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Articles from Annals of DAAAM & Proceedings (January 1, 2009)

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"CmL-plus": a recent Romanian opportunities for engineers tutoring using m-learning platforms. Hutanu, Constantin; Risteiu, Mircea; Rotar, Corina; Marc, Gheorghe Report 1527
"Solar mill" engine. Dehelean, Nicolae; Lovasz, Erwin-Christian Report 1002
3D real-time parallel volume rendering using NVIDIA CUDA for medical imaging. Asavei, Victor; Ionita, Vlad-Valentin; Moldoveanu, Florica; Moldoveanu, Alin Report 1287
3D reconstruction software. Horak, Karel; Richter, Miloslav; Kalova, Ilona Report 1983
3D tool wear simulation for turning process. Patrascu, Gabriela; Carutasu, Nicoleta Luminita; Dragomirescu, Cristian George Report 1143
3D visual environment for aeronautical structures design and analysis. Popescu, Diana; Baran, Daniela; Pupaza, Cristina; Tataru, Simion; Lozici, Dorin Report 1316
6435 method used for risk analysis with application in airport management. Filipoiu, Andrei Corneliu; Alionte, Cristian Gabriel; Filipoiu, Ioan Dan; Comanescu, Dinu; Comanescu Report 1797
A 2D finite element analysis for contact of two cylinders. Cananau, Sorin Report 1368
A 2D rough surfaces contact analysis. Cananau, Sorin Report 1562
A 3D simplified model for non-linear stability analysis of the continuous welded rail track. Dosa, Adam; Ungureanu, Valentin-Vasile; Botis, Marius Florin; Herman, Alexandru Iosif Report 1918
A comparative study of severe plastic deformation techniques by finite element analysis. Comaneci, Radu Report 1141
A comparison of same slope seasonality and exponential smoothing forecasting models. Bajric, Hadis; Bijelonja, Izet; Pasic, Mugdim Report 1664
A determination of the displacements of the contact surface. Dinu, Gabriela; Hadar, Anton; Vlasceanu, Daniel Report 1306
A framework for the study of the emergence of rules in multiagent systems. Iordache, Serban Report 1930
A hybrid method for mechanical testing of electronic packaging. Tudose, Virgil; Gheorghiu, Horia; Visan, Dana; Parausanu, Ioan Report 1388
A low-cost solution for controlling human body vibrations. Lache, Simona; Luculescu, Marius Cristian; Barbu, Daniela Mariana Report 1506
A method for describing computational science. Anton, Alin-Adrian Report 1405
A method for manufacturing skeleton models using 3D scanning combined with 3D printing. Serban, Ionel; Rosca, Ileana; Druga, Corneliu Report 1642
A model of a laboratory plant with internal delays. Pekar, Libor; Matusu, Radek; Dostalek, Petr Report 1573
A model of good practice in training of trainers. Moraru, Adela; Tomuletiu, Elena-Adriana; Solovastru, Alina; Gorea, Brindusa; Slev, Anca Maria; Berar Report 1805
A new master specialization for innovative young peoples. Turcoiu, Titi; Trifa, Gavril-Ioan Report 1439
A new method for a selective laser ablation. Bliedtner, Jens; Schoele, Holger; Baumann, Robert; Hufnagl, Johannes; Barz, Andrea; Hecht, Kerstin Report 1277
A new method for fingeprint clasification. Gams, Matjaz; Cosoi, Alexandru Catalin; Corduneanu, Maria; Kolbe, Mitja; Vlad, Madalin Stefan; Sgarc Report 1861
A new method to create refractive index gradients in inorganic glass. Barz, Andrea; Bliedtner, Jens; Heineck, Volker; Bischoff, Juergen; Meyer, Harald; Graefe, Guenter Report 1003
A new operating principle of percussive electrical mechanisms. Hadar, Anton; Marin, Dumitru; Szabo, Adam; Jiga, Gabriel; Ionita, Stela; Semenescu, Augustin Report 1509
A new way of sailing in Danube delta. Nicolaie, Sergiu; Mihaiescu, Mihai; Marin, Dorian; Ilie, Cristinel; Chirita, Ionel; Samoilescu, Gheo Report 1351
A patient smart card solution used for an experimental model in health care environment. Rancea, Irina; Sgarciu, Valentin; Dichiu, Daniel Report 1236
A possible trend of option on futures in Romanian capital market. Vancea, Smaranda; Horja, Monica Ioana; Avram, Eeonora Laura; Ignat, Andreea Brindusa Report 1381
A potential field method approach to robotic convoy obstacle avoidance. Milic, Vladimir; Kasac, Josip; Essert, Mario Report 1369
A practical approach to adjust forecast to planning needs. Dragne, Cristina Report 1544
A proposed orthotic model for locomotor rehabilitation. Barbu, Daniela Mariana; Dumitriu, Adrian; Lache, Simona; Barbu, Ion; Druga, Corneliu Report 1377
A semantic escience portal for international scientific and academic cooperation. Angerer, Bernhard; Katalinic, Branko; Omicini, Andrea Report 1657
A simple framework for dynamic partial reconfiguration. Kvas, Marek; Valach, Sobeslav Report 1838
A study of lubrication impact on mechanical characteristics of formed alloy. Gusel, Leo Report 1373
A system used to establish the points of an industrial robot trajectory. Stoica, Mihai; Calangiu, Gabriela Andreea; Sisak, Francisc Report 1569
A systemic definition of clusters. Popa, Horia Liviu; Izvercianu, Monica; Mocan, Marian Liviu; Pater, Liana Rodica Report 2079
A testing stand for transpedicular systems of a spine elements fixation on the basis of a Stewart's platform. Poliakov, Oleksandr; Pashkov, Yevgen; Kalinin, Mykhaylo; Volkov, Viktor; Kovalenko, Oleksiy Report 1519
About 100 years of the Romanian gas industry: 1909-2009. Coloja, Pascu Mihai; Dinu, Florinel Report 2067
