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Articles from Annals of DAAAM & Proceedings (January 1, 2008)

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"[CroEnergO.sub.2]"--future of renewable energy sources. Marjanovic, Tomislav; Scukanec, Danijel Report 1893
3D numerical simulation of the turbulent flow in an inducer. Anton, Liviu; Stuparu, Adrian; Muntean, Sebastian; Baya, Alexandru 1132
A binary energy source of a timber-drier. Viglasky, Jozef; Langova, Nada; Danihelova, Anna; Suchomel, Jozef; Andrejcak, Imrich 1730
A comparative study of temperature fields in X52 steel butt welds. Mircea, Octavian; Visan, Daniel; Banea, Mariana; Constantin, Emil Report 1319
A comparison of same slope and exponential smoothing forecasting models. Pasic, Mugdim; Bijelonja, Izet; Bajric, Hadis 1825
A comprehensive business model for rapid manufactured products. Hasan, Saad; Rennie, Allan 1463
A conceptual design application based on a generalized algorithm part I. Generation of solving structural variants. Neagoe, Mircea; Diaconescu, Dorin; Jaliu, Codruta; Saulescu, Radu 974
A conceptual design application based on a generalized algorithm part II. Solving structures selection and evaluation. Neagoe, Mircea; Diaconescu, Dorin; Jaliu, Codruta; Saulescu, Radu 1826
A dynamic portfolio optimization framework with distinction between "risk" and "uncertainty". Talpos, Ioan; Pirtea, Marilen; Dima, Bogdan 1761
A formal verification method of function block diagrams with tool supporting: practical experiences. Koh, Kwang Young; Jee, Eun Kyoung; Jeon, Seungjae; Seong, Poong Hyun; Cha, Sungdeok Report 1592
A genetic algorithm for single source capacitated facility location problem. Lai, Kim Teng; Luong, Lee H.S.; Marian, Romeo M. 1686
A genetic fuzzy real-time expert system in Tobacco Industry Banjaluka. Latinovic, Tiho; Jokanovic, Simo; Rogic, Miroslav Report 1199
A hybrid algorithm to minimize the number of tardy jobs in single machine scheduling. Bancila, Daniel; Buzatu, Constantin 1281
A hybrid wheel-leg mobile robot. Doroftei, Ioan; Marta, Constantin; Hamat, Codruta; Suciu, Lenuta; Prisacaru, Gheorghe Report 1511
A mathematical approach of the temperature field in case of electron beam welding. Grecu, Luminita; Demian, Gabriela; Demian, Mihai 1554
A mathematical model for roughness in case of vibrorolling process. Nagit, Gheorghe; Fetecau, Catalin; Negoescu, Florin; Iosub, Adrian; Axinte, Eugen 1327
A model about the organizational stress management. Titu, Mihail; Bucur, Viorel; Ghitescu, Teodor Report 1539
A model for the kinematical analysis of a three degrees of freedom mechanism. Ciupan, Emilia; Itul, Tiberiu; Morar, Liviu; Ciupan, Cornel 1075
A model of human performance in information searching tasks. Ha, Jun Su; Seong, Poon Hyun Report 1404
A modified Fastmap algorithm. Radulescu, Florin; Boicea, Alexandru 1583
A new cutting tool design for raising the efficiency of turning process. Mihail, Laurentiu 1653
A new enhanced production system as CFS-ERP technological-informatics system. Popescu, Stefan Eugen; Nicolescu, Adrian Florin; Minciu, Constantin 1301
A new heat pipe cooling device. Comanescu, Dinu; Comanescu, Adriana; Filipoiu, Ioan Dan; Alionte, Cristian Gabriel 1268
A novel intuitive dynamic modelling method for digital I&C systems in nuclear power plants. Shin, Seung Ki; Goh, Gyoung Tae; Seong, Poong Hyun Report 2201
A proposition for client data model in insurance company. Ostojic, Josip; Pavlic, Mile; Mikulic, Zelimir 1427
A reference model based approach for the evaluation of industrial plant service and asset management tools. Holm, Timo; Luschmann, Christian; Delgado, Antonio; Amberg, Michael Report 1547
A restricting approach of the rapid prototyping by material accretion. Ciucescu, Doru; Simionescu, Gheorghe 1256
A soft computing-based model for RM selection and cost estimation. Munguia, Javier Report 1282
A study of reward functions in reinforcement learning on a dynamic model of a two-link planar robot. Denzinger, Joachim; Laureyns, Isabelle; Frietsch, Markus; Burger, Wolfgang; Meckl, Peter Report 1455
About Ekman currents in shallow waters. Muntean, Angela; Moroianu, Corneliu; Bejan, Mihai; Bandrabur, Diana Lilia; Samoilescu, Gheorghe 1587
About spatial rigid memory characteristics. Comanescu, Adriana; Comanescu, Dinu; Filipoiu, Ioan Dan; Alionte, Cristian Gabriel 928
About the use of shape memory alloys in vibration damping. Gillich, Gilbert Rainer; Amariei, Daniel; Gillich, Nicoleta; Chioncel, Cristian Paul; Bizau, Viorel; Report 1288
Absorption properties of the noise barriers made of scrap tires. Misik, Ladislav; Radvanska, Agata 1588
Achievements of manufacturing engineering department from TU Cluj-Napoca in the field of competitive and ecological products. Gyenge, Csaba; Ros, Olimpia; Fratila, Domnita 1044
Achieving high temperature deformation for Al-Mg alloys processed by severe plastic deformation. Comaneci, Radu; Zaharia, Luchian; Chelariu, Romeu Report 1344
