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Ankle sprain treatment.

The Question: Does ankle brace use after an ankle sprain lessen subsequent injuries?

The Study: The 340 athletes 12-70 years old in study all had sustained a lateral ankle sprain within the previous two months. There were three different treatment groups: neuromuscular training only, brace only, and combined treatment. Those in the first group received an eight-week home exercise program; those in the second group were fitted with a semi-rigid ankle brace to wear during all sports activities for 12 months; and the third group did home exercise for eight weeks and wore the brace for eight weeks. All the athletes were followed for one year for subsequent injuries.

The Results: The bracing alone was the most effective treatment. In addition, the brace-only treatment was the least expensive.

Comment: It's too bad the study groups weren't more comparable and included a no-treatment group. But it does demonstrate that the bracing seems to be the critical treatment.

Read More: The American Journal of Sports Medicine, 07/14

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