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Animation applications suitable for beginners. (Software Exchange).

Capability: The Maya Personal Learning Edition is a noncommercial application of the developer's Maya software and is used for creating three-dimensional computer graphics for presentation or for job-related use. Uses for the software may be found in film and video games, Web, interactive media, industrial design, and visualization development. Functions included in the software are non-uniform rational B-spline, or NURBS, modeling, animation, inverse kinematics, particles, dynamics, and advanced rendering capabilities. The personal learning edition restricts users to noncommercial applications through the display of a watermark on images as well as through the use of a noncommercial file format. The software cannot be used with industry-standard plug-ins. The developer houses a Web site that serves as a user center for the software. The site hosts learning materials, discussion forums, and content exchanges where users can share work. It also includes galleries where users can place their completed animation projects for viewing and demonstration.

Hardware: PC running Windows 95, 98, 2000, or NT.

Developer: AliasWavefront, 210 King St. East, Toronto, Ontario, Canada M5A 1J7; (416) 362-9181; fax (416) 369-6140.

Cost: Free.

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Title Annotation:product introduction
Comment:Animation applications suitable for beginners. (Software Exchange).(product introduction)
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Date:Mar 1, 2002
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