About an antropomorphic robotic hand. Stanciu, Loredana; Stanciu, Antonius Report 1741
About ballistic protection structure behaviour under impact. Slamnoiu, Georgica; Bejan, Mihai; Vladu, Gabriel; Ciuculin, Adrian; Bandrabur, Diana Lilia Report 1155
About determining discharge of low head turbine using themodynamic method. Baya, Alexandru; Anton, Liviu; Stuparu, Adrian; Muntean, Sebastian Report 1124
About plane plates in rotation motion. Boiangiu, Mihail; Alecu, Aurel Report 1383
About the dynamic stresses induced by the vibrations of an electronic circuit plate. Dragomirescu, Cristian George; Iliescu, Victor; Patrascu, Gabriela Report 1344
About the study of the long rectangle plate by Transfer-Matrix Method. Suciu, Mihaela; Paunescu, Daniela; Balc, Gavril; Suciu, Liviu Report 849
Achieving an excellent combination of mechanical properties in multiphase steels by controlled development of microstructure. Klauberova, Danuse; Jirkova, Hana; Malina, Jiri; Masek, Bohuslav Report 1301
Acoustic emission monitoring in the lapping process. Dobrescu, Tiberiu; Dorin, Alexandru; Jiga, Gabriel Report 1760
Acoustic measurments and scenarios to reduce noise at a natural gas compression station. Ionescu, Silviu; Ionescu, Adina; Codoban, Radu; Enescu, Nicolae; Magheti, Ioan Report 1156
Adaptive Fup collocation method for time dependent partial differential equations. Gotovac, Hrvoje; Kozulic, Vedrana; Gotovac, Blaz; Sesartic, Renata; Brajcic, Nives; Colak, Ivo Report 1281
Adaptive LQ control with pre-identification of two tanks laboratory model. Perutka, Karel Report 1396
Adaptive product configuration for thermal insulation of buildings. Fuerstner, Igor; Anisic, Zoran Report 1630
Advanced micro and nano technologies for applications within intelligent production. Gheorghe, Ion Gheorghe Report 1210
Advantages of the using of the poliester resin to manufacturing of the composite materials based on wood flour. Cerbu, Camelia; Luca, Dana Motoc; Ciofoaia, Vasile Report 1125
Aerodynamic profile design using genetic algorithms and CFD. Vilag, Valeriu; Popescu, Jeni; Petcu, Romulus; Silivestru, Valentin; Berbente, Corneliu Report 1253
Agricultural robots: individual plant recognition. Tilneac, Mihaela; Dolga, Valer Report 1467
Air flow study on the NERVA space launcher aileron. Tache, Florin; Rugescu, Radu Dan; Bogoi, Alina Report 1330
Algorithm for assessing connectivity in power system software models. Lendak, Imre; Erdeljan, Aleksandar; Vukmirovic, Srdjan Report 1704
Ammonia and dimethylether blends as alternative refrigerants. Popescu, Traian; Feidt, Michel; Apostol, Valentin; Popescu, Gheorghe; Pop, Horatiu; Alionte, Cristia Report 1129
An access control pattern based on qualifications to grand access to physic resources. Cristea, Ana Daniela; Prostean, Octavian; Muschalik, Thomas; Tirian, Gelu Ovidiu Report 1682
An adaptive disturbance observer applied to a noisy nonlinear system. Semelikova, Adela; Roubal, Jiri Report 1595
An agent-oriented and service-oriented architecture in medicine. Cristescu, Sorin; Moldoveanu, Florica Report 1782
An application of NAM model for runoff volume estimation in Chi basin. Hormwichian, Rattana; Homdee, Tipaporn; Kangrang, Anongrit; Compliew, Sudarat Report 1541
An efficient heuristic for solving balancing problem in determinist case. Coculescu, Cristina Report 1833
An empirical analysis of the interlinkages between financial sector and economic growth. Pirtea, Gabriel Marilen; Dima, Bogdan; Milos, Laura Raisa Report 1607
An existence of the optimal solution for an economic growth model. Bundau, Olivia; Binzar, Tudor Report 1963
An experimental determination of joint connection type influence to damping in frame towers. Prodanovic, Novak; Isic, Safet; Voloder, Avdo; Sunje, Edin Report 992
An innovative tool to performing management and planning of the Romanian tourism industry. Ratiu, Monica Report 1825
An optical method for the robot's performances testing. Vacarescu, Valeria; Vacarescu, Cella-Flavia; Argesanu, Veronica; Draghici, Anca Report 1187
An overview about modern rehabilitation techniques for locomotor system. Barbu, Daniela Mariana; Dumitriu, Adrian; Lache, Simona; Barbu, Ion Report 1657
Analysing turbulence-drivers during the implementation of the pearl chain production and control system (PCPPCS). Teich, Tobias; Szendrei, Danny; Unger, Katja; Mueller, Melanie; Neumann, Tim; Trautmann, Juergen Report 1562
Analysis a distance relay settings. Frlan, Kristijan; Miscenic, Damir Report 1460
Analysis and development of technology's value model for machine tool renewal management. Albu, Adriana; Ruset, Vasile; Stanciu, Loredana; Belgiu, George; Sirbu, Nicusor Alin Report 1379
Analysis and optimization of main components of ejectors in a distant heating system. Krasniqi, Fejzullah; Bunjaku, Januz; Bunjaku, Florent Report 965
Analysis and synthesis of the position controll system of the industrial robot that contains the extended Gopinath observer. Egri, Angela; Pana, Teodor; Stoicuta, Olimpiu; Sirb, Vali; Stoicuta, Nadia Report 915
Analysis of a dental implant using finite element method. Vlasceanu, Daniel; Petrescu, Ioana; Comaneanu, Raluca Monica; Tarcolea, Mihai; Cotrut, Mihai Cosmin Report 1162
