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Articles from Annals of DAAAM & Proceedings (January 1, 2007)

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3D scanning of extreme body movement. Nikolic, Gojko; Cubric, Goran; First Rogale, Snjezana; Rogale, Dubravko; Petrak, Slavenka Report 1473
A classification of problems with the integration of client tables. Ostojic, Josip; Pavlic, Mile; Candrlic, Sanja Report 1533
A comparison study of differential migration. Dlapa, Marek Report 1618
A generic industrial inspection system based on artificial intelligence techniques. Amza, Catalin Gheorghe Report 1501
A Java3D application for visualization and deformation of CAD models in Virtual Reality. Cioi, Daniel Report 1442
A low-cost benchmark on hybrid control of thermal heat and power plants. Hlava, Jaroslav Technical report 1858
A LQR controller for an AUV depth control. Burlacu, Paul; Dobref, Vasile; Badara, Nicolae; Tarabuta, Octavian Report 979
A method for multi-source data exploitation, support for crisis situations management. Case study: floods in Romania 2005-2006. Badea, Alexandru; Dana, Iulia Florentina; Moise, Cristian; Mamulea, Adina Ana; Badea, Ruxandra Report 1198
A model approach to the development of small tourist ship operators in the Republic of Croatia. Munitic, Ante; Viducic, Vinko; Proloscic, Anita Report 1923
A model of inventory management using neural networks. Ciupan, Emilia; Morar, Liviu; Ciupan, Cornel Report 1713
A novel hardware architecture for an embedded stereo vision sensor. Ambrosch, Kristian; Humenberger, Martin; Kubinger, Wilfried Report 1697
A possible analogy between the designs of a technical product and of an information system. Bojan, Ioan Report 1108
A preprocessing method and classification of 2D objects using neural networks. Topalova, Irina; Tzokev, Alexander; Ilchev, Svetozar Technical report 1345
A stereo matching development platform with ground truth evaluation and algorithm taxonomy for embedded systems. Humenberger, Martin; Kubinger, Wilfried Technical report 1548
A study of mesh influence in numerical modelling of stress concentration in textile. Hursa, Anica; Rolich, Tomislav; Somodi, Zeljko; Rogale, Dubravko Technical report 1458
A study of silicon wafers plane lapping process. Dobrescu, Tiberiu; Dorin, Alexandru Report 1661
A study to improve wafer productivity and quality in semiconductor slicing. Dobrescu, Tiberiu Report 1751
A systems identification-based-method for linear, parametric approximation of the eddy currents brake's model. Danila, Adrian; Moraru, Sorin Aurel; Perniu, Liviu; Sisak, Francisc Report 1531
About financing the development of small and medium enterprises in Romania. Bacali, Laura; Cordos, Roxana Carmen Report 1232
About the art of managerial communication and leading process. Titu, Mihail; Oprean, Constantin Report 1644
About the observability and controllability of a levitation system. Teodorescu, Adriana; Dolga, Valer Report 1193
Access of the tool to the complex surfaces of the workpiece. Minciu, Constantin; Sebe, Andrei; Catrina, Dumitru; Croitoru, Sorin Report 1697
Acquisition and evaluation of the dynamic behaviour of resistance spot welding guns. Erbach, Martin; Bliedtner, Jens; Bolle, Juergen; Zweinert, Klaus Report 1200
Actuator system of the intelligent article of clothing with active thermal protection. First Rogale, Snjezana; Rogale, Dubravko; Dragcevic, Zvonko; Nikolic, Gojko; Bartos, Milivoj Technical report 1325
Adapted methods of spatial information analysis developed and implemented in the framework of IACS-LPIS setup in Romania. Docan, Daniela Cristiana; Dana, Iulia; Badea, Alexandru; Moise, Cristian; Badea, Ruxandra Report 1439
Adaptive optimal controller for the air flowage system. Lorenc, Vlastimil; Pivonka, Petr Report 1241
Advanced dynamic models for analysis of ladder frames. Petritshenko, Andres; Aryassov, Gennadi Technical report 1415
Advantages of using language integrated queries technology. Mitter, Florian; Stopper, Markus] Report 1638
Airbag construction. Influence of the weaving defects on proper functioning of the airbag. Stefanuta, Ioan; Vrinceanu, Narcisa; Roman, Marius Report 1090
Algortihm for problems rezolving in distributed system using agent technology. Popa, Cicerone Laurentiu; Parpala Ciobanu, Lidia Florentina; Aurite, Traian Technical report 1151
An algorithm for CAD correction of the work pieces based on machine tool errors. Anania, Florea Dorel; Ispas, Constantin; Mohora, Cristina Report 1555
An approach of delamination energy calculation for a composite material. Sabau, Emilia; Iancau, Horatiu; Popescu, Constantin; Prodan, Bogdan Technical report 1619
An attribute repeatability & reproducibility study. Simion, Carmen; Bondrea, Ioan Report 2008
An estimate of greenhouse gas emission in republic of Croatia until the year 2012. Grzin, Erika; Tadic, Davorin; Pupavac, Drago Report 1480
An finite element analysis of a 3-d model of a special footwear. Dumitras, Catalin Gabriel; Mihai, Aura Report 1278
Analized of thooth wells in the power train. Pater, Sorin; Fodor, Dinu; Mitran, Tudor; Polojitef Corbu, Nicolae Technical report 1596
