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Investigation of the Anisotropic Characteristics of Layered Rocks under Uniaxial Compression Based on the 3D Printing Technology and the Combined Finite-Discrete Element Method. He, Fan; Liu, Quansheng; Deng, Penghai Jul 31, 2020 5927
CONTRIBUTION OF NEUTRON TOMOGRAPHY TO 3D HETEROGENEITY ANALYSIS OF GRANITIC ROCKS. Zel, Ivan Yu.; Petruzalek, Matej; Kichanov, Sergey E.; Nazarov, Kuanysh M.; Lokajicek, Tomas; Kozlen Jul 1, 2020 4947
3D Limit Analysis of the Transient Stability of Slope during Pile Driving in Nonhomogeneous and Anisotropic Soil. Rao, Pingping; Wu, Jian; Mo, Zhihao Jun 30, 2020 5118
Analysis of Resistivity Anisotropy of Loaded Coal Samples. Li, Xiangchun; An, Zhenxing; Zhang, Qi; Chen, Xiaolong; Ye, Xinwei; Jia, Suye Jun 30, 2020 7013
Shape Effect Analysis of the Mechanical Properties of PVC-Coated Fabrics under Off-Axis Tension. Zhang, Lanlan; Zhang, Yingying; Zhao, Qichong; Xu, Junhao; Xue, Jigang Jun 30, 2020 5354
Analytic Solutions to Reflection-Transmission Problem of Interface in Anisotropic Ice Sheet. Wang, Bangbing; Wong, Honkuan Jun 30, 2020 6257
Voxel-wise meta-analysis of structural changes in gray matter of Parkinson's disease patients with mild cognitive impairment. Qin, B.; Yang, M.X.; Gao, W.; Zhang, J.D.; Zhao, L.B.; Qin, H.X.; Chen, H. Jun 1, 2020 4401
Predicting the damage development in epoxy resins using an anisotropic damage model. Muller, Jonas Maximilian; Lopez, Nicolas Rozo; Klein, Enzo Alexander; Hopman, Christian Jun 1, 2020 5176
Better Flow Simulation with Fiber Reinforcements. Jun 1, 2020 330
ASSVD: Adaptive Sparse Singular Value Decomposition for High Dimensional Matrices. Ding, Xiucai; Chen, Xianyi; Zou, Mengling; Zhang, Guangxing Jun 1, 2020 5176
A Posteriori Error Estimates for Hughes Stabilized SUPG Technique and Adaptive Refinement for a Convection-Diffusion Problem. Kaur, Brehmit; Sangwan, Vivek May 31, 2020 4236
SHPB Testing and Analysis of Bedded Shale under Active Confining Pressure. Yang, Guoliang; Bi, Jingjiu; Li, Xuguang; Liu, Jie; Feng, Yanjie May 31, 2020 4505
An Approach for Stability Analysis of Gas/Fluid-Filled Cylindrical Hole in L[[sigma].sub.min]ated Materials. Leng, Song; Hou, Li; Duan, Yang May 31, 2020 7358
Existence and Multiplicity of Solutions for a Class of Anisotropic Double Phase Problems. Yang, Jie; Chen, Haibo; Liu, Senli Apr 30, 2020 8416
Numerical modeling on anisotropy of seepage and stress fields of stratified rock slope. Liu, Honglei; Shi, Honglei; Yang, Tianhong Apr 30, 2020 5247
Simulation of the Injection Stretch Blow Molding Process: An Anisotropic Visco-Hyperelastic Model for Polyethylene Terephthalate Behavior. Luo, Yun-Mei; Chevalier, Luc; Monteiro, Eric; Yan, Shiyong; Menary, Gary Apr 1, 2020 4464
Experimental Study on the Saturated Compacted Loess Permeability under [K.sub.0] Consolidation. Hao, Yan-Zhou; Wang, Tie-Hang; Jin, Xin; Cheng, Lei; Li, Jiang-Le Mar 31, 2020 10170
Effects of Pore Structure on Sandstone Mechanical Properties Based on Micro-CT Reconstruction Model. Song, Rui; Zheng, Lifu; Wang, Yao; Liu, Jianjun Mar 31, 2020 8749
Hydraulic Fracturing Behavior in Shale with Water and Supercritical C[O.sub.2] under Triaxial Compression. He, Jianming; Zhang, Yixiang; Yin, Chao; Li, Xiao Mar 31, 2020 6357
An Experimental Study on the Slippage Effects of Sandstone under Confining Pressure and Low Pore Pressure Conditions. Li, Zhengdai; Zuo, Jianping; Shi, Yue; Xu, Fei; Yu, Meilu; Mi, Changning Report Mar 31, 2020 8530
Pressure Transient Analysis for a Horizontal Well in Heterogeneous Carbonate Reservoirs Using a Linear Composite Model. Duan, Yong-Gang; Ren, Ke-Yi; Fang, Quan-Tang; Wei, Ming-Qiang; Dejam, Morteza; Chen, Wei-Hua Mar 31, 2020 6847
Influence of Anisotropy and Nonhomogeneity on Stability Analysis of Fissured Slopes Subjected to Seismic Action. Liu, Zhidan; Zhang, Jingwu; Chen, Weiping; Wu, Di Mar 31, 2020 5815