Active process improvement in a montage enterprise. Cibulka, Viliam 1723
Active steering control of a rail vehicle: a new approach. Spiryagin, Maksym; Spiryagin, Valentyn; Ulshin, Vitaly Report 1626
Additive layer manufacture of tensile test specimens in stainless steel 316L by laser consolidation. Sewell, Neil Thomas; Bassoli, Elena; Gatto, Andrea; Evans, Kenneth Report 1635
Advanced design of high pressure die casting moulds. Baltes, Liana; Tierean, Mircea; Eftimie, Lucian Report 1081
Advanced improvement of quality. Zgodavova, Kristina; Slimak, Ivan 1455
Advanced machining technologies for air-craft component parts with thin walls. Calbureanu, Madalina; Malciu, Raluca; Lungu, Mihai; Lungu, Romulus 885
Aero-derivative gas turbines fuelled by biogas. Popescu, Jeni; Vilag, Valeriu; Petcu, Romulus; Silivestru, Valentin; Stanciu, Virgil Report 1465
Aggregation of automated instrumentation via internet using remote VISA calls. Sandu, Florin; Nedelcu, Adrian Valentin; Moraru, Sorin Aurel; Borza, Paul Nicolae 1246
Algorithm for choosing factory planning methods and tools. Hennersdorf, Sibylle; Dombrowski, Uwe 1421
Algorithms and software for vision systems of mobile robots. Prianichnikov, Valentin; Kirsanov, Kirill; Kii, Konstantin; Levinsky, Boris 1965
Algorithms for automatic/semiautomatic geographic data acquiring and error assessment. Alexei, Adrian; Tomoiaga, Tiberius; Marinescu, Mirel; Badea, Alexandru 1258
Alternative localization of defects using wavelets in the defectoscopy by eddy-currents. Grman, Jan; Syrova, Livia Report 1008
Ammonia sensor based on poly (vinyl alcohol) cryogel. Patachia, Silvia; Croitoru, Catalin; Florea, Claudia; Dumitrescu, Lucia; Scarneciu, Ioan 1585
An analytical approach of the appearing of the blowholes in the casts. Simionescu, Gheorghe; Ciucescu, Doru 1049
An analytical investigation of the shared friction loads of spur gear pairs. Atanasiu, Virgil Report 1391
An application of non-compressible flowing in thermoplastic pipes in installations for fire prevention. Pop, Petru; Lazar, Liviu; Marcu, Florin; Veres, Mircea; Ungur, Petru Report 1374
An approach to DICOM extension for medical image streaming. Dragan, Dinu; Ivetic, Dragan 1743
An assessment of geometrical features for a new rapid prototyping benchmark part. Popescu, Diana; Ghinea, Mihalache; Chircor, Lidia 1596
An embedded stereo vision sensor forobstacle and lane marker detection. Kubinger, Wilfried Report 1461
An empirical relationship between cutting forces and length in dry drilling in aluminium alloys. Domingo, Rosario; Alvarez, Roberto; Sebastian, Miguel Angel Report 1222
An evaluation of existing step solutions for automated process planning. Schumann, Christian; Teich, Tobias; Militzer, Joerg; Unger, Katja 1620
An open-source implementation for RFC3881. Vulpe, Anca Diana; Vulpe, Marius Cristian; Sisak, Francisc; Moraru, Sorin Aurel; Kristaly, Dominic M Report 1537
Analogy in modelling mechatronic systems. Dolga, Valer; Dolga, Lia; Filipescu, Hannelore 1193
Analysis of cast tool steel of 55NiCrMoV7 type cast in precision ceramic mould. Beznak, Matej; Chaus, Alexander; Bajcicak, Martin 1502
Analysis of factors affecting the decision to purchase holiday packages by tourists through travel agencies. Marin-Pantelescu, Andreea; Maniu, Laura 1909
Analysis of machine-tool spindle assemblies. Wolny, Ryszard Report 1267
Analysis of oscillatory conveyor separator. Abrudan, Gheorghe; Rus, Alexandru; Vesselenyi, Tiberiu; Abrudan, Adrian; Tataru, Mircea Bogdan Report 1609
Analysis of stress distribution in roots of bolt threads. Aryassov, Gennady; Petritshenko, Andres 1344
Analysis of the characteristics of metallic powders realised from the waste resulted from ball bearing manufacturing. Petrescu, Valentin; Bibu, Marius; Nemes, Toderita; Popescu, Florian; Deac, Cristian 1296
Analysis of the commercial quality for electricity grid users. Djurovic, Marijana Zivic; Morovic, Mira; Djurovic, Gordan Report 1426
Analysis of the quality control problems using the WinQSB software product. Hamat, Codruta Oana; Amariei, Olga Ioana; Dumitrescu, Constantin Dan 870
Analysis of the silver halide printing plates after printing process. Cigula, Tomislav; Mahovic Poljacek, Sanja; Gojo, Miroslav 1318
Analysis of the subjective quality estimation of photo prints with reduced jpeg qulity. Bota, Josip; Milcic, Diana; Donevski, Davor Report 1925
Analysis of working performances at damaged vibration isolation devices. Nastac, Silviu 1388
Analytical determination of position of the delta cable system. Stollmann, Vladimir; Vacek, Vladimir 1669
Analyze of transmission errors in gearboxes. Pater, Sorin; Fodor, Dinu; Mitran, Tudor; Polojintef Corbu, Nicolae Report 1614
Aplication of digitalization and simulation to coining. Skunca, Marko; Loncar, Damir; Math, Miljenko 1162
Appearances concerning the using of the bill of exchange and the promissory note in Romania. Ignat, Andreea; Avram, Laura; Horja, Monica; Vancea, Smaranda 1872