Analysis of cathode process changes at the plasma nitriding of machined parts locally protected with special paints. Bibu, Marius; Deac, Cristian; Petrescu, Valentin; Nemes, Toderita; Ciudin, Rodica Report 1628
Analysis of milling the parts with thin walls using CAM-FEM methods. Ghionea, Gabriel Ionut; Ghionea, Adrian Lucian; Tanase, Ioan Report 1657
Analysis of PWM Voltage Source Inverters in the overmodulation region. Osmanaj, Sabrije; Xhuvani, Aleksander; Limani, Myzafere; Selimaj, Rexhep Report 1088
Analysis of synchronous motor drive using SimPowerSystems. Spoljaric, Zeljko; Miklosevic, Kresimir; Valter, Zdravko Report 1404
Analysis of the mechanical model corresponding to the hand-arm system. Pop, Aurora Felicia; Arghir, Mariana Report 1032
Analysis of the new paradigm of rights in the globalisation era. Andritoi, Claudia Report 1922
Analysis of the spare parts stocking model used in preventive maintenance. Popa, Ionut; Lupescu, Octavian; Scurtu, Ramona Popa; Ovidiu, Sava Report 1447
Analysis of two properties of juvenile stem of white cedar in order to use it for to obtain ECO structures of panel type. Dumitrascu, Ramona Elena; Badescu, Loredana Anne-Marie Report 1587
Analysis of using Internet technology in hospitality marketing. Ruzic, Drago; Andrlic, Berislav Report 1623
Analytical approach to determining the optimal shape of the casting sprue for small-size metallic parts. Deac, Cristian; Tera, Melania; Bibu, Marius; Biris, Cristina Report 1339
Analytical solution for impact response of CFRP laminated composite plates. Dogaru, Florin Report 1187
Analytical synthesis model of the manufacturing task for design of flexible systems for the round shafts processing. Fota, Adriana; Buzatu, Constantin; Barabas, Sorin Report 1564
Aplication the forced vibrations to thermal cutting operation. Machedon Pisu, Teodor; Olah, Arthur Report 1130
Apparatus for drafting systems loading control of ring frames. Hanganu, Lucian Constantin; Grigoras, Stefan; Stirbu, Cristel; Loghin, Maria Carmen; Ionescu, Irina Report 904
Apparatus for eco-refrigerants experimental investigations. Pop, Horatiu; Apostol, Valentin; BARAN, Nicolae; Popescu, Gheorghe; Alionte, Cristian Gabriel; Popes Report 1406
Application development for geo-referenced audio video recording of the traffic system using mobile phones. Perakovic, Dragan; Remenar, Vladimir; Jovovic, Ivan Report 1300
Application of a compact model of an elevator for educational and research purposes. Shashina, Maria Nikolaevna; Kostin, Alexei Alexandrovich Report 1159
Application of a contour boring tool in an ultra precision machine. Bliedtner, Jens; Buerger, Wolfgang; Dick, Lars; Roth, Marcel Report 1137
Application of a HCS model 3E in the virtual control of a robotic workplace. Hatiar, Karol; Cook, Thomas Michael; Sakal, Peter; Bozek, Pavol; Mihok, Jozef Report 1458
Application of a versatile data structure in computational fluid dynamics. Oanta, Emil; Barhalescu, Mihaela; Sabau, Adrian; Dumitrache, Constantin Report 1339
Application of ADL matrix in developed industrial companies. Zic, Samir; Mikac, Tonci; Dobovicek, Sandro Report 1354
Application of digital image correlation for measuring E modulus of wood beams. Dudescu, Cristian; Botean, Adrian; Hardau, Mihail Report 1177
Application of fuzzy logics in determination of soil parameters. Prskalo, Maja; Prskalo, Zoran Report 1533
Application of reinforcement learning to a two DOF robot arm control. Albers, Albert; Yan, Wenjie; Frietsch, Markus Report 1207
Application of sequential diagrams in manufacturing assembly cell. Danisova, Nina; Hruskova, Erika; Velisek, Karol Report 974
Application of the LCA method supported by ISO norms. Cosic, Predrag; Glumpak, Ivica Report 1043
Application of the OLAP cubes technology in the data mining. Palka, Jan; Palka, Jiri Report 1166
Applying principles of project management in a Russian-German research-and-educational project "BSTU-FESTO". Kopaev, Sergey; Mikhaylov, Maxim; Stazhkov, Sergey Report 1784
Appplication for versatile 3D reconstruction. Horak, Karel; Richter, Miloslav; Kalova, Ilona Report 1827
Approaches to use semantic web technologies in real applications. Seiler, Sven; Sell, Raivo Report 1364
Approximation of the carbon monoxide concentration resulting from the road traffic using experimental measurements. Tarulescu, Stelian; Tarulescu, Radu; Soica, Adrian Report 1287
Artificial intelligence and biorobotics: is an artificial human being our destiny? Novakovic, Branko; Majetic, Dubravko; Kasac, Josip; Brezak, Danko Report 2061
AS-Interface. Polexa, Radu; Moraru, Sorin Aurel; Grigorescu, Costin Marius; Caraman, Mihai Claudiu Report 1665
Ash pneumatic conveying from existing silo No. 4 to two new silos and ash loading in autocisterns. Hadziahmetovic, Halima; Dzaferovic, Ejub Report 1386
Aspects concerning some polymeric composites behaviour at cryogenic temperatures. Hancu, Liana; Paunescu, Daniela; Iancau, Horatiu; Suciu, Mihaela Report 1450
Aspects concerning the comparison of the apartments management costs in case various heating systems are used. Ignaton, Elemer; Cociu, Nicolae; Oana, Tiberiu Report 1263
Aspects concerning the development of hybrid propulsion systems for mobile robots. Cojocaru, Vasile Report 791
