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Articles from Animals (Basel) (September 1, 2020)

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A Camera-Trap Home-Range Analysis of the Indian Leopard (Panthera pardus fusca) in Jaipur, India. Kumbhojkar, Swapnil; Yosef, Reuven; Mehta, Abhinav; Rakholia, Shrey Report 8901
A Deletion Downstream of the CHCHD7 Gene Is Associated with Growth Traits in Sheep. Xu, Hongwei; Li, Haixia; Wang, Zhen; Abudureyimu, Ayimuguli; Yang, Jutian; Cao, Xin; Lan, Xianyong; Report 5359
A Detailed Questionnaire for the Evaluation of Health Management in Dairy Sheep and Goats. Lianou, Daphne T.; Chatziprodromidou, Ioanna P.; Vasileiou, Natalia G.C.; Michael, Charalambia K.; M Report 7473
A Genetic Window on Sardinian Native Horse Breeds through Uniparental Molecular Systems. Giontella, Andrea; Cardinali, Irene; Pieramati, Camillo; Cherchi, Raffaele Report 4720
A Randomized, Placebo-Controlled Clinical Trial of Famciclovir in Shelter Cats with Naturally Occurring Upper Respiratory Tract Disease. Reinhard, Chelsea L.; McCobb, Emily; Stefanovski, Darko; Sharp, Claire R. Report 6415
A Retrospective Analysis of Dog-Dog and Dog-Human Cases of Aggression in Northern Italy. Notari, Lorella; Cannas, Simona; Sotto, Ylenia Agata Di; Palestrini, Clara Report 9325
A Review of Legal Regulation of Religious Slaughter in Australia: Failure to Regulate or a Regulatory Fail?. Loyer, Jessica; Whittaker, Alexandra L.; Buddle, Emily A.; Ankeny, Rachel A. Report 12324
A Statistical Analysis of Risk Factors and Biological Behavior in Canine Mammary Tumors: A Multicenter Study. Burrai, Giovanni P.; Gabrieli, Andrea; Moccia, Valentina; Zappulli, Valentina; Porcellato, Ilaria; B Report 7174
A Survey of New South Wales Sheep Producer Practices and Perceptions on Lamb Mortality and Ewe Supplementation. Kopp, Kayla; Hernandez-Jover, Marta; Robertson, Susan; Abuelo, Angel Report 7801
A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis of Serum Adiponectin Measurements in the Framework of Dog Obesity. Munoz-Prieto, Alberto; Ceron, Jose Joaquin; Martinez-Subiela, Silvia; Mrljak, Vladimir; Tvarijonavic Report 6898
Abilities of Canine Shelter Behavioral Evaluations and Owner Surrender Profiles to Predict Resource Guarding in Adoptive Homes. McGuire, Betty; Orantes, Destiny; Xue, Stephanie; Parry, Stephen Report 10351
African Lions and Zoonotic Diseases: Implications for Commercial Lion Farms in South Africa. Green, Jennah; Jakins, Catherine; Asfaw, Eyob; Bruschi, Nicholas; Parker, Abbie; Waal, Louise de; D' Report 9314
Alpaca Field Behaviour When Cohabitating with Lambing Ewes. Matthews, Paige T.; Barwick, Jamie; Doughty, Amanda K.; Doyle, Emma K.; Morton, Christine L.; Brown, Report 9338
An Easy and Economical Way to Produce a Three-Dimensional Bone Phantom in a Dog with Antebrachial Deformities. Lee, Hee-Ryung; Adam, Gareeballah Osman; Yang, Dong Kwon; Tungalag, Tsendsuren; Lee, Sei-Jin; Kim, J Report 5102
An Updated Review of Toxicity Effect of the Rare Earth Elements (REEs) on Aquatic Organisms. Malhotra, Nemi; Hsu, Hua-Shu; Liang, Sung-Tzu; Roldan, Marri Jmelou M.; Lee, Jiann-Shing; Ger, Tzong Report 13478
Analysis of Whole Genome Resequencing Datasets from a Worldwide Sample of Sheep Breeds to Identify Potential Causal Mutations Influencing Milk Composition Traits. Marina, Hector; Gutierrez-Gil, Beatriz; Esteban-Blanco, Cristina; Suarez-Vega, Aroa Report 11053
Analysis of XX SRY-Negative Sex Reversal Dogs. Albarella, Sara; Lorenzi, Lisa De; Rossi, Elena; Prisco, Francesco; Riccardi, Marita Georgia; Restuc Report 5233
Anti-Biofilm Effect of Tea Saponin on a Streptococcus agalactiae Strain Isolated from Bovine Mastitis. Shang, Fei; Wang, Hui; Xue, Ting Report 3868
Anticoccidial Effect of Herbal Powder "Shi Ying Zi" in Chickens Infected with Eimeria tenella. Song, Xu; Li, Yunhe; Chen, Shufan; Jia, Renyong; Huang, Yongyuan; Zou, Yuanfeng; Li, Lixia; Zhao, Xi Report 8241
Application of a Handheld Near-Infrared Spectrometer to Predict Gelatinized Starch, Fiber Fractions, and Mineral Content of Ground and Intact Extruded Dry Dog Food. Goi, Arianna; Simoni, Marica; Righi, Federico; Visentin, Giulio; Marchi, Massimo De Report 8187
Application of Effective Day Degrees in the Assessment of Stable Isotope Patterns in Developing Seahorses under Different Temperatures. Valladares, Sonia; Planas, Miquel Report 7493
Assessment of DNA Methylation and Oxidative Changes in the Heart and Brain of Rats Receiving a High-Fat Diet Supplemented with Various Forms of Chromium. Dworzanski, Wojciech; Cholewinska, Ewelina; Fotschki, Bartosz; Juskiewicz, Jerzy; Listos, Piotr; Ogn Report 8724
Assessment of Gastrointestinal Parasites and Productive Parameters on Sheep Fed on a Ration Supplemented with Guazuma ulmifolia Leaves in Southern Mexico. Bodo, Emelyne Le; Hornick, Jean-Luc; Moula, Nassim; Zuniga, Serrano Aracely; Martinez-Alfaro, Juan C Report 6392
Association between Disease Severity, Heart Rate Variability (HRV) and Serum Cortisol Concentrations in Horses with Acute Abdominal Pain. Gehlen, Heidrun; Faust, Maria-Dorothee; Grzeskowiak, Remigiusz M. Report 8305
Associations between the Bovine Myostatin Gene and Milk Fatty Acid Composition in New Zealand Holstein-Friesian X Jersey-Cross Cows. Haruna, Ishaku L.; Li, Yunhai; Ekegbu, Ugonna J.; Amirpour-Najafabadi, Hamed; Zhou, Huitong; Hickfor Report 6863
Automated Monitoring of Panting for Feedlot Cattle: Sensor System Accuracy and Individual Variability. Islam, Md Ashraful; Lomax, Sabrina; Doughty, Amanda K.; Islam, Mohammed R.; Clark, Cameron E.F. Report 8515
Bacterial Load of the Teat Apex Skin and Associated Factors at Herd Level. Hohmann, Maria-Franziska; Wente, Nicole; Zhang, Yanchao; Kromker, Volker Report 10732
Baicalin-Copper Complex Modulates Gut Microbiota, Inflammatory Responses, and Hormone Secretion in DON-Challenged Piglets. Zha, Andong; Cui, Zhijuan; Qi, Ming; Liao, Simeng; Yin, Jia; Tan, Bie Report 6456
Beliefs and Attitudes of Residents in Queensland, Australia, about Managing Dog and Cat Impacts on Native Wildlife. Carter, Jennifer; Paterson, Mandy B.A.; Morton, John M.; Gelves-Gomez, Francisco Report 15679