Analysis of Bond Behavior of FRP-Confined Concrete Piles Based on Push-Out Test. Wang, Zheng-zhen; Gong, Wei-ming; Dai, Guo-liang; Liu, Ling-feng Mar 31, 2020 8971
Anisotropy Effect of Masonry on the Behaviour and Bearing Capacity of Masonry Walls. Zulim, M. Smilovic; Radnic, J. Mar 31, 2020 5198
Effect of Clogging on the Permeability of Porous Asphalt Pavement. Ma, Yaolu; Chen, Xianhua; Geng, Yanfen; Zhang, Xinlan Mar 1, 2020 5238
Effects of a Landau-Type Quantization Induced by the Lorentz Symmetry Violation on a Dirac Field. Vitoria, R.L.L.; Belich, H. Mar 1, 2020 5281
Elliptic Flow of Identified Particles in Pb-Pb Collisions at [square root of ([S.sub.NN])] = 5.02 TeV. Wang, Er-Qin; Ma, Yin-Qun; Gao, Li-Na; Fan, San-Hong Mar 1, 2020 5947
Numerical Analysis of the Anisotropy and Scale Effects on the Strength Characteristics of Defected Rockmass. Liu, Xiabing; He, Shaohui; Wang, Dahai Mar 1, 2020 12349
Evaluating the Impact of Blast-Induced Damage on the Rock Load Supported by Liner in Construction of a Deep Shaft: A Case Study of Ventilation Shaft of Micangshan Road Tunnel Project. Fang, Yong; Yao, Zhigang; Walton, Gabriel; Zhou, Jian; Xu, Wanghao; Zheng, Yuchao Case study Mar 1, 2020 8596
3D Intelligent Scissors for Dental Mesh Segmentation. Yang, Shuai; Wang, Ruikun; Zhao, Wenjie; Ke, Yongzhen Mar 1, 2020 5870
Shear Behavior and Anisotropy Characteristics of the Fracture Morphology of Sandstone with Different Water Contents. Du, Changang; Sun, Lulu; Qin, Botao; Xu, Jiang; Liu, Yixin Mar 1, 2020 4505
Elastic-Impedance-Based Fluid/Porosity Term and Fracture Weaknesses Inversion in Transversely Isotropic Media with a Tilted Axis of Symmetry. Pan, Xinpeng; Li, Lin; Zhang, Guangzhi; Cui, Yian Mar 1, 2020 4562
Associations between Age-Related Changes in the Core Vestibular Projection Pathway and Balance Ability: A Diffusion Tensor Imaging Study. Yeo, Sang Seok; Kwon, Jung Won; Cho, In Hee Report Mar 1, 2020 5964
Exposure to Air Pollution during Pregnancy and Childhood, and White Matter Microstructure in Preadolescents. Lubczynska, Malgorzata J.; Muetzel, Ryan L.; Marroun, Hanan El; Basagana, Xavier; Strak, Maciej; Den Feb 1, 2020 13727
On Viscosity and Equivalent Notions of Solutions for Anisotropic Geometric Equations. De Zan, Cecilia; Soravia, Pierpaolo Jan 1, 2020 13215
Dim and Small Target Detection Based on Local Energy Aggregation Degree of Sequence Images. Xiangsuo, Fan; Zhiyong, Xu Dec 31, 2019 5967
Monitoring of Superparamagnetic Particle Sizes in the Langevin Law Regime. Henrard, Daniel; Vuong, Quoc Lam; Delangre, Sebastien; Valentini, Xavier; Nonclercq, Denis; Gonon, M Dec 31, 2019 5878
Azimuthal Attenuation Elastic Impedance Inversion for Fluid and Fracture Characterization Based on Modified Linear-Slip Theory. Pan, Xinpeng; Zhang, Guangzhi; Cui, Yian Dec 31, 2019 6356
A Preprocess Method of External Disturbance Suppression for Carotid Wall Motion Estimation Using Local Phase and Orientation of B-Mode Ultrasound Sequences. Zhang, Qinghui; Li, Junqiu; Qiang, Zhenping; He, Libo Dec 31, 2019 9178
Application of electrical resistivity method in delineating aquifer properties along with vulnerability mapping in Gujrat District and surrounding areas of Punjab province, Pakistan. Abrar Niaz, Muhammad Rustam Khan, Fahad Hameed, Aamir Asghar, Anis Ahmed Bangush, Umair Bin Nisar, J Dec 31, 2019 7964
Structural, Elastic and Electronic Properties of I3 Phase Precipitate in Mg-Gd-Zn Alloy. Mengmeng Wu, Rongkai Pan, Jilei Liang, Guohai Zhou, Li Ma and Chunyu Zhang Dec 31, 2019 2566
Fatigue Life Behavior of Laser Shock Peened Duplex Stainless Steel with Different Samples Geometry. Jimenez, Cesar A. Vazquez; Alejo, Vignaud Granados; Gonzalez, Carlos Rubio; Rosas, Gilberto Gomez; Z Nov 30, 2019 4319
