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Articles from Animals (Basel) (November 1, 2020)

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"None of Them Could Say They Ever Had Seen Them, but Only Had It from Others": Encounters with Animals in Eighteenth-Century Natural Histories of Greenland. Parish, Helen 9430
A Comparative Neuro-Histological Assessment of Gluteal Skin Thickness and Cutaneous Nociceptor Distribution in Horses and Humans. Tong, Lydia; Stewart, Melinda; Johnson, Ian; Appleyard, Richard; Wilson, Bethany; James, Olivia; Joh 7038
A Comparison of the Composition and Contamination of Soybean Cultivated in Europe and Limitation of Raw Soy Seed Content in Weaned Pigs' Diets. Zaworska-Zakrzewska, Anita; Kasprowicz-Potocka, Malgorzata; TwaruZek, Magdalena; Kosicki, Robert; Gr Report 12654
A Descriptive Study of Keel Bone Fractures in Hens and Roosters from Four Non-Commercial Laying Breeds Housed in Furnished Cages. Kittelsen, Kathe Elise; Moe, Randi Oppermann; Hansen, Tone Beate; Toftaker, Ingrid; Christensen, Jen Report 4509
A Few TH-Immunoreactive Neurons Closely Appose DMX-Located Neuronal Somata Projecting to the Stomach Prepyloric Region in the Pig. Calka, Jaroslaw; Ganko, Marta; Rychlik, Andrzej 2865
A Heterozygous Missense Variant in the COL5A2 in Holstein Cattle Resembling the Classical Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome. Jacinto, Joana G.P.; Hafliger, Irene M.; Veiga, Ines M.B.; Letko, Anna; Benazzi, Cinzia; Bolcato, Ma 5398
A Preliminary Study Investigating the Impact of Musical Concerts on the Behavior of Captive Fiordland Penguins (Eudyptes pachyrhynchus) and Collared Peccaries (Pecari tajacu). Fanning, Lara; Larsen, Hannah; Taylor, Peta S. 10676
A Retrospective Study of Macropod Progressive Periodontal Disease ("Lumpy Jaw") in Captive Macropods across Australia and Europe: Using Data from the Past to Inform Future Macropod Management. Rendle, Jessica; Jackson, Bethany; Hoorn, Stephen Vander; Yeap, Lian; Warren, Kristin; Donaldson, Re Report 11802
A Systematic Literature Review on Depopulation Methods for Swine. Arruda, Andreia G.; Beyene, Tariku J.; Kieffer, Justin; Lorbach, Joshua N.; Moeller, Steven; Bowman, 11785
A Systematic Review of the Ornamental Fish Trade with Emphasis on Coral Reef Fishes--An Impossible Task. Biondo, Monica V.; Burki, Rainer P. 10047
Accumulation of Toxic Elements in Bone and Bone Marrow of Deer Living in Various Ecosystems. A Case Study of Farmed and Wild-Living Deer. Tajchman, Katarzyna; Ukalska-Jaruga, Aleksandra; Bogdaszewski, Marek; Pecio, Monika; Dziki-Michalska Case study 6947
Administering an Appeasing Substance to Gir x Holstein Female Dairy Calves on Pre-Weaning Performance and Disease Incidence. Angeli, Beatriz; Cappellozza, Bruno; Vasconcelos, Jose Luiz Moraes; Cooke, Reinaldo Fernandes Report 3696
Alleviation of the Adverse Effect of Dietary Carbohydrate by Supplementation of Myo-Inositol to the Diet of Nile Tilapia (Oreochromis niloticus). Zhu, Jiahua; Pan, Jingyu; Wang, Xiaodan; Huang, Yuxing; Qin, Chuanjie; Qiao, Fang; Qin, Jianguang; C 10217
Ameliorative Effect of Graviola (Annona muricata) on Mono Sodium Glutamate-Induced Hepatic Injury in Rats: Antioxidant, Apoptotic, Anti-inflammatory, Lipogenesis Markers, and Histopathological Studies. Shukry, Mustafa; El-Shehawi, Ahmed M.; El-Kholy, Wafaa M.; Elsisy, Rasha A.; Hamoda, Hazem S.; Toham 10444