Beneficial Land Management for Hedgehogs (Erinaceus europaeus) in the United Kingdom. Yarnell, Richard W.; Pettett, Carly E. Report 6048
Better to Have Loved and Lost? Human Avoidant Attachment Style Towards Dogs Predicts Group Membership as 'Forever Owner' or 'Foster Carer'. Lockyer, Jannine M.; Oliva, Jessica L. Report 9658
Bioavailability of Methionine-Coated Zinc Nanoparticles as a Dietary Supplement Leads to Improved Performance and Bone Strength in Broiler Chicken Production. Alkhtib, Ashraf; Scholey, Dawn; Carter, Nicholas; Cave, Gareth W.V.; Hanafy, Belal I.; Kempster, Sia Report 7621
Bone Health or Performance? Adaptation Response of Genetically Divergent Chicken Layer Lines to a Nutritive Calcium Depletion. Jansen, Simon; Bues, Mara; Baulain, Ulrich; Habig, Christin; Halle, Ingrid; Petow, Stefanie; Sharifi Report 6226
Brighton v Will: The Legal Chasm between Animal Welfare and Animal Suffering. Riley, Sophie Report 9334
Brisket Disease Is Associated with Lower Volatile Fatty Acid Production and Altered Rumen Microbiome in Holstein Heifers. Gaowa, Naren; Panke-Buisse, Kevin; Wang, Shuxiang; Wang, Haibo; Cao, Zhijun; Wang, Yajing; Yao, Kun; Report 5618
Building Bridges between Theory and Practice: How Citizen Science Can Bring Equine Researchers and Practitioners Together. Fenner, Kate; Dashper, Katherine; Wilkins, Cristina; Serpell, James; McLean, Andrew; Wilson, Bethany Report 6049
Camel Genetic Resources Conservation through Tourism: A Key Sociocultural Approach of Camelback Leisure Riding. Pastrana, Carlos Iglesias; Gonzalez, Francisco Javier Navas; Ciani, Elena; Baena, Sergio Nogales; Be Report 13714
Can Zoos Ever Be Big Enough for Large Wild Animals? A Review Using an Expert Panel Assessment of the Psychological Priorities of the Amur Tiger (Panthera tigris altaica) as a Model Species. Veasey, Jake Stuart Report 10590
Cardiac Transcriptomics Reveals That MAPK Pathway Plays an Important Role in Hypoxia Tolerance in Bighead Carp (Hypophthalmichthys nobilis). Zhou, Ying; Luo, Weiwei; Yu, Xiaomu; Wang, Junru; Feng, Yizhao; Tong, Jingou Report 6958
Cardiovascular Clinical Assessment in Greyster Dogs in Bikejoring Training. Benito, Mila; Boutigny, Laure Report 6224
Cardiovascular Performance Measurement in Water Fleas by Utilizing High-Speed Videography and ImageJ Software and Its Application for Pesticide Toxicity Assessment. Santoso, Fiorency; Krylov, Viacheslav V.; Castillo, Agnes L.; Saputra, Ferry Report 7531
Changes in Salivary Analytes of Horses Due to Circadian Rhythm and Season: A Pilot Study. Contreras-Aguilar, Maria D.; Lamy, Elsa; Escribano, Damian; Ceron, Jose J.; Tecles, Fernando; Quiles Report 4069
Characterization and Localization of Calb2 in Both the Testis and Ovary of the Japanese Flounder (Paralichthys olivaceus). Xiang, Yuting; Wu, Yahui; Zhang, Haoran; Wu, Jikui; Zhang, Junling Report 5593
Characterization of Gut Microbiota in Prenatal Cold Stress Offspring Rats by 16S rRNA Sequencing. Zheng, Jiasan; Zhu, Tingting; Wang, Lipeng; Wang, Jianfa; Lian, Shuai Report 4564
CircRNA-1926 Promotes the Differentiation of Goat SHF Stem Cells into Hair Follicle Lineage by miR-148a/b-3p/CDK19 Axis. Yin, Rong H.; Zhao, Su J.; Jiao, Qian; Wang, Ze Y.; Bai, Man; Fan, Yi X.; Zhu, Yu B. Report 6270
Circulation of Indigenous Bovine Respiratory Syncytial Virus Strains in Turkish Cattle: The First Isolation and Molecular Characterization. Yazici, Zafer; Ozan, Emre; Tamer, Cuneyt; Muftuoglu, Bahadir; Barry, Gerald; Kurucay, Hanne Nur; Elh Report 5188
Claw Trimming as a Lameness Management Practice and the Association with Welfare and Production in Dairy Cows. Sadiq, Mohammed Babatunde; Ramanoon, Siti Zubaidah; Mansor, Rozaihan; Syed-Hussain, Sharifah Salmah; Report 10247
Clinical and Hematological Follow-Up of Long-Term Oral Therapy with Type-I Interferon in Cats Naturally Infected with Feline Leukemia Virus or Feline Immunodeficiency Virus. Gomez-Lucia, Esperanza; Collado, Victorio M.; Miro, Guadalupe; Martin, Sonsoles; Benitez, Laura; Dom Report 7254
Clostridium perfringens as Foodborne Pathogen in Broiler Production: Pathophysiology and Potential Strategies for Controlling Necrotic Enteritis. Mora, Zuami Villagran-de la; Macias-Rodriguez, Maria Esther; Arratia-Quijada, Jenny; Gonzalez-Torres Report 15555
Combination Effects of Plant Extracts Rich in Tannins and Saponins as Feed Additives for Mitigating in Vitro Ruminal Methane and Ammonia Formation. Jayanegara, Anuraga; Yogianto, Yogianto; Wina, Elizabeth; Sudarman, Asep Report 8284
Comparative Effects of Using New Multi-Strain Synbiotics on Chicken Growth Performance, Hematology, Serum Biochemistry and Immunity. Zbikowski, Artur; Pawlowski, Karol; Slizewska, Katarzyna; Dolka, Beata Report 10897
Comparison of Carcass and Meat Quality Obtained from Mule and Donkey. Polidori, Paolo; Vincenzetti, Silvia; Pucciarelli, Stefania; Polzonetti, Valeria Report 5678
Comparison of Lateral and Dorsal Recumbency during Endoscope-Assisted Oophorectomy in Mature Pond Sliders (Trachemys scripta). Bardi, Edoardo; Antolini, Giulia; Lubian, Emanuele; Bronzo, Valerio; Romussi, Stefano Report 3745
Congenital Malformations in a Holstein-Fresian Calf with a Unique Mosaic Karyotype: A Case Report. Uzar, Tomasz; Szczerbal, Izabela; Serwanska-Leja, Katarzyna; Gogulski, Maciej; Bugaj, Szymon; Switon Clinical report 3320
Consequences of Climate Change-Induced Habitat Conversions on Red Wood Ants in a Central European Mountain: A Case Study. Juhasz, Orsolya; Furjes-Miko, Agnes; Tenyer, Anna; Somogyi, Anna Agnes; Aguilon, Dianne Joy; Kiss, P Case study 7529
Consequences of Maternal Essential Fatty Acid and Conjugated Linoleic Acid Supplementation on the Development of Calf Muscle and Adipose Tissue. Dahl, Nina; Albrecht, Elke; Dannenberger, Dirk; Uken, Katrin L.; Hammon, Harald M.; Maak, Steffen Report 11295
Content of Selected Macro- and Microelements in the Liver of Free-Living Wild Boars (Sus scrofa L.) from Agricultural Areas and Health Risks Associated with Consumption of Liver. Kasprzyk, Anna; Kilar, Janusz; Chwil, Stanislaw; Rudas, Michal Report 9427
Critical Perspective of Animal Production Specialists on Cell-Based Meat in Brazil: From Bottleneck to Best Scenarios. Heidemann, Marina S.; Taconeli, Cesar A.; Reis, Germano G.; Parisi, Giuliana; Molento, Carla F.M. Report 9288