A New 3D Method for Reactor Core Vibration Based on Silicon Steel Lamination Rules and Application in UHV Shunt Reactors. Lu, Fangcheng; Guo, Jiayi; Niu, Leilei; Geng, Jianghai; Pan, Yirui Nov 30, 2019 4950
Green's Dyadic, Spectral Function, Local Density of States, and Fluctuation Dissipation Theorem. Chew, Weng C.; Sha, Wei E.I.; Dai, Qi.I. Nov 1, 2019 10580
A Mathematical Model for Amorphous Polymers Based on Concepts of Reptation Theory. Yang, Lixiang Nov 1, 2019 8925
Reduced Rib Synchronous Reluctance Motor for Traction Applications. Panda, Sibasish; Keshri, Ritesh Kumar Nov 1, 2019 5252
Simplified Material Solution for Orthotropic Symmetrical GFRP Laminates for Structural Facades. Zhao, Yuchao; Jiang, Xu; Zhang, Qilin; Qiang, Xuhong Oct 31, 2019 8220
A Slate Tunnel Stability Analysis considering the Influence of Anisotropic Bedding Properties. Cai, Jun; Du, Guangyin; Ye, Haiwang; Lei, Tao; Xia, Han; Pan, Huangsong Oct 31, 2019 6357
Structural, Electronic, Lattice Dynamic, and Elastic Properties of SnTi[O.sub.3] and PbTi[O.sub.3] Using Density Functional Theory. Kuma, Shiferaw; Woldemariam, Menberu Mengesha Oct 31, 2019 5422
Magnetoresistance Sensor Market 2019 - 2024: Business Trends, Global Segments, Emerging Technologies, Industry Profit Growth and Regional Study. Report Oct 2, 2019 986
Effect of Variable Thermal Conductivity on the Generalized Thermoelasticity Problems in a Fiber-Reinforced Anisotropic Half-Space. Xiong, Chun-Bao; Yu, Li-Na; Niu, Yan-Bo Sep 30, 2019 4361
Experimental Study on the Effect of Gas Pressure on Ultrasonic Velocity and Anisotropy of Anthracite. Wang, Bo; Hao, Jialin; Liu, Shengdong; Zhou, Fubao; Zhang, Zhendong; Zhang, Heng; Sun, Huachao Report Sep 30, 2019 6113
Biaxial Characterization of Poly(ether-ether-ketone) for Thermoforming: A Comparison Between Bulge and in-Plane Biaxial Testing. Turner, Josh A.; Menary, Gary H.; Martin, Peter J. Report Sep 1, 2019 6118
Experimental study of eddy viscosity for breaking waves on sloping bottom and comparisons with empirical and numerical predictions. Oldekop, Nelly; Liiv, Toomas; Laanearu, Janek Sep 1, 2019 7217
Quantitative Anisotropic Damage Mechanism in a Forged Aluminum Alloy Studied by Synchrotron Tomography and Finite Element Simulations. Shen, Yang; Morgeneyer, Thilo F.; Garnier, Jerome; Allais, Lucien; Helfen, Lukas; Crepin, Jerome Aug 31, 2019 6442
Hydraulic-Mechanical Coupling Model with Dual-Porosity Dual-Permeability for Anisotropy Coal Seams and Its Application in Mine Gas Extraction. Huo, Bingjie; Jing, Xuedong; He, Aiping; Fan, Chaojun Report Aug 31, 2019 5597
Prediction Method for Hydraulic Conductivity considering the Effect of Sizes of Ellipsoid Soil Particles from the Microscopic Perspective. Shen, Caihua; Zhu, Jun; Gu, Wenbo Report Aug 31, 2019 14279
Application of a Non-Coaxial Soil Model with an Anisotropic Yield Criterion in Tunnelling. Yuan, Ran; Zhang, Jia-Rong; Cui, Jian; Wang, Wen-Ming; He, Yi; Fang, Yong Jul 31, 2019 4050
The Experimental Investigation of Longmaxi Shale Dynamic Parameters under Water-Based Mud Soaking. Dong, Guangjian; Chen, Ping; Yuan, Heyi; Lu, Yudi Jul 31, 2019 4775
Experimental Investigation on Nonlinear Flow Anisotropy Behavior in Fracture Media. Zhu, Chun; Xu, Xiaoding; Wang, Xiuting; Xiong, Feng; Tao, Zhigang; Lin, Yun; Chen, Jing Jul 31, 2019 5646
Analysis of Mechanical Properties and Mechanical Anisotropy in Canine Bone Tissues of Various Ages. Luo, Changqi; Liao, Junyi; Zhu, Zhenglin; Wang, Xiaoyu; Lin, Xiao; Huang, Wei Jul 31, 2019 4323
A Crack between Orthotropic Materials with a Shear Yield Zone at the Crack Tip. Loboda, V.; Gergel, I.; Khodanen, T.; Mykhail, O. Jul 31, 2019 5452
A Theoretical Model for Hydraulic Fracturing through Two Symmetric Radial Perforations Emanating from A Borehole. Tang, Shibin; Dong, Zhuo; Duan, Dong; Li, Yingchun Jun 30, 2019 12225