Analyses of hydrostatic transmission system using the modelling and simulation method. Topliceanu, Liliana Technical report 1741
Analysing construction notifications to better unterstand real custoners' needs. Teich, Tobias; Oostreich, Erik Report 1758
Analysis of a roll over protective structure using the finite element method. Jiga, Gabriel; Vlasceanu, Daniel; Baciu, Florin Report 868
Analysis of a tool steel sample obtained by direct laser deposition. Angelastro, Andrea; Campanelli, Sabina; Casalino, Giuseppe; Ludovico, Antonio Report 1212
Analysis of dynamic conditions of contact of elements of mechanism with rotational cam and translational bar. Voloder, Avdo; Cohodar, Maida; Karic, Seniha 1395
Analysis of ratio S/N at NIR reflection on different moisture soil samples. Mesic, Mirko; Corluka, Venco; Valter, Zdravko Report 1250
Analytical expresion of stresses at the block with two crossing cylindrical canals. Fratila, Marcu; Sofonea, Galaftion Technical report 1378
Application of image analysis in forensic examination of textile damages. Vujasinovic, Edita; Dragcevic, Zvonko 883
Approaches on management for pharmaceutical and personal care products in water. Sirbu, Dana; Curseu, Daniela; Popa, Monica; Popa, Marcel Sabin Report 1817
Approaches on the urban traffic intensity impact on human factor determination. Blaga, Florin Sandu; Hule, Voichita Ionela; Tarca, Ioan Constantin Report 1533
Architecture and driver section of software system for electrical power systems management. Moraru, Sorin Aurel; Sisak, Francisc; Cinca, Cristian; Danila, Adrian Report 1733
Artificial intelligence application in the bending process. Groze, Florica Mioara; Achimas, Gheorghe; Lazarescu, Lucian; Ceclan, Vasile Technical report 1495
Artificial intelligence in definition of material enter data that determine quality finish after AWJ cutting process. Dvorak, Jaromir; Dvorakova, Jana; Slany, Martin; Piska, Miroslav Report 1992
Ascertaining the temperature distribution on quartz glass surfaces during the laser polishing process. Hecht, Kerstin; Bliedtner, Jens; Muller, Hartmut; Schmidt, Thomas Technical report 1596
Asigning relevancies to individual features for large patterns in ARTMAP networks. Cosoi, Alexandru Catalin; Vlad, Madalin Stefan; Sgarciu, Valentin Report 1501
Aspects about chemisorptions and molecular antifriction treatment at friction couple of piston-segments-cylinder. Ungur, Petru; Pop, Adrian Petru; Veres, Eugen Mircea; Gordan, Mircea; Ardelean, Flavius 1453
Aspects about estimation of replacement moment at lubricate oils for spark ignition engines. Ungur, Petru; Pop, Adrian Petru; Veres, Eugen Mircea; Pop, Teodor Mircea; Polojintef Corbu, Nicolae 1585
Aspects concerning sheet bending with rubber pad. Hancu, Liana; Paunescu, Daniela; Borzan, Marian Technical report 1368
Aspects concerning the virtual prototyping of the landing gear mechanisms. Bogdan, Constantin; Bogdan, Mihaela Liana; Popa, Dragos; Gherghina, George Report 1172
Aspects of implementing ecological logistics in traffic flows organization. Rados, Jerko; Rados, Bozica; Perakovic, Dragan Technical report 1658
Aspects of the recovery of nonferrous metals from solid residues by magnetic separation. Nemes, Toderita; Petrescu, Valentin; Deac, Cristian; Isarie, Claudiu; Popescu, Florian Report 1668
Aspects regarding terminal ballistics in Taylor tests. Trana, Eugen; Chereches, Tudor Technical report 1325
Aspects regarding the lubricant film optimization for the helicoidally shaped thrust pad bearing. Tarca, Ioan Constantin; Tarca, Radu Catalin; Hule, Voichita Ionela; Blaga, Florin Sandu 1067
Assisted research of the rheological dampers with LabVIEW instrumentation. Olaru, Serban; Oprean, Aurel; Olaru, Adrian Report 1453
Automat device for micro-bearings inspection. Cristea, Luciana; Baritz, Mihaela Report 1494
Automated programming of nc-machines: evolution of shopfloor programming. Ficko, Mirko; Pahole, Ivo; Balic, Joze Technical report 1736
Automatically generating conformal cooling channel design for plastic injection molding. Park, Hong Seok; Pham, Ngoc Han Report 1681
Basics of new ERP software package and data base for technological resources management in FMC. Popescu, Stefan Eugen; Minciu, Constantin; Nicolescu, Adrian Florin] Technical report 1362
Batch reactor control problems caused by the reaction speed. Macku, Lubomir; Adamek, Milan Report 1274
Best chance--an educational system oriented toward the development of business competencies. Ciobanu, Romeo Mihai Report 1813
Business intelligence implementation in Croatian banking sector. Pejic Bach, Mirjana; Strugar, Ivan; Jakovic, Bozidar Report 1632
Butterfly--a web-oriented content management system based on Web 2.0 concepts and technologies. Kristaly, Dominic Mircea; Sisak, Francisc; Bujdei, Catalin; Perniu, Liviu; Truican, Ion Technical report 1613
C.F.D. in reciprocating compressor's valves. Tierean, Mircea; Eftimie, Lucian; Baltes, Liana Report 1197
Calibrating procedure by teach-in robotised flexible manufacturing system. Radulescu, Corneliu; Varga, Stefan; Grigorescu, Sanda Technical report 2004
Capability analysis of single point incremental forming of sheet metal parts. Lasunon, On-Uma; Knight, Winston Technical report 1639