Aspects concerning virtual models for a double hexapodal platform. Margaritescu, Mihai; Moldovanu, Alexandru; Roat, Constantin; Brisan, Cornel Report 1423
Aspects of financial management at the culture house of students of Ploiesti. Mihai, Maria Valia; Buzoianu, Daniela-Angela Report 1833
Aspects regarding a complex concept of multifunctional CNC machine-tool with large number of axis. Grejdanescu, Roxana; Strajescu, Eugen; Avramescu, Valeriu Report 1727
Aspects regarding ocupant safety in the rear end collision. Benea, Bogdan; Trusca, Daniel; Soica, Adrian; Toganel, George Report 1064
Aspects regarding the alternating flow driven hydraulic systems. Marcu, Ioan Lucian; Unguresan, Paula; Nascutiu, Lucian Report 1177
Aspects regarding the right to a decent living standard. Saramet, Oana; Matei, Catalina Georgeta; Toma-Bianov, Anamaria Report 2064
Aspects related direct application of strain gages on wood. Dudescu, Cristian; Somotecan, Marioara; Hardau, Mihail Report 1511
Assessing the evolution of virtual marketing activities targeting children. Cosoi, Carmen Maria; Anghel, Laurentiu Dan Report 1813
Assessment of environmental noise problems in Cluj-Napoca for an appropriate noise management plan. Curseu, Daniela; Popa, Monica; Sirbu, Dana Report 1678
Audit risk model based on sampling recomended by the minimal audit standards. Rotaru, Horatiu; Potecea, Valeriu; Zuca, Marilena; Zuca, Stefan; Lungu, Ionut; Voicu, Raluca Andreea Report 1747
Augmented assembly. Micieta, Branislav; Kuric, Tomas Report 986
Augmented process control and maintenance interface for an alcohol fermentation plant. Galzina, Vjekoslav; Saric, Tomislav; Lujic, Roberto Report 1425
Auto-tuning control of real time model. Korbel, Jiri; Dostalek, Petr; Prokop, Roman Report 1121
Automated flaws detection on bottles in food industry. Horak, Karel; Richter, Miloslav; Kalova, Ilona Report 1324
Automated network management application and knowledge discovery framework. Ciolac, Camelia Elena; Radulescu, Florin Report 1423
Automatic obtaining of aligned sectional views in AutoCAD layouts. Oancea, Gheorghe; Chicos, Lucia Antoneta; Ivan, Nicolae Valentin; Lancea, Camil Report 1307
Automation of standby database creation in DBS Oracle. Juhas, Martin; Remenar, Milan; Juhasova, Bohuslava Report 1729
Axisymmetric deviation influence on structural and mechanical characteristics of some copper semifinished products. Ghiban, Nicolae; Serban, Nicolae; Ghiban, Alexandru; Ghiban, Brandusa Report 1194
Basic kinematics relations of eccentric cutting of threads on lathe machine. Sogorovic, Danijel; Varicak, Viktor; Miskovic, Ante Report 1033
Basic mathematical principles for internal structure of new CAPP software application. Monka, Peter; Monkova, Katarina Report 1480
Basic topics of mechanical seals. Argesanu, Veronica; Jula, Mihaela; Laza, Ioan Report 1435
Basically aspects in order to reduce the vibration of machine tools with nonconventional materials structure. Paun, Loredana; Predincea, Nicolae; Avramescu, Valeriu Report 1690
Behavior of a life cycle of business systems under recession. Covic, Dragan; Covic-Primorac, Daniela Report 1325
Behaviour of bolted wood joints to traction tests. Dates, Rodica Nicoleta; Terciu, Ovidiu; Baba, Marius; Stan, Gianina Ileana; Curtu, Ioan Report 1391
Benefits of ERP systems in Romanian clothing industry. Bota, Marius; Rus, Veronica; Boriceanu, Monica; Cosma, Smaranda 1801
Bionic assembly system: queuing, technology matrix and life file. Berger, Franz; Laengauer, Christoph; Hornung, Johann; Hamilton, Peter; Dolezal, Christian; Zeitlinge Report 1468
Bluetooth control communication for NXT robots. Sofronia, Raluca; Diaconu, Aurel; Pruna, Aurel Report 1330
Brailletech: intelligent technology for blind persons. Turcoiu, Titi; Rifa, Gavril-Ioan; Mirea, Adrian; Omocea, Ion Report 1724
Building a software cost estimation based on activity-based methodology. Parv, Luminita; Urdea, Mihaela Report 1485
Building of a production system program control laboratory. Mudrikova, Andrea; Kostal, Peter; Matusova, Miriam Report 1622
Building of FESTO servo-motor imitation model using linear ARX-model. Svetlichny, Pavel; Kramar, Vadim Report 1393
Business maturity assessment model: a practical approach for identifying opportunities for sustainability improvement. Paunescu, Carmen Report 1636
Calculus of regenerative losses coefficient in Stirling engines. Florea, Traian; Dragalina, Alexandru; Florea, Traian Vasile; Bejan, Mihai; Pruiu, Anastase Report 1014
Capability analysis of double-point incremental forming of AA5052 sheet metal parts. Lasunon, Onuma; Knight, Winston Report 1672
Career management in school organisations: case study. Drobot, Loredana; Visan, Alina; Rotaru, Ileana; Nitulescu, Lavinia; Chis-Toia, Dorina Report 1754
Career orientation and reorientation. Drobot, Loredana; Petrovici, Merima; Rotaru, Ileana; Cornean, Cornelia; Constantin, Alina Report 1730
Case studies correlation analysis for business management teaching. Taucean, Ilie Mihai; Tamasila, Matei Report 1468
Case study of a mechanic system composed of four reduced masses and the dynamic absorber placed to one of the extremities of the mechanic system and subjected to four harmonic x. Balcau, Monica Carmen; Arghir, Mariana Case study 1218