Study on Acoustic Emission Localization of Concrete Using Modified Velocity. Li, Jiapeng; Qin, Lei Jun 30, 2019 3558
Identification of the Anisotropic Elastic Parameters of NiCrAlY Coating by Combining Nanoindentation and Finite Element Method. Zhai, Jingyu; Chen, Yugang; Song, Xinyuan; Wu, Hongchun; Han, Qingkai Jun 30, 2019 6816
The Partial Second Boundary Value Problem of an Anisotropic Parabolic Equation. Zhan, Huashui May 31, 2019 3446
Quantitative Reinforcement Analysis of Loess Slope with Anisotropy. Shi, Yuling; Wang, Rui; Yuan, Hang; Bao, Han; Yan, Changgen May 31, 2019 4793
Total Bending Method for Piecewise Smoothing Image Denoising. Lu, Bibo; Huangfu, Zhenzhen; Huang, Rui May 31, 2019 4135
Cell Morphology on Poly(methyl methacrylate) Microstructures as Function of Surface Energy. Katschnig, Matthias; Maroh, Boris; Andraschek, Natascha; Schlogl, Sandra; Zefferer, Ulrike; Bock, El May 31, 2019 7655
Combustion Synthesis Porous Nitinol for Biomedical Applications. Aihara, H.; Zider, J.; Fanton, G.; Duerig, T. Apr 30, 2019 6823
Modeling of Label-Free Optical Waveguide Biosensors with Surfaces Covered Partially by Vertically Homogeneous and Inhomogeneous Films. Kovacs, Balint; Horvath, Robert Apr 30, 2019 4547
Antiferromagnetic Phase Transition in [Cr.sub.2]As via Anisotropy of Exchange Interactions. Valkov, V.I.; Golovchan, A.V.; Aparajita, Upali; Roslyak, Oleksiy Apr 30, 2019 3533
Neutrosophic Function with NNs for Analyzing and Expressing Anisotropy Characteristic and Scale Effect of Joint Surface Roughness. Yong, Rui; Gu, Leiyu; Ye, Jun; Du, Shi-Gui; Huang, Man; Hu, Gaojian; Liu, Jie Apr 30, 2019 6413
Theoretical Study of the Structural Properties of the Lead Titanate Doped with Strontium. Mesquita, Weber Duarte; Santos, Maria Rita de Cassia; Espinosa, Jose Waldo Martinez; Leal, Sergio He Apr 15, 2019 3583
Acoustooptic Diffraction of Three-Color Radiation on a Single Acoustic Wave. Kotov, V.M.; Averin, S.V. Mar 31, 2019 3098
A New Method to Calculate Induced Current of Thin Wire over Anisotropic Ground under HPM. Cao, Le Mar 31, 2019 4285
Charge Transport and Thermo-emf in Tl[Fe.sub.1-x][Ga.sub.x][S.sub.2] Solid Solutions. Mustafaeva, Solmaz; Asadov, Salim Mar 31, 2019 4085
Numerical Simulations on the Front Motion of Water Permeation into Anisotropic Porous Media. Zhang, Xiangxiang; Wang, J.G.; Wang, Xiaolin; Gao, Feng Mar 31, 2019 6995
Optimizing Variable-Axial Fiber-Reinforced Composite Laminates: The Direct Fiber Path Optimization Concept. Bittrich, Lars; Spickenheuer, Axel; Almeida, Jose Humberto S., Jr.; Muller, Sascha; Kroll, Lothar; H Mar 31, 2019 6156
Alterations of the Brain Microstructure and Corresponding Functional Connectivity in Early-Blind Adolescents. Zhou, Zhifeng; Xu, Jinping; Shi, Leilei; Liu, Xia; Hou, Fen; Zhou, Jingyi; Luo, Jinpei; Hu, Qingmao; Mar 31, 2019 8350
Effects of Single Doping and Composite Doping of Yttrium and Antimony on the Structural, Thermodynamic, Mechanical, and Electronic Properties of [Mg.sub.2]Si by First Principles. Zhou, Zhonghao; Zhao, Zhen; Li, Zhi Mar 31, 2019 6321
Characterization of Pr-Doped La[F.sub.3] Nanoparticles Synthesized by Different Variations of Coprecipitation Method. Pudovkin, M.S.; Koryakovtseva, D.A.; Lukinova, E.V.; Korableva, S.L.; Khusnutdinova, R.Sh.; Kiiamov, Mar 31, 2019 11053
Hydraulic fracturing considerations: Insights from analogue models, and its viability in Colombia/Consideraciones del Fracturamiento hidraulico: a partir de modelos analogos y su viabilidad en Colombia. Martinez-Sanchez, Dilan A.; Jimenez, Giovanny Mar 1, 2019 3887
Fabrication of Anisotropic Janus Composite Particles Based on Natural Renewable Urushiol. Zheng, Xuelin; Cheng, Wei; Chen, Shuning; Chen, Jiawen; Chen, Qinhui Feb 1, 2019 4264