Cavitation eroded zones analysis for G-X5 CrNi 13.4 stainless steel. Bordeasu, Ilare; Popoviciu, Mircea Octavian; Mitelea, Ion; Anton, Livin Eugen; Bayer, Mihai; Funar, Report 1011
Centrifugal wheel blasting with sensitive blasting media as an alternative to compressed air blasting. Uhlmann, Eckart; Hollan, Robert 1605
CFD-simulation in the development of dry ice blasting nozzles. Kretzschmar, Michael; Uhlmann, Eckart Technical report 1641
Chatter detection using the main cutting force. Balan, George; Epureanu, Alexandru; Popa, Rustem; Constantin, Ionut Report 1802
Chip breaker geometry selection using FEM simulation. Croitoru, Sorin Mihai; Patrascu, Gabriela; Dragomirescu, Cristian George Report 1010
Classical versus numerical control machines in discrete material flow simulation based manufacturing architectures optimization. Anghel, Florina; Cazacu, Dragos Alexandru; Bucur, Carmen Cristiana; Cotet, Costel Emil Report 1390
Client-side aplications in software system for electrical power systems management. Moraru, Sorin Aurel; Danila, Adrian; Perniu, Liviu; Truican, Ion; Cinca, Cristian Report 1870
Coanda effect in oil flow through hydraulic command resistances. Opruta, Dan; Vaida, Liviu; Nascutiu, Lucian; Plesa, Angela Report 1448
Combinatorics in technical creation. Seghedin, Neculai Report 1529
Comparative analysis of main process and material flow modelling/simulation softwares used in virtual environment. Parpala Ciobanu, Lidia Florentina; Popa, Cicerone Laurentiu Report 1516
Comparative study on the testing of textile materials used in the automotive industry. Coman, Diana; Neagu, Ioan Report 1347
Comparison and analysis of pneumatic pressure and vacuum sowing machines. Mursec, Bogomir; Vindis, Peter; Janzekovic, Marjan Report 2079
Comparison of nolinear system prediction by artificial neural networks. Samek, David Technical report 1731
Comparsion of prediction of cutting forces with real quantities--part two: comparsion of calculated, and measured forces. Filipowicz, Krzysztof; Grzesiak, Dariusz; Krolikowski, Marcin Technical report 1205
Compensation of compressor rods deformations using superbolts. Eftimie, Lucian; Tierean, Mircea; Baltes, Liana Report 852
Competitiveness strategies for the international scientific--academic associations and clusters. Popa, Horia Liviu; Mocan, Marian Liviu; Pater, Liana Rodica Report 932
Computational analysis of closed-cells cellular structures. Hadar, Anton; Popescu, Diana; Parpala, Radu Technical report 1209
Computer Aided Design of grounding system for high voltage test laboratory. Nikolovski, Srete; Maric, Predrag; Caha, Vladimir Report 1311
Computer aided design of NC machine tool gear boxes. Predincea, Nicolae; Constantin, George; Ghionea, Adrian; Varban, Ramona Technical report 1385
Computer aided foundry models design. Andresini, Antonio; Ludovico, Antonio Domenico; Surace, Rossella Report 1287
Considerations about the different behaviors of the hydrostatic and hydrodynamic bearings using non-linear complex models. Motomancea, Adrian Report 1319
Considerations about the modelling and simulation processes for mechatronic systems. Dolga, Lia; Dolga, Valer; Filipescu, Hannelore Report 1311
Considerations on the metallographic profile of parts made of hard sinterized alloys subjected to electrical discharge machining. Petrescu, Valentin; Nemes, Toderita; Bibu, Marius; Popescu, Florian; Isarie, Claudiu Technical report 1207
Contributions in computer aided speed regulator at hydraulic actions. Bungau, Constantin; Ganea, Macedon; Pele, Alexandru Viorel Report 1601
Contributions regarding force differences usage in weighting devices. Hadar, Anton; Szabo, Adam; Bordeasu, Ilare; Gheorghiu, Horia; Szabo, Stefan Technical report 1556
Contributions to the improvement of the dynamic characteristics of the hydrostatic springs. Otlacan, Dimitrie; Kaposta, Iosif; Tusz, Francisc; Duma, Virgil Florin; Dragan, Ioan Florin Report 1208
Control of integrating and unstable processes with dead time. Husak, Filip Report 1203
Control strategies for hydraulic actuators used in mobile applications. Topliceanu, Liliana Technical report 1531
Coordinates of the marketing activity in the Romanian small and medium enterprises. Bacali, Laura; Cordos, Roxana Carmen Report 1446
Correlation parameters of welding regime and the quality level of welding seam welded by the [CO.sub.2] method. Bytyci, Bajrush; Osmani, Hysni; Ramaj, Vehbi Report 1656
Creating of knowledge base as a support for choosing optimal cutting conditions in AWJ technology. Dvorakova, Jana; Dvorak, Jaromir; Slany, Martin; Piska, Miroslav Report 1603
Creating profile of IT specialist. Pejic Bach, Mirjana; Tusek, Marina; Vidovic, Natasa Report 1572
Cu-Al-Ni shape memory actuator for prostheses and other applications: response time and structural stabilization. Dynnikov, Vladimir; Santos, Christian; Matlakhova, Ludmila; Pereira, Elaine Report 1417
Cultural impacts on organizational knowledge sharing. Ovari, Nora; Gaal, Zoltan; Szabo, Lajos Report 1683
Decentralized self-tuning control with supervisor of CE108 coupled drives apparatus. Perutka, Karel Technical report 1004