CFD analysis of directed oil flow in power transformers. Pupaza, Cristina; Stancu, Octavian; Parpala, Radu Constantin Report 1432
Challenges for Romanian small and medium-sized entreprises on the European single market. Bretcu, Angela; Milos, Marius Report 1546
Change detection in land cover GIS databases. LCCS and CLC. Olteanu, Vlad Gabriel; Badea, Alexandru; Dana, Iulia Florentina; Moise, Cristian; Jivanescu, Iulia E Report 1186
Characterisation of vibration energy harvesters. Blazevic, David; Zelenika, Sasa Report 1309
Characteristics of structure of the church in Gorica near Livno. Glibic, Mladen; Colak, Ivo; Akmadzic, Vlaho Report 1427
Chip forming and forms in milling zinc alloys. Minciu, Constantin; Croitoru, Sorin Mihai; Constantin, George; Lita, Andra Report 1853
Choice of a rational hip joint wear simulator design. Pakhaliuk, Volodymyr; Pashkov, Yevgen; Desyatov, Ivan; Manchuk, Vitaly Report 1657
Clamping intelligent modular systems for cutting process. Nita, Raluca; Avramescu, Valeriu; Craciunoiu, Stefan Report 1602
Classification and codification systems for stream networks and drainage basins. Zavoianu, Ion; Herisanu, Gheorghe; Cruceru, Nicolae Report 1984
Classification and correlation of surface roughness in metallic parts using texture descriptors. Suarez, Sir; Alegre, Enrique; Barreiro, Joaquin; Morala-Arguello, Patricia; Gonzalez-Castro, Victor Report 1891
Classification of electromyographic signals using autoregressive modeling. Man, Sergiu; Herle, Sorin; Lazea, Gheorghe Report 1853
Classifying anisotropic materials by the property to split TE polarized waves from TM polarized waves. Sandru, Ovidiu Ilie; Sandru, Alexandra Report 1679
Clay epoxy composites. Circiumaru, Adrian; Andrei, Gabriel; Birsan, Iulian-Gabriel; Bria, Vasile; Diaconu, Nicolae; Dima, D Report 1125
Cleaning of metal wires by using rotating thermal plasma. Kettler, Roman; Cesarec, Paulina; Katalinic, Branko Report 1528
Clearance compensation hydraulic system forvertical lathes with milling unit. Prodan, Dan; Motomancea, Adrian; Bucuresteanu, Anca Report 1184
Clients identification and their role in multidisciplinary design team. Mihartescu, Ana Andreea; Mazilescu, Crisanta Alina; Negrut, Mircea Liviu Report 1314
Combined spherical roller bearings functioning analysis. Stirbu, Cristel; Grigoras, Stefan; Hanganu, Lucian Constantin; Loghin, Maria Carmen; Ionescu, Irina Report 1276
Combined study on mechanical behavior of scroller shafts. Rusu-Casandra, Aurelia; Iliescu, Nicolae; Baciu, Florin Report 883
Communication with customers via brand. Rybansky, Rudolf; Prajova, Vanesa Report 1659
Company success dependency on management. Vanova, Jaromira; Babelova, Zdenka Gyurak; Holkova, Andrea Report 1589
Comparativ study regarding the energy of turbines with vertical and horizontal axis. Dubau, Calin Report 928
Comparative analyses between a nonlinear response composite structure and a linear response structure. Petrescu, Horia; Hadar, Anton; Vlasceanu, Daniel Report 871
Comparatively analysis of the effects of water / seawater on the composites made of E-glass woven fabrics and chopped fibres. Cerbu, Camelia; Ciofoaia, Vasile; Teodorescu-Draghicescu, Horatiu; Rosca, Ioan Calin Report 1343
Compared machinability of cobalt based superalloy FSX414 during conventional and high speed end milling. Folea, Milena; Schlegel, Daniel; Lupulescu, Nouras-Barbu Report 1196
Comparison of Kalman and particle filters used in node tracking. Kana, Zdenek; Bradac, Zdenek; Fiedler, Petr Report 1536
Comparison of three-dimensional finite element and photoelastic results for a scroller shaft. Rusu-Casandra, Aurelia; Iliescu, Nicolae; Baciu, Florin Report 938
Comparison of two burners on charcoal yield and compositions. Wiriyaumpaiwong, Songchai; Yangyuen, Suphan; Laohavanich, Juckamas Report 1092
Comparison of waste management strategies in the United Kingdom and the Czech Republic. Kadlecova, Tereza; Dvorakova, Lilia; Srchova, Marcela Report 1890
Competition, competence, competitive advantage. Mateescu, Liviu-Mihail; Neagu, Ana-Maria Report 1691
Complex visual analysis of SMD devices. Kalova, Ilona; Honec, Peter; Horak, Karel Report 1062
Complexity classes for multi-variable complexity functions. Mogos, Andrei-Horia; Florea, Adina Magda Report 1074
Comprehensive study of strip selection and weld errors in a steel tube ERW welding process. Krsulja, Marko; Barisic, Branimir; Kudlacek, Jan Report 1651
Computer code for combustion modelling in diesel engines. Sabau, Adrian; Dumitrache, Constantin; Barhalescu, Mihaela; Oanta, Emil Report 1404
Computer simulation of anaerobic fermentation. Prokopova, Zdenka Report 1802
Computer vision and control for special mobile robots. Pryanichnikov, Valentin; Andreev, Victor; Prysev, Eugeny Report 962
Computing of stress intensity factor using J-integral method with F.E.A. Tierean, Mircea; Baltes, Liana Report 1085
Concepts for society meta-modelling. Zafiu, Adrian; Ionescu, Valeriu; Dascalu, Monica; Stefan, Gheorghe Report 1402
Conceptual design by means of genetic algorithms. Albers, Albert; Enkler, Hans-Georg; Frietsch, Markus; Sauter, Christian Report 2075
Conceptual model of a modular robotic system for mushroom's controlled cultivation and integrated processing. Nicolescu, Adrian; Petre, Marian; Dobre, Marcel; Enciu, George; Ivan, Mario Report 1490