Experimental planning for the evaluation of phenotipic descriptors in banana/Subsidios ao planejamento de experimentos para avaliacao de descritores fenotipicos em bananeira. Donato, Sergio Luiz Rodrigues; da Silva, Joao Abel; Guimaraes, Bruno Vinicius Castro; de Oliveira e Dec 15, 2018 6934
Three-Dimensional Simulation of Water Management for High-Performance Proton Exchange Membrane Fuel Cell. Zhang, Guobin; Jiao, Kui Dec 1, 2018 6674
Latent class analysis of attention and white matter correlation in children with attention-deficit/ hyperactivity disorder. Rossi, A.S.U.; Moura, L.M.; Miranda, M.C.; Muszkat, M.; Mello, C.B.; Bueno, O.F.A. Report Nov 1, 2018 7860
Otizmli Cocuklarda Beyin Difuzyon Tensor Goruntuleme Parametreleri ve Etkinliginin Degerlendirilmesi/Evaluation of Brain Diffusion Tensor Imaging Parameters and Effectivity in Children with Autism. Kurtcan, Serpil Report Oct 1, 2018 2782
Displacement and Stress Function-based Linear and Quadratic Triangular Elements for Saint-Venant Torsional Problems. Purnomo, J.; Wong, F.T.; Wijaya, W.C.; Putra, J.S. Report Sep 1, 2018 3927
Forced transverse vibration analysis of a circular viscoelastic polymeric piezoelectric microplate with fluid interaction. Esfahani, A. Monemian; Bahrami, M.; Anbarani, S.R. Ghaffarian Mar 1, 2018 3230
Cardiorespiratory Fitness, White Matter Integrity Tied to Cognition; VO2max positively linked to DTI metrics of fractional anisotropy in about half MW fiber tracts. Feb 22, 2018 237
QVOA Techniques for Estimation of Fracture Directions. Sabinin, Vladimir Jan 1, 2018 6457
Reinforcing the Structural Stability of Old Nationally Important Trees with FRP Wraps. Yi, Zheong Jun; Kang, Junsuk Jan 1, 2018 5242
Magnetic Domain Patterns in Bilayered Ribbons Studied by Magnetic Force Microscopy and Magneto-Optical Kerr Microscopy. Trojkova, Jana; Civotsky, Ondrej; Hendrych, Ales; Markov, Dmitry; Drobikova, Klara Jan 1, 2018 4494
Preliminary Investigation of the Mechanical Anisotropy of the Normal Human Corneal Stroma. Xue, Chao; Xiang, Yaoqi; Shen, Min; Wu, Di; Wang, Yan Jan 1, 2018 4018
On an Anisotropic Parabolic Equation on the Domain with a Disjoint Boundary. Zhan, Huashui Jan 1, 2018 2166
Capacities in Generalized Orlicz Spaces. Baruah, Debangana; Harjulehto, Petteri; Hasto, Peter Jan 1, 2018 7338
Study on Attenuation Properties of Surface Wave of AE Simulation Source Based on OPCM Sensor Element. Wang, Ziping; Xue, Xian; Li, Xingjia; Jiang, Zhengxuan; Reddy, Karthik Jan 1, 2018 2930
Evaluation of Cerebral White Matter in Prelingually Deaf Children Using Diffusion Tensor Imaging. Park, Kye Hoon; Chun, Won-Ho; Kwon, Hunki; Lee, Jong-Min Jan 1, 2018 4279
Testing Pathological Variation of White Matter Tract in Adult Rats after Severe Spinal Cord Injury with MRI. Song, Wei; Song, Guiyun; Zhao, Can; Li, Xiaoguang; Pei, Xiaojiao; Zhao, Wen; Gao, Yudan; Rao, Jia-Sh Jan 1, 2018 8695
Single-Photon-Single-Electron Transition for Interpretation of Optical Spectra of Nonspherical Metal Nanoparticles in Aqueous Colloidal Solutions. Kohler, J. Michael; Kuhfuss, Danja; Witthoft, Phillip; Hentschel, Martina; Knauer, Andrea Jan 1, 2018 4358
Dynamic Infrared Thermography of Nanoheaters Embedded in Skin-Equivalent Phantoms. Lopez-Varela, K.A.; Cayetano-Castro, N.; Kolosovas-Machuca, E.S.; Gonzalez, F.J.; Chiwo, F.S.; Rodri Jan 1, 2018 5748
Effect of Phosphate Buffered Saline Solutions on Top-Down Fabricated ZnO Nanowire Field Effect Transistor. Sultan, S.M.; de Planque, M.R.R.; Ashburn, P.; Chong, H.M.H. Jan 1, 2018 3665
Effects of Time-Compressed Speech Training on Multiple Functional and Structural Neural Mechanisms Involving the Left Superior Temporal Gyrus. Maruyama, Tsukasa; Takeuchi, Hikaru; Taki, Yasuyuki; Motoki, Kosuke; Jeong, Hyeonjeong; Kotozaki, Yu Jan 1, 2018 9766
Diffusion Tensor Imaging Evaluation of Neural Network Development in Patients Undergoing Therapeutic Repetitive Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation following Stroke. Yamada, Naoki; Ueda, Ryo; Kakuda, Wataru; Momosaki, Ryo; Kondo, Takahiro; Hada, Takuya; Sasaki, Nobu Jan 1, 2018 4989
