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Articles from Annals of DAAAM & Proceedings (January 1, 2005)

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A computer vision system for rice kernel quality evaluation. Sansomboonsuk, S.; Afzulpurkar, N. Technical report 1669
A new algorithm for the fitting of a sine curve with three sample points. Xue, G.; Lu, S. Report 920
A new micro-gripping mechanism inspired from crab's claw. Madhab, G.B. Report 1202
A new proposal for the calculation of the HCR-gears load capacity. Lovrin, N.; Krizan, B. Report 1236
A suggestion to the general configuration of individual products by the application of dynamic document structures. Teich, T.; Oestreich, E. Report 1521
Abrasive waterjet factors sensitivity identification. Hloch, S.; Fabian, S. Technical report 1688
Adaptive control of the CSTR using polynomial approach. Vojtesek, J.; Dostal, P. Report 1643
Algebraic approach to design and tuning of PI controllers for higher order systems. Matusu, R.; Prokop, R.; Korbel, J. Report 1184
Algebraic mu-synthesis: application to a linear system with uncertain zero. Dlapa, M.; Prokop, R. Report 1267
An agent classification from the environment perspective. Popa, C.L. Report 1498
An information technology benchmarking study of logistics providers in Thailand. Naenna, T.; Dokkulab, A. Report 1819
Analyses of dynamics passenger traffic in port of Dubrovnik. Milic-Beran, I.; Djordjevic, O.; Krzelj, Z. Report 1625
Analysis of forces and contact pressure distributions in forging processes by the finite element method. Camacho, A.M.; Marin, M.; Rubio, E.M.; Sebastian, M.A. Technical report 1228
Analysis of influence of variation of cutting forces direction on accuracy of curvature representation by profile milling operation. Grzesiak, D.D.; Krolikowski, M.A. Technical report 1455
Analysis of the surface properties of thermal printing forms. Mahovic, S.; Gojo, M. Report 1723
Analytical calculation of the position loop gain for numerically controlled machine tools. Pandilov, Z.; Dukovski, V. Report 1572
Application of composite materials in aviation. Frankovic, I.; Lovric, I.; Rados, J. Technical report 1553
Application of fracture mechanics on determination of load carrying capacity of HCR gears. Basan, R.; Franulovic, M. Technical report 1636
Application of recurrent neural network in the field of multifrequency eddy-current testing. Grman, J.; Syrova, L. Technical report 877
Architectural issues in CIM to relational model conversion. Lendak, I.; Erdeljan, A.; Perlic, Z. 1569
Arhitecture of clothing with an active thermal protection. First Rogale, S.; Nikolic, G.; Dragcevic, Z.; Rogale, D.; Bartos, M. Technical report 1643
Artificial intelligence in lexicography: Croatian Encyclopaedic Dictionary example. Dembitz, S.; Jojic, L.J.; Pavlek, J. Report 2125
Assignment of the final product requirements of the end users to the assembly plants by round trips in a network system. Olah, B.; Banyai, T.; Cselenyi, J. Report 1421
Assisted research of the industrial robot Fourier spectrum with LabVIEW instrumentation. Olaru, A.; Olaru, S. Report 1262
Automated visual inspection for contamination detection in electronic industry. Kiatpanichagij, K.; Afzulpurkar, N. Report 1387
Automatic mandrel design for cold pilger mill using CATIA v5 CAD/CAM/CAE integrated software. Parpala, R.C. Report 1631
Average cross-section of chip by grinding. Janac, A.; Lipa, Z.; Stefanek, M. Report 1739
Barriers in using e-banking in payment system of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Zivko, I. Report 1817
Bending under conditions of plane stress. Hasanbegovic, S. Technical report 1638
Black box for passive recording of measurement data in vehicles. Bumerl-Lexa, R.; Kubinger, W. Technical report 1559