Decision-making process in crisis situations. Vrdoljak Raguz, Ivona 1574
Dedicated software application for Split Hopkinson Pressure Bar and its critical assessment. Rotariu, Adrian; Chereches, Tudor Technical report 1181
Defined manipulation of high velocity free jets. Coenen, Andre; Uhlmann, Eckart Report 1300
Design by the customer through an XML-based 3D-Web Configurator. Tudjarov, Boris; Bachvarov, Angel; Ilia, Boyadjiev 1196
Design for rapid prototyping: implementation of design rules regarding the form and dimensional accuracy of RP prototypes. Popescu, Diana Technical report 1690
Design GSM automation board with AVR microcontroller. Pokorny, Pavel; Pham Manh, Thang Technical report 1498
Design of a test rig for multiaxial fatigue properties. Graef, Markus; Froeschl, Juergen Technical report 1452
Design of a torque multiplying device based on the calculation of clamping and cutting force. Park, Hong Seok; Thai, N.N. Dien; Kim, Jong Su Technical report 1345
Design of an expert information system for decision-making in the textile industry. Goicoechea Castano, Itziar; Pelaez Lourido, Gustavo Technical report 1816
Design of geodesic dome structures. Tofan, Mihai; Tierean, Mircea; Baltes, Liana; Eftimie, Lucian Technical report 1384
Design, evaluation and optimization in mechatronics. Dolga, Valer; Dolga, Lia Report 1250
Determination of optimal welding parameters by using isotherms in heat affected zone. Osmani, Hysni; Bytyci, Bajrush Report 1276
Determining machine condition--assessement of dynamic behavior of the high speed milling machine tool spindle. Zapciu, Miron; Bisu, Claudiu Florinel Technical report 1340
Development of a multiaxial fatigue strength criterion accounting for anisotropic effects. Gerstmayr, Gerhard; Froeschl, Juergen Technical report 918
Development of tool life prediction model of TiALN coated tools during the high speed hard milling of AISI h13 steel. Hafiz, Khalid; Amin, Nurul; Karim, Mustafizul; Lajis, Amri Technical report 1977
Development of web process planning application--E-LAPP. Babic, Anita; Belosevic, Ivan; Stjepanovic, Goran; Cosic, Predrag Report 1479
Direct implementation of control algorithms from simulation environment into PLC. Miksanek, Vojtech; Pivonka, Petr Report 1234
Distributed monitoring arhitecture for district heating systems. Ungureanu, Florina; Lupu, Robert Gabriel; Popescu, Daniela 1462
Dynamic model of the three-dimensional cut. Bisu, Claudiu Florinel; Darnis, Philippe; K'nevez, Jean yves; Laheurte, Raynald; Cahuc, Olivier; Ger Report 1534
Dynamic modelling and simulation of robotic manipulator. Maida, Cohodar; Malik, Kulenovic; Avdo, Voloder Report 1298
Dynamical behaviour analysis of energetic transformers using DIgSILENT program. Spoljaric, Zeljko; Penic, Josip; Valter, Zdravko Report 1287
E-manufacturing as a web-based decision-making support for collaborating SME-S in machine-building cluster. Loun, Kaia; Riives, Jyri; Otto, Tauno Report 1334
Education and technological changes. Rados, Jerko; Rados, Bozica; Luburic, Grgo Technical report 1618
Effective design aspects of production system. Simon, Michal; Troblova, Petra Report 1299
Energy consumption as important index for evaluation of production processes and manufacturing systems. Maczka, Janusz J.; Pienkowski, Grzegorz; Krzyzanowski, Jozef Report 1375
Engineering for strategic advantages. Negoescu, Florin; Axinte, Eugen Report 1199
Engineers' identity and work transition context. Dubreta, Niksa Report 2058
Enhancing human resource motivation and responsibility based on the stakeholder model. Avasilcai, Silvia; Hutu, Carmen Aida Report 1472
Enterprise databases support for products development using Open Source Software. Rosu, Marius Sebastian; Guran, Marius; Rosu, Luminita Technical report 1442
Environmental education at the faculty of mechanical engineering technical university of Kosice. Bosak, Martin; Rovnak, Martin; Chovancova, Jana; Wessley, Emil Report 1574
European train control system. Rados, Jerko; Rados, Bozica; Kolar, Velimir Technical report 1478
Evaluation of the felt comfort on a bus: a preliminary study. Bodini, Ileana; Lancini; Matteo; Magalini, Andrea; Vetturi, David Report 1388
Evaluation of the human stability in bipedal position for person with neuromotor disabilities. Baritz, Mihaela; Cristea, Luciana 1129
Evaluation of thermo humidity microclimate in hot working environment. Kralikova, Ruzena; Wessely, Emil Technical report 1686
Exergy analyses of heating systems with radiators. Konjusha, Elmi; Krasniqi, Fejzullah Technical report 1323
Experimental equipment for study of landing gear mechanisms. Bogdan, Constantin; Bogdan, Mihaela Liana; Simniceanu, Loreta; Dinca, Liviu Report 1829
Experimental investigation of carbon steel in high speed cutting. Kulenovic, Malik; Begic, Derzija; Cekic, Ahmet Technical report 1170
Experimental methods used in analyses of the human behavior in a vibrational medium. Barbu, Daniela Mariana; Barbu, Ion Report 1683
Experimental report on use of additive technologies in special vehicles development. Valentan, Bogdan; Brajlih, Tomaz; Drstvensek, Igor; Balic, Joze Report 1049
