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Articles from Annals of DAAAM & Proceedings (January 1, 2010)

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3D custom-made implants for the reconstruction of craniofacial bone defects. Evaluation at seven years of use. Rotaru, Horatiu; Stan, Horatiu; Schumacher, Ralf; Baciut, Grigore; Chezan, Horea; Kim, Seong-Gon Report 1346
3D laser removal--optimization for improving form errors. Bleicher, Friedrich; Bernreiter, Johannes; Lechner, Christoph Report 1356
4DSA: 4-dimensional presentation of stakeholder analysis in large software project. Celar, Stipe; Turic, Mili; Vickovic, Linda Report 1415
A business model for rapid prototyping in South Africa. Jordaan, Gert Daniel Report 1354
A comparative study of the relevance of indirect and direct opinions in economic texts. Musat, Claudiu Christian; Trausan-Matu, Stefan Report 1705
A comparison between the European Convention of Human Rights and the European Charter of Human Rights. Adam, Roxana Anca; Constantin, Sanda; Matei, Catalina Georgeta; Voicu, Eliza Adela Report 1942
A fast camera with online image evaluation. Valach, Sobeslav; Kvas, Marek Report 1634
A framework for analysis of corporate control in transition countries. Hruska, Domagoj Report 1633
A graphical approach to robust stability analysis of discrete-time systems with parametric uncertainty. Matusu, Radek Report 1544
A Levenberg-Marquardt algorithm with instrumental variables and its application on the identification of dynamic system. Dokoupil, Jakub; Pivonka, Petr Report 1422
A Matlab program for control of time-delay systems using modified Smith predictors. Matusu, Radek; Prokop, Roman Report 1083
A method for spherical rolling bearings quick tests. Stirbu, Cristel; Hanganu, Lucian Constantin; Grigoras, Stefan Report 1058
A model representation for image content. Mocanu, Irina Georgiana; Negreanu, Lorina Cristina Report 2275
A modeling study of the WJC etching process of steel and stainless steel materials. Popan, Ioan Alexandru; Balc, Nicolae Octavian; Luca, Alina; Curta, Razvan Report 1527
A modelling method for ontologies containing time-dependent knowledge. Muraru, Mihnea-Cosmin; Popovici, Matei-Dan Report 1471
A new "Greedy" selective algorithm for solving flowshop scheduling problems. Pacurar, Razvan Ioan; Radu, Sever Adrian; Ancau, Mircea Report 1714
A new approach for solving positioning tasks of robotic systems based on reinforcement learning. Albers, Albert; Sommer, Hermann; Frietsch, Markus Report 1520
A new CMOS first generation current conveyor CCI. Dragoi, Beniamin Report 1175
A new method of determining the parameters for establishing the installation position of small wind turbines. Todor, Nichifor; Milos, Teodor Report 1610
A new model for the contemporary market prices mechanism. Popa, Catalin; Beizadea, Haralambie; Nicolae, Florin; Nistor, Filip Report 1488
A new principle for differential gearboxes. Marin, Dumitru; Hadar, Anton; Ionita, Stela; Grigoras, Stefan; Szabo, Adam Report 1194
A new software approach to noise level calculation. Negoita, Andrei; Ionescu, Razvan Mihai Report 1677
A solution of improving efficiency of the mechanical punch presses equipped with torque-controlling variable speed drives. Paturca, Sanda Victorinne; Covrig, Mircea; Gheorghe, Stefan; Velicu, Stefan Report 1333
A solution to improve quality products. Boca, Gratiela Dana; Daraba, Dinu Report 1452
A study of fatigue in Multiple Sclerosis using a new wireless medical sensor measurements system. Yu, Fei; Bilberg, Arne Report 1418
A study on a wideband frequency passive dynamic vibration absorber based on visco-elastic mechanical suspension. Horodinca, Mihaita; Seghedin, Neculai-Eugen; Carata, Eugen; Gherghel, Nicolae; Chitariu, Dragos; Fil Report 1475
A survey of international financial crises and the actual financial crisis. Stanga, Elena; Stancu, Ion; Anghel, Flavia Gabriela; Avrigeanu, Alina Florentina Report 1964
A technique of determination and construction of a singular surfaces in the manipulator work space. Poliakov, Oleksandr Mykhaylovich Report 1746
A theorem on discrete-time scale in the qualitative theory of stochastic evolution equation. Preda, Ciprian Ion; Mosincat, Razvan Octavian; Bobitan, Nicolae Report 2052
A validation approach for a silicon retina stereo sensor. Berger, Franz; Sulzbachner, Christoph; Kogler, Juergen Report 1354
About the stability of the motion of a dynamic system in a particular case. Dragomirescu, Cristian George; Iliescu, Victor Report 1542
AC power monitoring device based on MC9S08GB60 microcontroller. Dostalek, Petr; Dolinay, Jan; Vasek, Vladimir Report 1406
Accelerated spheroidization and refinement in C45 steel. Hauserova, Daniela; Dlouhy, Jaromir; Novy, Zbysek Report 1509
Accelerated stress testing of control systems. Tanuska, Pavol; Spendla, Lukas; Vlkovic, Ondrej Report 1428
Accuracy of parts manufactured by rapid prototyping technology. Weiss, Edmund; Pajak, Edward; Kowalski, Maciej; Wichniarek, Radoslaw; Zawadzki, Przemyslaw; Dudziak, Report 1688
Active elements of heat accummulation in laboratory of intelligent building--thermal accumulative panels. Zalesak, Martin Report 1242
