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Animals do the darndest things.

COUNTRYSIDE: I wanted to share this picture of my Northwest Farm Terrier (Marilyn Monroe), and her "kid." The doe had a horrible delivery and I think she was sure this baby caused all of her pain and suffering, and rejected the poor little thing. While my friend Karen and I were very unsuccessfully trying to make the doe let the little one nurse, the dog came into the goat shed and laid down in front of the baby. We thought Marilyn (who had pups four weeks earlier), was being a pest and told her to get out of there. Marilyn then spread her paws wide and showed the little goat what she had to offer; the baby goat picked right up on it and started nursing away. We thought dog milk for a goat probably wasn't a good thing and tried bottle feeding the kid--nothing doing. So, for about two weeks Marilyn was a foster morn. The little goat thought that was great--10 teats and she had to try them all.

I made the doe stand still and nurse the baby twice a day for a couple of days so the little one would get her colostrum, but the rest of the time she was puppy number six. I managed to reunite the kid and her mom eventually. But at the age of five months, that little goat still plays funny; she'll bite into something and shake her head like a dog.

By the way, these Northwest Farm Terriers are, in my opinion, the best dogs in the world. They're so smart they're almost intuitive. They've figured out I need the goats when it's milking time and bring them to me, then put them back when I'm done. If I need to catch a chicken they do it without hurting the bird; they "hold" it with their paws until I come and get it. They protect what's here and chase away any predators, plus they're loving, loyal and playful.

I've been a COUNTRYSIDE reader for several years and can't begin to tell you how many useful and interesting things I've learned and projects I've completed thanks to all the great information. And most of all, COUNTRYSIDE has made me realize that if all those wonderful folks who have written in can do "whatever," then so can I!

Also, if you have Internet access a great website is The Poultry Connection, it even has an online auction and lots of neat links.--Sue G., Washington
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Title Annotation:Country conversation & feedback
Author:G., Sue
Publication:Countryside & Small Stock Journal
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Date:Jan 1, 2005
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