Decline in Distribution and Abundance: Urban Hedgehogs under Pressure. Taucher, Anouk L.; Gloor, Sandra; Dietrich, Adrian; Geiger, Madeleine; Hegglin, Daniel; Bontadina, F Report 11388
Developing an Animal Welfare Assessment Protocol for Cows in Extensive Beef Cow-Calf Systems in New Zealand. Part 1: Assessing the Feasibility of Identified Animal Welfare Assessment Measures. Kaurivi, Y. Baby; Laven, Richard; Hickson, Rebecca; Parkinson, Tim; Stafford, Kevin Report 7976
Developing an Animal Welfare Assessment Protocol for Cows in Extensive Beef Cow-Calf Systems in New Zealand. Part 2: Categorisation and Scoring of Welfare Assessment Measures. Kaurivi, Y. Baby; Hickson, Rebecca; Laven, Richard; Parkinson, Tim Report 8696
Developing and Understanding Olfactory Evaluation of Boar Taint. Heyrman, Evert; Janssens, Steven; Buys, Nadine; Vanhaecke, Lynn; Millet, Sam; Tuyttens, Frank A.M.; Report 8110
Development and Evaluation of a Disease Large Animal Model for Preclinical Assessment of Renal Denervation Therapies. Prado, Armando Perez de; Perez-Martinez, Claudia; Regueiro-Purrinos, Marta; Cuellas-Ramon, Carlos; L Report 6778
Development and Long-Term Follow-Up of an Experimental Model of Myocardial Infarction in Rabbits. Genoves, Patricia; Arias-Mutis, Oscar J.; Parra, German; Such-Miquel, Luis Report 8842
Development of a Benchmarking Tool for Dairy Herd Management Using Routinely Collected Herd Records. Warner, Daniel; Vasseur, Elsa; Robichaud, Marianne Villettaz; Adam, Steve; Pellerin, Doris; Lefebvre Report 5511
Dietary Energy Levels Affect Rumen Bacterial Populations that Influence the Intramuscular Fat Fatty Acids of Fattening Yaks (Bos grunniens). Hu, Rui; Zou, Huawei; Wang, Hongze; Wang, Zhisheng; Wang, Xueying; Ma, Jian; Shah, Ali Mujtaba; Peng Report 7294
Dietary Insect Powder Protein Sources Improve Protein Utilization by Regulation on Intestinal Amino Acid-Chemosensing System. Liu, Hongnan; Tan, Bie; Kong, Xiangfeng; Li, Jianjun; Li, Guangran; He, Liuqin Report 9039
Dietary Supplementation of Probiotic Lactobacillus acidophilus Modulates Cholesterol Levels, Immune Response, and Productive Performance of Laying Hens. Alaqil, Abdulaziz A.; Abbas, Ahmed O.; El-Beltagi, Hossam S.; El-Atty, Hanaa. K. Abd Report 7686
Differences in Endocrine and Cardiac Changes in Mares and Her Fetus before, during, and after Parturition in Horses of Different Size. Nagel, Christina; Melchert, Maria; Aurich, Christine; Aurich, Jorg Report 5418
Differences in the Loin Tenderness of Iberian Pigs Explained through Dissimilarities in Their Transcriptome Expression Profile. Fernandez-Barroso, Miguel Angel; Caraballo, Carmen; Silio, Luis; Rodriguez, Carmen; Nunez, Yolanda; Report 13548
Dilemmas in the Management of Liminal Rodents--Attitudes of Dutch Pest Controllers. A.A.Gerwen, Maite M. van; Nieuwland, Joachim; Lith, Hein A. van; Meijboom, Franck L.B. Report 9795
Discrimination of Benign and Malignant Lesions in Canine Mammary Tissue Samples Using Raman Spectroscopy: A Pilot Study. Dantas, Diana; Soares, Liliana; Novais, Susana; Vilarinho, Rui; Moreira, J. Agostinho; Silva, Susana Report 7224
Dystocia after Unwanted Mating as One of the Risk Factors in Non-Spayed Bitches (iD])--A Retrospective Study. Jakub, Dejneka Grzegorz; Malgorzata, Ochota; Wieslawa, Bielas; Wojciech, Nizanski Report 4282
E4 Transcription Factor 1 (E4F1) Regulates Sertoli Cell Proliferation and Fertility in Mice. Yan, Rong-Ge; Yang, Qi-Lin; Yang, Qi-En Report 6498
Echocardiographic Evaluation of the Mitral Valve in Cavalier King Charles Spaniels. Bagardi, Mara; Bionda, Arianna; Locatelli, Chiara; Cortellari, Matteo; Frattini, Stefano; Negro, Ale Report 8094
Effect of Alliaceae Extract Supplementation on Performance and Intestinal Microbiota of Growing-Finishing Pig. Sanchez, Cristian Jesus; Martinez-Miro, Silvia; Ariza, Juan Jose; Madrid, Josefa Report 8504
Effect of Biochar Diet Supplementation on Chicken Broilers Performance, N[H.sub.3] and Odor Emissions and Meat Consumer Acceptance. Kalus, Kajetan; Konkol, Damian; Korczynski, Mariusz; Koziel, Jacek A. Report 5799
Effect of Concentrate Supplementation on the Expression Profile of miRNA in the Ovaries of Yak during Non-Breeding Season. Xie, Jianpeng; Kalwar, Qudratullah; Yan, Ping; Guo, Xian Report 8135
Effect of GH p.L127V Polymorphism and Feeding Systems on Milk Production Traits and Fatty Acid Composition in Modicana Cows. Bordonaro, Salvatore; Tumino, Serena; Marletta, Donata; Angelis, Anna De; Paola, Fortunato Di; Avond Report 6441
Effect of High Dietary Level (8%) of Fish Oil on Long-Chain Polyunsaturated Fatty Acid n-3 Content in Pig Tissues and Plasma Biochemical Parameters. Komprda, Tomas; Juzl, Miroslav; Matejovicova, Milena; Leva, Lenka; Piechowiczova, Marketa; Nedomova, Report 7213
Effect of Prickly Pear Cactus Peel Supplementation on Milk Production, Nutrient Digestibility and Rumen Fermentation of Sheep and the Maternal Effects on Growth and Physiological Performance of Suckling Offspring. Morshedy, Sabrin A.; Mohsen, Aymen E. Abdal; Basyony, Mohamed M.; Almeer, Rafa; Abdel-Daim, Mohamed Report 11387
Effect of Sex and Age on Nutritional Content in Wild Axis Deer (Axis axis Erx.) Meat. Ugarkovic, Nikolina Kelava; Konjacic, Miljenko; Prpic, Zvonimir Report 9396
Effect of Sex and Breed on HSPA1A, Blood Stress Indicators and Meat Quality of Lambs. Stempa, Thuthuzelwa; Bradley, Graeme Report 7791
Effect of the Use of Tomato Pomace on Feeding and Performance of Lactating Goats. Mizael, Waldeana C.F.; Costa, Roberto Germano; Cruz, George Rodrigo Beltrao Report 8948
Effectiveness of Biocidal Paint Containing Permethrin, Ultramarine and Violet 23 Against Alphitobius diaperinus (Panzer) (Coleoptera: Tenebrionidae) in Laboratories and Poultry Houses. Dzik, Sara; Mituniewicz, Tomasz Report 5461
Effects of Bacillus amyloliquefaciens and Bacillus pumilus on Rumen and Intestine Morphology and Microbiota in Weanling Jintang Black Goat. Zhang, Nanchi; Wang, Li; Wei, Yong Report 5429
Effects of Class IIa Bacteriocin-Producing Lactobacillus Species on Fermentation Quality and Aerobic Stability of Alfalfa Silage. Li, Fuhou; Ding, Zitong; Adesogan, Adegbola T.; Ke, Wencan; Jiang, Yun; Bai, Jie Report 8132