Adaptive control of conductivity inside CSTR. Vojtesek, Jiri Report 1541
Adaptive control systems for responsive factories. Buchmeister, Borut; Polajnar, Andrej; Palcic, Iztok; Brezocnik, Miran; Acko, Bojan Report 1578
Adaptive controller with neural network identification. Dvoracek, Martin; Pivonka, Petr Report 1093
Additive manufacturing as tool to support sustainable development. De Beer, Deon J. Report 1866
Additive manufacturing of parts with integrated functions. Wegner, Andreas; Witt, Gerd Report 1809
Adjustable toolholder for tool runout analysis in peripheral milling. Diez Cifuentes, Eduardo; Perez Garcia, Hilde; Guzman Villasenor, Mario; Vizan Idoipe, Antonio Report 1472
Advanced methods for securing the information systems. Motyl, Ivo; Palka, Jan; Palka, Jiri Report 1376
Aeroacoustic techniques used for noise source identification on complex bodies. Stoica, Corneliu Ioan Report 1681
Aerodynamic performance prediction of Darrieus-type wind turbines. Bogateanu, Radu Report 1548
Aggressive turning for enhanced productivity. Urbicain, Gorka; Fernandez, Asier; Olvera, David; Lopez De Lacalle, Luis Norberto Report 1545
Al/TiB2 metal matrix composites obtained through in-situ technique. Usurelu, Emilia-Maria; Butu, Mihai; Moldovan, Petru Report 1341
Algorithm for realization of a die used in micro injection molding. Rotar, Ioan Daniel; Cosma, Cristian; Tut, Vlad; Serban, Iancu Report 1367
Alternative explosion-formed joint of high-strength tube and sleeve. Masek, Bohuslav; Urbanek, Miroslav; Hronek, Pavel; Nesvadba, Petr Report 1480
An approach to an augmented reality interface for Computer Aided Design. Girbacia, Florin Report 1525
An electrode wear compensation model regarding the EDM process. Tirla, Andrei; Popa, Marcel Sabin; Pop, Grigore Marian; Chetreanu-Don, Camil Octav; Oltean, Andrei I Report 1327
An example of using SOM neural network in identifying vibrations. Lisjak, Dragutin; Cala, Ivo; Jambrak, Tomislav Report 1549
An improvement of design of the hip joint wear simulator. Pakhaliuk, Volodymyr; Desyatov, Ivan; Manchuk, Vitaly Report 1318
An integrated approach for development and implementation of IS/IT strategic plans and enterprise architectures. Rozanec, Alenka Report 1697
An object oriented approach to modelling of flexible multibody system: focus on joint constrains. Damic, Vjekoslav; Cohodar, Maida; Kulenovic, Malik Report 1370
An ontological approach for manufacturing resources modeling. Solano, Lorenzo; Romero, Fernando; Rosado, Pedro Report 1322
Analysis and comparison of systems engineering approaches. Amberg, Michael; Bulecza, Gabor; Dencovski, Kristian; Holm, Timo; Vollmar, Jan Report 1371
Analysis and optimization of junction structures made from layered composites using FEA. Tudor, Daniela Ioana; Vlasceanu, Daniel; Dinu, Gabriela; Petrescu, Horia Alexandru Report 1181
Analysis of alignment procedures for contactless inspection of rapid manufactured parts. Minetola, Paolo; Calignano, Flaviana; Iuliano, Luca Report 1808
Analysis of Croatian five star hotel websites as a tool for managing hotels. Jakovic, Bozidar; Herceg, Tomislav; Vlahov, Rebeka Danijela Report 1528
Analysis of dithered measurement based on Widrow's quantization theory. Kamensky, Miroslav; Kovac, Karol Report 1574
Analysis of productivity based on production line balancing. Taucean, Ilie Mihai; Tamasila, Matei; Cociu, Nicolae; Hendel, Erika Nicoleta Report 1449
Analysis of surface layers microhardness of metal spun parts. Sugar, Peter; Sugarova, Jana Report 1420
Analysis of surface roughness profile machining by ultrasonic lapping. Tulcan, Liliana; Tulcan, Aurel; Turc, Cristian-Gheorghe; Stan, Daniel Voicu Report 1125
Analysis of the applicability degree of Multiple Rotating Reference Frames (MRF) method for design of automotive water turbopumps. Balic, Senad; Duhovnik, Joze; Beslagic, Ernad Report 1419
Analysis of the market of advertising services in Romania in the context of the present economic challenges. Ratiu, Monica Paula; Negricea, Costel Iliuta; Oprescu, Alina Elena Report 1512
Analysis of the uninterruptible power supply system in electric power substation. Miscenic, Damir; Provci, Igor Report 1624
Anatomically adaptable dynamic transpedicular system for functional restoration of spine. Poliakov, Aleksandr Mykhaylovich; Pashkov, Yevgen Valentinovich; Kalinin, Mykhaylo Ivanovich; Bryekh Report 1288
Application of CRM systems in logistics and their economic evaluation. Vicikova, Jaroslava; Czifra, Juraj; Szabo, Peter Report 1340
Application of hydromechanical constant-speed drives in a wind power generation system. Mikhaylov, Maxim; Kopychev, Vladimir; Larchikov, Ilya; Kopaev, Sergey; Cvetkov, Vladimir; Stazhkov, Report 1939
Application of non-parametric methods for monitoring of tool chipping. Mulc, Tihomir; Udiljak, Toma; Ciglar, Damir; Brezak, Danko; Staroveski, Tomislav Report 1458
Application of rapid prototyping in polymer product development: case studies. Godec, Damir; Sercer, Mladen; Pilipovic, Ana Report 1199
Application of the micro water abrasive injector fine jet for precision machining. Loeser, Carsten; Duerr, Holger; Pilz, Rolf Report 1840
Application of the quality management tools in the textile industry. Lazibat, Tonci; Jurcevic, Marija; Sutic, Ines Report 1239