Calibrating monitors in the network. Mandic, L.; Agic, D.; Strgar Kurecic, M. Report 1732
Casting moulds production on the basis of 3DP models. Waraczynski, B.; Weiss, E.; Weiss, Z. Technical report 1040
Casting of intake pipes by silicone rubber moulding. Brajlih, T.; Drstvensek, I.; Balic, J. Report 1355
Cell formation using modular-reconfigurable machines. Pattanaik, L.N.; Jain, P.K.; Mehta, N.K. Report 1738
Comparison of the results of heuristic algorithm and the whole discount of purchasing system optimisation. Nagy, M.; Banyai, A.; Cselenyi, J. Report 1671
Composite materials with fibres. Frankovic, I.; Rados, B.; Rados, J. Technical report 1196
Conception of description of a surface on the stage of designing. Cieloszyk, J.; Zmijewski, W. 1576
Concessions in judicial system of the Republic of Croatia. Brekalo, M.; Petricevic, N. Report 2015
Control and organisation of guiding robots. Ambrosch, R.; Kettler, R. Report 1647
Control system of transport class assembly units of biologic assembly system. Kordic, V.; Lalic, B.; Merdan, M. Report 1451
Corrosion products on brass condenser tube cooled by seawater. Pomenic, L. Report 1423
Cutting performance and wear morphology in re-coated hob for dry machining. Casalino, G.; Campanelli, S.L.; Ludovico, A.D. Technical report 1440
Data warehouse that can be used as an expert system in technology of machine building. Dvorak, J.; Dvorakova, J. Report 2126
Databases as a support for virtual enterprises. Ciobanu, L.F. 1155
Dataflow distributed database systems. Vokorokos, L.; Balaz, A.; Adam, N.; Petrik, S. Technical report 1576
Description of flexible assembly systems by means of Coloured Object Observable Petri Net. Cyklis, J.; Zajac, J.; Slota, A. 1505
Design and application of NOTAR as replacement for classical tail rotor. Frankovic, I.; Rados, B.; Rados, J. Technical report 1175
Design of a fuzzy logic based gap-control system for the EJD process. Sen, M.; Shan, H.S. Technical report 1262
Design of driving linear guided motion with non-conventional roller chain. Andrlik, V.; Jurda, P. Technical report 1000
Design of microcontroller based data acquisition device for process measurement. Dostalek, P.; Vasek, V. Report 1044
Design of Watt-II type of six-bar mechanism using Burmester curves and inversion method. Pira, B.; Gojani, I.; Pajaziti, A.; Shala, A. Report 1199
Designing production cells under condition of lean manufacturing. Pienkowski, G.; Maczka, J.; Krzyzanowski, J. Report 1312
Development and study of a machine structure in parallel kinematics. Arioti, A.; Fantozzi, C. Technical report 1183
Development of a digital laser welding system for body-in-white. Park, H.S.; Lee, G.B. Report 1247
Development of automated system for insole manufacturing. Udiljak, T.; Mihoci, K.; Obrovac, K. Report 1751
Development of database of business processes for SME on the base of quality system. Karaulova, T.; Otto, T. Report 1395
Development of new multiprocessor mobile robotic system. Olchanski, D.; Krys, N. Report 1683
Digital manufacturing for industrial robotic workcells. Kittl, D.; Stopper, M. Report 1573
Draught tower driver for infra-turbulence aerodynamics. Chiciudean, T.G.; Rugescu, R.D.; Tache, F.; Toma, A.C. 1712
Effect of coolant strategy on process effciency, tool performance and surface quality to gear milling. Fratila, D.; Gyenge, C.; Ros, O. Technical report 1451
Electromagnetic pacing with surface plastic deformation. Chemisov, B.; Golubev, O.; Kheifetz, M.; Kozhuro, L. Technical report 1671
EMG signal application development. Kiatpanichagij, K.; Afzulpurkar, N. Report 1654
Engineering design and its application for automated planting machine. Badida, M.; Anna, V.; Moravec, M. Technical report 702
Enhanced modeling of UMTS radio access network functionality. Franic, M.; Ivcek, V.; Tkalic, M. Technical report 1683