Effects of Dietary Inclusion of Seaweed, Heat Stress and Genetic Strain on Performance, Plasma Biochemical and Hematological Parameters in Laying Hens. Borzouie, Shima; Rathgeber, Bruce M.; Stupart, Cassie M.; MacIsaac, Janice Report 8329
Effects of Feeding Increasing Levels of Yerba Mate on Lamb Meat Quality and Antioxidant Activity. Pena-Bermudez, Yuli A.; Lobo, Richard R.; Rojas-Moreno, Danny A.; Poleti, Mirele D.; Amorim, Tamyres Report 8603
Effects of First Feed Administration on Small Intestinal Development and Plasma Hormones in Broiler Chicks. Wang, Jiangshui; Wang, Dianchun; Li, Kaixuan; Xia, Lei; Wang, Yuanyuan; Jiang, Lei Report 6820
Effects of Growing-Finishing Pig Stocking Rates on Bermudagrass Ground Cover and Soil Properties. Pietrosemoli, Silvana; Raczkowski, Charles; Green, Jr., James T.; Villamide, Maria Jesus Report 10358
Effects of Intermittent Mild Cold Stimulation on mRNA Expression of Immunoglobulins, Cytokines, and Toll-Like Receptors in the Small Intestine of Broilers. Li, Shuang; Li, Jianhong; Liu, Yanhong; Li, Chun; Zhang, Runxiang; Bao, Jun Report 7172
Effects of Laetiporus sulphureus-Fermented Wheat Bran on Growth Performance, Intestinal Microbiota and Digesta Characteristics in Broiler Chickens. Lin, Wei Chih; Lee, Tzu Tai Report 8447
Effects of Pre-Cooling on Thermophysiological Responses in Elite Eventing Horses. Klous, Lisa; Siegers, Esther; Broek, Jan van den; Folkerts, Mireille; Gerrett, Nicola; Oldruitenborg Report 7368
Effects of Propylene Glycol on Negative Energy Balance of Postpartum Dairy Cows. Zhang, Fan; Nan, Xuemei; Wang, Hui; Zhao, Yiguang; Guo, Yuming Report 9700
Effects of RAC1 on Proliferation of Hen Ovarian Prehierarchical Follicle Granulosa Cells. Tyasi, Thobela Louis; Sun, Xue; Shan, Xuesong; Liswaniso, Simushi Report 5531
Effects of Rumen-Protected Choline on Growth Performance, Carcass Characteristics and Blood Lipid Metabolites of Feedlot Lambs. Kawas, Jorge R.; Garcia-Mazcorro, Jose F.; Fimbres-Durazo, Hector Report 5149
Effects of Sodium Formate and Calcium Propionate Additives on the Fermentation Quality and Microbial Community of Wet Brewers Grains after Short-Term Storage. Lv, Jingyi; Fang, Xinpeng; Feng, Guanzhi; Zhang, Guangning; Zhao, Chao; Zhang, Yonggen; Li, Yang Report 8120
Effects of Three Herbs on Methane Emissions from Beef Cattle. Vazquez-Carrillo, Maria Fernanda; Montelongo-Perez, Hugo Daniel; Gonzalez-Ronquillo, Manuel; Castill Report 11722
Effects of Zinc Oxide and Arginine on the Intestinal Microbiota and Immune Status of Weaned Pigs Subjected to High Ambient Temperature. Yoon, Se Young; Sa, Soo Jin; Cho, Eun Seok; Ko, Han Seo; Choi, Jung Woo Report 7937
Efficacy of Management and Monitoring Methods to Prevent Post-Harvest Losses Caused by Rodents. Krijger, Inge M.; Gort, Gerrit; Belmain, Steven R.; Koerkamp, Peter W.G. Groot; Shafali, Rokeya B.; Report 8975
Egg Production and Bone Stability of Local Chicken Breeds and Their Crosses Fed with Faba Beans. Nolte, Tanja; Jansen, Simon; Halle, Ingrid; Scholz, Armin Manfred; Simianer, Henner; Sharifi, Ahmad Report 10577
Epidemiological and Histopathological Investigation of Sarcoptic Mange in Camels in Egypt. Ahmed, Marwa A.; Elmahallawy, Ehab Kotb; Gareh, Ahmed; Abdelbaset, Abdelbaset Eweda; El-Gohary, Fatm Report 5485
Erratum: Harris, C; White, P.J.; Mohler, V.L.; Lomax, S. Electroencephalography Can Distinguish between Pain and Anaesthetic Intervention in Conscious Lambs Undergoing Castration. Animals 2020,10,428. Harris, Charissa; White, Peter John; Mohler, Virginia L.; Lomax, Sabrina Correction notice 319
Establishing Animal Welfare Rules of Conduct for the Portuguese Veterinary Profession--Results from a Policy Delphi with Vignettes. Magalhaes-Sant'Ana, Manuel; Peleteiro, Maria Conceicao; Stilwell, George Report 7221
Estradiol-17[beta] Pharmacokinetics and Histological Assessment of the Ovaries and Uterine Horns following Intramuscular Administration of Estradiol Cypionate in Feral Cats. Hyndman, Timothy H.; Algar, Kelly L.; Woodward, Andrew P.; Coiacetto, Flaminia; Hampton, Jordan O.; Report 7989
Ethical and Societal Issues Occasioned by Xenotransplantation. Rollin, Bernard E. Viewpoint essay 6528
Evaluating the Impact of Wildlife Shelter Management on the Genetic Diversity of Erinaceus europaeus and E. roumanicus in Their Contact Zone. Ploi, Kerstin; Curto, Manuel; Bolfikova, Barbora Cerna; Loudova, Miroslava; Hulva, Pavel; Seiter, An Report 7727
Evaluating the Suitability of Hazelnut Skin as a Feed Ingredient in the Diet of Dairy Cows. Renna, Manuela; Lussiana, Carola; Malfatto, Vanda; Gerbelle, Mathieu; Turille, Germano; Medana, Clau Report 14188
Evaluation of a Bacterial Single-Cell Protein in Compound Diets for Rainbow Trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss) Fry as an Alternative Protein Source. Zamani, Abbas; Khajavi, Maryam; Nazarpak, Masoumeh Haghbin; Gisbert, Enric Report 14055
Evaluation of an Acute Osmotic Stress in European Sea Bass via Skin Mucus Biomarkers. Ordonez-Grande, Borja; Guerreiro, Pedro M.; Sanahuja, Ignasi Report 9882
Evaluation of Bacillus licheniformis-Fermented Feed Additive as an Antibiotic Substitute: Effect on the Growth Performance, Diarrhea Incidence, and Cecal Microbiota in Weaning Piglets. Lin, Kuei-Hung; Yu, Yu-Hsiang Report 7812
Evaluation of Cross-Protection between G1a- and G2a-Genotype Porcine Epidemic Diarrhea Viruses in Suckling Piglets. Zhang, Yuhan; Chen, Yanjun; Yuan, Weifeng; Peng, Qi; Zhang, Fanfan; Ye, Yu; Huang, Dongyan; Ding, Zh Report 7128
Examining the Effects of Whole Crop Wheat Silage on Ewe Performance during Late Gestation Compared to Traditional Grass Silage across Three Prolific Breed Types. Higgins, Jonathan T.; Campion, Dermot; Jones, Joe; Lott, Stephen; Lynch, M. Bridget Report 12621
Expansion of Vertebrate Pest Exclusion Fencing and Its Potential Benefits for Threatened Fauna Recovery in Australia. Smith, Deane; Waddell, Kristy; Allen, Benjamin L. Report 7864
Exploring the Genetic Background of the Differences in Nest-Building Behavior in European Rabbit. Benedek, Ildiko; Altbacker, Vilmos; C., Attila Zsolnai; Molnar, Tamas Report 6455
