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Annexation to the United States.

The man who told the readers of a paper in England that a number of the people of Canada were looking towards annexation with favor is very much out of touch with the people of Canada. There is no annexation sentiment in Canada, and there hasn't been any annexation sentiment for many, many years, and there never was any very decided sentiment.

In the days of depression in 1892-3-4-5, when the people of Canada were passing across the boundary line in large numbers, there were some people, mostly residing in Toronto, who thought that, as all the Canadians were on the way across the line, it might be better if the line could be shifted further north and save moving expenses. But now that it is the other way and the Americans are doing the moving, there is no reason why there should be any annexation talk or any annexation sentiment, and there is neither annexation talk nor annexation sentiment.

Occasionally there is some fear expressed that Canada will become Americanized, and that the influence of the vast swarm of Americans into this western country will eventually result in an annexation sentiment. The Albertan is not alarmed. Calgary is about the centre of the American invasion. There is no annexation sentiment here. There is never a word about annexation. There was never a word expressed in public in favor of annexation or looking towards annexation. Anything that has been said by American people upon the subject has been quite the reverse. The American settler expresses the opinion that he is well satisfied with conditions, and in many respects prefers Canada to the United States. The only place that the writer of this article ever heard expressions favorable to annexation was in the city of Toronto, and that was some years ago.

If Canada continues its fair treatment of all settlers and does not make too much of an effort to divert the channels of trade from its natural course, there is no danger of any annexation sentiment in any part of Canada.

-- The Albertan, Calgary, July 2, 1910.
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Publication:Alberta History
Date:Jun 22, 2002
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