Environmental design and new product development as branding. Repcic, N. 2085
Europe of society knowledge and scientific-technological strategies of realization. Vukovic, I. Report 1385
Evaluation of information visual elements on the graphic design of packaging. Jurecic, D.; Babic, D.; Vancina-Kropar, V. Report 1995
Examination of cause-effect relationships through the balanced scorecard strategy map. Kozina, M. Report 1353
Experimental and numerical analysis of multiaxialy loaded structure. Canadija, M.; Brcic, M. Technical report 886
FEM simulation and optimization of nonaligned welded sheet in butt joint configuration. De Filippis, L.A.C.; Ludovico, A.D.; Scialpi, A.; Surace, R. Report 1222
Fermentation of amaranth polysaccharide component to fractional fission products. Kodrikova, K.; Adamek, M.; Kolomaznik, K. Report 1028
Finite element elastic homogenization of a textile-like material. Bizaca, M.; Somodji, Z. Report 1589
Finite volume method analysis of large strain elasto-plastic deformation. Bijelonja, I. Technical report 1411
Fiscal assumptions for units of local and regional self-government in the Republic of Croatia. Culo, I.; Budic, H.; Mahacek, D. 1952
Foreign direct investments in Croatia: an overview. Sisek, B. Report 2155
Formalized procedure for the selection of optimal setup plan for machining the features of prismatic parts. Hebbal, S.S.; Mehta, N.K. Report 1714
Frequency analysis of the measuring system in the NIR moisture meter. Filic, M.; Corluka, V.; Valter, Z. Technical report 1451
FT-IR study of the aged prints. Bolanca, I.; Bolanca, Z. Report 1566
Functional analysis of cell production system as just-in-time manufacturing. Takakuwa, S.; Ichikawa, H.; Miwa, K. Report 1086
Genetic model for the optimization of the cutting conditions in milling. Milfelner, M.; Kopac, J.; Cus, F. Report 1349
Genetics based machine learning approach to lot release scheduling in a semiconductor manufacturing system. Fujii, N.; Takasu, R.; Kobayashi, M.; Ueda, K. Technical report 1631
High-speed clamping system for precise and flexible machining of CNC working centres. Gabor, J.; Gansauge, L.; Badjgholi, F. Technical report 999
Huckepack--modern transport technology. Ronko, D. 1644
Hydrostatic installation remanufacturing of heavy rotary tables. Prodan, D.; Carutasu, G.; Catrina, D. Report 935
Implementation of simulative methods into printing process. Njezic, Z.; Ziljak, V.; Babic, D. Report 1940
Inducing decision trees from reduced datasets. Stajduhar, I.; Stojkovic, N. Report 1934
Influence of feed direction and ratio on elliptic curvature representation accuracy during profile milling. Filipowicz, K.Z.; Krolikowski, M.A. Technical report 1426
Influence of media exposure to school success--decision tree analysis. Simicevic, V.; Hribar, J.; Pejic-Bach, M. Report 1813
Informatical system for the drafting and designing of the clamping mechanisms. Seghedin, N. Technical report 1432
Information systems for power system analyzing. Simunic, J.; Zubrinic-Kostovic, K. Technical report 1309
Information technology for the processses of manufacturing. Kamble Prashant, G.; Uppin, M.S.; Hebbal, S.S. Report 2003
Intelligent battery charger powered by a solar energy system. Petreus, D.; Farcas, C.; Palaghita, N.; Ungurean, S. Report 905
Interactions in the finishing process as the result of the plastic coated digital prints. Babic, D.; Jurecic, D.; Tomas, A. Technical report 1702
International mergers and acquisitions and competitiveness of Croatian enterprises. Lazibat, T.; Bakovic, T.; Vouk, R. 1593
Internet accessible Delta Adaptive Toolbox. Sysel, M.; Pomykacz, I.; Pokorny, P. Report 1053
Introduction of CAD/CAM into Croatian foundries. Budic, I.; Novoselovic, D.; Grizelj, B. Technical report 1702