An Evaluation of Portuguese Societal Opinion towards the Practice of Bullfighting. Dieguez, Francisco Javier; Zau, Yara; Viegas, Ines; Fragoso, Sara; Turner, Patricia V.; da Graca-Per 9558
An Unusual Case of Testicular Disorder in Sex Development of Arabian Mare (64,XX SRY-Negative). Peretti, Vincenzo; Satue, Katiuska; Ciotola, Francesca; Cristarella, Santo; De Majo, Massimo; Biondi 5591
Ancylostoma ceylanicum: The Neglected Zoonotic Parasite of Community Dogs in Thailand and Its Genetic Diversity among Asian Countries. Kladkempetch, Doolyawat; Tangtrongsup, Sahatchai; Tiwananthagorn, Saruda 7674
Animal Cruelty and Neighborhood Conditions. Reese, Laura A.; Vertalka, Joshua J.; Richard, Cassie 6720
Appraising the Welfare of Thoroughbred Racehorses in Training in Queensland, Australia: The Incidence and Type of Musculoskeletal Injuries Vary between Two-Year-Old and Older Thoroughbred Racehorses. Crawford, Kylie L.; Finnane, Anna; Greer, Ristan M.; Phillips, Clive J.C.; Woldeyohannes, Solomon M. 10353
Are Dual-Purpose Chickens Twice as Good? Measuring Performance and Animal Welfare throughout the Fattening Period. Tiemann, Inga; Hillemacher, Sonja; Wittmann, Margit Report 8633
Are Turkeys (Meleagris gallopavo) Motivated to Avoid Excreta-Soiled Substrate? Monckton, Valerie; van Staaveren, Nienke; Baes, Christine F.; Balzani, Agnese; Kwon, Isabelle Y.; Mc 8421
Assessment of Risk Factors in Synanthropic and Wild Rodents Infected by Pathogenic Leptospira spp. Captured in Southern Chile. Luna, Jhuliana; Salgado, Miguel; Tejeda, Carlos; Moroni, Manuel; Monti, Gustavo 8381
Assessment of the Growth and Reproductive Performance of Cloned Pietrain Boars. Shi, Junsong; Tan, Baohua; Luo, Lvhua; Li, Zicong; Hong, Linjun; Yang, Jie; Cai, Gengyuan; Zheng, En 7320
Assessment of Total Antioxidant Capacity in Serum of Heathy and Stressed Hens. Cecchini, Stefano; Fazio, Francesco 4636
Association Analysis of Polymorphisms in the 5' Flanking Region of the HSP70 Gene with Blood Biochemical Parameters of Lactating Holstein Cows under Heat and Cold Stress. Abbas, Zaheer; Hu, Lirong; Fang, Hao; Sammad, Abdul; Kang, Ling; Brito, Luiz F.; Xu, Qing; Wang, Yac 8816
Associations between Mammary Gland Echotexture and Milk Composition in Cows. Schwarz, Tomasz; Scheeres, Nelia; Malopolska, Martyna M.; Murawski, Maciej; Agustin, Tristan D.; Ahm 6459
Automatically Detected Pecking Activity in Group-Housed Turkeys. Gonzalez, Jennifer J.; Nasirahmadi, Abozar; Knierim, Ute 6503
Baiting/Luring Improves Detection Probability and Species Identification--A Case Study of Mustelids with Camera Traps. Randler, Christoph; Katzmaier, Tobias; Kalb, Jochen; Kalb, Nadine; Gottschalk, Thomas K. Case study 3882
Benzoic Acid Combined with Essential Oils Can Be an Alternative to the Use of Antibiotic Growth Promoters for Piglets Challenged with E. coli F4. Rodrigues, Leticia Mendonca; de Araujo Lima Neto, Tulio Otavio; Garbossa, Cesar Augusto Pospissil; M Report 11548
Biopsy and Tracheobronchial Aspirates as Additional Tools for the Diagnosis of Bovine Tuberculosis in Living European Bison (Bison bonasus). Didkowska, Anna; Orlowska, Blanka; Witkowski, Lucjan; Olbrych, Katarzyna; Brzezinska, Sylwia; August 5118