Aerobic Exercise Intervention Alters Executive Function and White Matter Integrity in Deaf Children: A Randomized Controlled Study. Xiong, Xuan; Zhu, Li-Na; Dong, Xiao-xiao; Wang, Wei; Yan, Jun; Chen, Ai-Guo Clinical report Jan 1, 2018 6457
Fracture Initiation Model of Shale Fracturing Based on Effective Stress Theory of Porous Media. Li, Yuwei; Jia, Dan Jan 1, 2018 6299
Theoretical Modeling of Dielectric Properties of Artificial Shales. Han, Tongcheng; Beloborodov, Roman; Pervukhina, Marina; Josh, Matthew; Cui, Yanlin; Zhi, Pengyao Jan 1, 2018 7022
Diagnosis of Water-Influx Locations of Horizontal Well Subject to Bottom-Water Drive through Well-Testing Analysis. Qin, Jiazheng; Cheng, Shiqing; He, Youwei; Li, Dingyi; Luo, Le; Shen, Xinzhe; Yu, Haiyang Jan 1, 2018 7791
Experimental Characterization of Dielectric Properties in Fluid Saturated Artificial Shales. Beloborodov, Roman; Pervukhina, Marina; Han, Tongcheng; Josh, Matthew Jan 1, 2018 4726
Scale Effect on the Anisotropy of Acoustic Emission in Coal. Song, Honghua; Zhao, Yixin; Jiang, Yaodong; Wang, Jiehao Jan 1, 2018 6864
Influence of Bedding Planes on the Mechanical Characteristics and Fracture Pattern of Transversely Isotropic Rocks in Direct Shear Tests. Xia, Lei; Zeng, Yawu; Luo, Rong; Liu, Wei Jan 1, 2018 7394
Fabrication and Characterization of Natural Rubber-Based Magnetorheological Elastomers at Large Strain for Base Isolators. Lee, Chan Woo; Kim, In-Ho; Jung, Hyung-Jo Jan 1, 2018 5913
Unified Description of the Mechanical Properties of Typical Marine Soil and Its Application. Li, Yongqiang; Wang, Gang; Jing, Liping; Zhang, Lei; Cheng, Xinjun Jan 1, 2018 7824
Differential Equations of Motion for Naturally Curved and Twisted Composite Space Beams. Hao, Ying; He, Wei; Shi, Yanke Jan 1, 2018 3373
Experimental Investigation of Sandstone under Cyclic Loading: Damage Assessment Using Ultrasonic Wave Velocities and Changes in Elastic Modulus. Yang, Sen; Zhang, Nong; Feng, Xiaowei; Kan, Jiaguang; Pan, Dongjiang; Qian, Deyu Jan 1, 2018 6650
Scene Flow Estimation Based on Adaptive Anisotropic Total Variation Flow-Driven Method. Xiang, Xuezhi; Zhang, Rongfang; Zhai, Mingliang; Xiao, Deguang; Bai, Erwei Jan 1, 2018 4673
Influence of the Temporomandibular Joint in the Estimation of Bone Density in the Mandible through a Bone Remodelling Model. Commisso, Maria S.; Ojeda, Joaquin; Mayo, Juana; Martmez-Reina, Javier Jan 1, 2018 8424
Analysis of Soil-Compacting Effect Caused by Shield Tunneling Using Three-Dimensional Elastoplastic Solution of Cylindrical Cavity Expansion. Zhang, Mengxi; Zhang, Xiaoqing; Hong, Chengyu; Borana, Lalit; Javadi, Akbar A. Jan 1, 2018 6226
A Method for Estimating the Surface Roughness of Rock Discontinuities. Cai, Yi; Tang, Hui-ming; Wang, Ding-jian; Wen, Tao Jan 1, 2018 7768
A New Way to Calculate Flow Pressure for Low Permeability Oil Well with Partially Penetrating Fracture. Ping, Xiong; Hailong, Liu; Haixia, Hu; Guan, Wang Jan 1, 2018 4675
Research on Prediction Method of Performance Degradation of Flexible Optoelectronic Film Material Processing Equipment Based on Adaptive Fuzzy Clustering. Deng, Yaohua; Yao, Kexing; Lu, Qiwen Jan 1, 2018 4803
A Simplified Scheme for Piezoelectric Anisotropic Analysis in Human Vertebrae Using Integral Methods. de J. Duarte, Vannessa; Thoeni, Klaus; Garzon-Alvarado, Diego; Cerrolaza, Miguel Jan 1, 2018 3585
Calculation of AVA Responses for Finely Layered Reservoirs. An, Ying; Lu, Jun Jan 1, 2018 4679
Evaluation of the Use of the Yeoh and Mooney-Rivlin Functions as Strain Energy Density Functions for the Ground Substance Material of the Annulus Fibrosus. S., Hector E. Jaramillo Jan 1, 2018 6133