Application of 3D optical scanning for the shape accuracy analysis of machine parts produced by multi-pass metal spinning. Sugar, Peter; Sugarova, Jana; Morovic, Ladislav 1325
Application of electron beam melting to titanium hip stem implants. Cronskaer, Marie; Raennar, Lars Erik; Koptioug, Andrei; Baeckstroem, Mikael 1704
Application of graphical software in teaching of microeconomics--lecture monopoly. Herceg, Tomislav; Jakovic, Bozidar; Galetic, Fran Report 1456
Application of numerical modeling in assembly process. Godal, Daniel; Ruzarovsky Roman; Taraba, Bohumil 1306
Application of SLM for optimisation of weight of supporting lever in relation to expected strength resistance. Grzesiak, Dariusz; Krolikowski, Marcin Report 1065
Application of the C-test methodology for the validitation of boundary condition for oil quenching process. Adamcikova, Andrea; Taraba, Bohumil 1354
Application of the finite volume method to processes in wood technology. Horman, Izet; Martinovic, Dunja 1021
Application of the kinematic model construction in the medical field. Tiba, Zsolt 679
Applying benchmarking in romanian enterprises. Bretcu, Angela 2052
Applying signals of control system in tool wear monitoring. Udiljak, Toma; Mulc, Tihomir; Ciglar, Damir Report 1377
Approach on implementing a PLM solution into a collaborative engineering network for product design automation. Musca, Gavril; Musca, Elena; Merticaru, Vasile, Jr. 1659
Approaches of layout design synthesis for intelligent manufacturing systems. Seminsky, Jaroslav; Wessely, Emil 1339
Approaching of balancing problem through simulation. Coculescu, Cristina; Coculescu, Cristian Catalin 1893
Approaching the modelling of a human resources selection information system from the perspective of its users. Mazilescu, Crisanta Alina; Mihartescu, Ana Andreea; Banciu, Felicia Report 2019
Aspects about adders pseudorandom testing techniques. Popescu, Daniela; Pater, Mirela 1488
Aspects of developement of planetary mechanism using synchronous belts drive. Butnariu, Silviu 1461
Aspects of green business development. Draghici, Anca; Izvercianu, Monica; Barglazan, Diana 1826
Aspects of optimising the positioning and contouring precision of CNC laser cutting machines. Biris, Cristina; Deac, Cristian; Tera, Melania Report 1568
Aspects regarding the contribution of research and technical progress at GDP's growth. Daianu, Dana Codruta Duda; Harangus, Daniela 1717
Aspects regarding the development of the entrepreneurship in Romania. Mocan, Marian; Popa, Horia; Izvercianu, Monica; Pugna, Adrian; Hamat, Codruta 2014
Aspects regarding the evolution of franchise system on Romanian market. Izvercianu, Monica; Mihartescu, Ana Andreea; Mazilescu, Crisanta Alina; Dupta, Pavel Ernest; Staicu, 1464
Aspects regarding the programming of control systems for industrial processes. Ungureanu, Delia; Kristaly, Dominic; Sintea, Sorin; Vulpe, Anca; Perniu, Liviu 1425
Aspects regarding the Romania's position in the global competition of knowledge-based economy. Harangus, Daniela; Duda-Daianu, Dana Codruta 1451
Aspects regarding the tribological behaviour of some magnetron sputtered Ti-Si-C coatings. Ionescu, Cristian; Munteanu, Daniel; Munteanu, Alexandru 1596
Assesment techniques of the products on the basis of shape analysis. Buzera, Marius; Prostean, Gabriela; Stefan, Constantin Report 1496
Assessement for management of wastewater quality from a healthcare unit--case study. Sirbu, Dana; Curseu, Daniela; Popa, Monica; Popa, Marcel Sabin 1764
Audit and business management system. Knego, Nikola, Kovacevic, Zoran; Lazibat, Tonci 1433
Audit risk and initiatives of improvement. Rotaru, Horatiu 1801
Augmentation and integration of standardized management systems. Karapetrovic, Stanislav 1855
Automated control system of FESTO modular production stations. Mikhailov, Maxim; Lavrov, Valentin 1553
Automatic alignment system for coordinates measuring machines. Stanciu, Valerian; Dan, Stefan; Stanciu, Mariana; Curtu, Ioan Report 1513
Avoidance trajectory design for mobile robots. Pozna, Claudiu; Alexandru, Catalin 1338
Barothermopolymerization apparatus with electromagnetic induction. Stamate, Valentin; Chicos, Lucia Antoneta; Oancea, Gheorghe; Lancea, Camil 1101
Bending vibrations of bars with axial forces. Boiangiu, Mihail; Alecu, Aurel 1256
Biomanufacturing technologies and biomaterials used to produce scaffolds for tissue engineering. Almeida, Henrique A., Bartolo, Paulo J. Report 1407
Black sea waves, energy source. Samoilescu, Gheorghe; Sergiu, Nicolae; Dorian, Marin; Bejan, Mihai; Moroianu, Corneliu; Bandrabur, D 1414
Bonding quality of panels made of crosscut softwod branches. Olarescu, Alin; Badescu, Loredana Anne 1816
Build your antiphishing technology in just 5 minutes. Cosoi, Alexandru Catalin; Sgarciu, Valentin; Vlad, Madalin Stefan Report 1770