Bird Health, Housing and Management Routines on Swedish Organic Broiler Chicken Farms. Goransson, Lina; Yngvesson, Jenny; Gunnarsson, Stefan Medical condition overview 11756
Black Soldier Fly Full-Fat Larvae Meal as an Alternative to Fish Meal and Fish Oil in Siberian Sturgeon Nutrition: The Effects on Physical Properties of the Feed, Animal Growth Performance, and Feed Acceptance and Utilization. Rawski, Mateusz; Mazurkiewicz, Jan; Kieronczyk, Bartosz; Jozefiak, Damian 11826
Blastocyst-Bearing Sows Display a Dominant Anti-Inflammatory Cytokine Profile Compared to Cyclic Sows at Day 6 of the Cycle. Parrilla, Inmaculada; Martinez, Cristina A.; Cambra, Josep M.; Lucas, Xiomara; Ferreira-Dias, Graca; 6825
Broad Range Screening of Vector-Borne Pathogens in Arctic Foxes (Vulpes lagopus) in Iceland. Hornok, Sandor; Muhldorfer, Kristin; Takacs, Nora; Hofmann-Lehmann, Regina; Meli, Marina L.; Gyurane 2566
Carbon Footprint Assessment of Spanish Dairy Cattle Farms: Effectiveness of Dietary and Farm Management Practices as a Mitigation Strategy. Ibidhi, Ridha; Calsamiglia, Sergio 8154
Cats at the Vet: The Effect of Alpha-s1 Casozepin. Makawey, Adjet; Iben, Christine; Palme, Rupert Clinical report 5431
Changes in Fatty Acid and Volatile Compound Profiles during Storage of Smoked Cheese Made from the Milk of Native Polish Cow Breeds Raised in the Low Beskids. Dopieralska, Patrycja; Barlowska, Joanna; Teter, Anna; Krol, Jolanta; Brodziak, Aneta; Domaradzki, P 10194
Changes in Saliva Analytes Associated with Lameness in Cows: A Pilot Study. Contreras-Aguilar, Maria D.; Vallejo-Mateo, Pedro Javier; Zelvyte, Rasa; Tecles, Fernando; Rubio, Ca Report 5661
Characterization of D-17 Canine Osteosarcoma Cell Line and Evaluation of Its Ability to Response to Infective Stressor Used as Alternative Anticancer Therapy. Modesto, Paola; Fernandez, Jordi Leonardo Castrillo; Martini, Isabella; Zoccola, Roberto; De Ciucis, Report 7665
Chopping Roughage Length Improved Rumen Development of Weaned Calves as Revealed by Rumen Fermentation and Bacterial Community. Wang, Haibo; Wu, Fei; Guan, Tianci; Zhu, Yangxiang; Yu, Zhantao; Zhang, Depeng; Zhang, Siyu; Su, Hua 6672
Clinical Changes and Uterine Hemodynamic in Pyometra Medically Treated Bitches. Filho, Roberto Rodrigues da Rosa; Brito, Maira Morales; Faustino, Thais Gomes; de Almeida, Leticia L 6659
Co-Infections of Tilapia Lake Virus, Aeromonas hydrophila and Streptococcus agalactiae in Farmed Red Hybrid Tilapia. Basri, Lukman; Md. Nor, Roslindawani; Salleh, Annas; Md. Yasin, Ina Salwany; Saad, A. Mohd Zamri; Ab 5552
Combined Effect of Genotype, Housing System, and Calcium on Performance and Eggshell Quality of Laying Hens. Ketta, Mohamed; Tumova, Eva; Englmaierova, Michaela; Chodova, Darina 7639
Comparative Efficacy of Selected Phytobiotics with Halquinol and Tetracycline on Gut Morphology, Ileal Digestibility, Cecal Microbiota Composition and Growth Performance in Broiler Chickens. Basit, Muhammad Abdul; Kadir, Arifah Abdul; Loh, Teck Chwen; Aziz, Saleha Abdul; Salleh, Annas; Zaka 11422
Comparison of Hematological and Biochemical Results Derived from Arterial and Venous Blood Samples in Post-Anesthetic Dogs. Lee, Song Mi; Kang, Byung-Jae; Lee, Sungin; Kim, Wan Hee 5579
