, which were about as high as a saggy falsie.

"We're not as bright as our costumes, " she admitted cheerily.

True, but at least you put a bit of glamour into a rapidly tiring show. "Which queen needs to abdicate?" asked our hostess at the end of another dismally poor round. Watch out Anne, it could be you . . .


GLAM: Anne Robinson with her transvestite contestants
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Title Annotation:Media
Publication:Liverpool Echo (Liverpool, England)
Date:Jan 7, 2002
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