Experiments regarding some modern steel treatment methods. Bibu, Marius; Deac, Cristian; Petrescu, Valentin; Deac, Valentin Report 1080
Experiments with new raster elements. Ziljak Vujic, Jana; Plehati, Silvio; Kropar Vancina, Vesna Report 1427
Fabrication of medical models by three-dimensional printing (3DP). Cruz, Fernando Report 1706
Fault resistances in medium voltage distribution networks. Komen, Vitomir; Cucic, Renato Technical report 1723
Flow control capabilities of a standard pneumatic valve. Valentin, Ciupe; Inocentiu, Maniu Report 1534
Flxible dieless manufacturing system of multi-point press forming and stretch forming. Su, Shizhong; Pham, Duc Truong; Li, Mingzhe; Liu, Chunguo 777
Freedom of manufacturing by parallel batch production technical and economical advantages for microsystems. Reinhardt, Andrea Elisabeth; Goetzen, Reiner; Bohlmann, Helge Technical report 1433
Function integration method in technical problem solution development. Belak, Stipe; Belak, Branko; Covo, Petar 1804
Functional characterization of supply and demand for automatic responses of ERP systems to customer inquiries. Teich, Tobias; Mildenberger, Udo; Richter, Matthias; Militzer, Joerg; Unger, Katja Report 1656
Funding of Croatian tourism. Kovacevic, Marina; Kovacevic, Branko Technical report 1957
Fuzzy control of feed drives in end milling processes. Zuperl, Uros; Cus, Franc; Balic, Joze Report 1247
Good practices for tele-working & business incubators. Carutasu, George; Turcoiu, Titi; Botezatu, Cornelia Paulina; Botezatu, Cezar Report 1467
Hand tracking with a humanoid robot head. Ambrosch, Roland; Malisa, Viktorio Report 1724
Hydraulic safety system for grinding machines with magnetic table. Prodan, Dan; Bucuresteanu, Anca; Balan, Emilia Technical report 1093
Hydraulic shock absorber with force-deformation characteristic independent with regard to temperature. Otlacan, Dimitrie; Duma, Virgil Florin; Kaposta, Iosif; Tusz, Francisc; Dragan, Ioan Florin Report 1052
Identifying sources of electromagnetic field for a naval ship and the risk effects on the human body. Samoilescu, Gheorghe; Sotir, Alexandru; Grozeanu, Silvestru; Constantinescu, Mircea; Barbu, Alina Technical report 1970
Impact of cutting parameters on the quality of laser cutting. Cus, Franc; Milfelner, Matjaz; Zuperl, Uros; Gecevska, Valentina Report 1872
Implications of developing technical students' creativity. Costin, Alexandra Florenta Report 1827
Improving business operations with mobile technology. Saaristo, Hannu; Tuominen, Tommi; Kyllonen, Sami Technical report 1539
Improving retailing trough the usage of new technologies. Knez, Darko Technical report 1892
Incentive mechanisms for enterprises in networks in case of a lacking financial attractiveness of the order. Jaehn, Hendrik Report 1848
Individualization of multi-color reproduction and its use for security graphic solutions. Ziljak Vujic, Jana; Kropar Vancina, Vesna; Ziljak, Ivana; Plehati, Silvio Report 1004
Influence of anodic oxidation factors to layer thickness by means of doe. Hloch, Sergej; Gombar, Miroslav Technical report 1616
Influence of excited and self-excited oscillations during the identification of non-linear systems. Karic, Seniha; Voloder, Avdo; Baricak, Viktor Technical report 1607
Influence of gluing procedure on rheological properties of laminate elements. Obucina, Murco; Dzaferovic, Ejub; Resnik, Joze Report 1427
Influence of load impedance nonlinearity in weighted THD of three-level inverter. Limani, Myzafere; Osmanaj, Sabrije Report 1625
Influence of nozzle wear on surface quality at abrasive waterjet cutting. Hloch, Sergej Technical report 1247
Influence of selected technological parameter to quality parameters by injection molding. Dobransky, Jozef; Hatala, Michal Report 983
Influence of the internal pressure on the change of the wall thickness in the case of tubes subjected to bending. Ceclan, Vasile Adrian; Achimas, Gheorghe; Lazarescu, Lucian; Groze, Florica Report 1101
Influence of yarn count on knitted fabrics thickness and mass per unit area. Kopitar, Dragana; Vrljicak, Zlatko; Skenderi, Zenun Technical report 1646
Innovation--necessity for a performant management of organization. Popescu, Luminita; Popescu, Virgil Report 1917
Insulation materials under electrical pulse stress. Mentlik, Vaclav; Trnka, Pavel; Pihera, Josef Report 1263
Integral transport as function of cargo distribution optimization. Rados, Jerko; Rados, Bozica; Zovak, Goran Technical report 1259
Integrating the principles of sustainable development into public policy oriented curricula and syllabi [paragraph]. Dogo, Harun; Jaganjac, Azra Report 1623
Intelligent "head" desing for local navigation and distubed control of mobile robots with ultrasonic and TV sensors. Pryanichnikov, Valentin; Andreev, Victor; Kirsanov, Kiril; Kuvshinov, Sergey; Levinsky, Boris Technical report 1290
Intelligent method to estimate heating agent parameters based on consumers demand in a centralized district heating system. Mastacan, Lucian; Popescu, Daniela Report 997
Interface phenomena of ecologically scoured cotton material. Tarbuk, Anita; Grancaric, Ana Marija; Markovic, Lea 2139