Comparison of In Vivo and In Vitro Digestibility in Donkeys. Tassone, Sonia; Fortina, Riccardo; Valle, Emanuela; Cavallarin, Laura; Raspa, Federica; Boggero, Sil 7124
Comparison of MicroRNA Transcriptomes Reveals the Association between MiR- 148a-3p Expression and Rumen Development in Goats. Zhong, Tao; Wang, Cheng; Hu, Jiangtao; Chen, Xiaoyong; Niu, Lili; Zhan, Siyuan; Wang, Linjie; Guo, J Report 6714
Comparison of the Effects of Nonprotein and Protein Nitrogen on Apoptosis and Autophagy of Rumen Epithelial Cells in Goats. Kong, Zhiwei; Zhou, Chuanshe; Kang, Jinhe; Tan, Zhiliang 6139
Comparison of the Productivity of Primiparous Sows Housed in Individual Stalls and Group Housing Systems. Min, Yejin; Choi, Yohan; Kim, Joeun; Kim, Doowan; Jeong, Yongdae; Kim, Younghwa; Song, Minho; Jung, Report 5014
Complete Mitochondrial Genome of Three Species of the Genus Microtus (Arvicolinae, Rodentia). Lamelas, Luz; Aleix-Mata, Gael; Rovatsos, Michail; Marchal, Juan Alberto; Palomeque, Teresa; Lorite, 7738
Compositional and Functional Comparisons of the Microbiota in the Colostrum and Mature Milk of Dairy Goats. Niyazbekova, Zhannur; Yao, Xiao-Ting; Liu, Ming-Jie; Bold, Nomin; Tong, Juan- Zhen; Chang, Jian-Jun; Report 6939
Conditioning Factors of Linearized Wood's Function Lactation Curve Shape Parameters, Milk Yield, Fat and Protein Content in Murciano-Granadina Primiparous Does. Bermejo, Juan Vicente Delgado; Perez, Francisco Antonio Limon; Gonzalez, Francisco Javier Navas; Jur 8251
Correlation of Prostatic Artery Blood Flow Assessed by Doppler Ultrasonography with Semen Characteristics in Beagle Dogs. Luno, Victoria; Servian, Marina; Martinez, Felisa; Borobia, Maria; Gonzalez, Noelia; Gil, Lydia 3687
Cross-Sectional Survey of the Training Practices of Racing Greyhounds in New Zealand. Palmer, Anna L.; Rogers, Chris W.; Stafford, Kevin J.; Gal, Arnon; Cochrane, Darryl J.; Bolwell, Cha Survey 6511
D-Lactate Increases Cytokine Production in Bovine Fibroblast-Like Synoviocytes via MCT1 Uptake and the MAPK, PI3K/Akt, and NF[kappa]B Pathways. Manosalva, Carolina; Quiroga, John; Teuber, Stefanie; Cardenas, Sebastian; Carretta, Maria Daniella; 9087
Detection of Plasmid-Mediated Colistin Resistant mcr-1 Gene in Escherichia coli Isolated from Infected Chicken Livers in Nepal. Bista, Sayara; Shrestha, Upendra Thapa; Dhungel, Binod; Koirala, Pragya; Gompo, Tulsi Ram; Shrestha, 4108
Determining the Importance of Macro and Trace Dietary Minerals on Growth and Nutrient Retention in Juvenile Penaeus monodon. Truong, Ha.H.; Moss, Amy F.; Bourne, Nicholas A.; Simon, Cedric J. 12191
Development of a Facial Expression Scale Using Farrowing as a Model of Pain in Sows. Navarro, Elena; Mainau, Eva; Manteca, Xavier 6055
Dietary ARA Improves COX Activity in Broodstock and Offspring Survival Fitness of a Model Organism (Medaka Oryzias latipes). Kowalska, Agata; Kamaszewski, Maciej; Czarnowska-Kujawska, Marta; Podlasz, Piotr; Kowalski, Radoslaw 7903
Dietary Supplementation with Olive Mill Wastewater in Dairy Sheep: Evaluation of Cheese Characteristics and Presence of Bioactive Molecules. Branciari, Raffaella; Galarini, Roberta; Miraglia, Dino; Ranucci, David; Valiani, Andrea; Giusepponi Report 8697