Applications of iterative learning control tehniques on an inverted pendulum system. Vacarescu, Cella Flavia Report 1406
Applying principle of customer focus in business practice. Kucerova, Marta; Mlkva, Miroslava; Paulova, Iveta Report 1506
Approach for green energy potential evaluation using real-time data acquisition devices. Croitoru, Bogdan Sergiu Mihai; Boca, Maria Loredana; Joldes, Remus; Cabulea, Lucia Report 1715
Approach on environmental health indicators for monitoring the health impact of climate change. Curseu, Daniela; Popa, Monica; Sirbu, Dana Manuela Report 1847
Approach to economic analysis of water supply and sewerage investment projects. Vucijak, Branko; Ceric, Admir Report 1657
Approaches for solving production planning and scheduling problems using integrated heuristic methods. Cirovic, Ivan; Simeonov, Simeon Report 1569
Artificial neural networks with radial basis function in prediction benchmark. Samek, David Report 1371
Aspects concerning the tribologycal behaviour of engineering ceramics type alumina (Al2O3) in dry sliding point, line and plane contacts. Birleanu, Corina Report 2083
Aspects of bank recapitalization, and it's impact on capital markets. Barbu, Teodora; Vintila, Georgeta; Armeanu, Daniel; Nedelescu, Dumitru Mihai Report 2071
Aspects of dynamic analysis for FD320A milling machine. Duta, Alina; Ozyilmaz, Emre; Raicu, Lucian; Sass, Ludmila; Stanescu, Gelica Report 1245
Aspects of human education and development in the Republic of Moldova. Pribac, Loredana-Ioana; Bucur, Oana Nicoleta Report 1842
Aspects of petroleum products pollution, in Romania and measures again pollution effects. Buzoianu, Daniela Angela Report 1157
Aspects regarding the configuration of banking customers' typology. CEC Bank case study. Harangus, Daniela Case study 1488
Aspects regarding the economic management of the nonconventional processing technologies. Karnyanszky, Tiberiu Marius; Medinschi, Silvia Report 1643
Aspects regarding the right to education. Saramet, Oana; Manu, Ramona Elena; Toma-Bianov, Anamaria; Gabor, Dan Olimpiu Report 1977
Assembly/disassembly process modeling. Popa, Cicerone Laurentiu; Iacob, Robert; Parpala, Radu Constantin Report 1927
Assessment of relations between stewardship and stakeholder theory. Filipovic, Davor; Podrug, Najla; Kristo, Mate Report 1526
Assessment of two fracture criteria for components with circular holes. Filipescu, Hannelore; Negru, Radu; Marsavina, Liviu; Caplescu, Cristiana Report 1476
Assessment of wear and tribological behavior of spark plasma sintered Ti. Benga, Gabriel Constantin; Gingu, Oana; Ciupitu, Ion Report 1247
Autoassociative spatial-temporal pattern memory based on stochastic spiking neurons. Sinyavskiy, Oleg Y. Report 1663
Automated control system for paper manufacturing. Badea, Milian; Moraru, Sorin-Aurel; Grigorescu, Costin-Marius Report 1639
Automated production system for pipelines of vessels. Czifra, Juraj; Vicikova, Jaroslava; Szabo, Peter Report 1782
Automatic content assesment of fresh pork meat using colour image analysis. Teusdea, Alin Cristian; Bals, Cristina Adriana; Mintas, Olimpia Smaranda; Negrau, Valentin Stelian Report 1321
Automatic control system of the aircraft yaw's angle using a proportional--integrator--derivative control law. Lungu, Mihai Aureliu; Lungu, Romulus; Sepcu, Lucian Constantin; Calbureanu Popescu, Madalina Xenia Report 1013
Automatic joints filling in sample tile displays using a robotic system. Serrano Mira, Julio; Sanchis Llopis, Roberto Report 1724
Automatic slanted edge target validation in large-scale digitization projects. Boiangiu, Costin-Anton; Stefanescu, Alexandru Victor; ROSNER, Daniel; Olteanu, Alexandra; MORAR, Anc Report 1638
Automation of the production process for metallic flexible diaphragm with CAD/CAM system CATIA V5R19 support. Majerik, Jozef; Bajcik, Stefan; Jambor, Jaroslav Report 1484
Autonomous parking procedures using ultrasonic sensors. Luca, Razvan; Troester, Fritz; Gall, Robert; Simion, Carmen Report 1269
Bank boosters de-synchronization of the orbital launcher nerva. Ionescu, Florentina; Dumitrache, Ciprian; Rugescu, Dragos Ronald; Vataman, Sergiu Paul Report 1308
Basics of the vibrating transporter design. Balcu, Ion; Rosca, Ioan Calin Report 1314
Behavior of undoped poly aniline under the high electric field. Vik, Robert Report 1470
Behavioural aspects of the crisis. Donath, Liliana Eva; Popescu, Alexandra Codruta Report 1957
Biomechanics of lumbar back pain in dentistry. Kulcsar, Raul Miklos; Talpos-Niculescu, Cristina; Argesanu, Veronica; Anghel, Mirella Doina; Talpos- Report 1754
Brain text processing model based on conceptual dependency theory. Kratochvil, Petr; Machova, Svetlana; Kleckova, Jana Report 1612
Brontes--lightweight exploration mobile robot. Florian, Tomas; Sembera, Jaroslav; Zalud, Ludek Report 1776
Building safe realtime channel for mobile teleoperated robots. Burian, Frantisek; Vesely, Milos; Zalud, Ludek Report 1389
Business intelligence models and applications in Romania. Tamasila, Matei; Taucean, Ilie Mihai; Taroata, Anghel; Prostean, Gabriela Ioana Report 1521