Building human resources in Romania: practices and opportunities. Tomuletiu, Adriana; Oroian, Maria; Op Lupu, Anca 1804
Business intelligence--main instrument of modern management. Voicu, Vasilica Report 1600
Business organizations based on knowledge--an answer to the globalization of information and of technical progress. Crisan, Gheorghe; Crisan, Lia Report 1758
Business strategies in the Romanian banking system. Vintila, Georgeta; Barbu, Teodora; Nedelescu, Mihai; Preda, Oana; Stanescu, Cristina Report 1903
CAD for optimal scaling of the 3D model, to compensate the SLS post-processing errors. Balc, Nicolae; Berce, Petru; Pacurar, Razvan Report 1141
CAD method used for improving the performances of lifting systems used for vehicles. Spanu, Alina; Stoenescu, Adrian; Anghel, Florina 1179
CAD modelling of couplings to extend reliability. Eftimie, Lucian; Tierean, Mircea; Baltes, Liana 813
CAD system for calculating orientation errors. Simion, Ionel; Dobre, Daniel; Marin, Dumitru 1430
CAD-FEM import of a machine tools feed drive system model. Parpala, Radu Constantin 1199
CAD/CAM methods in the customization of medical implants. Dreucean, Mircea; Tascau, Mirela Toth; Rusu, Lucian 1244
CAM strategies and surfaces accuracy. Peterka, Jozef; Pokorny, Peter; Vaclav, Stefan 762
Carbon fiber based filled epoxy composites. Circiumaru, Adrian; Andrei, Gabriel; Birsan, Iulian Gabriel; Dima, Dumitru 1374
Change management within a business system. Covic, Dragan; Covic, Daniela 1347
Changes which appear in the ideal gas law under the temperatures and pressures used in hot isostatic processing. Geaman, Virgil; Milosan, Ioan; Stoicanescu, Maria 1512
Clamping fixtures in cell manufacturing. Kostal, Peter; Matusova, Miriam; Charbulova, Marcela 1466
Classification of the models and the mathematical production programme. Hrubina, Kamil; Wessely, Emil; Macurova, Anna; Balcak, Stanislav 1679
CNC end milling optimization using evolutionary computation. Cus, Franc; Zuperl, Uros; Gecevska, Valentina Report 1356
Coaxial impact of elastic bodies experimental analysis of the reflected waves. Hule, Voichita; Tarca, Ioan; Blaga, Florin Report 1354
CoDeMo--a collaborative design modeler for complex multidisciplinary optimization products. Radulescu, Bruno; Radulescu, Mara; Dumitras, Catalin Report 1226
Coding a library for the creation of audio and video stream files for the internet using open source projects. Kristaly, Dominic Mircea; Sisak, Francisc; Bujdei, Catalin; Sintea, Sorin; Ungureanu, Delia Report 1813
Collaborative design and manufacturing of industrial products. Parpala, Lidia Florentina; Popa, Cicerone Laurentiu Report 644
Collaborative engineering and design automation for advanced materials implementation in railway supply industry. Merticaru, Vasile, Jr.; Recio Perero, Pablo; Carausu, Constantin 1487
Combined approaches in automatic page clustering for content conversion. Boiangiu, Costin Anton; Cananau, Dan Cristian 1432
Comparison between plasma arc cutting and laser cutting. Ilii, Sanda; Munteanu, Adriana 1829
Comparison of differently shaped testing specimens for simulation of thermomechanical cycles. Behulova, Maria 1264
Comparison of numeric simulated and experimental measured results of setting deformation. Martinkovic, Maros; Sobota, Robert; Kapustova, Maria Report 1086
Competences versus trust in a young virtual organization. Dumitrescu, Diana Mariana; Popa, Cicerone Laurentiu; Nica, Gabriela Beatrice; Cotet, Costel Emil 2064
Competitive advantage of informational technologies and communication sector for the Romanian West 5 Region. Daianu, Dana Codruta Duda 1341
Complex method for developing the digital geomorphologic map of Romania at 1:200.000 scale. Badea, Alexandru; Moise, Cristian; Dana, Iulia Florentina; Olteanu, Vlad Gabriel; Mamulea, Adina Ana Report 1545
Complexity theory in the control of assembly system. Cyklis, Jerzy; Slota, Adam; Zajac, Jerzy Report 1431
Composites fuel tank technology for the NERVA launcher. Tache, Florin; Silivestru, Valentin; Dobre, Tanase; Rugescu, Radu Dan Report 1677
Computer aided education in area of automatic control: CAAC information system. Balate, Jaroslav; Navratil, Pavel; Chramcov, Bronislav Report 1446
Computer application for decision-making support in manufacturing technology. Meciarova, Julia; Dado, Miroslav 1232
Computer--aided metal strip layout. Sindila, Gheorghe; Lupeanu, Mihaela; Rohan, Rodica Report 466
Computer-aided design of a device prototype for specific purpose in biomechanical research of soft tissues. Palm, Stjepan; Jelecanin, Jelena; Mrcela, Tomislav 1181
Conceptual design and system of gyro cableway control. Ilcik, Stefan 1460
Conformity issues for health and safety at work--part of integrated management systems. Botezatu, Cezar; Botezatu, Cornelia Paulina; Carutasu, George 1727
Consideration about one way hydrocyclon with ring-shaped aperture for separation. Hadar, Anton; Motomancea, Adrian; Szabo, Adam; Gheorghiu, Horia; Marin, Dumitru; Ocnarescu, Constant Report 1499