Digestibility of Amino Acids in Protein-Rich Feed Ingredients Originating from Animals, Peanut Flour, and Full-Fat Soybeans Fed to Pigs. Aderibigbe, Ayodeji Simeon; Park, Chan Sol; Adebiyi, Adekunle; Olukosi, Oluyinka Abiona; Adeola, Ola 6962
Dog Welfare, Well-Being and Behavior: Considerations for Selection, Evaluation and Suitability for Animal-Assisted Therapy. Winkle, Melissa; Johnson, Amy; Mills, Daniel 8876
Ecological and Behavioral Drivers of Supplemental Feeding Use by Roe Deer Capreolus capreolus in a Peri-Urban Context. Ossi, Federico; Ranc, Nathan; Moorcroft, Paul; Bonanni, Priscilla; Cagnacci, Francesca 8313
Effect of a Heating System Using a Ground Source Geothermal Heat Pump on Production Performance, Energy-Saving and Housing Environment of Pigs. Mun, Hong Seok; Dilawar, Muhammad Ammar; Jeong, Myeong Gil; Rathnayake, Dhanushka; Won, Jun Sung; Pa 7601
Effect of Dietary Crude Protein on Animal Performance, Blood Biochemistry Profile, Ruminal Fermentation Parameters and Carcass and Meat Quality of Heavy Fattening Assaf Lambs. Saro, Cristina; Mateo, Javier; Caro, Irma; Carballo, Diego Eloy; Fernandez, Miguel; Valdes, Carmen; 10640
Effect of Different Amounts of Hybrid Barley in Diets on the Growth Performance and Selected Biochemical Parameters of Blood Serum Characterizing Health Status in Fattening Pigs. Szuba-Trznadel, Anna; Hikawczuk, Tomasz; Korzeniowska, Malgorzata; Fuchs, Boguslaw Report 7676
Effect of DL-Methionine Supplementation on Tissue and Plasma Antioxidant Status and Concentrations of Oxidation Products of Cholesterol and Phytosterols in Heat-Processed Thigh Muscle of Broilers. Zeitz, Johanna O.; Ehbrecht, Tamara; Fleischmann, Anne; Most, Erika; Gessner, Denise K.; Friedrichs, 8112
Effect of Green Algae Chaetomorpha antennina Extract on Growth, Modulate Immunity, and Defenses against Edwardsiella tarda Infection in Labeo rohita. Sattanathan, Govindharajan; Tamizhazhagan, Vairakannu; Padmapriya, Swaminathan; Liu, Wen-Chao; Balas 7800
Effect of Heat Stress on Dairy Cow Performance and on Expression of Protein Metabolism Genes in Mammary Cells. Corazzin, Mirco; Sacca, Elena; Lippe, Giovanna; Romanzin, Alberto; Foletto, Vinicius; Da Borso, Fran 7854
Effect of Inclusion of Degraded and Non-Degraded Date Pits in Broilers' Diet on their Intestinal Microbiota and Growth Performance. Alyileili, Salem R.; Belal, Ibrahim E.H.; Hussein, Ahmed S.; Tarabily, Khaled A. El- 7516
Effect of Phlorotannins from Brown Seaweeds on the In Vitro Digestibility of Pig Feed. Ford, Lauren; Curry, Chloe; Campbell, Mairead; Theodoridou, Katerina; Sheldrake, Gary; Dick, Jaimie; 8519
Effects and Safe Inclusion of Narbonne Vetch (Vicia narbonensis) in Rainbow Trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss) Diets: Towards a More Sustainable Aquaculture. Tomas-Almenar, Cristina; Toledo-Solis, Francisco Javier; Larran, Ana M.; de Mercado, Eduardo; Alarco 11246
Effects of Aging on Expression of Mic60 and OPA1 and Mitochondrial Morphology in Myocardium of Tibetan Sheep. Wang, Guan; Luo, Yuzhu; Hu, Jiang; Wang, Jiqing; Liu, Xiu; Li, Shaobin 4487
Effects of Cryoprotective Medium Composition, Dilution Ratio, and Freezing Rates on Spotted Halibut (Verasper variegatus) Sperm Cryopreservation. Zidni, Irfan; Lee, Yun Ho; Park, Jung Yeol; Lee, Hyo Bin; Hur, Jun Wook; Lim, Han Kyu 6698