Business strategies regarding the evaluation of human resources. Sabou, Simona; Radulescu, Corina; Zima, Liliana; Toader, Rita Report 1314
CA systems implementation in to the design process of assembly cells. Javorova, Angela; Velisek, Karol Report 1141
CAD models obtaining for eco-tech and biomechanics. Braun, Barbu Cristian; Repanovici, Angela; Ionescu, Mircea Report 1347
Calculation of turning probabilities at the intersection. Lipka, Richard Report 1732
CAM parameters settings and NC milled surface quality. Fabian, Michal; Spisak, Emil; Seminsky, Jaroslav; Senderska, Katarina; Mares, Albert; Izol, Peter Report 1619
Capitalizing the cognitive acquis in the accounting and financial area. A morphology of the organizational memory. Anica-Popa, Liana-Elena Report 1586
Case study: using pair programming in development of a complex module. Krajcar, Mirjana Case study 1874
Causes of vibrations occurrence during operation of industrial machinery. Manescu, Tiberiu Stefan; Stroia, Mihaela Dorica; Afronie, Eugen Marius; Chivu, Adrian; Pomoja, Flori Report 1107
CFD code turbulence models validation for turbulent flows over a wavey surface. Ramaj, Vehbi; Dhori, Altin; Ramaj, Valbone; Dhoska, Klodian; Koleci, Abdyl; Konjusha, Elmi Report 1765
Characterization of a 40 KHz phase-locked loop using Agilent Spectrum Analyzer. Bezboruah, T.; Handique, J. Report 1062
Characters classifications by Radon transform. Cervinka, Ludek; Cip, Pavel; Horak, Karel Report 992
Clamping fixture for new paradigms of manufacturing. Kostal, Peter; Mudrikova, Andrea; Kerak, Peter Report 1573
Clamping jaws with sensory equipment for intelligent fixture. Holubek, Radovan; Vlasek, Matus; Kostal, Peter Report 1226
Classification and elimination of errors during the radiological recording. Maricic, Sven; Perinic, Mladen; Kovacevic Pavicic, Daniela; Grzic, Renata Report 1214
Closed loop stability for delayed systems: a case study. Pekar, Libor; Prokop, Roman Case study 1273
Collision detection by using Bezier curves and genetic algorithms in motion planning. Iring, Peter; Schreiber, Peter Report 1881
Colour image analysis as a non-invasive method in assessing fresh fish meat content. Teusdea, Alin Cristian; Mintas, Olimpia Smaranda; Bals, Cristina Adriana Report 1342
Combined study of stress state in two types of manipulator grippers. Rusu-Casandra, Aurelia; Iliescu, Nicolae; Baciu, Florin Report 1065
Combining additive fabrication and conventional machining technologies to develop a hybrid tooling approach. Booysen, Gerrie; De Beer, Deon; Truscott, Michele; Combrinck, Jacques; Mosimanyane, David Report 1450
Command and control architecture for maritime safety integrated systems. Cata, Marian; Popa, Catalin; Beizadea, Haralambie Report 1453
Communication environment designed for project cooperation of small and medium enterprises. Kurkin, Ondrej; Januska, Martin Report 1523
Comparative study between normal and transtibial gait. Voinescu, Mihai; Sabaleuski, Anton; Berdich, Karla Noemy; Davidescu, Arjana; Argesanu, Veronica Report 1573
Comparative synthesis between step and MOKA methodologies and new proposal for the scope of manufacturing and inspection processes. Barreiro, Joaquin; Martinez Pellitero, Susana; Cuesta, Eduardo; Alvarez, Braulio J. Report 1758
Comparing the appearance of virtual and real woman's dress. Abram Zver, Marta; Stjepanovic, Zoran; Kapel, Jozica Report 1178
Comparison between SLM and SLS in producing complex metal parts. Balc, Nicolae Octavian; Berce, Petru; Pacurar, Razvan Report 1296
Comparison between two methods in assessing the surface quality for different manufacturing processes. Mereuta, Valentin Lucian; Palaghian, Liviu Report 1139
Competitiveness increasing of enterprises with introduction of clusters. Peronja, Ivan; Veza, Ivica; Cus, Franci; Gjeldum, Nikola; Bilic, Bozenko Report 1631
Complementary economic validation algorithm in optimizing manufacturing architectures. Chiscop, Florina; Carutasu, Nicoleta Luminita; Parpala, Lidia Florentina; Popa, Cicerone Laurentiu; Report 1388
Complexity of entities and its metrological implications. Zgodavova, Kristina Report 1682
Component-based simulation framework for component testing using SpringDM. Potuzak, Tomas; Snajberk, Jaroslav; Lipka, Richard; Brada, Premysl Report 1572
Computer aided optimization of quality inspection methods for complex models used in biomechanics. Rosca, Ileana Constanta; Braun, Barbu Cristian; Marosy, Zoltan Istvan Report 1357
Computer assisted analysis of 2D/3D medical images. Morar, Anca-Andreea; Moldoveanu, Florica; Moldoveanu, Alin; Asavei, Victor; Boiangiu, Costin-Anton; Report 1425
Computer assisted surgical planning in THR and fabrication of hip prostheses via additive manufacturing technologies. Rahmati, Sadegh; Abbaszadeh, Farid; Kheirollahi, Hossein; Farahmand, Farzam Report 1266
Computer decision making system for increasing efficiency of ships' bunkering processes. Altameem, Torki Abdulaziz; Al Zubi, Eyad Yasin Mustafa; Kondratenko, Yuriy Panteliyovych Report 1878
Computer-aided technique for determining spinal pedicle screw size and optimal insertion trajectory. Popescu, Diana; Parpala, Radu Constantin; Laptoiu, Dan Constantin; Antoniac, Iulian Report 1534