Exploring the Rumen and Cecum Microbial Community from Fetus to Adulthood in Goat. Zou, Xian; Liu, Guangbin; Meng, Fanming; Hong, Linjun; Li, Yaokun; Lian, Zhiquan; Yang, Zhenwei; Luo Report 7895
Factors Informing the Return of Adopted Dogs and Cats to an Animal Shelter. Hawes, Sloane M.; Kerrigan, Josephine M.; Hupe, Tess; Morris, Kevin N. Report 8689
Factors that Influence Farmers' Views on Farm Animal Welfare: A Semi-Systematic Review and Thematic Analysis. Balzani, Agnese; Hanlon, Alison Report 14065
Farming Practices Influence Antibiotic Resistance and Biogenic Amine Capacity of Staphylococci from Bulk Tank Ewe's Milk. Poveda, Justa Maria; Jimenez, Lorena; Perea, Jose Manuel; Arias, Ramon; Palop, Maria Llanos Report 9052
Fatty Acid Composition in Blubber, Liver, and Muscle of Marine Mammals in the Southern Baltic Sea. Dannenberger, Dirk; Moller, Ramona; Westphal, Linda; Moritz, Timo; Dahne, Michael; Grunow, Bianka Report 7585
Feeding Agro-Industrial By-Products to Light Lambs: Influence on Meat Characteristics, Lipid Oxidation, and Fatty Acid Profile. Evan, Trinidad de; Cabezas, Almudena; Vazquez, Jesus de la Fuente Report 10180
Feeding Calves with Pasteurized Colostrum and Milk Has a Positive Long-Term Effect on Their Productive Performance. Armengol, Ramon; Fraile, Lorenzo Report 7987
Feeding Fungal-Pretreated Corn Straw Improves Health and Meat Quality of Lambs Infected with Gastrointestinal Nematodes. Xiang, Hai; Zhao, Xueli; Fang, Yi; Wang, Fei; Liang, Rong; Sun, Xuezhao; Wang, Shuiping; Zhong, Rong Report 8024
Fermented Feed Modulates Meat Quality and Promotes the Growth of Longissimus Thoracis of Late-Finishing Pigs. Qiu, Yueqin; Li, Kebiao; Zhao, Xichen; Liu, Shilong; Wang, Li; Yang, Xuefen; Jiang, Zongyong Report 9496
Fibromodulin Modulates Chicken Skeletal Muscle Development via the Transforming Growth Factor-(3 Signaling Pathway. Yin, Huadong; Cui, Can; Han, Shunshun; Chen, Yuqi; Zhao, Jing; He, Haorong; Li, Diyan; Zhu, Qing Report 4182
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First Molecular Detection and Characterization of Hemotropic Mycoplasma Species in Cattle and Goats from Uganda. Byamukama, Benedicto; Tumwebaze, Maria Agnes; Tayebwa, Dickson Stuart; Byaruhanga, Joseph; Angwe, Ma Report 4871
Frequent Visits to an Outdoor Range and Lower Areas of an Aviary System Is Related to Curiosity in Commercial Free-Range Laying Hens. Kolakshyapati, Manisha; Taylor, Peta Simone; Hamlin, Adam; Sibanda, Terence Zimazile; Vilela, Jessic Report 13108
Friendship or Competition? Symmetry in Social Play within the Two Packs of German Shepherd Puppies. Kottferova, Jana; Skurkova, Lenka; Mesarcova, Lydia; Leskova, Lenka; Demeova, Alena; Jakuba, Tomas Report 8056
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Genetic Characterization of the Local Pirenaica Cattle for Parentage and Traceability Purposes. Gamarra, David; Taniguchi, Masaaki; Aldai, Noelia; Arakawa, Aisaku Report 6733
Genetic Diversity and Population Structure of Polish Konik Horse Based on Individuals from All the Male Founder Lines and Microsatellite Markers. Fornal, Agnieszka; Kowalska, Katarzyna; Zabek, Tomasz; Piestrzynska-Kajtoch, Agata Report 5340
Genetic Parameters of Different FTIR-Enabled Phenotyping Tools Derived from Milk Fatty Acid Profile for Reducing Enteric Methane Emissions in Dairy Cattle. Bittante, Giovanni; Cipolat-Gotet, Claudio; Cecchinato, Alessio Report 11489
Genetic Variability in Polish Lowland Sheepdogs Assessed by Pedigree and Genomic Data. Michels, Paula Wiebke; Distl, Ottmar Report 8822
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Gut Microbiome Composition is Associated with Age and Memory Performance in Pet Dogs. Kubinyi, Eniko; Rhali, Soufiane Bel; Sandor, Sara; Szabo, Attila; Felfoldi, Tamas Report 4712
Health Risk Perception, Consumption Intention, and Willingness to Pay for Pig Products Obtained by Immunocastration. Pasquale, Jorgelina Di; Vecchio, Yari; Martelli, Giovanna; Sardi, Luca Report 8106
Hierarchies and Dominance Behaviors in European Pond Turtle (Emys orbicularis galloitalica) Hatchlings in a Controlled Environment. Masin, Simone; Bani, Luciano; Vardanega, Davide; Chiodini, Norberto; Orioli, Valerio Report 6821
Historical Surgical Treatments in Polish Veterinary Medicine. Gonkowski, Slawomir; Rytel, Liliana; Makowska, Krystyna; Calka, Jaroslaw Report 6452
Horses Used for Educational Purposes in New Zealand: A Descriptive Analysis of Their Use for Teaching. Guinnefollau, Laureline; Gee, Erica K.; Norman, Elizabeth J.; Rogers, Chris W. Report 5195
Host Diversity and Origin of Zoonoses: The Ancient and the New. Recht, Judith; Schuenemann, Verena J.; Sanchez-Villagra, Marcelo R. Report 8528
Housing Management of Male Dromedaries during the Rut Season: Effects of Social Contact between Males and Movement Control on Sexual Behavior, Blood Metabolites and Hormonal Balance. EL-Shoukary, Ramadan D.; Nasreldin, Nani; Osman, Ahmed S.; Hashem, Nesrein M.; Saadeldin, Islam M.; Report 6832
Human-Animal Relationship Dysfunction: A Case Study of Animal Hoarding in Italy. d'Angelo, Danila; Ciani, Francesca; Zaccherini, Alessandra; Tafuri, Simona; Avallone, Luigi; d'Ingeo Case study 6051
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Hyperhomocysteinemia Induced by Methionine Excess is Effectively Suppressed by Betaine in Geese. Yang, Zhi; Yang, Yu; Yang, Jinjin; Wan, Xiaoli; Yang, Haiming; Wang, Zhiyue Report 6185
Identification of the Key microRNAs and miRNA-mRNA Interaction Networks during the Ovarian Development of Hens. Li, Jing; Li, Chong; Li, Qi; Wen-Ting; Li, Hong; Li, Guo-Xi; Kang, Xiang-Tao; Liu, Xiao-Jun; Tian, Y Report 5216
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Identifying the Stressors Impacting Rescued Avian Wildlife. Janssen, Kimberley; Marsland, Crystal; Barreto, Michelle Orietta; Charalambous, Renae; Narayan, Edwa Report 4322
Immune Responses of Asian Seabass Lates calcarifer to Dietary Glycyrrhiza uralensis. Yang, Rui; Han, Mingyang; Fu, Zhengyi; Wang, Yifu; Zhao, Wang; Yu, Gang; Ma, Zhenhua Report 6243