Effects of Dietary Crude Protein Levels on Fecal Crude Protein, Amino Acids Flow Amount, Fecal and Ileal Microbial Amino Acids Composition and Amino Acid Digestibility in Growing Pigs. Yang, Zhenguo; He, Tianle; Bumbie, Gifty Ziema; Hu, Hong; Chen, Qingju; Lu, Changwen; Tang, Zhiru Report 8309
Effects of Dietary Lysine Levels on Production Performance and Milk Composition of High-Producing Sows during Lactation. Liu, Bo; Zhou, Yuanfei; Xia, Xiong; Wang, Chao; Wei, Hongkui; Peng, Jian 6590
Effects of Dietary Supplementation of Garlic and Oregano Essential Oil on Biomarkers of Oxidative Status, Stress and Inflammation in Postweaning Piglets. Rivera-Gomis, Jorge; Rubio, Camila Peres; Conesa, Cristina Martinez; Salaverri, Julio Otal; Ceron, J 8587
Effects of Dietary Supplementation of Humic Acid Sodium and Zinc Oxide on Growth Performance, Immune Status and Antioxidant Capacity of Weaned Piglets. Wang, Qi; Ying, Jiafu; Zou, Peng; Zhou, Yuanhao; Wang, Baikui; Yu, Dongyou; Li, Weifen; Zhan, Xiaoli 4884
Effects of Dietary Zearalenone Exposure on the Growth Performance, Small Intestine Disaccharidase, and Antioxidant Activities of Weaned Gilts. Liu, Xinglin; Xu, Chang; Yang, Zaibin; Yang, Weiren; Huang, Libo; Wang, Shujing; Liu, Faxiao; Liu, M 7747
Effects of Different Laying Hen Species on Odour Emissions. Lu, Dongdong; Mi, Jiandui; Wu, Yinbao; Liang, Juanboo; Liao, Xindi; Wang, Yan 7949
Effects of Dog-Based Animal-Assisted Interventions in Prison Population: A Systematic Review. Villafaina-Dominguez, Beatriz; Collado-Mateo, Daniel; Merellano-Navarro, Eugenio; Villafaina, Santos 8813
Effects of Feeding Dried Fruit Pomaces as Additional Fibre-Phenolic Compound on Meat Quality, Blood Chemistry and Redox Status of Broilers. Zdunczyk, Elena Colombino Zenon; Jankowski, Jan; Cocolin, Luca Simone; Schiavone, Achille; Biasato, Report 11081
Effects of Low [omega]6:[omega]3 Ratio in Sow Diet and Seaweed Supplement in Piglet Diet on Performance, Colostrum and Milk Fatty Acid Profiles, and Oxidative Status. Nguyen, Thi Xuan; Agazzi, Alessandro; Comi, Marcello; Bontempo, Valentino; Guido, Invernizzi; Panser 9614
Effects of Oral Glutamine Supplementation on Early Postnatal Muscle Morphology in Low and Normal Birth Weight Piglets. Zhao, Yaolu; Albrecht, Elke; Sciascia, Quentin L.; Li, Zeyang; Gors, Solvig; Schregel, Johannes; Met 12677
Effects of Osthole on Progesterone Secretion in Chicken Preovulatory Follicles Granulosa Cells. Sun, Na; Zhang, Yutong; Hou, Yaxin; Yi, Yanyan; Guo, Jianhua; Zheng, Xiaozhong; Sun, Panpan; Sun, Ya 5077
Effects of Roughage Quality and Particle Size on Rumen Parameters and Fatty Acid Profiles of Longissimus Dorsi Fat of Lambs Fed Complete Feed. Matar, Abdulkareem M.; Abdelrahman, Mutassim M.; Alhidary, Ibrahim A.; Ayadi, Moez A.; Alobre, Mohse 7996
Effects of the Dietary Inclusion of Buriti Oil on Lamb Performance, Carcass Traits, Digestibility, Nitrogen Balance, Ingestive Behavior and Blood Metabolites. Diogenes, Luciana; Bezerra, Leilson; Filho, Jose Pereira; Junior, Jarbas Silva; Oliveira, Juliana; M 9065
Effects of Wheat Bran Applied to Maternal Diet on the Intestinal Architecture and Immune Gene Expression in Suckling Piglets. Leblois, Julie; Zhang, Yuping; Wavreille, Jose; Uerlings, Julie; Schroyen, Martine; Sureda, Ester Ar 5051