Kinematics of wheeled mobile robot. Nagla, K.S.; Saha, S.K.; Jha, R.; Mathur, A. Report 1511
Laboratorial biochemical model and web automation. Dvorackova, M.; Hruska, F.; Hoffmann, J. Report 1049
Laminated sailcloth--how stretchy and strong it is? Vujasinovic, E.; Dragcevic, Z.; Gersak, J. Technical report 1444
Learning process at development of intelligent environment for computer-aided design using case-base reasoning. Portjanski, L.; Nekrassov, G. 1354
Linear methods for diagnosis of systems with nonlinear links. Yakshin, A.; Zhirabok, A. Report 1838
Load control in high speed milling. Zuperl, U.; Kiker, E.; Cus, F. Report 1217
Lock-in amplifier in NIR reflectance measurement system. Corluka, V.; Filic, M.; Valter, Z. 1513
Logistic centre as optimization element in the distribution of new cars. Ivakovic, C.; Safran, M.; Tomasic, D. Report 1520
Looking for material flow concentrator in diffuzed manufacturing systems. Cotet, C.E.; Dragoi, G.; Carutasu, N.L. 1502
Main factors of the selection jobs for the work study. Micieta, B.; Dulina, L.; Malcho, M. Report 1690
Material resistance to tribocorrosion during extraction of sugar from sugar beet. Marusic, V.; Krumes, D.; Aracic, S. Report 1673
Mathematical model of hydraulic transients in HE Rijeka. Skific, J.; Druzeta, S.; Crnjaric-Zic, N. Report 1111
Measurement and acqusition in industrial interiors. Skocik, P.; Hruska, F. Report 970
Methods of determination of wormwheel tooth surface. Nieszporek, T.; Golebski, R. Report 1534
Methods of reducing noise levels generated by helicopter in flight. Frankovic, I.; Lovric, I.; Rados, J. Technical report 1259
Microflow sensor modelling. Adamek, M.; Macku, L. Report 1246
Minimization of flow time and tardiness by swapping of dispatching rules. Singh, A.; Mehta, N.K.; Jain, P.K. Technical report 2003
Model for cutting forces in high speed face milling. Kulenovic, M.; Halilagic, D.; Cekic, A. 1381
Model of chromium salts regeneration process. Macku, L.; Adamek, M. 1336
Model of the technical creation processes. Gherghel, N. Technical report 1191
Modernization of the equipment in laboratory for chromium recycling. Dolinay, J.; Dostalek, P.; Vasek, V. Report 1563
Modules for adaptive process control for the M68HC08 microcontroller. Dolezel, P.; Vasek, V. Report 1224
Monitoring networked resources within local manufacturing systems. Fabisiak, B.; Zasada, M. Report 1378
MPC using adaline. Samek, D.; Dostal, P. Technical report 1287
NC machine tools and genetics. Kovacic, M.; Vaupotic, B.; Balic, J. Report 1453
Networking and clustering of Croatian small and medium enterprises. Kolakovic, M. Report 1691
Neural network without bias neuron for hidden layer. Majetic, D.; Brezak, D.; Novakovic, B.; Kasac, J. Report 1639
Neural voltage and current dependency on fault impedance value in medium voltage networks. Frankovic, D.; Marusic, A. Technical report 1287
New approaches used during the launching of the new Skoda Octavia on the market. Nanasi, J.; Grabenweger, J. Report 1404
New laboratory of integrated automation. Hruska, F. Report 1064
New measuring methods for monitoring of collagen crosslinking reaction with glutaraldehyde. Navratil, M.; Kresalek, V. Report 1103
Not straight line enhancement and detection. Lisztwan, M.; Kalova, I. 1201
On designing of layout of flexible manufacturing systems. Ficko, M.; Brezocnik, M.; Balic, J. Technical report 1786
One of possible approaches to solution of autonomy and invariance of MIMO systems. Navratil, P.; Balate, J. Report 1871
Opportunities and risks in global retail expansion. Vouk, R.; Matic, B. Report 1648
Optimal selection of milling parameters and cutting tools. Cus, F.; Balic, J.; Veza, I. 1638
Optimization and multi-agent control in manufacturing processes. Hrubina, K.; Sebej, P.; Hrehova, S.; Wessely, E. Report 1777