Confidence measure for skew detection in photographed documents. Boiangiu, Costin-Anton; Rosner, Daniel; Olteanu, Alexandra; Stefanescu, Alexandru Victor; Moldoveanu Report 1648
Consideration regarding die design for equal channel angular extrusion. Ghiban, Brandusa; Dumitru, Florina-Diana; Ghiban, Nicolae; Saban, Rami; Semenescu, Augustin; Marin, Report 1393
Considerations about a 3D matrix based model for a porous scaffold and a cell suspension. Robu, Andreea; Stoicu-Tivadar, Lacramioara; Neagu, Adrian Report 1592
Considerations about electrical safety in the dialysis process. Ianosi, Endre Report 1126
Considerations on implementing the concept of sustainability in higher education in Romania. Negrut, Mircea Liviu; Mocan, Marian; Mihartescu, Ana-Andreea Report 1457
Considerations on the role of prosthetic risk factor in periodontal disease. Fratila, Anca Maria; Boitor, Cornel Gheorghe; Stanciu, Liana; Sabau, Mariana; Sebesan, Voicu Report 1509
Considerations regarding the human resource management in the Romanian trade enterprises. Lut, Dina Maria; Mitariu, Christina Andreea Report 1877
Consumer as a part of reverse logistics chain. Rogic, Kristijan; Bajor, Ivona; Rozic, Tomislav Report 1414
Contact analysis for spur gears. Cananau, Sorin Report 1253
Continuous and in-situ control of the galvanic process by spectrometers flow-cells. Gutt, Sonia; Gutt, Gheorghe; Poroch-Seritan, Maria Report 935
Contributions of the remote sensing techniques for the estimation of thermal field. Mihailescu, Denis Iosif; Savin, Elena L.; Poenaru, Violeta Domnica Report 1230
Contributions regarding numerical simulation of fluid flow in a plate heat exchanger. Grigore, Roxana; Hazi, Aneta; Hazi, Gheorghe Report 1365
Contributions to design and carry out an universal dynamic hardness tester for metallic materials testing. Gutt, Sonia; Gutt, Gheorghe; Severin, Traian Lucian; Vasilache, Violeta; Poroch- Seritan, Maria Report 1579
Contributions to dosing systems optimization. Cristea, Luciana; Manescu, Mihai Eugen; Repanovici, Angela; Baritz, Mihaela Report 1502
Contributions to the determination in-situ of layer thickness and glossiness of galvanic deposits. Gutt, Sonia; Gutt, Gheorghe; Vasilache, Violeta; Poroch-Seritan, Maria Report 1469
Control of solar power systems. Adamek, Milan; Neumann, Petr; Matysek, Miroslav Report 674
Control of unstable systems a polynomial approach. Volkova, Natalia; Prokop, Roman Report 1037
Control systems, monitoring and diagnosis of intelligent propulsion engines for ships. Bocanete, Paul; Mitu, Daniela Elena; Bejan, Ramona; Sivriu, Georgiana Rodica Report 1353
Controller implementation of the Stewart platform linear actuator. Andrs, Ondrej; Brezina, Tomas Report 1311
Convergences and divergences in the system of valuation methods. Savu, Lucian Dorel Report 1754
Cooper-carbide composite layer obtained by laser beam remelting. Voiculescu, Ionelia; Geanta, Victor; Alexandrescu, Elvira; Pavalache, Adrian Catalin; Stanciu, Elena Report 1429
Corona discharge in different insulating fluids. Mentlik, Vaclav; Pihera, Josef; Sirucek, Martin; Trnka, Pavel; Paslavsky, Bohumil Report 1278
Corporate fiscal offence. Radulescu, Dragos Lucian Report 1828
Corporate governance of Romanian public interest entities. Manolescu, Maria; Roman, Aureliana-Geta; Roman, Costantin Report 1656
Corporate Social Responsibility: during the financial crisis and economic recession. Srchova, Marcela; Dvorakova, Lilia Report 1555
Cost-aware solution (hardware and software) for monitoring applications. Deaky, Bogdan-Alexandru Report 1479
Coverage performance analysis of an autonomous saloon cleaning robot. Sikka, Nitish; Kumar, Manish; Saigal, Jagdeep; Nagla, Ks Report 1249
Cracking Kakuro puzzles by differential evolution. Boudna, Hana Report 1533
Critical infrastructure protection and role of infrastructure owners/operators. Necesal, Lubos; Lukas, Ludek Report 1900
Critical overview of agency theory. Podrug, Najla; Filipovic, Davor; Milic, Silvana Report 1702
Cross curricular competences for learners from technical higher education. Ciot, Melania-Gabriela Report 1818
Cultural values and organizational practices in the context on the virtual organization. Dumitrescu Popa, Diana Mariana; Nica, Gabriela Beatrice Report 1843
Current controversy on audit functions. Stirbu, Dan Aurelian Report 1927
Current dimensions of distance learning. Negrut, Vasilica; Costache, Mirela Paula; Negrut, Alexandra; Maftei, Jana; Coman, Varvara Licuta; Ma Report 1717
Cutting tools durability as a simulation parameter in discrete material flow management. Minciu, Constantin; Chiscop, Florina; Olteanu, Elena Luminita; Lita, Andra Elena Report 1231
Damaging of Al-Mg alloys severely plastic deformed by equal channel angular pressing. Comaneci, Radu; Comanici, Adrian Report 1245
Damping of oscillations in Dutch roll mode. Dobrescu, Bogdan Report 1690
Database encryption algorithm: new scytale. Boicea, Alexandru; Grigore, Elena Mihaela; Ghita, Vlad; Bentu, Stefan Alexandru; Trifan, Ionut; Popa Report 1394
Decision support system model based on rules and OLAP for costs management. Brandas, Claudiu Report 1323
Decision support system prototype for commercial risk management. Brandas, Claudiu; Bizoi, Gabriel Report 1010