Efficacy of Dietary Supplementation with Capsicum Annum L on Performance, Hematology, Blood Biochemistry and Hepatic Antioxidant Status of Growing Rabbits. Elwan, Hamada; Abdelhakeam, Mostafa; Shafei, Sally El-; Rahman, Atef Abd El-; Ismail, Zienhom; Zanou 7132
Efficacy of Oxyclozanide and Closantel against Rumen Flukes (Paramphistomidae) in Naturally Infected Sheep. Garcia-Dios, David; Diaz, Pablo; Vina, Miguel; Remesad, Susana; Prieto, Alberto; Lopez-Lorenzo, Gonz Report 4848
Emergence of Third-Generation Cephalosporin-Resistant Morganella morganii in a Captive Breeding Dolphin in South Korea. Park, Seon Young; Lee, Kyunglee; Cho, Yuna; Lim, Se Ra; Kwon, Hyemin; Han, Jee Eun; Kim, Ji Hyung Report 2955
Enhancing Drug Efficacy against Mastitis Pathogens--An In Vitro Pilot Study in Staphylococcus aureus and Staphylococcus epidermidis. Rajamanickam, Karthic; Yang, Jian; Chidambaram, Saravana Babu; Sakharkar, Meena Kishore Report 7620
Environmental DNA Metabarcoding as a Means of Estimating Species Diversity in an Urban Aquatic Ecosystem. Webster, Heather J.; Emami-Khoyi, Arsalan; van Dyk, Jacobus C.; Teske, Peter R.; van Vuuren, Bettine 7737
Environmental Factors and Genetic Parameters of Beef Traits in Fleckvieh Cattle Using Field and Station Testing. Filipcik, Radek; Falta, Daniel; Kopec, Tomas; Chladek, Gustav; VeCera, Milan; Reckova, Zuzana 9990
Eucommia ulmoides Flavones as Potential Alternatives to Antibiotic Growth Promoters in a Low-Protein Diet Improve Growth Performance and Intestinal Health in Weaning Piglets. Yuan, Daixiu; Wang, Jing; Xiao, Dingfu; Li, Jiefeng; Liu, Yanhong; Tan, Bie; Yin, Yulong 6980
Evaluation of Dietary Administration of Chestnut and Quebracho Tannins on Growth, Serum Metabolites and Fecal Parameters of Weaned Piglets. Caprarulo, Valentina; Hejna, Monika; Giromini, Carlotta; Liu, Yanhong; DellAnno, Matteo; Sotira, Ste Report 8542
Evaluation of Stylosanthes scabra Accessions as Forage Source for Ruminants: Growth Performance, Nutritive Value and In Vitro Ruminal Fermentation. Mpanza, Thamsanqa Doctor Empire; Hassen, Abubeker; Akanmu, Abiodun Mayowa Report 8702
Evaluation of the Antimicrobial Activity of an Extract of Lactobacillus casei-Infected Hermetia illucens Larvae Produced Using an Automatic Injection System. Lee, Kyu-Shik; Yun, Eun-Young; Goo, Tae-Won 4989
Evaluation of Urinary Big Endothelin-1 in Feline Spontaneous CKD. Giraldi, Marco; Paltrinieri, Saverio; Piazza, Camilla; Scarpa, Paola 6350
Exosomes as a Potential Tool for Supporting Canine Oocyte Development. Lee, Seok Hee; Saadeldin, Islam M. Report 9987
Exploring Anhedonia in Kennelled Dogs: Could Coping Styles Affect Hedonic Preferences for Sweet and Umami Flavours? Luna, Daniela; Carrasco, Carolina; Alvarez, Daniela; Gonzalez, Catalina; Egana, Juan Ignacio; Figuer 8157
Exploring the Diversity of Active Ureolytic Bacteria in the Rumen by Comparison of cDNA and gDNA. Liu, Sijia; Zheng, Nan; Zhao, Shengguo; Wang, Jiaqi 5108
Exploring the Genotype at CSN3 Gene, Milk Composition, Coagulation and Cheese-Yield Traits of the Sardo-Modicana, an Autochthonous Cattle Breed from the Sardinia Region, Italy. Pazzola, Michele; Vacca, Giuseppe Massimo; Noce, Antonia; Porcedda, Marta; Onnis, Maria; Manca, Nico 5941