Impact of a Ration Negative in Dietary Cation-Anion Difference and Varying Calcium Supply Fed before Calving on Colostrum Quality of the Dams and Health Status and Growth Performance of the Calves. Rajaeerad, Abbas; Ghorbani, Gholam Reza; Khorvash, Mohammad; Sadeghi-Sefidmazgi, Ali; Mahdavi, Amir Report 10938
Impacts and Potential Mitigation of Road Mortality for Hedgehogs in Europe. Moore, Lauren J.; Petrovan, Silviu O.; Baker, Philip J.; Bates, Adam J.; Hicks, Helen L. Report 10103
Improvement of the Water Quality in Rainbow Trout Farming by Means of the Feeding Type and Management over 10 Years (2009-2019). Elisa, Fiordelmondo; Magi, Gian Enrico; Mariotti, Francesca; Bakiu, Rigers Report 7303
In Vivo Screening and Antidiabetic Potential of Polyphenol Extracts from Guava Pulp, Seeds and Leaves. Shabbir, Hassan; Kausar, Tusneem; Noreen, Sobia; Rehman, Hafeezur; Hussain, Ashiq; Huang, Qingrong; Report 7881
Increasing Hepatitis E Virus Seroprevalence in Domestic Pigs and Wild Boar in Bulgaria. Takova, Katerina; Koynarski, Tsvetoslav; Minkov, Ivan; Ivanova, Zdravka Report 6223
Inflammatory Correlated Response in Two Lines of Rabbit Selected Divergently for Litter Size Environmental Variability. Beloumi, Dhekra; Blasco, Agustin; Muelas, Raquel; Santacreu, Maria Antonia Report 5008
Internal Teat Sealant Administered at Drying off Reduces Intramammary Infections during the Dry and Early Lactation Periods of Dairy Cows. Freu, Gustavo; Tomazi, Tiago; Monteiro, Camylla Pedrosa; Barcelos, Melina Melo Report 9282
Interval between Removal of a 4.7 mg Deslorelin Implant after a 3-, 6-, and 9-Month Treatment and Restoration of Testicular Function in Tomcats. Ferre-Dolcet, Lluis; Carniello, Lisa; Ferro, Silvia; Cattai, Andrea; Romagnoli, Stefano Report 5575
Intrinsic and Extrinsic Quality Attributes of Fresh and Semi-Hard Goat Cheese from Low- and High-Input Farming Systems. Lopez, Annalaura; Vasconi, Mauro; Battini, Monica; Mattiello, Silvana Report 10816
Investigating the Polymorphism of Bone Morphogenetic Protein Receptor-1B (BMPR1B) Gene in Markhoz Goat Breed. Dogaheh, Sheila Pourali; Mirhoseini, Seyed Ziaeddin; Tufarelli, Vincenzo Report 3348
Legal Complexities of Entry, Rescue, Seizure and Disposal of Disaster-Affected Companion Animals in New Zealand. Glassey, Steve Report 5939
Long-Term Assessment of Baseline Blood Biochemistry Parameters in Rainbow Trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss) Maintained under Controlled Conditions. Pastorino, Paolo; Bergagna, Stefania; Dezzutto, Daniela; Barbero, Raffaella; Righetti, Marzia; Pagli Report 3336
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Low Dietary n-6/n-3 PUFA Ratio Regulates Meat Quality, Reduces Triglyceride Content, and Improves Fatty Acid Composition of Meat in Heigai Pigs. Nong, Qiuyun; Wang, Liyi; Zhou, Yanbing; Sun, Ye; Chen, Wentao Report 9436
Luteal Presence and Ovarian Response at the Beginning of a Timed Artificial Insemination Protocol for Lactating Dairy Cows Affect Fertility: A Meta-Analysis. Borchardt, Stefan; Pohl, Alina; Heuwieser, Wolfgang Report 8158
Lymphoepithelial Cyst of the Salivary Gland in a Small Ruminant Lentivirus-Positive Goat. Dolka, Izabella; Tomaszewski, Marek; Wola, Daria; Czopowicz, Michal Report 4951
Management of Risk Factors Associated with Chronic Oral Lesions in Sheep. Arcaute, Marta Ruiz de; Lacasta, Delia; Gonzalez, Jose Maria; Ferrer, Luis Miguel Report 5953
Maternal Origins and Haplotype Diversity of Seven Russian Goat Populations Based on the D-loop Sequence Variability. Deniskova, Tatiana; Bakoev, Nekruz; Dotsev, Arsen; Selionova, Marina; Zinovieva, Natalia Report 6066
Maxillary Incisors of the Horse before and at the Beginning of the Teeth Shedding: Radiographic and CT Study. Miro, Francisco; Manso, Carla; Diz, Andres; Novales, Manuel Report 8107
Metabolic Profiling of Plasma in Different Calving Body Condition Score Cows Using an Untargeted Liquid Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry Metabolomics Approach. Wang, Jian; Zhang, Chuang; Zhao, Qingyao; Li, Congcong; Jin, Shuang; Gu, Xianhong Report 5525
Metabonomic Responses of Grazing Yak to Different Concentrate Supplementations in Cold Season. Zhou, Jia; Yue, Shuangming; Peng, Quanhui; Wang, Lizhi; Wang, Zhisheng; Xue, Bai Report 7666
Methods of Assessment of the Welfare of Shelter Cats: A Review. Vojtkovska, Veronika; Voslarova, Eva; Vecerek, Vladimir Report 23980
MHC Genotyping by SSCP and Amplicon-Based NGS Approach in Chamois. Stipoljev, Suncica; Buzan, Elena; Roleckova, Barbora; Iacolina, Laura; Sprem, Nikica Report 4654
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MiR-143 Regulates Milk Fat Synthesis by Targeting Smad3 in Bovine Mammary Epithelial Cells. Zhang, Li; Wu, Zhang-Qing; Wang, Yu-Juan; Wang, Meng; Yang, Wu-Cai Report 3685
Mitochondrial DNA Variations in Colombian Creole Sheep Confirm an Iberian Origin and Shed Light on the Dynamics of Introduction Events of African Genotypes. Revelo, Herman Alberto; Lopez-Alvarez, Diana; Landi, Vincenzo; Rizzo, Lauden Report 7086
Monitoring and Characteristics of Major Mastitis Pathogens from Bulk Tank Milk in Korea. Yun, Mun-Jo; Yoon, Sunghyun; Lee, Young Ju Report 7079
Mortality Causes in Free-Ranging Eurasian Brown Bears (Ursus arctos arctos) in Spain 1998-2018. Balseiro, Ana; Royo, Luis J.; Gayo, Elena; Balsera, Ramon; Alarcia, Olga Report 4991
Mucosal Hallmarks in the Alimentary Canal of Northern Pike Esox lucius (Linnaeus). Bosi, Giampaolo; Lorenzoni, Massimo; Carosi, Antonella; Dezfuli, Bahram Sayyaf Report 7611
Multiple Cephalic Malformations in a Calf. G., Di Muro; G., Cagnotti; C., Bellino; M.T., Capucchio; E., Colombino; A., D'Angelo Report 4367
Multiple Xenosteroid Pollutants Biomarker Changes in Cultured Nile Tilapia Using Wastewater Effluents as Their Primary Water Source. Zahran, Eman; Elmetwally, Mohammed; Awadin, Walaa; El-Matbouli, Mansour Report 10431
Myeloperoxidase and Lysozymes as a Pivotal Hallmark of Immunity Status in Rabbits. Hrynkiewicz, Rafal; Bebnowska, Dominika; Niedzwiedzka-Rystwej, Paulina Report 5764
Nano Chromium Picolinate Improves Gene Expression Associated with Insulin Signaling in Porcine Skeletal Muscle and Adipose Tissue. Hung, Alex T.; Leury, Brian J.; Sabin, Matthew A.; Fahri, Fahri; DiGiacomo, Kristy; Lien, Tu-Fa; Dun Report 7092