Defining training stage objectives for foreign language teaching in higher technical education: a competence-based approach. Pop, Mirela-Cristina Report 1625
Degradation behavior and material properties of PA12-plastic powders processed by powder based additive manufacturing technologies. Kuehnlein, Florian; Drummer, Dietmar; Rietzel, Dominik; Seefried, Andreas Report 1539
Delta models in adaptive control of nonlinear process. Babik, Zdenek Report 1438
Dependability aspects regarding the design of a cache memory. Novac, Ovidiu; Novac, Mihaela Cornelia; Vladu, Ecaterina Emilia; Vari-Kakas, Stefan; Mang, Gerda Eri Report 1306
Deposition of steel coatings using lens technology. Lestan, Zoran; Drstvensek, Igor; Milfelner, Matjaz; Brezocnik, Miran; Stepisnik, Stanko Report 1441
Derivatives and financial crisis in Romania. Vancea, Smaranda; Horja, Monica Ioana; Costea, Andreea Brandusa Report 1749
Description of technological process of hydraulic transport from thermal power plant. Hadziahmetovic, Halima; Dzaferovic, Ejub; Cohodar, Maida Report 1954
Design and verification of predictive control on laboratory model Amira DR300. Hubacek, Jiri; Bobal, Vladimir Report 1352
Design map of sandwich beams loaded in three-point bending. Chincea, Ion; Cernescu, Anghel; Marsavina, Liviu; Serban, Viorel-Aurel Report 1219
Design method for self-centering grasping mechanism. Spanu, Alina Rodica; Besnea, Daniel; Bacescu, Daniel; Avram, Mihai Report 1197
Design of a MEMS artificial cochlea like an array of resonators. Dusek, Daniel Report 1453
Design of a new human knee prosthesis based on cam mechanism. Copilusi, Cristian Petre; Marin, Mihnea Ion; Rusu, Ligia Diana Report 848
Design of a supervisor for the self-tuning controller. Chomat, Ludek; Lorenc, Vlastimil; Pivonka, Petr Report 1510
Design of a training and rehabilitation upper limb orthesis with actuators. Grecu, Valentin; Grecu, Luminita Report 934
Design of automated disassembly process as an element of intelligent assembly cell. Ruzarovsky, Roman; Zvolensky, Radovan; Velisek, Karol Report 1065
Design, optimization and realization of mechanical parts using CAD, CAE and CAM techniques. Tufoi, Marius; Vela, Ion; Marta, Constantin; Mituletu, Cornel; Amariei, Daniel; Stroia, Mihaela-Dori Report 1173
Designing a control structure for discrete event systems described by Petri nets. Cangea, Otilia; Paraschiv, Nicolae; Popescu, Cristina Report 1161
Designing adaptive control management system for small wind generators to low power grid. Risteiu, Mircea; Todoran, Radu Matei; Todor, Nichifor Report 1092
Designing strategies for agribusiness complexes in Romania. Buiga, Andrei; Berevoianu, Rozi; Cucu, Virginia Report 1470
Detection of Czech traffic signs by template matching. Cip, Pavel; Horak, Karel; Cervinka, Ludek Report 1838
Determinants of business intelligence usage in Croatian large companies. Pejic Bach, Mirjana; Strugar, Ivan; Simicevic, Vanja Report 1779
Determination of technical and operating parameters of an aircraft for special purpose. Svrcek, Daniel; Behulova, Maria Report 1378
Determination of the piezoelectric charge constant D33 measured by the laser interferometer and frequency method. Fialka, Jiri Report 1557
Determination of the punching forces by LabView software applications. Spanu, Paulina; Georgescu, Luminita; Mohora, Cristina; Jiga, Gabriel Report 1286
Determining the dimensions of the plane semifinished materials for bent parts suing LabView applications. Savu, Tom; Abaza, Bogdan; Spanu, Paulina Report 1229
Determining the skills necessary for Romanian graduates of engineering and management in electric, electronic and energetic field. Izvercianu, Monica; Popa, Horia Liviu; Draghici, Anca Report 1474
Determining the solution space form for an indeterminate pattern recognition problem. The "skin detection" case. Georgescu, Octavian Florian Report 1285
Development and application of a turbogenerator model. Dvornik, Josko; Tireli, Enco; Orovic, Josip Report 1610
Development of a film-insert molding process for an automotive part. Park, Hong Seok; Dang, Xuan-Phuong Report 1421
Development of a lightweight unmanned aerial vehicle for rescue and maintenance tasks. Albers, Albert; Sander, Christian; Kindermann, Marbod Report 1831
Development of a repository to support design for additive manufacturing (DFAM). Bin Maidin, Shajahan; Campbell, Robert Ian Report 1432
Development of flexible array tactile sensors. Drimus, Alin Marian; Marian, Nicolae; Bilberg, Arne Report 1714
Development of joint stock companies in Croatia- a historical overview. Petricevic, Nada Report 1709
Development of remote education technology on a base of mobile robot system Robotino. Breido, Iosif; Markvardt, Roman Vladimirovich; Sharyy, Sergey Report 1300
Development of the new chair milling technology. Zarins, Marcis; Torims, Toms Report 938
Device for generating epicycloid profile at Wankel engine. Rosca, Adrian Sorin Report 1151
Digital technologies in dental laboratories. Makovec, Renato Report 1671
Dimensional accuracy analysis in casting using easily fusible models. Luca, Alina Ioana; Balc, Nicolae Octavian; Popan, Ioan Alexandru; Panc, Nicolae Report 1197