Extension and Advisory Organizations on the Road to the Digitalization of Animal Farming: An Organizational Learning Perspective. Charatsari, Chrysanthi; Lioutas, Evagelos D.; De Rosa, Marcello; Papadaki- Klavdianou, Afroditi 7543
Extracellular Vesicles, the Road toward the Improvement of ART Outcomes. Gervasi, Maria G.; Soler, Ana J.; Gonzalez-Fernandez, Lauro; Alves, Marco G.; Oliveira, Pedro F.; Ma 9759
Factors Affecting Embryo Recovery Rate, Quality, and Diameter in Andalusian Donkey Jennies. Dorado, J.; Bottrel, M.; Ortiz, I.; Diaz-Jimenez, M.; Pereira, B.; Consuegra, C.; Carrasco, J.J.; Go Report 9775
Fatty Acid Profiles from Routine Milk Recording as a Decision Tool for Body Weight Change of Dairy Cows after Calving. Dettmann, Franziska; Warner, Daniel; Buitenhuis, Bart; Kargo, Morten; Kjeldsen, Anne Mette Hostrup; Report 7021
Fermented Feed Supplement Relieves Caecal Microbiota Dysbiosis and Kidney Injury Caused by High-Protein Diet in the Development of Gosling Gout. Xi, Yumeng; Huang, Yuanpi; Li, Ying; Yan, Junshu; Shi, Zhendan 9527
First Report of aacC5-aadA7[DELTA]4 Gene Cassette Array and Phage Tail Tape Measure Protein on Class 1 Integrons of Campylobacter Species Isolated from Animal and Human Sources in Egypt. El-Aziz, Norhan K. Abd; Ammar, Ahmed M.; Hamdy, Mona M.; Gobouri, Adil A.; Azab, Ehab; Sewid, Alaa H Report 10792
FSH Stimulation with Short Withdrawal Improves Oocyte Competence in Italian Mediterranean Buffalo (Bubalus bubalis). Petrovas, Georgios; Kosior, Michal Andrzej; Presicce, Giorgio Antonio; Russo, Marco; Zullo, Gianluig 6715
Further Examination of the Performance of Blank Cartridges Used in Captive Bolt Devices for the Pre-Slaughter Stunning of Animals. Grist, Andrew; Bock, Randall; Knowles, Toby G.; Wotton, Stephen B. 3765
Genetic Diversity in the Portuguese Mertolenga Cattle Breed Assessed by Pedigree Analysis. Carolino, Nuno; Vitorino, Andreia; Pais, Ines Carolino Jose; Henriques, Nuno; Silveira, Manuel; Vice 11451
Genetic Parameters for Age at First Calving and First Calving Interval of Beef Cattle. Brzakova, Michaela; Citek, Jindrich; Svitakova, Alena; Vesela, Zdenka; Vostry, Lubos 6132
Genome-Wide Analysis of Nubian Ibex Reveals Candidate Positively Selected Genes That Contribute to Its Adaptation to the Desert Environment. Chebii, Vivien J.; Oyola, Samuel O.; Kotze, Antoinette; Entfellner, Jean-Baka Domelevo; Mutuku, J. M 7562
Genome-Wide Association Analysis Identified BMPR1A as a Novel Candidate Gene Affecting the Number of Thoracic Vertebrae in a Large White * Minzhu Intercross Pig Population. Liu, Qian; Yue, Jingwei; Niu, Naiqi; Liu, Xin; Yan, Hua; Zhao, Fuping; Hou, Xinhua; Gao, Hongmei; Sh 6866
Genome-Wide Association Studies Reveal Susceptibility Loci for Digital Dermatitis in Holstein Cattle. Lai, Ellen; Danner, Alexa L.; Famula, Thomas R.; Oberbauer, Anita M. 11762
Genomic Characterization of a Set of Iberian Peninsula Bovine Local Breeds at Risk of Extinction: Morenas Gallegas. Garcia-Atance, Maria Asuncion; Carleos, Carlos; Dunner, Susana; Eusebi, Paulina G.; Rivero, Castor J 5036
Genomic Characterization of Salmonella Minnesota Clonal Lineages Associated with Poultry Production in Brazil. Kipper, Diessy; Carroll, Laura M.; Mascitti, Andrea K.; Streck, Andre F.; Fonseca, Andre S.K.; Ikuta 6186
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