Mixed Noise Removal Algorithm Combining Adaptive Directional Weighted Mean Filter and Improved Adaptive Anisotropic Diffusion Model. Ma, Hongjin; Nie, Yufeng Jan 1, 2018 8545
PP- and Split PS-Wave AVA Responses of Fractured Shale. Yang, Shuai; Lu, Jun Jan 1, 2018 3648
Orientation Uncertainty Characteristics of Some Pose Measuring Systems. Franaszek, Marek; Cheok, Geraldine S. Jan 1, 2018 8948
1 ML Wetting Layer upon Ga(As)Sb Quantum Dot (QD) Formation on GaAs Substrate Monitored with Reflectance Anisotropy Spectroscopy (RAS). Fouckhard. Henning; Strassner, Johannes; Loeber, Thomas H.; Doering, Christoph Report Jan 1, 2018 4565
Partial Contact of a Rigid Multisinusoidal Wavy Surface with an Elastic Half-Plane. Tsukanov, Ivan Y. Report Jan 1, 2018 4088
Threading Dislocations Piercing the Free Surface of an Anisotropic Hexagonal Crystal: Review of Theoretical Approaches. Neily, Salem; Dhouibi, Sami; Bonnet, Roland Report Jan 1, 2018 5815
Acoustic Signatures of the Phases and Phase Transitions in the Blume Capel Model with Random Crystal Field. Gulpinar, Gul Report Jan 1, 2018 8218
An Analytical Theory of Piezoresistive Effects in Hall Plates with Large Contacts. Ausserlechner, Udo Report Jan 1, 2018 17161
Highly Efficient Broadband Light Absorber Based on Nonuniform Hyperbolic Metamaterial Film. Zharova, Nina A.; Zharov, Alexander A.; Zharov, Alexander A., Jr. Report Jan 1, 2018 4360
Experimental and Numerical Study of Texture Evolution and Anisotropic Plastic Deformation of Pure Magnesium under Various Strain Paths. Alharbi, Hamad F.; Luqman, Monis; El-Danaf, Ehab; Alharthi, Nabeel H. Jan 1, 2018 7757
Magnetization Reversal in Ferromagnetic Nanorings of Fourfold Symmetries. Ehrmann, Andrea; Blachowicz, Tomasz Jan 1, 2018 2672
First-Principles Calculations of the Structure Stability and Mechanical Properties of LiFeAs and NaFeAs under Pressure. Hu, Zhengquan; Xu, Weiwei; Chen, Cai; Wen, Yufeng; Liu, Lili Jan 1, 2018 5082
Study on Damping Energy Dissipation Characteristics of Cylindrical Metal Rubber in Nonforming Direction. Ren, Zhi Ying; Chen, Qisheng; Bai, Hongbai; Wu, Yiwan Jan 1, 2018 5563
Analysis of Spatially Doped Fused Silica Fiber Optic by Means of a Hamiltonian Formulation of the Helmholtz Equation. Jimenez-Mejia, Raul E.; Herrera, Rodrigo Acuna; Torres, Pedro Jan 1, 2018 6900
Determination of Anisotropic Mechanical Properties for Materials Processed by Laser Powder Bed Fusion. Hovig, Even W.; Azar, Amin S.; Grytten, Frode; Serby, Knut; Andreassen, Erik Jan 1, 2018 10868
Additive Manufacturing of Cobalt-Based Dental Alloys: Analysis of Microstructure and Physicomechanical Properties. Hitzler, Leonhard; Alifui-Segbaya, Frank; Williams, Philipp; Heine, Burkhard; Heitzmann, Michael; Ha Jan 1, 2018 6225
Effects of Grain Orientation on Stress State near Grain Boundary of Austenitic Stainless Steel Bicrystals. Yang, Fu-qiang; Xue, He; Zhao, Ling-yan; Fang, Xiu-Rong Jan 1, 2018 4868
Anisotropic Cosmological Models with Two Fluids. Mishra, B.; Ray, Pratik P.; Pacif, S.K.J. Report Jan 1, 2018 6339
Anisotropic Quintessence Strange Stars in f(T) Gravity with Modified Chaplygin Gas. Saha, Pameli; Debnath, Ujjal Report Jan 1, 2018 6475
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Bianchi Type-I Dark Energy Cosmology with Power-Law Relation in Brans-Dicke Theory of Gravitation. Katore, S.D.; Kapse, D.V. Report Jan 1, 2018 5869
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Neutrino Emission from Cooper Pairs at Finite Temperatures. Leinson, Lev B. Report Jan 1, 2018 8587
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Microstudy of the Anisotropy of Sandy Material. Zhang, Kunyong; Zang, Zhenjun; Okine, Leslie; Torres, Jose Luis Chavez Jan 1, 2018 6683
Effect of Colluvial Soil Slope Fracture's Anisotropy Characteristics on Rainwater Infiltration Process. Zeng, Ling; Liu, Jie; Zhang, Jun-hui; Bian, Han-bing; Lu, Wei-hua Jan 1, 2018 6756