Naturalness and the Legitimacy of Thoroughbred Racing: A Photo-Elicitation Study with Industry and Animal Advocacy Informants. Bergmann, Iris M. Report 19748
Objective Assessment of Acute Pain in Foals Using a Facial Expression-Based Pain Scale. Loon, Johannes van; Verhaar, Nicole; Berg, Els van den; Ross, Sarah; Grauw, Janny de Report 4215
On the Behavioural Biology of the Mainland Serow: A Comparative Study. Lovari, Sandro; Mori, Emiliano; Procaccio, Eva Luna Report 6437
Optimal Methods of Documenting Analgesic Efficacy in Neonatal Piglets Undergoing Castration. Sheil, Meredith; Polkinghorne, Adam Report 21759
Optimizing the Use of iPSC-CMs for Cardiac Regeneration in Animal Models. Bizy, Alexandra; Klos, Matthew Report 15681
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Overfeeding-Induced Obesity Could Cause Potential Immuno-Physiological Disorders in Rainbow Trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss). Roh, HyeongJin; Park, Jiyeon; Kim, Ahran; Kim, Nameun; Lee, Yoonhang; Kim, Bo Seong; Vijayan, Jasna; Report 7623
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Pearsonema spp. (Family Capillariidae, Order Enoplida) Infection in Domestic Carnivores in Central-Northern Italy and in a Red Fox Population from Central Italy. Pelligra, Salvatore; Guardone, Lisa; Riggio, Francesca; Parisi, Francesca; Maestrini, Michela; Maria Report 5537
Physical Parameters and Fatty Acids Profiles in Milanino, Mericanel Della Brianza, Valdarnese Bianca and Commercial Hybrids (Gallus Gallus Domesticus) Table Eggs. Marelli, Stefano Paolo; Zaniboni, Luisa; Madeddu, Manuela; Sayed, Ahmad Abdel Report 5596
Physiological Response of Pelophylax nigromaculatus Adults to Salinity Exposure. Park, Jun-Kyu; Do, Yuno Report 6643
Pilot Study of the Relationship between Deck Level and Journey Duration on Plasma Cortisol, Epinephrine and Norepinephrine Levels in Italian Heavy Pigs. Bozzo, Giancarlo; Padalino, Barbara; Bonerba, Elisabetta; Barrasso, Roberta Report 7895
Plasmatic Profile of Pregnancy-Associated Glycoprotein (PAG) during Gestation and Postpartum in Sarda and Lacaune Sheep Determined with Two Radioimmunoassay Systems. Carolis, Martina De; Barbato, Olimpia; Acuti, Gabriele; Trabalza-Marinucci, Massimo; Sousa, Noelita Report 6563
Population Density, Size Structure, and Reproductive Cycle of the Comestible Sea Urchin Sphaerechinus granularis (Echinodermata: Echinoidea) in the Pagasitikos Gulf (Aegean Sea). Vafidis, Dimitrios; Antoniadou, Chryssanthi; Ioannidi, Vassiliki Report 5180
Pork Production with Entire Males: Directions for Control of Boar Taint. Squires, E. James; Bone, Christine; Cameron, Jocelyn Report 12176
Possible Mechanisms of Action of Two Pseudomonas fluorescens Isolates as Probiotics on Saprolegniosis Control in Rainbow Trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss Walbaum). Gonzalez-Palacios, Concepcion; Fregeneda-Grandes, Juan-Miguel; Aller-Gancedo, Jose-Miguel Report 7047
Prepartum Fat Mobilization in Dairy Cows with Equal Body Condition and Its Impact on Health, Behavior, Milk Production and Fertility during Lactation. Rodriguez, Alfredo; Mellado, Ricardo; Bustamante, Hedie Report 7081
Prevalence and Distribution of Lesions in the Nasal Bones and Mandibles of a Sample of 144 Riding Horses. Perez-Manrique, Lucia; Leon-Perez, Karina; Zamora-Sanchez, Emmanuel; Davies, Sarah; Ober, Christophe Report 8685
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QTL for Stress and Disease Resistance in European Sea Bass, Dicentrarhus labrax L.. Chatziplis, Dimitrios; Oikonomou, Stavroula; Loukovitis, Dimitrios; Tsiokos, Dimitrios; Samaras, Ath Report 7306
Regression Equations of Energy Values of Corn, Soybean Meal, and Wheat Bran Developed by Chemical Composition for Growing Pigs. Yang, Pan; Ni, Jian Jun; Zhao, Jin Biao; Zhang, Gang; Huang, Cheng Fei Report 10494
Reliability of the Mouse Grimace Scale in C57BL/6JRj Mice. Hohlbaum, Katharina; Corte, Giuliano Mario; Humpenoder, Melanie; Merle, Roswitha; Thone-Reineke, Chr Report 6381
Remote Controlled Nociceptive Threshold Testing Systems in Large Animals. Taylor, Polly Report 10170
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Resilience of Lambs to Limited Water Availability without Compromising Their Production Performance. Adeniji, Yusuf A.; Sanni, Musafau O.; Abdoun, Khalid A.; Samara, Emad M.; Al-Badwi, Mohamed A.; Baha Report 7491
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Risky Business: Live Non-CITES Wildlife UK Imports and the Potential for Infectious Diseases. Green, Jennah; Coulthard, Emma; Norrey, John; Megson, David; D'Cruze, Neil Report 10450
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Salmonella Bacteriophage Diversity According to Most Prevalent Salmonella Serovars in Layer and Broiler Poultry Farms from Eastern Spain. Sevilla-Navarro, Sandra; Catala-Gregori, Pablo; Marin, Clara Report 5134
SDHB and SDHA Immunohistochemistry in Canine Pheochromocytomas. Abed, Firas M.; Brown, Melissa A.; Al-Mahmood, Omar A.; Dark, Michael J. Report 2772
Seasonal Expression of NGF and Its Cognate Receptors in the Ovaries of Grey Squirrels (Sciurus carolinensis). Maranesi, Margherita; Palermo, Francesco Alessandro; Bufalari, Antonello Report 5535
Seawater Culture Increases Omega-3 Long-Chain Polyunsaturated Fatty Acids (N-3 LC-PUFA) Levels in Japanese Sea Bass (Lateolabraxjaponicus), Probably by Upregulating Elovl5. Dong, Xiaojing; Wang, Jianqiao; Ji, Peng; Sun, Longsheng; Miao, Shuyan; Lei, Yanju; Du, Xuedi Report 6174
Selection for Favorable Health Traits: A Potential Approach to Cope with Diseases in Farm Animals. Hu, Guoyu; Do, Duy Ngoc; Gray, Janine; Miar, Younes Report 16637
Selection of Immature Cat Oocytes with Brilliant Cresyl Blue Stain Improves In Vitro Embryo Production during Non-Breeding Season. Piras, Anna Rita; Ariu, Federica; Zedda, Maria-Teresa; Paramio, Maria-Teresa; Bogliolo, Luisa Report 6546
Selection Signatures Analysis Reveals Genes Associated with High-Altitude Adaptation in Tibetan Goats from Nagqu, Tibet. Jin, Meilin; Lu, Jian; Fei, Xiaojuan; Lu, Zengkui; Quan, Kai; Liu, Yongbin; Chu, Mingxing; Di, Ran; Report 5330
