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DIFF 2016: Young Animators Award returns. Nov 8, 2016 246
Philippines : Amateur animators promote consumerism awareness thru iCon Ad Competition. Oct 26, 2016 457
Animators help bring magic of cinema to deaf youngsters. Aug 25, 2016 163
Cartoonists are living dangerously after attacks. Aug 7, 2016 239
Professional Services Of Junior Science Club Animators. Jul 20, 2016 150
Formats: unloved by the law, loved by viewers. Apr 1, 2016 998
Still laughing: one of the greats of the gag cartoon era finds humor in Bellingham. Hamann, Emily Mar 1, 2016 1040
"Catalog of an impossible library": a conversation with David B. Evenson, Brian Interview Mar 1, 2016 3207
Ilan Manouach: Defamiliarizing Comics. Kartalopoulos, Bill Biography Mar 1, 2016 2943
Valley animators 'rap the Bard' for the BBC. Mar 1, 2016 381
Winsor McCay's The Sinking of the Lusitania and the origins of animated documentary. Feldman, Seth Jan 1, 2016 6112
Office politics. Weissmueller, Zach Interview Dec 25, 2015 615
Viz cartoonists draw fans to book signing. Dec 7, 2015 418
Child Hygiene club Animators in Informal Tented Settlements. Nov 28, 2015 165
Likuid Art Revamps the Art Experience With New Digital Platform, Bringing Still Art to Life With World-Renowned Animators & Artists. Nov 17, 2015 1372
Farghadani forced to test virginity for handshake. Nov 6, 2015 319
Mapping Memory in Tran's Vietnamerica. Goodwin, Mary A. Critical essay Sep 1, 2015 5668
Pointing their pens: the exhibition "allows for comparisons of the ways in which cartoonists react to and interpret current events, develop their own distinct visual vocabularies, and convey their diverse political opinions.". May 1, 2015 357
Cartoonists fined for 'insult' sketch; WORLD BULLETINS. Mar 26, 2015 121
Muiznieks condemns sentence against cartoonists. Mar 26, 2015 1002
2 cartoonists sentenced to almost a year for insulting Erdoy-an. Mar 25, 2015 716
Cartoonists face 2-year jail sentence, allegedly depict Erdoy-an as gay. Mar 20, 2015 608
Dash Shaw. Mar 1, 2015 885
A Cartoonist's Metamorphosis: an Interview with Mana Neyestani. Karim, Persis M. Interview Mar 1, 2015 2587
80+ Cartoonists And Comics Workers Tell Comics Industry: 'No Business As Usual With Israel'. Jan 26, 2015 1085
Egypt cartoonists in solidarity with aACAyCharlie Hebdo'. Jan 13, 2015 309
Cartoonists tread fine line as extreme views gain ground. Jan 10, 2015 491
Freedom of speech fear for cartoonists. Jan 9, 2015 146
Cartoonists: Turkish common sense will prevent attacks on local magazines. Jan 9, 2015 693
Character and caricature: Jane Austen and James Gillray. Brownstein, Rachel M. Critical essay Jan 1, 2015 4477
Our fairy godfather: Crockett Johnson's brilliant Barnaby is back in print. Walker, Jesse Dec 14, 2014 967
Australia : Hothouse Workshop a dream experience for young animators. Jun 27, 2014 301
Disreputable sources: fabrice stroun on art and comics. Stroun,Fabrice Jun 22, 2014 2002
Jim Shaw. Jun 22, 2014 441
"Your Face Global Jam" - Animators World-Wide Pay Homage to Twice Oscar-Nominated Bill Plympton. May 24, 2014 428
Australia : Victorian Government funds promising animators. May 12, 2014 315
In the cartoonist's mind: exploring political comic strips in Kenyan daily newspapers. Mulanda, Oliver; Khasandi-Telewa, Vicky Essay May 1, 2014 4651
8 Reasons Why You're Not the One for an Arab Man. Brief article Apr 25, 2014 139
Algerian President offended by unpublished cartoon, imprisons the cartoonist. Brief article Feb 17, 2014 182
Seven deadly shots. Brief article Feb 1, 2014 148
Digital training firm bemoans shortage of animators. Jan 30, 2014 143
Cartoonists exhibit work for a laugh. Dec 24, 2013 307
Political cartoonists take on corruption. Dec 24, 2013 165
Taiwanese animators make parody video about China's new air-defense zone on disputed waters. Nov 28, 2013 157
Support First Amendment Programs for Teens and Cartoonists in Peril at Cartoons & Cocktails. Nov 18, 2013 344