Condition-based maintenance of machine tools. Denkena, Berend; Bluemel, Peter; Roebbing, Jens; Kroening, Stefan Report 1468
Conflict and strategy models in automotive competing markets. Izvercianu, Monica; Vartolomei, Mihaela; Staicu, Florentiu; Popa, Horia Liviu Report 1389
Connections between PLC for real process simulations. Malounek, Petr; Pivonka, Petr; Chomat, Ludek Report 1442
Consequences of share issue for the increase of the company's share capital. Botezatu, Mihai Report 1567
Considerations for use dashboard as inductor of performance of enterprise. Niculescu, Nicoleta; Ionescu, Adriana Mihaela; Golea, Valentina; Leustean, Beatrice Report 1858
Considerations regarding economic situation of Romanian five West Region. Harangus, Daniela Report 1470
Considerations regarding of basaltic materials usage with mineralizers input in machine building. Stefanescu, Werner; Pugna, Adrian; Pleniceanu, Aristica Report 1310
Considerations to design of metrological confirmation processes in mechanical manufacturing systems. Villeta, Maria; Lobera, Alfredo Sanz; Rubio, Eva Maria; Sebastian, Miguel Angel Report 1472
Constanta Port as a multimodal platform-plans for the future. Popescu, Corina; Varsami, Anastasia Report 1945
Constrained multi-item inventory systems with quantity discounts via evolutionary algorithm. Jucan, Daniela; Tudose, Lucian; Bojan, Ioan Report 1739
Contact model of ellipsoidal worm-gears. Cioban, Horia; Butnar, Lucian; Pop, Nicolae Report 1461
Contemporary situation in the creativity area in the Slovak Republic. Lenhardtova, Zuzana; Caganova, Dagmar; Babelova, Zdenka Gyurak Report 1432
Contestability test for the Romanian market. Dima, Mihaela Alina; Sandru, Ioana Maria Diana Report 1870
Contract checking using Z specifications. Negreanu, Lorina; Mocanu, Irina Report 1621
Contribution to modelling the effect of explosive on accelerated material in explosion welding. Benak, Michal; Taraba, Bohumil; Turna, Milan Report 1112
Contribution to the development of optical scanners with rotating or oscillating elements. Duma, Virgil-Florin; Nicolov, Mirela; Szantho, Lucian; Mnerie, Corina; Falcan, Ovidiu Report 1175
Contributions to the hydrostatic buffers for railway vehicles. Otlacan, Dimitrie; Tusz, Francisc; Duma, Virgil-Florin; Kaposta, Iosif Report 1443
Control algorithm of a BLDC motor. Nagy, Zoltan; Bara, Alexandru; Dale, Sanda Report 1750
Control and design for biomimetics application using smart materials. Bizdoaca, Nicu; Tarnita, Daniela; Petrisor, Anca; Diaconu, Ilie; Bizdoaca, Elvira Report 1238
Convergence analysis of the error compensation processin the phase control systems. Michalconok, German; Bezak, Tomas Report 1268
Convergence in the high-technology consumer markets: strategic implications of the digital convergence. Militaru, Gheorghe; David, Oana; Osiceanu, Sanda Report 1604
Cookbook: an Android mobile platform application. Popovici, Radu; Petrescu, Sergiu; Negreanu, Lorina Report 1603
Cooperation of European firms in R&D activities. Palcic, Iztok; Polajnar, Andrej; Buchmeister, Borut; Leber, Marjan; Vujica Herzog, Natasa Report 1647
Cooperative design as solution for inteligent maintenance. Radulescu, Bruno; Radulescu, Mara-Cristina; Le, Cung Report 1491
Corporate governance issues: estimative solutions for the world financial crisis. Serban, Claudia; Tiron-Tudor, Adriana; Man, Mariana; Cretu, Raluca; Vasile, Cristina Report 1963
Corporate governance, literature review for Romania. Fulop, Melinda Timea; Tiron-Tudor, Adriana Report 1679
Corporate image as factor of efficient management in municipal utility companies. Pupavac, Drago; Marsanic, Robert; Babic, Mirjana Report 1800
Corporate social responsibility in Romania. Popa, Adina; Blidisel, Rodica; Farcane, Nicoleta Report 1741
Correction of ADC errors by iterative method with dithering using dither with uniform distribution. Kamensky, Miroslav; Kovac, Karol Report 1677
Correlation between cutting forces and tool wear when thread tapping AISI P20 hardened steel. Benga, Gabriel; Ciupitu, Ion; Stanimir, Alexandru Report 1513
Correlation between mass loss on cavitation erosion and fatigue stress for a martensitic stainless steel. Voda, Mircea; Bordeasu, Ilare Report 1263
Creation of software for handling video streams and adaptive control for mobile robot using sequencer controller. Pronkin, Vitaliy Report 1418
Creative and innovative management: business sustainability. Suciu, Marta-Christina; Ivanovici, Mina; Neagu, Ana-Maria Report 1707
Current impulses in design methodology for intelligent manufacturing systems. Seminsky, Jaroslav; Wessely, Emil Report 1555
Customer profiling using GIS. Badea, Ruxandra; Bagu, Constantin; Badea, Alexandru; Moise, Cristian Report 1530
Customer relationship management as key element for intelligent manufacturing. Pelau, Corina; Pop, Nicolae Alexandru; Ghinea, Valentina Report 1896
Customer satisfaction assessment using neural networks modelling. Dan, Mihaela; Vasilache, Simona; Dima, Mihaela Alina Report 1310
Cutting speed and feed based analysis of chip arrangement in the dry horizontal turning of UNS A92024 alloy. Batista, Moises; Sanchez-Carrilero, Manuel; Rubio, Eva Maria; Marcos, Mariano Report 922