International educational project "Synergy". Mogilnikov, Pavel; Bagimov, Igor; Klevakin, Vladimir; Mikhailov, Maxim; Roslyakov, Pavel; Shalai, Vi Report 1537
Internet-based simulator for designing of reconfigurable machine tools. Hong, Dongphyo; Kim, Insu; Seo, Yoonho Technical report 1610
Intra-European economic exchanges modelling in the EU-27, Under globalization. Dogaru, Vasile Report 1908
ITIL--reference model for IT service management. Kozina, Melita Technical report 839
Kinematics modelling of the 3-R[]R planar parallel robot. Staicu, Stefan; Carp-Ciocardia, Daniela Craita; Codoban, Alexandru Report 1243
Knowledge extraction for fixture design. Portjanski, Leonid; Nekrassov, Grigori Technical report 1946
Knowledge transfer in the enterprise business intelligence. Rosu, Marius Sebastian; Draghici, Anca; Guran, Marius Technical report 1369
Language codes & communication behavior in evaluating virtual enterprises oriented human resources. Nica, Gabriela Beatrice; Aurite, Traian Report 1458
Layout design of variable size facilities with an input and output points using center of gravity and simulated annealing algorithm. Jeong, Donghwa; Seo, Yoonho Technical report 1855
Lifecycle strategic approach for ERP implementation decision. Taucean, Ilie; Taroata, Anghel; Tamasila, Matei; Pirvu, Marcel 1434
Linear ball screw synchronized unit. Jurda, Pavel; Andrlik, Vladimir Report 903
Linear or nonlinear system of sustainable forest management? Bezak, Karlo Report 1587
Linkages between personal development process and the transfer of learning. Zirra, Daniela Report 1655
Localization of the acoustic source position using microphone array. Dostalek, Petr; Vasek, Vladimir; Dolinay, Jan Report 1434
Logistic concept of inventory management. Safran, Mario; Rogic, Kristijan; Tomasic, Dubravko Report 1622
Logistics of automotive enterprises from Timis County and the phenomenon of economical globalization. Mocan, Marian; Popa, Horia; Izvercianu, Monica Report 2004
Low cost vison system for machine attendance. Staroveski, Tomislav; Majetic, Dubravko; Udiljak, Toma Report 1644
Machining center efficiency optimization using artificial intelligence. Dusevic, Hrvoje; Car, Zlatan; Barisic, Branimir Report 1433
Maintainability assurance of plastic deformation tools. Baban, Calin Florin; Baban, Marius; Radu, Ioan Eugen Report 1968
Maintenance capability determination based on CMR. Covo, Petar; Grzan, Marijan; Belak, Ana Report 1635
Major links between economic and technical practice. Osiceanu, Sanda; David, Oana Report 2153
Management by projects, structural model of quality progress in projects management. Mateescu, Liviu Mihail Report 1816
Management of the acceptance degree for a technology transfer in automation field. Omrani, Hichem; Popescu, Catalin; Boussier, Jean Marie; Boussier, Luminita; Mitu, Augustin Report 1887
Management reports available from ERP software package and data base for technological resources management in FMC. Popescu, Stefan Eugen; Nicolescu, Adrian Florin; Minciu, Constantin Technical report 1130
Manufacturing technology of the Romanian liquid rocket engine MRE-1B. Rugescu, Radu Dan; Aldea, Sorin; Silivestru, Valentin Technical report 1174
Marketing strategy in creating of brand equity on internet. Andrlic, Berislav; Idlbek, Robert; Budic, Hrvoje Report 1781
Material and information flow in flexible manufacturing cell. Mudrikova, Andrea; Kostal, Peter; Velisek, Karol Report 1601
Material flow & process synchronous simulation in concentrate manufacturing systems. Cotet, Costel Emil; Dragoi, George; Carutasu, George Report 1529
Mathematic modeling of hydraulic systems with pneumohydraulic accumulators. Prodan, Dan; Gheorghiu, Horia; Bucuresteanu, Anca Technical report 999
Mathematical model of electric arc at high voltage systems. Misak, Stanislav Report 1335
Mechanical design of a hip joint for an anthropomorphic leg. Vatau, Steliana; Cioi, Daniel; Radulescu, Corneliu 1689
Mechanical instability of heat-treated ribbons Fe(Co)NbB. Fabian, Stanislav; Krenicky, Tibor Report 1700
Mechanics of high-pressure membranes made of composites. Andrlik, Vladimir; Jalova, Martina; Jalovy, Miroslav Report 1502
Mechatronic approach for control of 2 DOF mini parallel robots. Lapusan, Ciprian; Maties, Vistrian; Balan, Radu; Stan, Sergiu Technical report 1270
Mechatronic approach for design and control of a hydraulic 3-DOF parallel robot. Hancu, Olimpiu; Maties, Vistrian; Balan, Radu; Stan, Sergiu Technical report 1190
Mechatronic conception for automat dimensional inspection systems. Cristea, Luciana Report 1352
Mechatronic system for neuro-motor disabled persons: computer simulation. Filipoiu, Ioan Dan; Seiciu, Petre Lucian; Laurian, Tiberiu; Carutasu, Nicoleta Technical report 1229
Mesh morphing in mechanical design. Pupaza, Cristina Technical report 1410
Metal microstructure recognition using image processing methods. Moga, Ioan; Vesselenyi, Tiberiu; Tarca, Radu Catalin Report 1255
Metrological evaluation of cutting edges and cutting clearance geometries in the laser cutting of refractory metals. Bliedtner, Jens; Buerger, Wolfganf; Guddel, Yvonne; Schoelle, Holger; Uebel, Martin Report 762