Jerry's Artarama Supports Comic Book Artists and Cartoonists at Dare2Draw Event in New York on Nov. 14. Nov 10, 2013 448
Jason Bach. Brief article Sep 27, 2013 104
2013 Crichton Award. Aug 1, 2013 585
Kairos and comics: reading human rights intercontextually in Joe Sacco's graphic narratives. Brister, Rose; Walzer, Belinda Critical essay Jun 22, 2013 7386
Press cartoonists feel the heat of election campaign. Jun 14, 2013 688
The wizard of dogpatch: the wretched life and amazing art of cartoonist Al Capp. Bagge, Peter Biography May 26, 2013 1160
Top cartoonists win awards. May 25, 2013 345
My Super Hero. May 1, 2013 1055
New Video from America's Best-Loved Cartoonists + ICYMI News. Apr 22, 2013 436
After England, now Taiwanese animators mock Australia's cricket melt down. Mar 21, 2013 204
A portrait of the artist: Pulitzer Prize winner Walt Handelsman reveals how he creates thought-provoking political cartoons. Ross, Brooke Interview Mar 11, 2013 1645
We're thinking Anne might be into that whole studenty, kilty animators thing.. SCOTS DUO ON HITTING THE TOON AT BAFTAS Our boys ready to charm superstar EXCLUSIVE. Feb 10, 2013 381
EXCLUSIVE: Interview With the Danish Cartoonist. Brief article Feb 8, 2013 103
Is it a plane? No, it's the first Arab American super hero. Goffe, Leslie Jan 1, 2013 1042
Cartoonists confront Israel. Medoff, Rafael Jan 1, 2013 2602
Young animators tackle discrimination; NEWS IN BRIEF. Nov 14, 2012 132
Research and Markets: Animation and Gaming Market in India 2011-2015 Report Discusses That One of the Major Challenges Faced By the Market Is the Lack of Skilled Animators in India. Nov 13, 2012 353
Youth panel turn animators to try to beat discrimination; BILINGUAL FILM GIVES A VOICE TO SUFFERERS. Nov 8, 2012 547
-IFE Services launches competition for filmmakers, animators. Oct 30, 2012 144
IFE Services Launches Filmmakers and Animators Competition. Company overview Oct 29, 2012 443
IFE Services Launches Filmmakers and Animators Competition. Company overview Oct 29, 2012 448
Aardman to help train up animators. Oct 3, 2012 125
Cartoonists flay move to drop their work from books. Jul 6, 2012 526
Research and Markets: The Book 'Drawing in the Digital Age: An Observational Method for Artists and Animators' is a Must-Read. Jul 3, 2012 312
Atomic comics; cartoonists confront the nuclear world. Book review Jun 1, 2012 190
The latest comic by Mark Millar inspires hope for kids with MS: a Superior change. Budgar, Laurie May 17, 2012 795
Press Freedom Day spotlight on bloggers and cartoonists. Apr 26, 2012 386
The Tambani project: a computer animation of The Greedy Hippo/ Die Tambaniprojek: 'n rekenaaranimasie van Die hebsugtige seekoei. Swanepoel, Rita M.C.; van der Westhuizen, Christiaan Report Apr 1, 2012 8990
Top Cartoonists of Int'l Wall Street Downfall Cartoon Festival Selected. Feb 7, 2012 277
Seen at ... a photographic look at Canadian children's book events. Brief article Jan 1, 2012 147
Ian Wallace: nothing left to chance. Schwartz, Joanne Interview Jan 1, 2012 2117
The pictures! The stories! The partnerships! Graphic novel illustrators and authors bring energy and passion to important stories. Robins, Scott Interview Jan 1, 2012 3161
Ouija does it. Berridge, Robert Jan 1, 2012 367
Animators Swarup & Anuj Win Rs. 3 Lac in Infibeam Advent Contest. Dec 9, 2011 476
Superheroes 'R' us: we're all supergods now. Seavey, Todd Nov 29, 2011 1031
Kirsten Dunst reveals Disney animators' 'dirty little secret'. Nov 13, 2011 189
Escape from celebrity: how Rockwell reconnected with the common man. Berridge, Robert Nov 1, 2011 365
"Bootsie" in Berlin: an interview with Helma Harrington on Oliver Harrington's life and work in east Germany, 1961-1995. Brown, Stephanie Interview Sep 22, 2011 13082
An intermedial reading of Paley's Sita Sings the Blues. Chanda, Ipshita Critical essay Sep 1, 2011 6000
Syrian protesters chant "bye Gaddafi, Bashar next"--cartoonists hands broken by group of armed men--Assad quoted as saying Syria will not sell out, crisis due to "morality". Aug 26, 2011 1423