Optimization of continuous casting workflow. Blazevic, D.; Barisic, B.; Ikonic, M. Report 1582
Parallel solution of implicit numerical scheme for open channel flow equations. Kranjcevic, L.; Druzeta, S.; Carija, Z. Report 1567
Periodical audits of networked resources within manufacturing systems. Fabisiak, B.; Zasada, M. Report 1211
Platooning platform for analyzing embedded control algorithms. Kubinger, W.; Hemetsberger, H.; Kogler, J. Report 1543
Prediction of heat supply daily diagram--inclusion of outdoor temperature influence. Chramcov, B. 1719
Present state of machinery safety assessment. Sinay, J.; Pacaiova, H.; Oravec, M. Technical report 1640
Problems of cutting tool design for wooden shaped surfaces. Chladil, J. 1640
Problems of intelligent buildings control and communication systems. Zalesak, M.; Vasek, V. Report 1341
Process automatization for the manufacturing of coatings on complex geometries by thermal spraying. Candel, A.; von Niessen, K.; Gadow, R. Technical report 1434
Process-controlled joining applications for industrial robots. Bliedtner, J.; Moeller, K.; Weinzierl, U. Report 1353
Product design from a production point of view more than design for manufacture or design for assembly. Bauer, S.; Witt, G. Report 1818
Productivity improvement in cardboard press production industry. Gecevska, V.; Popovska-Vasilevska, S.; Rosomanov, Z. Technical report 1612
Profit ascertainment and distribution in production networks. Jaehn, H. Report 2163
Project management in IT-projects--a framework for the risk management approach in SW maintenance. Celar, S. Technical report 1554
Proposes a methodology and architecture suitable for generating the process plan of machining parts. Rahimic, S.; Visekruna, V. 1589
Rapid ontology mapping for distributed manufacturing environments. Apitz, R.; Battino, A. Technical report 1757
Raw hide desalting process optimisation. Prokopova, Z. 1148
Reactor controlled switching system--factory and field testing and service experience. Leci, G.; Vidovic, F.; Benovic, J. 1468
Reconfiguration of transport mobile robot queues in bionic assembly system. Lazinica, A.; Katalinic, B.; Majstorovic, V. 1563
Recursive parameter estimation algorithms. Navratil, P.; Bobal, V. Report 1599
Regression and decision tree analysis of profitability of Croatian banks. Pejic-Bach, M.; Simicevic, V.; Dabic, M. Report 1597
Reliability assessment process for complex electronic systems. Kras, A.; Mrak, Z. Report 1493
Remanufacturing and modernizing of hydraulic installation of vertical lathes. Prodan, D.; Ghionea, A.; Bucuresteanu, A. 1048
Reproduction of highlights within different screening methods. Mahovic, S.; Mandic, L.; Gojo, M. Report 1428
Requirements to ultra precision processing of tooling inserts for injection moulds. Bliedtner, J.; Buerger, W.; Froehlich, M.; Kley, D. Report 1214
Research centre for reconfigurable manufacturing systems at Tu-Sofia. Boyadjiev, I.; Malakov, I.; Bachvarov, A. Report 1337
Researches in and applicability of noninvasive method of measuring of heart rate in cattle. Janzekovic, M.; Janzekovic, I.; Mursec, B. Report 1397
Residual stress within injection process. Halaska, P.; Manas, M. Technical report 1433
RMVS robot control. Krajci, V.; Stojkovic, N. Report 1191
Rotary cutting with plasma heating. Kheifetz, M.; Koukhta, S.; Mrochek, J.; Yaskevich, V. Report 1622
SADT frame of an IDS data transfer model using step format. Bucur, C.C. Technical report 1590
Shape complexity measure study. Volarevic, N.; Cosic, P. Technical report 754
Software utility for processing of hearing investigation results. Dolinay, V.; Zlinsky, V.; Vasek, V. Report 1261
Some problems of designing the main drive of milling machine. Wygladacz, P.; Wojciechowski, J. Technical report 1917