Direct debit: an alternative to simplify recurring payments. Ignat, Andreea Brindusa; Horja, Ioana Monica; Vancea, Smaranda Report 2233
Direct laser micro manufacturing: the Manudirect machine. Matteazzi, Paolo; Prior, Fabrizio; Colella, Alberto Report 1529
Distributed control systems modelling using PROFInet CBA. Bezak, Tomas; Stremy, Maximilian; Husarova, Bohuslava Report 1575
Distributed databases replication methods for MySQL. Boicea, Alexandru; Serban, Alexandru; Nicula, Adrian-Ionut; Radulescu, Florin Report 1343
Distributed measurements system for active energy saving. Trandabat, Alexandru Florentin; Pislaru, Marius Report 1871
Distribution study of micro alloy elements on cadmium telluride crystals by ICP-MS-Laser-Ablation technique. Gutt, Gheorghe; Severin, Traian-Lucian; Gutt, Sonia; Mironeasa, Silvia Report 874
Dog disease expert system. Nestorovic, Tomas Report 1294
Dual shooting and evaluation of high-speed phenomena. Krumal, Martin; Pata, Vladimir; Manas, Miroslav; Manas, David; Stanek, Michal Report 1196
Dynamic thread assigment in a tandem of threadpools inspired by the adaptation mechanism in honeybee foraging. Randic, Mirko; Jednakovic, Hrvoje; Blaskovic, Bruno Report 1687
E-learning application in teaching of the Bertrand price management oligopoly. Herceg, Tomislav; Vlahov, Rebeka Danijela; Jakovic, Bozidar Report 1419
E-learning as a way to teach project management. Vlahov, Rebeka Danijela; Jakovic, Bozidar; Herceg, Tomislav Report 2006
E-maintenance framework for the collaborative network of SME-s. Polyantchikov, Igor; Pribytkova, Marina; Shevtshenko, Eduard; Kangilaski, Taivo Report 1103
Eco structures of panel type and timber obtained from young stems resulted from forest thinning. Dumitrascu, Ramona Elena; Badescu, Loredana Anne-Marie Report 1558
Edge detection uncertainty in fringe analysis. Katic, Marko; Mudronja, Vedran; Simunovic, Vedran Report 996
Effect of chemical composition on the elongation proprieties. Mironeasa, Silvia; Gutt, Gheorghe; Gutt, Soni; Mironeasa, Costel Report 1811
Effect of heat treatment on selective laser melted steel parts. Contuzzi, Nicola; Campanelli, Sabina; Casalino, Giuseppe; Ludovico, Antonio Domenico Report 1296
Effect of initial powder properties on final microstructure and mechanical properties of parts manufactured by selective laser melting. Averyanova, Maria; Bertrand, Philippe; Verquin, Benoit Report 1526
Effect of isothermal aging on the interfacial reactions between Sn1.5AG0.7Cu9.5In solder and Cu substrate. Lechovic, Emil; Szewczykova, Beata; Hodulova, Erika; Ulrich, Koloman Report 1252
Effect of rotational speed and wood species on roughness of machined surface. Obucina, Murco; Smajic, Selver; Skaljic, Nedim; Beljo-Lucic, Ruzica Report 1462
Effect of surface polishing and glazing on the roughness of the dental acrylic resins. Vitalariu, Anca Mihaela Report 1393
Effective vs. Designed shape accuracy at high speed cutting. Pamintas, Eugen Report 1475
Effects of the cladding speed on the cladded layer geometry. Pascu, Alexandru; Iovanas, Radu; Iordachescu, Danut; Petre, Dan; Stanciu, Elena- Manuela; Roata, Ion Report 1312
Electrochemical micromilling. Bleicher, Friedrich; Zisser-Pfeifer, Reinhard; Zemann, Richard Report 1402
Electrolytic in-process dressing (ELID) grinding for silicon wafers. Dobrescu, Tiberiu Gabriel; Ghinea, Mihalache; Enciu, George; Nicolescu, Adrian Florin Report 1431
Electronic commerce within the context of globalization. Cotoi, Emilia Report 1812
Elementary gates for fault-tolerant quantum computing. Dragne, Lucian Report 1531
Eliminate the noise of wind power plants by antiphase. Pokorny, Viktor; Misak, Stanislav Report 1627
Embedded system for measurement of small electric input power. Skocik, Petr Report 1036
Empirical study on the prospects of applying fair value accounting in Romania. Cozma Ighian, Diana Sabina Report 1881
Emulation with neural networks for optimization algorithms finding. Malounek, Petr; Pivonka, Petr; Chomat, Ludek Report 1484
Encryption strategies in databases. Boicea, Alexandru; Ghita, Vlad; Radulescu, Florin; Sarbu, Anca Daniela Report 1281
Energy efficiency of steam pipeline system. Kadric, Dzana Report 1806
Energy management applications for recovering the heat from waste water. Todoran, Radu Matei Report 1236
Energy management for making more efficient the energy consumption for house heating. Todoran, Radu Matei Report 990
Energy renewable sources in higher education research management. Vartolomei, Mihaela; Milos, Teodor; Vartolomei, Mihael Report 1611
Engineers for knowledge based society. Katalinic, Branko Report 665
Enhancement of value analysis using the theory of technical systems. Broum, Tomas; Kopecky, Martin; Kleinova, Jana Report 1682
Environmental friendly consolidations solutions for the national road1, Romania, from KM 204+445 at 204+700 and between KM 205+150 to 205+250. Mantulescu, Marius-Mihail; Tuns, Ioan Report 1485
Environmental performance assessment of multimodal transport systems. Nicolae, Florin Marius; Popa, Catalin; Beizadea, Haralambie; Nistor, Filip Report 1624
Ergonomical aspects regarding mechanical vibration damages to the lumbar spine. Kulcsar, Raul Miklos; Argesanu, Alexandra; Stratul, Stefan Ioan; Talpos- Niculescu, Serban; Comes, C Report 1121