Consideration on climate energy efficiency impact. Jiga, Gabriel; Grigoriu, Mircea; Ciuca, Ion; Vlasceanu, Daniel 1508
Consideration on the key indicators of the labour market for work analysis in Romania. Oroian, Maria; Forgaciu, Flavia Lelia; Tomuletiu, Elena-Adriana Report 1991
Considerations and use of the genetic algorithm in optimization of standard fixture components. Krsulja, Marko; Barisic, Branimir; Car, Zlatan 1194
Considerations regarding an unusual cause of database concurrency exception. Filip, Ioan; Robu, Raul; Szeidert, Iosif; Robu, Andreea 1623
Considerations upon the circular section circlips/retaining rings axial load-carrying capacity. Argesanu, Veronica; Luchin, Milenco; Jula, Mihaela; Margineanu, Dan 1065
Construction for anaerobic digestion and biogas production. Vindis, Peter; Mursec, Bogomir Report 1437
Constructive aspects to improve the performance of the vibro-rolling device. Polojintef Corbu, Nicolae; Pater, Sorin; Fodor, Dinu; Mitran, Tudor 1245
Constructive measures for increasing the accuracy of the machine tools having vertically moving elements. Stan, Gheorghe; Florescu, Iulian; Florescu, Daniela 1763
Contribution about the quality management in the higher education. Todericiu, Ramona; Muscalu, Emanoil; Titu, Mihail 1360
Contributions for increasing the productivity of CNC machines. Lepadatescu, Badea; Buzatu, Constantin; Duicu, Simona; Dumitrascu, Adela; Enescu, Ioan Report 1393
Contributions on final elaboration model of a feed kinematic chain (L.C.A.). Enciu, George; Nicolescu, Adrian; Stanciu, Mihai; Ivan, Ioana 1141
Cooling installation with liquid nitrogen for the cryogenic turning of austenitic stainless steels. Hamat, Codruta Oana; Popovici, Gheorghe; Coman, Liviu; Marta, Constantin 1029
Cooperative coevolutionary approach to dual arm robots' operation. Curkovic, Petar; Jerbic, Bojan; Stipancic, Tomislav Report 1326
Coordinate conversions and transformations. Tomoiaga, Tiberius; Alexei, Adrian; Marinescu, Mirel; Badea, Alexandru 836
Corporate culture application in enterprises as assumption their long-term prosperity. Cambal, Milos; Hoghova, Katarina 2023
Corporate goal-oriented factory planning considering a lean production system. Palluck, Markus; Dombrowski, Uwe; Hennersdorf, Sibylle 1655
Correlations between entrepreneurship framework and economic performances. Zirra, Daniela Report 1645
Crane's driving mechanism warm up temperature calculation for brakes with two shoes. Colic, Mirsad; Muminovic, Adil Report 1195
Creating of optimal corporate culture through complex training program. Cambal, Milos 1913
Creating the service product by applying the general work procedure model. Cosic, Ilija; Radakovic, Nikola; Simeunovic, Nenad; Lalic, Bojan Report 1285
Crediting strategy for small and medium companies in Romania in 2007. David, Oana; Osiceanu, Sanda; Mihai, Valia Maria Report 1749
Creep force on the wheel-rail contact after the start of electrotraction vehicle. Gavrilovic, Branislav; Stankovic, Ana 1216
Criteria design of optimalization ultrasonic concentrators. Pechacek, Ffrantisek; Charbulova, Marcela; Javorova, Angela 1178
Croatian perspectives in metal castig production. Novoselovic, Daniel; Budic, Hrvoje; Solenicki, Goran; Budic, Ivan 1296
Cultural and creative tourism as the factor of the rural community development--the case of Nakovana, Peljesac Peninsula. Letunic, Stijepo; Dragicevic, Marija; Brautovic, Helena Report 2054
Current tendencies in the Romanian public university quality management. Mihai, Maria Valia; David, Oana Report 1789
Cutting forces system for deep holes boring. Croitoru, Sorin Mihai; Minciu, Constantin; Onstantin, George 1403
Damage analysis of aluminium--steel bimetals. Maronek, Milan; Caplovic, Lubomir 1041
Data filtering. Dolinay, Viliam; Lampart, Marek; Vasek, Vladimir 1294
Data mining in production management and manufacturing. Matsi, Birthe; Loun, Kaia; Otto, Tauno; Roosimoelder, Lembit Report 1562
Data structures for road condition AVI file video augmentation. Mihic, Srdan; Ivetic, Dragan 1642
Dedicated robot-robot cooperation. Grigorescu, Sanda; Vatau, Steliana; Dobra, Andreea 1450
Definition of elastic membrane pressure in hydroelastic drawing of the parts of cylindrical form. Perminova, Anastasia; Dresvyannikov, Denis 1055
Deformation hardening of the titanium alloy OT4-1. Pernis, Rudolf; Kasala, Jozef; Hajduchova, Luba 1342
Dependability and security of the information systems. Capek, Jan 1315
Dependence of the number of developers and the number of errors in team software development. Candrlic, Sanja; Pavlic, Mile; Pavlic, Daniel 1611
Deposition system for thin films of solar energy conversion. Enescu, Monica Report 1591
Design and experimental analysis for a new configuration of a safety barrier destined to absorb the impact energy. Jiga, Gabriel; Vlasceanu, Daniel; Nutu, Emil; Ghiban, Brandusa; Visan, Dana Report 1310