Cutting speed and feed based model for evaluating parallelism deviations in horizontal dry turning of aluminium alloys. Salguero, Jorge; Sanchez, Jose Miguel; Sebastian, Miguel Angel; Sanchez-Carrilero, Manuel; Marcos, M Report 1597
CW CO2 laser cutting of tungsten alloy using O2 assist gas. Begic, Derzija; Kulenovic, Malik; Cekic, Ahmet; Bliedtner, Jens Report 1425
Data correlation obtained by two transformation. Novakovic, Marijana; Mandic, Lidija; Kurecic, Maja Strgar; Agic, Darko Report 1142
Data merging and sorting method based on discrete contour evolution with application on slam. Luca, Razvan; Troester, Fritz; Simion, Carmen; Gall, Robert Report 1446
Data mining in telecommunications: case study of cluster analysis. Bach, Mirjana Pejic; Simicevic, Vanja; Leskovic, Darko Case study 1975
Data structure employed in mechanical engineering software instruments. Oanta, Emil; Dumitrache, Constantin; Barhalescu, Mihaela; Sabau, Adrian Report 1293
Decision support system for multi-project cash-flow management. Kramarenko, Sergei; Shevtshenko, Eduard Report 1530
Decrease of cutting forces intensity at ceramics grinding by ultrasonic using. Pechacek, Frantisek; Javorova, Angela; Charbulova, Marcela Report 885
Defining of factors for the improvement of suburban traffic in Zagreb metropolitan area. Haramina, Hrvoje; Brabec, Dean; Slavulj, Marko Report 1995
Defining of time-dependent contact angle of liquids on the printing plate surfaces. Cigula, Tomislav; Poljacek, Sanja Mahovic; Gojo, Miroslav Report 1442
Deflection model of the machine tools. Ispas, Constantin; Ibrahim, Ahmed; Bisu, Claudiu Report 1075
Dependence of hardness of the material from the detonation velocity in the deep drawing explosion. Buljan, Stipo; Jurkovic, Zoran Report 1033
Design and control aspects for JQuadRobot. Vatau, Steliana; Maniu, Inocentiu; Moldovan, Cristian Emil Report 1399
Design and simulation of modular robot work cells. Hauer, Stefan; Malisa, Viktorio; Hieger, Christof; Stuja, Kemajl Report 1322
Design and simulation software for hand prosthesis. Chivu, Catrina; Chivu, Catalin Report 1418
Design Building Management System with internet technology. Manh, Thang Pham; Quang, Vinh Tran Report 1454
Design of a bond graph model for robot control. Rezic, Snjezana; Pehar, Slaven; Crnokic, Boris Report 1294
Design of a hybrid mechanism for shoulder joint motion. Grecu, Valentin; Dumitru, Nicola; Grecu, Luminita Report 1295
Designing a new system based on NI ELVIS for hall constant measurement. Barb, Ruxandra; Oros, Ramona; Ursutiu, Doru; Samoila, Cornel Report 1460
Designing the architecture of a scalable video surveillance system. Kristaly, Dominic Mircea; Sisak, Francisc; Grigorescu, Costin Marius; Caraman, Mihai Claudiu Report 1197
Detection of CWEDM process irregularity with discharge pulses monitoring. Gjeldum, Nikola; Veza, Ivica; Bilic, Bozenko; Bajic, Drazen Report 1313
Detection of damages in simple elements. Gillich, Gilbert-Rainer; Birdeanu, Elena Daniela; Gillich, Nicoleta; Amariei, Daniel; Iancu, Vasile; Report 1366
Determination of eigenvalues from middle spectrum of positive definite Toeplitz matrix by Newton method for characteristic polynomial. Kostic, Aleksandra Report 1607
Determination of forces at the bending of perforated plates with slotted holes through experimental and FEM. Pascu, Adrian; Oleksik, Valentin; Curtu, Ioan; Avrigean, Eugen Report 1012
Determination of maximal dynamic force of crane-bridge. Ibishi, Ismet Maliq; Galica, Melihat Report 862
Determination of the coefficient of friction with regard to substrate type and speed of movement of vehicles. Zovak, Goran; Saric, Zeljko; Perisa, Marko Report 1652
Determination of the optimal design parameters for the wavy air fins used in the construction of automotive radiators. Ilies, Paul; Naghi, Mihai; Mare, Ciprian; Sucila, Marius Report 1221
Determination of the optimum variant of shaft-hub joint for gears. Argesanu, Veronica; Jula, Mihaela; Carabas, Iosif Report 1298
Determinination of the acoustic characteristics of the ligno cellulose plates by non-invasion method. Stanciu, Mariana Domnica; Curtu, Ioan; Luca, Dana Motoc; Stanciu, Valerian Septimiu Report 1200
Determining the influence of the roughness at the contact surface for the injection mould bi-component parts. Mihaila, Stefan; Ilie, Sorin; Porumb, Camelia; Chira, Danut; Fazecas, Marius Report 965
Developing a brain-computer-based human-robot interaction for industrial environments. Duguleana, Mihai Report 1350
Developing an expert system for invention patent examination. Moise, Maria; Zingale, Marilena Report 1470
Development and debugging of information measurement and control systems for mobile robots with python dynamic language. Kirsanov, Kirill Report 1286
Development of a housing for on-line-wear-analysis of clutch lining pads under dry friction on test benches. Albers, Albert; Kelemen, Simon Report 1298
Development of a milling testbed platform with open architecture controller. Staroveski, Tomislav; Brezak, Danko; Udiljak, Toma; Majetic, Dubravko Report 1569
Development of a Piezo-based tilting platform for mirrors to enhance the process of Laser-Beam Polishing. Haupt, Conrad; Bliedtner, Jens; Rinck, Stephan; Hecht, Kerstin Report 1356