Computerized face models give animators the ability to manipulate facial poses. Aug 10, 2011 344
Disney, Carnegie Mellon Researchers Build 3D Face Models That Give Animators Intuitive Control of Expressions. Aug 9, 2011 856
Animators of film and television; nineteen artists, writers, producers and others. Book review Aug 1, 2011 139
The modern self as puppet in Woyzeck on the Highveld/Die moderne self as toneelpop in Woyzeck on the Highveld. Krueger, A. Critical essay Aug 1, 2011 4764
TURKEY-GREECE -Turkish, Greek cartoonists come together under a project, their cartoons to be exhibited. Jul 7, 2011 141
The space between: a narrative approach to Alison Bechdel's Fun Home. Warhol, Robyn Report Jun 22, 2011 6512
Style, voice, and authorship in Harvey Pekar's (auto)(bio)graphical comics. Bredehoft, Thomas A. Report Jun 22, 2011 6174
Sequential sketches of ethnic identity: will Eisner's A Contract with God as graphic cycle. Royal, Derek Parker Report Jun 22, 2011 7778
Man in motion: Paper the planet with Spider-Man comic books, create gangs of superheroes, branch into films grossing hundreds of millions of dollars, and get set to wow Broadway ... What's next for Stan Lee? Horn, Tom Interview Jun 1, 2011 2098
Yemeni political cartoonist Kamal Sharaf to the Yemen Times "Cartoonists should draw political cartoons, otherwise they draw for children". Apr 21, 2011 604
Animator extraordinaire! Carnovale, Michael Interview Mar 22, 2011 985
Moose and squirrel never die. Sullum, Jacob Brief article Jan 13, 2011 158
Animators at Law Produces Record Setting E-Brief for Prominent Litigation. Jan 11, 2011 449
Everything goes. Breer, Robert Interview Nov 1, 2010 3635
Warrington Colescott. Grabner, Michelle Nov 1, 2010 688
'Truth and time against the world's wrongs': Montagu Scott, Jim Case and the lost world of the Brisbane Worker cartoonists. Dyrenfurth, Nick Essay Nov 1, 2010 11795
The view from abroad: how political cartoonists around the world see the U.S. Oct 25, 2010 255
Lawrence comic strip Little Scottie has wide appeal. Reid, Ciara Interview Oct 1, 2010 515
Animators at Law Launches ACCESS an Online Trial Team Collaboration Tool That Promises to Improve Litigation Graphics Development and Project Management for Law Firms. Jul 21, 2010 475
This month in history. Chronology Jul 1, 2010 387
Announcing New Anime Studio Debut 7 - The Quickest Way for Beginning Animators to Bring Cartoon Creations to Life. Jun 10, 2010 712
Lawyer moves LHC to register cases against Facebook, cartoonists. May 22, 2010 291
Animators need training. Fischer, Chris Letter to the editor May 1, 2010 153
Jihad Jane Sidekick Charged in US Terror Plot. Brief article Apr 4, 2010 85
From Genesis to Consternation. Doherty, Brian Brief article Mar 30, 2010 208
Homeland crisis and local ethnicity: the Toronto Irish and the cartoons of the Evening Telegram 1910-1914. Jenkins, William Report Mar 22, 2010 14806
Motion studies. Misiano, Viktor Mar 1, 2010 3152
Down to earth space case Al Jarnow's Sesame Street films gently narrate the known universe. Mccloskey, Caroline Feb 1, 2010 450
Caricatures of cartoonists displayed at Bangalore exhibition. Jan 17, 2010 230
AaeCartoonjeyyehAAE: Testimony to Jordanian cartoonists. Jan 4, 2010 544
Cartoonist Bagley looks back, SDX's Geimann looks forward. Tynen, Jim Conference notes Dec 22, 2009 273
Local cartoonists take on Taser use, health care, war. Dec 6, 2009 503
File and forget? Forget it! The Internet is great but it cannot tell a truth from a lie ... and they say everything posted on a website is stored on the Internet forever. What can we do about it then? Duodu, Cameronn Dec 1, 2009 1603
Comics for Freedom Lovers. Brief article Nov 1, 2009 247
Typotoons. Morice, Dave Brief article Nov 1, 2009 122
Stop laughing--this is serious! Digitising Stan Cross cartoons the clever way. Relf, Fiona Ash; van Veen, Martina; Power, Greg; Rozmus, Barbara Aug 1, 2009 515