Failure Process Simulation of Interlayered Rocks under Compression. Yao, Chi; Zeng, Sizhi; Yang, Jianhua Jan 1, 2018 5723
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Quality evaluation of soil-cement-plant residue bricks by the combination of destructive and non-destructive tests/Avaliacao da qualidade de tijolos de solo-cimento-residuos vegetais por meio da combinacao de testes destrutivos e nao-destrutivos. de C. Ferreira, Regis; Cunha, Ananda H.N. Ensayo Aug 1, 2017 6616
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Off-Center Error Correction of AMR Yokeless Current Transducer. Mlejnek, Pavel; Ripka, Pavel Correction notice Jan 1, 2017 4205
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Research of Hubs Location Method for Weighted Brain Network Based on NoS-FA. Weng, Zhengkui; Wang, Bin; Xue, Jie; Yang, Baojie; Liu, Hui; Xiong, Xin Report Jan 1, 2017 5802
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Seismic Response Analysis of Concrete Lining Structure in Large Underground Powerhouse. Wang, Xiaowei; Chen, Juntao; Xiao, Ming; Wu, Danqi Jan 1, 2017 6896
Infrared Dim and Small Targets Detection Method Based on Local Energy Center of Sequential Image. Fan, Xiangsuo; Xu, Zhiyong; Zhang, Jianlin; Huang, Yongmei; Peng, Zhenming Report Jan 1, 2017 8016
Curve and Surface Smoothing Using a Modified Cahn-Hilliard Equation. Choi, Yongho; Jeong, Darea; Kim, Junseok Report Jan 1, 2017 2825
Finite Element Method for Modeling 3D Resistivity Sounding on Anisotropic Geoelectric Media. Song, Tao; Liu, Yun; Wang, Yun Report Jan 1, 2017 4054
Revisiting the Low-Frequency Dipolar Perturbation by an Impenetrable Ellipsoid in a Conductive Surrounding. Vafeas, Panayiotis Report Jan 1, 2017 10102
Simulation of Wellbore Stability during Underbalanced Drilling Operation. Azim, Reda Abdel Report Jan 1, 2017 5168
Growth and Characterization of M-Plane GaN Thin Films Grown on [gamma]-LiAl[O.sub.2] (100) Substrates. Lin, Yu-Chiao; Lo, Ikai; Shih, Hui-Chun; Chou, Mitch M.C.; Schaadt, D.M. Report Jan 1, 2017 3636
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Computing and Comparing Effective Properties for Flow and Transport in Computer-Generated Porous Media. Allen, Rebecca; Sun, Shuyu Jan 1, 2017 14951
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Anisotropy Influences on the Drug Delivery Mechanisms by Means of Joint Invariant Functions. Cioca, G.; Bacaita, E.S.; Agop, M.; Ursulescu, C. Lupascu Report Jan 1, 2017 4367
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Nanocompositional Electron Microscopic Analysis and Role of Grain Boundary Phase of Isotropically Oriented Nd-Fe-B Magnets. Zickler, Gregor A.; Fidler, Josef Jan 1, 2017 9538
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Structural Dependent Ferromagnetic-Nonmagnetic Phase Change in FePtRu Films. Hasegawa, Takashi; Ito, Kosuke Jan 1, 2017 4085
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Effect of Isopropyl Alcohol Concentration and Etching Time on Wet Chemical Anisotropic Etching of Low-Resistivity Crystalline Silicon Wafer. Abdur-Rahman, Eyad; Alghoraibi, Ibrahim; Alkurdi, Hassan Report Jan 1, 2017 3550
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An empirical study on spatial heterogeneity of manufacturing OFDI reverse technology spillover and dynamic threshold of absorption capacity. Fei, Shen Jun 30, 2016 5496
CGG releases new software. Jun 13, 2016 338
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Section IV: Physics, Mathematics, Computer Science, Engineering and Technology Science Hall W1008 Hasson M. Tavossi, Presiding. Conference news Mar 22, 2014 3233
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Reflection factorizations of Singer cycles. Lewis, J.B.; Reiner, V.; Stanton, D. Report Jan 1, 2014 5845
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