Standards for railway rails. Vitez, I.; Budic, I.; Vitez, B. Report 1811
Star schema and star join processing in garment relational database environment. Zver-Abram, M.; Zver, B. Report 1229
Stereo sensor platform for autonomous vehicles. Hemetsberger, H.; Kogler, J.; Kubinger, W. Technical report 1568
Structural approach to fault diagnosis in non-linear systems. Zhukova, S.; Zhirabok, A. Report 2199
Sustenable energy sources utilisation. Kralikova, R.; Wessely, E. Report 1781
Synergetic effects of integration in distribution channels. Samanovic, J.; Samanovic, M. Report 2238
System for automated modular fixtures design. Vukelic, DJ.; Hodolic, J. Technical report 1322
Technical product design considering product life cycle. Boyadjiev, I.; Malakov, I.; Bachvarov, A. Report 1397
The accuracy of six degrees of freedom sensory systems. Kvasnica, M. Report 1860
The CESICED platform for training, consulting and research in the new digital economy. Dragoi, G.; Guran, M.; Cotet, C.E. Report 1521
The changes of yarn parameters caused by knitting. Salopek, I.; Skenderi, Z.; Srdjak, M. 1935
The choice of the optimal product configurator in mass customization strategy. Anisic, Z.; Cosic, I.; Lalic, B. Technical report 1390
The design of XML application to support production information exchange in garment industry. Naenna, T.; Wongwitdecha, K. Report 1675
The importance of retail alliances in the retail industry. Knego, N. Report 1753
The invisible hand of globalism. Sabolovic, D.D. 1885
The monitoring of a lathe using an artificial neural network. Balan, G.; Epureanu, A. Technical report 2045
The performances of a general optimization algorithm in solving traveling salesman problem. Ancau, M. Technical report 1372
The scripting model of application generators. Radosevic, D.; Klicek, B. 1223
The security of Linux servers with a via network monitoring and controlling system. Matysek, M.; Adamek, M.; Neumann, P. Report 1493
The servo robustification of the industrial robot. Hopen, J.M.; Hosovsky, A. Report 1178
The torsional vibrations analysis of reciprocating compressor set. Pavkovic, B.; Medica, V. Report 1620
The use of frequency methods for classification of visualized transparent polymeric foils. Syrova, L.; Ravas, R.; Grman, J. Report 1346
Tourism and ecology. Grgona, J. Technical report 2053
True off-line programming based on second generation virtual robot technology. Divic, A.; Kohlmaier, M.; Krappinger, R.; Stopper, M.; Stuja, K. Report 1454
Uncertainty estimation using two-pass fuzzy AHP method. Buchmeister, B.; Pandza, K.; Kremljak, Z.; Polajnar, A. Technical report 1621
Untypical "manual" approach to 3D design of recess in injection mould. Kwaczynski, W.; Krolikowski, M. 1037
Usage of information relations in processes of AWJ machine building technologies for better computerized production. Dvorakova, J.; Dvorak, J. Report 1739
Use of rapid prototyping in renovation of old-timers. Pahole, I.; Drstvensek, I.; Veza, I.; Balic, J. Report 1176
Using python scripts in blender. Pokorny, P.; Sysel, M. Report 1614
Valuation of options in R&D. Pizmoht, P.; Polajnar, A.; Palcic, I. Report 2055
Virtual cells formation in the virtual cellular manufacturing system for mechanical machining. Petkova, A.; Dakov, I.; Lefterova, T.; Car, Z. Report 1766
Visualization, simulation and materialization of biomolecules with rapid prototyping technologies. Witt, G.; Sehrt, J.T. Report 1428
VR based sketching/modeling systems for conceptual design. Popescu, D. Report 1861
Web-resource type identification using transit TCP-traffic analysis. Datyev, I.; Masloboev, A.; Shishaev, M. Report 2095
Workpiece clamping by intelligent clamping systems. Kostal, P.; Velisek, K. Report 1230

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