Design and testing of a transducer for measuring the loads on the rollers of a crane carriage. Atanasiu, Costica; Iliescu, Nicolae; Pastrama, Stefan Dan 1454
Design aspects of the OPC unified architecture. Stopper, Markus; Katalinic, Branko 1932
Design of a safety mechanism for machine tools. Nicodim, Mariana; Vlasceanu, Daniel; Baciu, Florin Report 1476
Design of mechatronics application. Djikic, Mahmud; Cohodar, Maida; Kulenovic, Malik; Voloder, Avdo 1363
Design of robust active control for flutter alleviation. Munteanu, Eliza; Ursu, Ioan 1777
Design of the bridges structures using MathCAD. Tierean, Mircea; Baltes, Liana; Eftimie, Lucian 1205
Design of ventilitation duct with minimal flow resistance. Bunjaku, Januz; Krasniqi, Fejzullah; Fejzullahu, Xhemajl; Muhaxheri, Mustafe; Muriqi, Ali Report 1021
Designing of automated manufacturing and assembly systems. Ruzarovsky, Roman; Horvath, Stefan; Velisek, Karol 1219
Designing the chemical kinetics calorimeter as a tool for advanced thermochemical research. Rugescu, Radu; Silivestru, Valentin; Aldea, Sorin; Ionescu, Mircea Dan Report 1137
Desing of additional check station with intelligent camera system. Danisova, Nina; Zvolensky, Radovan; Velisek, Karol 1150
Determination of quality changes during the production of dried food products using colorimetry. Sturm, Barbara; Hofacker, Werner 1239
Determination of strain via 3D scanning in a bimetal fabricated by explosion welding. Benak, Michal; Buransky, Ivan; Turna, Milan 1093
Determining the machining error due to workpiece--fixture system deformation using the finite element method. Cioata, Vasile George 1373
Development of a continuous passive motion device for post surgical rehabilitation of the knee. Cseki, Liviu Bogdan; Drstvensek, Igor; Balc, Nicolae; Kramberger, Slavko Report 1595
Development of a package of the applied programs in the field of power savings. Vologdin, Sergey 1677
Development of rapid prototype models for temporal bone dissection simulation. Maekitie, Antti; Paloheimo, Kaija Stiina; Paloheimo, Markku; Kanerva, Jukka; Bjoerkstrand, Roy; Rams Report 1274
Device and experiments for colouring the alder wood through immersion. Popa, Elena; Popa, Viorel 1489
Diesel engines pollution and functional-constructive performances compromise optimization, using fuzzy sets. Dragomir, George; Beles, Horia; Blaga, Vasile; Stanasel, Iulian; Negrea, Virgiliu Dan; Blaga, Florin 1508
Digital image processing in scanning electron microscopy analysis of protective coatings. Davidescu, Arjana; Savii, George; Sticlaru, Carmen 1367
Disclosure level of risk management information: the case of Romanian companies. Blidisel, Rodica; Popa, Adina; Farcane, Nicoleta; Fulconis, Francois 1840
Distance learning of programming language PASCAL. Pardanjac, Marjana; Radosav, Dragica 1765
Distributed concentrator for solar power generation. Ciupe, Valentin; Dehelean, Nicolae; Maniu, Inocentiu Report 1486
Double-flux water turbine dynamics. Stroita, Daniel Catalin; Barglazan, Mircea; Manea, Adriana Sida; Balasoiu, Victor 1132
Drafts of technical-economics systems necessary to quality ensurance. Mateescu, Liviu Mihail 1567
Dragan dam deformations analisys with fourier correlation. Teusdea, Alin Cristian; Modog, Traian; Mancia, Aurora Report 1396
Dynamic and thermal analysis of the feed drive system. Varban, Ramona Cristina; Parpala, Radu Constantin; Predincea, Nicolae 1148
Dynamic characteristics of spatial pipe system by semianalytical method. Alecu, Aurel; Boiangiu, Mihail; Buracu, Victor 1571
E flow simulation through a heat exchanger channel. Plesa, Angela; Bode, Florin; Opruta, Dan 1141
E.R.P. Systems and organization's performance. Popescu, Luminita; Popescu, Virgil; Iancu, Anica 1709
Ecological method for separation of inulin from phytoextracts using molecularly imprinted poly (vinyl alcohol) films. Patachia, Silvia; Croitoru, Catalin; Scarneciu, Ioan 1384
Ecomaterials for wood preservation based on acrylic copolymers and lignin derivatives. Dumitrescu, Lucia; Manciulea, Ileana; Sica, Mihaela; Baritz, Mihaela 1518
Econometric model structure as a support tool in real property market parameters featuring. Mach, Lukasz 1608
Economic efficiency in energy renewable sources management. Duran, Vasile; Vartolomei-M., Mihaela; Milos, Teodor; Vartolomei M., Mihael 1489
Economic engineering study regarding Aeolian installation manufacturing system using CPM and pert methods. Vartolomei, Mihaela; Milos, Teodor; Vartolomei, Mihael 1605
Educational system for water level regulation: design and identification. Petrlic, Dario; Majetic, Dubravko; Novakovic, Branko; Brezak, Danko 1450
Effect of the geometric, structural and dimensional differences to fiber reinforced composites. Chiru, Anghel; Goia, Ioan; Modrea, Arina; Purcarea, Ramona; Guiman, Maria Violeta; Burca, Ioan Report 1054
Effects of data filtering techniques in line detection. Boiangiu, Costin Anton; Raducanu, Bogdan 1311