Anime Studio Pro 6 Launches with New Production Tools for Professional Animators and Artists. Jun 10, 2009 793
Politicians impaled by the satirist's pen: comedians and cartoonists had a ball poking fun at South African politicians in the run-up to the general elections. Tom Nevin reports. Nevin, Tom Jun 1, 2009 1050
Ariel Schrag. Brief article Jun 1, 2009 232
Animator uses experience in comic book creation. Bruner, Thomas J. May 1, 2009 548
Disney animators 'recycled' old scenes. Apr 21, 2009 184
Arab cartoonists gather for 'celebration of tolerance'. Mar 21, 2009 688
The joke is in the notes. Brief article Mar 16, 2009 116
Blood cartoonist recognized with exhibition. Brief article Mar 1, 2009 106
Cartoonists portrayed Lalu's witty character on Valentine's Day. Feb 14, 2009 143
Cartoonists draw a blank on Obama. Jan 27, 2009 344
Bafta-nominated animators to help at Flip; CREATIVE. Jan 26, 2009 186
Cutting cartoonists: as newspapers dispense with their editorial cartoonists, vibrant local commentary is diminished. Kalter, Lindsay Dec 1, 2008 1337
Macleod returns to help sell Stormhoek. Brief article Nov 15, 2008 142
Little ideological Annie: how a cartoon gamine midwifed the graphic novel--and the modern conservative movement. Schwartz, Ben Biography Oct 1, 2008 1568
Cartoon history: a new book and exhibition are celebrating the centenary of Osbert Lancaster--cartoonist, architectural writer and dandy. Stamp, Gavin Oct 1, 2008 1173
Engelhardt exhibit and award. Brief article Oct 1, 2008 81
You're a what? Cartoonist. Green, Kathleen Sep 22, 2008 1076
What's not funny about the funny pages? Artists say it's still an uphill battle getting editors to believe that a comic strip with minority characters can gain a mainstream following. Lum, Lydia Jul 24, 2008 1330
A great cartoonist remembered. Brief article Jul 1, 2008 184
The K Chronicles; Is America ready for a Canadian president? Knight, Keith Brief article Jul 1, 2008 210
New HD Animation Technology Provides Highest Quality Experience For Animators And Fans Around the World On Jun 9, 2008 529
Squirming white bodies: interracial encounters in Anton Kannemeyer's "True Love" and Ivan Vladislavic's The Restless Supermarket. Strauss, Helene Critical essay Jun 1, 2008 9962
Schulz's life in the unfunny pages. May 1, 2008 1101
Black and white and read all over: political cartoonist Mike Luckovich adds artful humor to newspapers and controversies. Poe, Kathleen V. May 1, 2008 904
Tom Engelhardt: a legacy in black & white. Malone, Roy Mar 1, 2008 531
King Features Syndicate Establishes Jay Kennedy Memorial Scholarship Fund to Assist Aspiring Cartoonists. Nov 7, 2007 853
In Plain Sight. Katin, Miriam Nov 1, 2007 388
Calling All Animators! 2nd Annual Aniboom Awards Open for Cartoon and Animation Submissions. Sep 21, 2007 522
The creativity of crumb: research on the effects of psychedelic drugs on the comic art of Robert Crumb. Jones, Matthew T. Sep 1, 2007 5173
Treasuring Herblock: the Library of Congress is preserving the drawings of the beloved Washington Post editorial cartoonist. Gill, David Jun 1, 2007 848
It's a funny old game.. MIRROR CARTOONISTS WIN TOP AWARD FOR FOOTBALL MADNESS. Mar 14, 2007 253 Invites Animators and Artists to Share Their Wares. Mar 14, 2007 607
Fairness makes for lousy cartoons. Wallis, David Mar 1, 2007 971
Lynda Barry. Celayo, Armando Brief article Mar 1, 2007 308
Cartoonists' tribute to the great Gren. Jan 8, 2007 529
Up in smoke. Oct 1, 2006 463
Seeking "straight": as many gay men know, "straight" men can be had. But straight-chasers warn that novelty isn't likely to lead to a stable relationship. Edozien, Frankie Aug 15, 2006 1165
Africa from all angles: the theme for this year's World Economic Forum on Africa (Cape Town, May 31-June 2) is going for growth. A host of African heads of state and ministers will join business leaders to examine and analyse Africa's current status and its future needs. Report by African business editor, Anver Versi. Versi, Anver Editorial Jun 1, 2006 2785