Microstructure and magnetic properties of field-annealed [Fe.sub.40.5][Co.sub.40.5][Nb.sub.7][B.sub.12] nanocrystalline alloy. Krenicky, Tibor; Fabian, Stanislav Technical report 1752
Mobile phones used inside monitoring and control systems. Bujdei, Catalin; Moraru, Sorin Aurel; Dan, Stefan; Kristaly, Dominic Mircea Report 1753
Mobile robot control by lerned behaviour. Pozna, Claudiu; Alexandru, Catalin Technical report 1700
Mobile robots for competitions. Vesely, Milos 1667
Model of thermodynamic instabilities in cutting processes. Sheleg, Valeriy; Kheifetz, Michael; Koukhta, Sergey Report 2082
Modeling of control loop in production sheduling and inventory level control process. Gjeldum, Nikola; Tufekcic, Dzemo; Veza, Ivica Technical report 1582
Modelling and simulation for the prediction of the electrochemical grinding performances. Ungureanu, Catalin; Cozminca, Irina 1336
Modelling approach to estimate pertinent human criteria for a selection and orientation process of a technical profession. Popescu, Catalin; Boussier, Jean Marie; Boussier Ion, Luminita; Mitu, Augustin; Uta, Daniela Report 1860
Modelling of the CE152-magnetic levitation system. Pelikan, Radek; Gazdos, Frantisek Technical report 1132
Modelling of tool life by response surface methodology in hard milling of AISI D2 tool steel. Lajis, Mohd Amri; Amin, Nurul; Karim, Mustafizul; Hafiz, Khaled Technical report 2065
Models of permanent magnet synchronous motors used for sensorless control. Vesely, Libor; Zbranek, Pavel 1363
Modern sensor systems of intelligent robots based on the slip displacement signal detection. Kondratenko, Yuriy; Shvets, Eduard; Shyshkin, Olexandr Technical report 1602
Modular control for a six-legged walking machine based on the joint posture. Milushev, Mladen; Georgieva, Vania Report 1454
Multiple linear regression analysis of relationship between business results and strategy. Pasic, Mugdim; Sunje, Aziz; Bijelonja, Izet; Kadric, Edin Report 1826
Multipolar synchronous material flow & process simulation in difussed manufacturing systems. Cotet, Costel Emil; Dragoi, George; Abaza, Bogdan Felician Report 1379
Nanoparticles of zeolite in surface modification of textile materials. Markovic, Lea; Tarbuk, Anita; Grancaric, Ana Marija Report 1779
Near dry machining--a modern way for reducing the ecological impact of the cutting processes. Fratila, Domnita; Gyenge, Csaba; Ros, Olimpia Technical report 1520
NELA--power system analysis software. Mikac, Mario; Kuzle, Igor Report 1745
New 3D add-on package for Octaviz. Perutka, Karel; Prokop, David Technical report 1474
New devices to control, limit and damp the shocks and vibrations. Serban, Viorel; Mohora, Cristina Technical report 1128
Numerical methods used in analyses of the human behaviour in a vibrational medium. Barbu, Daniela Mariana 1263
Numerical simulation as a tool for prediction of material behavior during induction quenching. Behulova, Maria; Taraba, Bohumil 1663
Objective method for assembly. Vaclav, Stefan; Peterka, Jozef; Pokorny, Peter 1261
Observability analysis of nonlinear systems by linear methods. Zhirabok, Alexey Technical report 1415
Of flexible manufacturing systems. Bojan, Ioan Report 1290
Off-shoring of production in European countries with a focus on Slovenia. Palcic, Iztok; Buchmeister, Borut; Leber, Marjan Report 1559
On the improvement of dried agricultural products quality via active temperature control. Sturm, Barbara; Hofacker, Werner 1584
On the use of robotic grippers with shape memory alloy actuators in handling light-weight workpieces. Miclosina, Calin; Vela, Ion; Gillich, Gilbert Rainer; Amariei, Daniel; Vela, Daniel Report 1425
Operational structure of ERP software package and data base for technological resources management in FMC. Popescu, Stefan Eugen; Minciu, Constantin; Nicolescu, Adrian Florin Technical report 943
Optimal location of robot base with respect to the application positions. Liviu, Ciupitu; Ion, Simionescu Report 2082
Optimisation of fuel consumption in natural-gas compressor stations using spread sheets. Molaei, Reza; Sanaye, Sepehr; Fahimnia, Behnam; Eskandari, Khodadad Report 1558
Optimization and benchmark of vision algorithms on a DSP. Baumgartner, Daniel; Kubinger, Wilfried; Roessler, Peter Table 1429
Optimization of bound component washing--deliming. Janacova, Dagmar; Mokrejs, Pavel; Kolomaznik, Karel; Charvatova, Hana; Vasek, Vladimir Report 1421
Optimization of heat source with combined production of heat and electric energy. Balate, Jaroslav; Klapka, Jindrich; Simek, Jakub; Chramcov, Bronislav; Navratil, Pavel 1382
Optimizing [alpha]-quartz monocrystals growth through robust design. Pugna, Adrian; Mocan, Marian; Stefanescu, Werner Technical report 1665
Organizational reengineering--an approach of change for the Romanian companies. Ciobanu, Romeo Mihai; Nedelcu, Dumitru Report 1574
Outline of the Open Robot Interface for the network design. Stuja, Kemajl; Stopper, Markus; Katalinic, Branko 1252
Performance enhancement of diesel engine using on-board generated [H.sub.2]/[O.sub.2] mixture. Mohammad Esmaeil, Masoud; Rahaman, Mohammad; Bari, Saiful; Fahimnia, Behnam Report 1504
Performance evaluation in Romanian industrial organisations. Avasilcai, Silvia Report 1782
