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Ann's just like Deidrie - part of a soap opera.

FAR be it from Red Button to stir the pot before council leader Ann Lucas sits down for tea with Sisu supremo Joy Seppala for their much vaunted "womanto-woman" chat.

But I hear that among the Sky Blues hierarchy the Labour stalwart is known as Deidre Barlow.

On the face of it there is a passing resemblance to the Corrie time-server and some say Cov Kid Ann sounds a little like Oldham-born actress Anne Kirkbride.

Deidre can sound a tad strident - and who could blame her after the deadbeats she's been landed with in the Street (married four times, twice to Ken Barlow)? Surely no-one is suggesting Ann, who only took over in Earl Street as council leader in May, inherited a similar cast? No, the similarity can only be that our Ann is also playing a bit part in a soap opera - The Ricoh's Return - that like the Street should have ended long ago.


WHO'S WHO: Ann Lucas and Anne Kirkbride.
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Publication:Coventry Evening Telegraph (England)
Date:Sep 20, 2013
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