Effects of the transnational corporations activity from the sustainable development perspective. Ivan, Mihail Vincentiu; Iacovoiu, Viorela Report 1757
Efficiency of frictional and MR dampers in model of the robot lance. Skoczynski, Waclaw; Roszkowski, Andrzej; Marek, Bartosz Report 1281
Efficient management in production companies by implementation of PLM. Wessely, Emil; Kralikova, Ruzena; Krupa, Marek 1520
Efficient virtual reality projection scheme for product design engineering. Bachvarov, Angel G.; Maleshkov, Stoyan; Boyadjiev, Ilia Report 1900
Eigenvalues and eigenvectors of the elastic systems with three identical parts. Vlase, Sorin; Purcarea, Ramona; Scutaru, Maria Luminita; Munteanu, Mihaela Violeta 676
Electronic-beam welding large thikness. Mezentsev, Mikhail 1447
Empirical modelling of the electron beam hardening. Munteanu, Adriana; Coteata, Margareta; Neagu, Dumitru 1576
Emulating a PLC on a microcontroller. Ivanescu, Nick; Borangiu, Theodor; Brotac, Sorin; Ciupitu, Liviu 1378
Encapsulation of vanilin in agar beds for controlled release. Chirilus, Alina Alexandra; Stoica Guzun, Anicuta; Stroescu, Marta; Dobre, Tanase; Tache, Florin Report 1551
Energy efficiency evaluation method. Grigoriu, Mircea; Gheorghiu, Horia; Crai, Alina; Dinu, Doina; Visan, Dana 1185
Enhanced hybrid composite for advanced aerospace applications. Tache, Florin; Dobre, Tanase; Chirilus, Alina Alexandra 1273
Enterprise e-learning sites development using OMT methodology. Rosu, Sebastian Marius; Rosu, Luminita; Guran, Marius 1457
Enterprise learning management system development guidelines. Jancic, Zoran 1826
ERP implementation in a small or medium enterprise. Pirvu, Marcel; Dumitrescu, Constantin 1792
ERP solution implementation framework for small and medium enterprises. Celar, Stipe; Gotovac, Sven 1221
Estimating the precipitable water vapour using Romania's permanent GPS network. Olteanu, Vlad; Badea, Alexandru; Moise, Cristian; Dana, Iulia; Jivanescu, Iulia 1406
Estimation of speed and distance of an approaching vehicle. Inaguma, Takanao; Nishiyama, Daisuke; Nakatani, Hiromasa Report 1113
Estimination of unknown parameters in mechanical models for determination viscoelasticity properties of materials. Obucina, Murco; Bajramovic, Rasim; Dzaferovic, Ejub 1355
Evaluation of forces in indentation processes considering geometric parameters of the workpiece. Marin, Marta; De Agustina, Beatriz; Camacho, Ana; Sebastian, Miguel Angel 1419
Evaluation of maintenance systems. Ungureanu, Nicolae; Ungureanu, Miorita; Cotetiu, Radu 944
Evaluation of modern post and core systems by testing the mechanical fatigue resistance. Vitalariu, Anca; Comaneci, Radu Report 1260
Evaluation of the cutting edge wear and of the technological speed for the 13H11N2V2MFS stainless steel turning. Vlase, Auremia; Ghionea, Ionut; Munteanu, Gabriel; Ghiorghe, Adrian 1455
Evaluation of the pitting corrosion in automotive exhaust systems. Hoffmann, Cristina; Gumpel, Paul; Zamfira, Sorin; Braun, Barbu Report 1509
Examination of boundary lubrication frictional coefficient. Muminovic, Adil; Colic, Mirsad Report 1168
Examination software for technical subject education. Podhorsky, Stefan; Maronek, Milan 1940
Experimental comparison of conventional and highly abrasive abrading agents. Moravcikova, Jana; Lipa, Zdenko 1219
Experimental damping determination in beam bifurcation process. Dolecek, Vlatko; Isic, Safet; Voloder, Avdo 1347
Experimental dynamic characterization of machine tool spindle. Zapciu, Miron; K'nevez, Jean Yves; Cahuc, Olivier; Gerard, Alain; Bisu, Claudiu Report 1317
Experimental research about dynamics behaviour of landing gear. Bogdan, Constantin; Bogdan, Mihaela Liana; Popa, Dragos; Gherghina, George 1470
Experimental research regarding electromagnetic field deformation. Sindila, Gheorghe; Ocnarescu, Constantin Report 1127
Experimental research regarding the joining radius obtained in the case of minimal energy at the electrohydraulic process. Iacob, Dumitru; Mironeasa, Costel; Mironeasa, Silvia Report 1526
Experimental researches concerning lapping of flat surfaces. Cohal, Viorel; Serb, Adrian; Ciobanu, Romeo-Mihai Report 1467
Experimental researches concerning the lubricants degradation process. Radulescu, Alexandru; Radulescu, Irina; Balan, Corneliu Report 1306
Experimental results concerning the geometric, structural and dimensional differences in fiber reinforced composites. Vlase, Sorin; Modrea, Arina; Burca, Ioan; Purcarea, Ramona; Munteanu, Mihaela Violeta; Scutaru, Mari Report 616
Expert system for automated offering following a feature based approach. Duerr, Holger; Teich, Tobias; Anh, Tran Ngoc; Militzer, Joerg; Unger, Katja; Loeser, Carsten 1283
Expert system for information system risk estimate at the enterprise level. Rosu, Sebastian Marius; Guran, Marius; Dragomirescu, Cristian 1215
Expert systems for the dental aesthetic. Biclesanu, Cornelia; Cherlea, Ioan Valeriu; Yassin, Adrian Report 1039