Brush with danger: for 100 years St. Louis cartoonists have drawn on the courage of their publishers. Edwards, Steve Mar 1, 2006 2633
City Carton adds executive management team positions. Mar 1, 2006 422
Marc Andreyko. Ferber, Lawrence Feb 14, 2006 335
Our Roots is your roots too: Osei Boateng on a cartoon sketchbook by a Nigerian illustrator that every discerning African, both continental and diasporan, should buy. It is worth every penny of its [pounds sterling]9.99 price tag. Boateng, Osei Feb 1, 2006 562
Chris Ware: Adam Baumgold Gallery. Schwendener, Martha Jan 1, 2006 590
Will Eisner: a cartoonist who fought antisemitism. Medoff, Rafael Biography Jan 1, 2006 2610
So long, Jon. Brief Article Nov 14, 2005 152
Cartoonist turns in his pen: Jon Kennedy, now 87, finally calls it quits. Brief Article Nov 14, 2005 147
Not a funny situation: in the shrinking field of editorial cartoonists, women are scarce. Altersitz, Katrina Jun 1, 2005 1055
It's a draw: the political difference between new Post columnist R.J. Matson and John Sherffius is sketchy. Hellinger, Daniel May 1, 2005 1406
Betting on 'Blak': comic book creators hope their hip-bop superhero becomes a hit. Abdur-Rahman, Sufiya Apr 1, 2005 572
First encounters. Shauck, Barry Mar 1, 2005 1873
Art Spiegelman. Siegal, Nina Interview Jan 1, 2005 2910
Disney's war against the counterculture: why a decades-old copyright case matters now more than ever. Levin, Bob Dec 1, 2004 5182
Codes of mischief and morality: for decades, cartoonist Hermenegildo Sabat has depicted Argentina's turbulent political life in biting and humorous drawings. Footer, Kevin Carrel Jul 1, 2004 1756
Shh, Sherffius won an award--don't tell anyone. Malone, Roy Jun 1, 2004 453
Complete 49 years of 'Peanuts' cartoons to be published. Brief Article May 6, 2004 125
A picture is worth ... Brief Article Dec 22, 2003 185
Opus perhaps? Holcombe, Carl D. Oct 13, 2003 396
He has a bite: editorial cartoonist John Sherffius went from being a Republican to a commie, pinko Postie. Pollack, Joe Sep 1, 2003 855
Bronze, not spinach. (Popeye the Foundryman). Brief Article Jul 1, 2003 102
Through "Murphy's" eyes. Hasenauer, Heike Jun 1, 2003 356
Garfield turns 25: no napping at Muncie's Paws Inc. as fat cat prepares for the big screen. (Opener). Kaelble, Steve Jun 1, 2003 850
Outed in Batman's backyard: writer Greg Rucka brings lesbian cops to the ongoing story of DC Comics' Gotham Central. (culture). Mangels, Andy Interview May 27, 2003 517
Al Hirschfeld. (Transitions). Wisner, Heather Obituary May 1, 2003 133
An artist signs off ... Adel Darwish says goodbye to friend and former colleague, the journalist and cartoonist Mahmoud Kahil. (Mosaic). Kahil, Mahmoud Apr 1, 2003 1216
An appreciation. Lowery, Robert Mar 22, 2003 379
Tom Tomorrow. (The Progressive Interview). Elias, Robert Interview Mar 1, 2003 2479
Annlee: sign of the times. Nobel, Philip Jan 1, 2003 2138
Cartoonists say: ready, set, draw. (Convention Panels). Seitz, Karl Brief Article Dec 22, 2002 669
Bang, you're dead. (Soundbite). Rimensnyder, Sara Interview Nov 1, 2002 453
Pendencia, dependencia e independencia. (Art Watch). Hinch, Emily Oct 1, 2002 348
An Oblong look at the world. Graham, Chad Brief Article Apr 24, 2001 736
Corporate Profile for Wild Brain Inc., dated June 6, 1997. Jun 6, 1997 408
Hall Train Entertainment announced recent posting on Nasdaq Bulletin Board. Mar 7, 1996 132
Disney's "Toy Story" uses more than 100 Sun Workstations to render images for first all-computer-based movie; Pixar Animation and Sun Microsystems create powerful rendering engine for Disney movie. Nov 30, 1995 1167
Will the real 'Uncle Walt' please stand up. Biography Oct 1, 1994 655
The little studio that could. Coleman, Todd Sep 1, 1994 1804
"F.C.G.". Matthews, Roy T. Critical essay Sep 22, 1992 1852
BRB's animation is Maria Aragon's sales tool. company profile Apr 1, 1991 309
Telecable: forced to produce to meet distribution needs. company profile Apr 1, 1991 364

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