Development of a process chain for grinding and subsequent laser beam polishing of quartz glass components. Hecht, Kerstin; Bliedtner, Jens; Mueller, Hartmut; Schmidt, Thomas; Steinbauer, Christoph; Rost, Mat Report 1315
Development of a suitable manufacturing system for developing country. Park, Hong Seok; Mun, Si Hwan; Choi, Hung Won; Park, Sang Kil Report 1729
Development of a water treatment plant for a rolling-mill train. Castano, Itziar Goicoechea; Martinez, Susana Report 1414
Development of managers' creative potencial. Hornak, Frantisek Report 1463
Development of software package based on the mathematical graph theory for more efficient project management. Majstorovic, Vlado; Rakic, Kresimir; Glavas, Marijana Bandic Report 1762
Device for the gravitational self-voiding of liquid-state alloys or metals under their own weight. Marta, Constantin; Midan, Aurel; Suciu, Lenuta; Rosu, Monica; Bizau, Viorel Report 1424
Diagnosis of turnover to small and middle size enterprises. Marascu-Klein, Vladimir; Boian, Nicolae; Calefariu, Gavrila; Toma, Victoria Report 1639
Dialectics and efficiency of control and executive levels in automated systems. Kunica, Zoran; Vranjes, Bozo Report 1854
Dichromate anion sorption from wastewaters using poly (vinyl alcohol) cryogels. Croitoru, Catalin; Patachia, Silvia; Moise, Georgeta; Porzsolt, Attila; Scarneciu, Camelia Report 1456
Differences in color image reproduction depending on the output device: monitor vs. printer. Kurecic, Maja Strgar; Agic, Darko; Mandic, Lidija Report 1649
Different methods of measuring gauge rings. Tasic, Tadej; Acko, Bojan; Godina, Andrej; Brajlih, Tomaz Report 919
Digital ear for the determination of ball mill load. Rusu-Anghel, Stela; Tirian, Gelu Ovidiu; Rusu-Anghel, Nicolae; Gherman, Petre Lucian Report 1286
Dilatancy in unreinforced masonry. Chaimoon, Krit; Attard, Mario Report 1414
Dimensionless model for investigating a correlation between steady state and dynamic responses of an oven. Sansomboonsuk, Siriluk Report 1415
Disk convector for Stirling engine. Dehelean, Nicolae; Ciupe, Valentin; Maniu, Inocentiu Report 987
Displacement errors at a pre-defined trajectory of a mobile robot. Bitea, Mihai Alin; Dolga, Valer Report 1406
Displacement of the welding line in case of a square shaped part made from tailor welded blanks. Albut, Aurelian Report 1608
Distributed multimedia file system. Radovici, Alexandru; Miu, Tudor; Dragoi, George Report 2063
Double buffers system for the improvement of railway vehicles behaviour in curves. Otlacan, Dimitrie; Duma, Virgil-Florin; Kaposta, Iosif; Tusz, Francisc Report 1005
DrenVSubIR design software validation for seepage drainage and subirrigation. Gombos, Dan; Sabau, Nicu Cornel; Bodog, Marinela; Domuta, Christian Report 1832
Dynamic analysis of an isoglide3-T3 parallel robot. Rat, Nadia-Ramona; Neagoe, Mircea; Gogu, Grigore; Stan, Sergiu-Dan Report 992
Dynamic answer analysis of sintering pieces in thermic-structural coupled condition. Ciupitu, Ion; Dumitru, Nicolae; Ghercioiu, Jeni; Manea, Valentina Report 1023
Dynamic answer modeling of a mechanism from harvester machines considering the elements deformable. Ungureanu, Alin; Geonea, Ionut; Dumitru, Nicolae; Catrina, Gheorghe; Rosca, Valcu Report 998
Dynamic answer modeling of a mechanism from the mowers machine structure. Dumitru, Nicolae; Ungureanu, Alin; Catrina, Gheorghe; Rosca, Valcu; Geonea, Ionut Report 719
Dynamic selection of enumeration strategies in constraint programming. Crawford, Broderick; Montecinos, Mauricio; Castro, Carlos; Monfroy, Eric Report 1551
Dynamic simulations of a planetary chain speed increaser for R.E.S. Saulescu, Radu; Diaconescu, Dorin; Jaliu, Codruta; Vatasescu, Monica Report 1010
Dynamic symulation and experiment on a sprayer boom structure. Lupea, Iulian; Tudose, Lucian; Stanescu, Cristina Mihaela; Lupea, Mihaela Report 1361
Dynamical analysis of an upper limb prosthesis. Luca, Gheorghe; Nagy, Ramona; Menyhardt, Karoly Report 1086
Economic aspects of welding process. Popescu, Mihaela; Vartolomei, Mihaela; Mocuta, Georgeta Report 1714
Economical technology for joining dissimilar materials in automotive industry. Popescu, Mihaela; Magda, Aurelian; Mocuta, Emilia; Vartolomei, Sorin; Groza, Cosmin Report 1699
Economy development with introduction of clusters. Cus, Franc; Veza, Ivica; Gecevska, Valentina; Balic, Joze; Dulcic, Zelimir Report 1635
Education's role in human capital accumulation. Minica, Mirela; Malos, Raul Report 1765
Educational career integrative counselling. Drobot, Loredana; Rotaru, Ileana; Anghel, Cornelia; Cornean, Cornelia Case study 1606
Educational knowledge space dedicated to mold injection technology. Nita, Alexandra; Raicu, Gabriel Report 1441
Educational system for water level regulation: simulation and control. Masnjak, Ivan; Majetic, Dubravko; Brezak, Danko Report 1394
Educational tool for controlling Lego Mindstorms robots with Control Web. Dolinay, Jan; Dostalek, Petr; Vasek, Vladimir Report 1784
Effective production structures for intelligent manufacturing. Tesic, Zdravko; Cosic, Ilija Report 1451
Effects of particle content and post curing thermal treatment on the effective modulus of multi phase composite materials. Luca, Dana Motoc Report 1377

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