Phenomenon of bullwhip effect in a supply chain. Buchmeister, Borut; Kremljak, Zvonko; Palcic, Iztok; Polajnar, Andrej Report 1711
Planning and quality management framework at University Of Mostar. Rezic, Snjezana; Visekruna, Vojo; Majstorovic, Vlado Report 1410
Platform for collaborative product and processes development. Draghici, George; Savii, George; Draghici, Anca Report 1630
Possibility of state estimation of nonlinear dynamic system--using interval analysis. Zbranek, Pavel; Vesely, Libor Technical report 1492
Presence on cantilever beam with impact dynamic loadings. Hristovska, Elizabeta Technical report 1259
Principles of functional verification for digital circuits. Rancea, Irina; Sgarciu, Valentin Technical report 1049
Product disassembly quality according to selection scenario. Lazarevic, Milovan; Ostojic, Gordana; Jocanovic, Mitar; Rakic Skokovic, Marija; Cosic, Ilija; Stanko Technical report 1670
Productivity, reliability and efficiency of manufacturing automation. Boyadjiev, Ilia; Malakov, Ivo; Valev, Benko Report 1640
Programming and computer graphics education on FAI UTB. Pokorny, Pavel Technical report 1610
Project management office (PMO)--from project management to enterprise project management (EPM) culture. Celar, Stipe Report 1565
Properties of hemp and flax fibres cottonised by chemical modification. Blascu, Vasile; Vrinceanu, Narcisa Report 1294
Proposal for an e-learning system for reaching sustainability in the Romanian research network INPRO. Draghici, Anca; Izvercianu, Monica; Rosu, Luminita Report 1743
Propulsion system optimization for an underwater vehicle. Dobref, Vasile; Tarabuta, Octavian; Badara, Nicolae Report 1775
Quality of modified flax fibers. Surina, Ruzica; Andrassy, Maja 1724
Quantity "M" a measure of cooling capacity of quenching media. Mudura, Pavel; Munteanu, Alexandru; Vesselenyi, Tiberiu Report 1667
Rapid prototyping within the simulation and control platform for mechatronics. Dolga, Lia; Dolga, Valer; Filipescu, Hannelore Report 999
Real family house model and elevator model controlled via PLC in automation education. Sysala, Tomas 1513
Real Time Decision Making System with neural network implementation. Topalova, Irina; Malakov, Ivo; Ditsev, Dobrin; Tzokev, Alexander Technical report 1674
Real--time implementation of hybrid Petri nets into PLC by using program sketcher. Chomat, Ludek; Pivonka, Petr Report 1485
Recursive delta identification of MIMO system. Dokoupil, Radek; Dostal, Petr Report 1463
Reengineer supply chain--case in the paper industry in the Republic of Macedonia. Trajanoski, Igor; Polenakovik, Radmil Technical report 1491
Reflected waves analysis in case of the deformable bodies' impact using longitudinal wave's propagation theory. Hule, Voichita Ionela; Tarca, Ioan Constantin; Blaga, Florin Sandu; Polojintef Corbu Nicolae Technical report 1711
Relay-based autotuners--first and second order algebraic design. Korbel, Jiri; Prokop, Roman; Matusu, Radek Technical report 1465
Reliability analysis of dynamicaly loaded systems. Karaulova, Tatyana; Preis, Irina; Marquis, Gary Technical report 1303
Reliability based corrective maintenance activity timing. Covo, Petar; Grzan, Marijan; Belak, Branko Report 1854
Remote robot control via internet using augmented reality. Tarca, Radu; Pasc, Ildiko; Tarca, Naiana; Popentiu-Vladicescu, Florin Report 1156
Repairing of gear box with welding in the Kosovamont. Ramaj, Vehbi; Bytyci, Bajrush; Osmani, Hysni; Kacani, Jorgac Technical report 1083
Research regarding the factors of increasing the work productivity for the sewing the pockets of garment products. Neagu, Ioan; Coman, Diana Report 1662
Researches concerning the usage of the group technology Concept in bearings automatic dimensional inspection systems. Cristea, Luciana; Repanovici, Angela Report 2013
Researches referring to the plasma nitriding of some alloyed construction steels. Deac, Cristian; Bibu, Marius; Nemes, Toderita; Deac, Valeriu Report 1729
Researches regarding the factors of influence over the time rate at the operation layering of the textile materials. Neagu, Ioan Report 1797
Researches upon modeling the flexible manufacturing system's running with the help of the mathematical games theory. Lungu, Florin; Abrudan, Ioan Report 1845
Results of strategies for lead hazards management in a non-ferrous metallurgical area community. Curseu, Daniela; Sirbu, Dana; Popa, Monica; Ionutas, Alina Report 1878
Rigidity analysis of vibrorolled surfaces. Polojintef Corbu, Nicolae; Pater, Sorin; Hule, Voichita; Pater, Mirela Technical report 1274
Risk management in prototyping phase. Negoescu, Florin; Axinte, Eugen; Nagit, Gheorghe Report 1961
Robots coordination for transport of a large beam. Cyklis, Jerzy; Slota, Adam Report 1522
Role of digital information and knowledge in adaptive manufacturing systems. Nylund, Hasse Report 1603
Same slope forecasting method. Pasic, Mugdim; Bijelonja, Izet; Sunje, Aziz; Bajric, Hadis Report 1733
Scientific 3D biomechanical analysis of work in airbus A320 cargo hold. Jurum Kipke, Jasna; Sumpor, Davor; Rozic, Tomislav Technical report 1618

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