Ergonomical study regarding working in seating postures of the dentists. Kulcsar, Raul Miklos; Argesanu, Veronica; Rusu, Darian; Anghel, Mirella Dorina; Nica, Luminita Maria Report 1250
Evaluating requirements of internship for students of engineering. Ciot, Melania-Gabriela; Ciot, Lucian-Mihai Report 1616
Evaluation of heat demand forecast for specific localities. Chramcov, Bronislav Report 1965
Evaluation of innovative techniques for dental crowns manufacturing. Salmi, Alessandro; Atzeni, Eleonora; Iuliano, Luca; Gatto, Andrea; Minetola, Paolo Report 1791
Evaluation of laser energy density effects on mechanical properties of selective laser sintering components using Raman spectroscopy. Beard, Mark; Ghita, Oana; Evans, Ken Report 1522
Evaluation of NC lathe properties. Skoczynski, Wactaw; Pres, Pawet; Stembalski, Marek Report 1572
Evaluation of work environment factors in mechanical engineering plants. Wessely, Emil; Kralikova, Ruzena; Krupa, Marek Report 1446
Exergetic and environmental analysis when using R 407C in marine Ferigeration. Memet, Feiza; Mitu, Daniela-Elena Report 1418
Experiences with education of CAE software in academic environment supported by model task. Taraba, Bohumil; Hajdu, Stefan Report 1653
Experimental assessment of the milling machine column before remanufacturing. Daraba, Dinu; Boca, Gratiela Dana Report 1098
Experimental investigation during wire electric discharge cutting of SiCp/6061 aluminum metal matrix composite. Shandilya, Pragya; Jain, Pramod Kumar; Misra, Joy Prakash Report 1211
Experimental investigation on precision finishing of spur gears by pulse electrochemical honing (PECH) process. Misra, Joy Prakash; Jain, Pramod Kumar Report 1451
Experimental medical research database system and its examples of use. Polivka, Jiri; Maule, Petr; Kleckova, Jana Report 1683
Experimental model for measurement of linear axes of machine tools. Holub, Michal; Sykora, Jan Report 1638
Experimental model for studying the tension in contact area of ceramic bearings. Birleanu, Corina Report 1296
Experimental performance measuring on real-time operating systems for embedded devices. Pavlas, Libor Report 1413
Experimental researches concerning the protection against ionitriding of alloyed structural steels. Bibu, Marius; Deac, Cristian; Petrescu, Valentin; Nemes, Catalin Report 1550
Experimental researches regarding the fusion of the deposit layer by metallization with flame and powder using WIG method. Petre, Dan; Iovanas, Radu; Petre, Ioana Madalina; Roata, Ionut Claudiu; Pascu, Alexandru; Stanciu, E Report 1407
Experimental reserches on the yarn tension variation influenced by the ring position against textile spindle specific to ring frames. Hanganu, Lucian Constantin; Grigoras, Stefan; Stirbu, Cristel; Hadar, Anton Report 1598
Experimental study concerning the behaviour of black locust wood to wear test. Porojan, Mihaela; Salca, Emilia-Adela; Cismaru, Maria Report 1488
Experimental study on a Lorentz force actuator used as tuneable passive viscous damper. Horodinca, Mihaita; Seghedin, Neculai-Eugen; Carata, Eugen; Gherghel, Nicolae; Chitariu, Dragos; Fil Report 1195
Experimental temperature measurement of oxy-acetylene cutting process. Taraba, Bohumil; Maronek, Milan; Babalova, Eva Report 1076
Experimental validation of heat transfer model. Gerlich, Vladimir; Zalesak, Martin Report 1408
Experiments in the laboratory conditions of contact spot welding electrodes with composite layers cladded on the active surfaces. Ceorapin Torok, Constantin Grigore; Iovanas, Daniela Maria; Iovanas, Radu Report 1224
Experiments of potential fields' method applied to a mini caterpillar robot. Vaduva, Vlad; Gheorghe, Ion Gheorghe Report 1192
Expert system to assist in setting of micro injection machines. Chaves Acero, Miryam Liliana; Vizan Idoipe, Antonio; Marquez, Juan Report 1495
Exploiting symmetry in characteristic polynomial of RSPDTM. Kostic, Aleksandra; Velic, Melisa; Mehuljic, Midhat Report 1714
External strategy--a proper choice for company dvelopment. Radulescu, Irina Gabriela Report 1504
FABIO project: development of innovative customized medical devices through new biomaterials and additive manufacturing technologies. Delgado, Javier; Blasco, Jose Ramon; Portoles, Luis; Ferris, Javier; Hurtos, Esther; Atorrasagasti, Report 1338
Facilitating radical change by influencing decision makers context. Hruska, Domagoj Report 1733
Failure modes of flexible metallic membrane couplings. Dobre, Daniel; Simion, Ionel; Adir, Victor Gabriel; Adir, George Mihail; Dobrescu, Tiberiu Report 1578
Fatigue analysis optimization. Lozici-Brinzei, Dorin; Baran, Daniela; Tataru, Simion Report 591
Fault accommodation in bilinear dynamic systems. Filaretov, Vladimir; Zhirabok, Alexey; Shumsky, Alexey; Bobko, Yevgeny Report 1624
Feature recognition & tool path generation for 5 axis step-NC machining of free form/irregular contoured surfaces. Anbalagan, Arivazhagan Report 1602
Features on intra-Community acquisitions management. Stancu, Franca Report 1530
Feed-forward neural network model verification and evaluation. Samek, David; Sykorova, Libuse Report 1438

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