Semen Quality of Rasa Aragonesa Rams Carrying the FecXR Allele of the BMP15 Gene. Abecia, Jose Alfonso; Macias, Angel; Casao, Adriana; Burillo, Clara; Martin, Elena; Perez-Pe, Rosaur Report 5023
Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2) Exhibits High Predicted Binding Affinity to ACE2 from Lagomorphs (Rabbits and Pikas). Preziuso, Silvia Report 5100
Sex Differences in Intestinal Microbial Composition and Function of Hainan Special Wild Boar. Wang, Xiaozhe; Zhang, Ying; Wen, Qiong; Wang, Ying; Wang, Zhixin; Tan, Zhen Report 6324
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Studying the Effects of Collagenase (Type 1) on the Collagen in Woody Breast Meat. Morey, Amit; Johnson, Meredith Lane; Kataria, Jasmine; Gonzalez, John Michael Report 2658
Survey on Sheep Usage in Biomedical Research. Berset, Corina Mihaela; Lanker, Urban; Zeiter, Stephan Report 2221
Susceptibility to Size Visual Illusions in a Non-Primate Mammal (Equus caballus). Cappellato, Anansi; Petrazzini, Maria Elena Miletto; Bisazza, Angelo; Dadda, Marco; Agrillo, Christi Report 4806
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Tail Docking of Piglets 2: Effects of Meloxicam on the Stress Response to Tail Docking. Morrison, Rebecca; Hemsworth, Paul Report 5274
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The Maternal Diet with Fish Oil Might Decrease the Oxidative Stress and Inflammatory Response in Sows, but Increase the Susceptibility to Inflammatory Stimulation in their Offspring. Luo, Wenli; Xu, Weina; Zhang, Jing; Yao, Jianbo; Xu, Jianxiong Report 7327
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The Potential of Human-Horse Attachment in Creating Favorable Settings for Professional Care: A Study of Adolescents' Visit to a Farm. Tormalehto, Erna; Korkiamaki, Riikka Report 9880
The Presence of D-Penicillamine during the In Vitro Capacitation of Stallion Spermatozoa Prolongs Hyperactive-Like Motility and Allows for Sperm Selection by Thermotaxis. Ruiz-Diaz, Sara; Oseguera-Lopez, Ivan; Cuesta-Diaz, David De La; Garcia-Lopez, Belen; Serres, Consue Report 9254
The Prevalence of Salmonella spp. in Two Arctic Fox (Alopex lagopus) Farms in Poland. Siemionek, Jan; Przywara, Konrad; Szczerba-Turek, Anna Report 3573
The Probable Use of Genus amaranthus as Feed Material for Monogastric Animals. Manyelo, Tlou Grace; Sebola, Nthabiseng Amenda; Rensburg, Elsabe Janse van; Mabelebele, Monnye Report 9861
The Response of Broiler Chickens to Dietary Soybean Meal Reduction with Glycine and Cysteine Inclusion at Marginal Sulfur Amino Acids (SAA) Deficiency. Elahi, Usman; Wang, Jing; Ma, You-biao; Wu, Shu-geng; Qi, Guang-hai; Zhang, Hai-jun Report 14148
The Weekend Effect on Urban Bat Activity Suggests Fine Scale Human-Induced Bat Movements. Li, Han; Crihfield, Chase; Feng, Yashi; Gaje, Gabriella; Guzman, Elissa; Heckman, Talia; Mellis, Ann Report 9313
Transcriptional Regulator YqeI, Locating at ETT2 Locus, Affects the Pathogenicity of Avian Pathogenic Escherichia coli. Xue, Mei; Xiao, Yating; Fu, Dandan; Raheem, Muhammad Akmal; Shao, Ying; Song, Xiangjun; Tu, Jian; Xu Report 5484
Transdermal Fentanyl Uptake at Two Different Patch Locations in Swiss White Alpine Sheep. Buchholz, Tim; Hildebrand, Maria; Heider, Anja; Stenger, Valentina; Arens, Daniel; Spadavecchia, Cla Report 6933
Transforming the Adaptation Physiology of Farm Animals through Sensors. Neethirajan, Suresh Report 13883
Trefoil Factor Family Member 2 (TFF2) as an Inflammatory-Induced and Anti-Inflammatory Tissue Repair Factor. Ghanemi, Abdelaziz; Yoshioka, Mayumi; St-Amand, Jonny Letter to the editor 3771
Udder Morphometry and Its Relationship with Intramammary Infections and Somatic Cell Count in Serrana Goats. Margatho, Gisele; Quintas, Helder; Rodriguez-Estevez, Vicente; Simoes, Joao Report 5955
Urinary Reference Values and First Insight into the Urinary Proteome of Captive Giraffes. Fasoli, Sabrina; Andreani, Giulia; Dondi, Francesco; Ferlizza, Enea; Bellei, Elisa; Isani, Gloria Report 8489
Use of Contrast-Enhanced Ultrasonography for the Characterization of Tumor Thrombi in Seven Dogs. Cordella, Alessia; Pey, Pascaline; Linta, Nikolina; Quinci, Manuela; Toaldo, Marco Baron; Pisoni, Lu Report 4238
Use of Different Cooling Methods in Pig Facilities to Alleviate the Effects of Heat Stress--A Review. Godyn, Dorota; Herbut, Piotr; Angrecka, Sabina; Vieira, Frederico Marcio Correa Report 9437
Using High-Density SNP Array to Reveal Selection Signatures Related to Prolificacy in Chinese and Kazakhstan Sheep Breeds. Wang, Yi; Niu, Zhigang; Zeng, Zhengcheng; Jiang, Yao; Jiang, Yifan; Ding, Yugong; Tang, Sen; Shi, Ho Report 6396
Using RNA-Seq to Identify Reference Genes of the Transition from Brown to White Adipose Tissue in Goats. Wang, Linjie; Chen, Xingyue; Song, Tianzeng; Zhang, Xujia; Zhan, Siyuan; Cao, Jiaxue; Zhong, Tao; Gu Report 4849
Variation and Association of Hen Performance and Egg Quality Traits in Individual Early-Laying ISA Brown Hens. Anene, Doreen O.; Akter, Yeasmin; Thomson, Peter C.; Groves, Peter; O'Shea, Cormac J. Report 6998
Veterinarians' Knowledge, Attitudes and Practices Associated with Bovine Viral Diarrhoea Virus Control and Prevention in South-East Australia. McMorrow, Claire; Gunn, Allan J.; Khalfan, Shahid; Hernandez-Jover, Marta; Brookes, Victoria J. Report 6833
Vitrification of Donkey Sperm: Is It Better Using Permeable Cryoprotectants? Hidalgo, Manuel; Diaz-Jimenez, Maria; Consuegra, Cesar; Pereira, Blasa; Dorado, Jesus Report 6085
Volatile Organic Compounds, Oxidative and Sensory Patterns of Vacuum Aged Foal Meat. Tateo, Alessandra; Maggiolino, Aristide; Dominguez, Ruben; Lorenzo, Jose Manuel; Dinardo, Francesca Report 11988
Waste Valorization via Hermetia Illucens to Produce Protein-Rich Biomass for Feed: Insight into the Critical Nutrient Taurine. Giannetto, Alessia; Oliva, Sabrina; Riolo, Kristian; Savastano, Domenico; Parrino, Vincenzo; Cappell Report 8641
Welfare Assessment and Identification of the Associated Risk Factors Compromising the Welfare of Working Donkeys (Equus asinus) in Egyptian Brick Kilns. Farhat, Shaaban F.; McLean, Amy K.; Mahmoud, Hamdy F.F. Report 8475

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