Exploiting concurrency in motion and process control. Samak, Samoil; Samakoski, Blagoja; Sokoloski, Zlatko Report 2029
Explosion surfacing of mg alloys with aluminium and CrNi austenitic steel. Trso, Martin; Turnova, Zuzana; Nesvadba, Petr; Turna, Milan Report 669
Extension of IEC's Generic Data Access with a locking mechanism. Vukmirovic, Srdan; Erdeljan, Aleksandar; Capko, Darko Report 1620
Extrajudiciary Technical Experts and Consultants' Society and the standard on which is based. Petrescu, Ligia; Marin, Gheorghe 1162
Extrusion process modelling of the non-rounded products: a 2-D approach. Ghiban, Nicolae; Chelu, Gheorghe; Serban, Nicolae; Ghiban, Brandusa 1435
Fabrication of ceramic cross flow filters with solid freeform fabrication. Homa, Johannes; Stampfl, Juergen 1549
Factors and causes that influence the springback intensity in the case of conical draw parts. Brabie, Gheorghe; Radu, Mioara 1059
FEA of aluminium FSW: temperature field and stresses. Visan, Daniel; Birsan, Dan; Mircea, Octavian; Constantin, Emil Report 1634
Features of design of a plunger transmission. Karakulov, Maksim Report 1794
FEM analyze for an arterial implant device. Gheorghiu, Horia; Chircor, Lidia; Nicodim, Mariana 1270
FEM simulation of electrodischarge machining finishing aided by ultrasonics. Ghiculescu, Daniel; Marinescu, Niculae 1239
Fermenter verification: microbiology and gas production monitoring. Sedlacik, Radek; Ruzicka, Jan; Bienert, Jan 1604
Fillers' content influence on the mechanical properties of the glass mat reinforced polymeric composite. Motoc Luca, Dana; Teodorescu, Horatiu Report 1477
Financial decision-making for the investment of coordinate measuring machine. Lim, Mei; Wong, Hung Kun Report 1516
Financial statements analysis with usage of computer application. Pejic Bach, Mirjana; Jakovic, Bozidar; Misulic, Marko 1735
Fingerprint recognition with phase-only correlation. Teusdea, Alin Cristian; Gabor, Gianina 1426
Finishing quartz glass surfaces with laser radiation: analyses of the parameters for process optimisation/automation. Hecht, Kerstin; Bliedtner, Jens; Mueller, Hartmut; Schmidt, Thomas Report 1617
First approach to the analysis of the surface roughness obtained during the dry turning of the UNS A97050-T7 aluminium alloy. De Agustina, Beatriz; Marin, Marta; Rubio, Eva 1468
Flattening process of silicon wafers. Dobrescu, Tiberiu; Dorin, Alexandru Report 1392
Flexible system for metallography analysis. Vesselenyi, Tiberiu; Moga, Ioan; Mudura, Pavel 1414
Flexibly preparing offers by adapting functional resources. Unger, Katja; Militzer, Joerg; Zimmermann, Matthias; Gaese, Thomas; Winkler, Sebastian; Teich, Corne Report 1220
FMEA analysis of Xeikon electrophotographics. Plehati, Silvio; Pavlovic, Tomislav; Bogovic, Tomislav; Pap, Klaudio 1291
Forced vibrations in feeding kinematic chain and roughness of surfaces manufactured by milling. Minciu, Constantin; Croitoru, Sorin Mihai; Constantin, George 1587
Formal model for describing orientation errors. Simion, Ionel; Raicu, Lucian; Arion, Aurel 951
Formalism of industrial robots kinematics applied to numerical command lathes. Catrina, Dumitru; Ghionea, Adrian; Constantin, George; Lungu, Bogdan 1446
Foundry technologies and materials for cast cutting tools. Caus, Alexander; Beznak, Matej; Caplovic, Lubomir 1568
Fundamental features of technological systems rigidity. Tonoiu, Sergiu; Catana, Madalin 1787
Gates and barriers driving mechanism. Filipoiu, Ioan Dan; Seiciu, Petre Lucian; Morariu, Zaharie; Barbu, Valentin 881
Generalized Jocobians and Newton method for solving the frictional contact problems. Pop, Nicolae; Cioban, Horia 1471
Generic data conversion based on IEC's generic data access. Lendak, Imre; Erdeljan, Aleksandar; Vukmirovic, Srdan Report 1537
Geocentric extraversion versus ethnocentric introversion: a clash in multinational human resources management. Nica, Gabriela Beatrice; Aurite, Traian; Dumitrescu, Diana Mariana 1369
Geometrical analysis of the tool's rake angle at cutting. Cozminca, Irina; Cozminca, Mircea; Ungureanu, Catalin; Mihailide, Mircea 1594
Graphical user interface for artificial neural networks in medical imaging. Luculescu, Marius Cristian; Lache, Simona 1572
Graphical user interface for quadruped's leg robot. Vatau, Steliana; Cioi, Daniel Report 1329
Groundhog day versus butterfly effect revisited in discrete material flow management. Cotet, Costel Emil; Dragoi, George; Abaza, Bogdan 1638
Heating installation of sewage water with solar captor. Pop, Petru; Veres, Mircea; Iancu, Carmen; Mihaila, Stefan; Ungur, Petru Report 1404
Hemifacial microsomia--a case report. Hren, Natasa Ihan; Drstvensek, Igor Report 1128
Heuristic image recognition. Cosoi, Alexandru Catalin; Vlad, Madalin Stefan; Sgarciu, Valentin Report 1522
High speed cutting of grey cast iron. Kopac, Janez; Sokovic, Mirko 1089

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