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Articles from Animals (Basel) (August 1, 2020)

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3D Biomimetic Porous Titanium ([Ti.sub.6][Al.sub.4]V ELI) Scaffolds for Large Bone Critical Defect Reconstruction: An Experimental Study in Sheep. Crovace, Alberto Maria; Lacitignola, Luca; Forleo, Donato Monopoli; Staffieri, Francesco; Francioso, Report 7223
A Comparative Study of Intramuscular Alfaxalone- or Ketamine-Based Anesthetic Mixtures in Gray Squirrels Undergoing Gonadectomy: Clinical and Physiologic Findings. Nannarone, Sara; Moretti, Giulia; Bellocchi, Federica; Menchetti, Laura; Bufalari, Antonello Report 7849
A Culture-Based ID of Micromycetes on the Wing Membranes of Greater Mouse-Eared Bats (Myotis myotis) from the "Nietoperek" Site (Poland). Ogorek, Rafal; Kurczaba, Klaudia; Cal, Magdalena; Apoznanski, Grzegorz; Kokurewicz, Tomasz 8137
A Genetic Evaluation System for New Zealand White Rabbit Germplasm Resources Based on SSR Markers. Li, Jiali; Zhao, Bin; Chen, Yang; Zhao, Bohao; Yang, Naisu; Hu, Shuaishuai; Shen, Jinyu; Wu, Xinshen 6464
A Novel Nanobody Directed against Ovine Myostatin to Enhance Muscle Growth in Mouse. Ou, Kepeng; Li, Youjian; Wu, Peng; Guo, Jixing; Hao, Xiujing; Sheng, Jinliang; Chen, Chuangfu 4357
A Review of Antimicrobial Resistance in Poultry Farming within Low-Resource Settings. Hedman, Hayden D.; Vasco, Karla A.; Zhang, Lixin 19515
A Review of Current Knowledge on Staphylococcus agnetis in Poultry. Szafraniec, Gustaw M.; Szeleszczuk, Piotr; Dolka, Beata 11529
A Review of Welfare Indicators of Indoor-Housed Dairy Cow as a Basis for Integrated Automatic Welfare Assessment Systems. Leliveld, Lisette M.C.; Provolo, Giorgio 11259
A Survey of Ticks Infesting Dogs and Cats in Ireland. de Waal, Theo; Lawlor, Amanda; Zintl, Annetta; Cowley, Bosco; Bagha, Atiyah 3306
An Innovative Concept for a Multivariate Plausibility Assessment of Simultaneously Recorded Data. Mensching, Andre; Zschiesche, Marleen; Hummel, Jurgen; Schmitt, Armin Otto; Grelet, Clement; Sharifi 9832
Analysis of Genetic Diversity in the Czech Spotted Dog. Machova, Karolina; Kranjcevicova, Anita; Vostry, Lubos; Krupa, Emil 6425
Analysis of the Factors Influencing Body Weight Variation in Hanwoo Steers Using an Automated Weighing System. Cho, Hyunjin; Jeon, Seoyoung; Lee, Mingyung; Kang, Kyewon; Kang, Hamin; Park, Eunkyu; Kim, Minkook; 3555
Anti-Oxidative Effects of Human Adipose Stem Cell Conditioned Medium with Different Basal Medium during Mouse Embryo In Vitro Culture. Ra, Kihae; Oh, Hyun Ju; Kim, Eun Young; Kang, Sung Keun; Ra, Jeong Chan; Kim, Eui Hyun; Lee, Byeong 7287
Antimicrobial Effects of Black Soldier Fly and Yellow Mealworm Fats and Their Impact on Gut Microbiota of Growing Rabbits. Dabbou, Sihem; Ferrocino, Ilario; Gasco, Laura; Schiavone, Achille; Trocino, Angela; Xiccato, Gerola 9693
Antioxidant Status and Liver Function of Young Turkeys Receiving a Diet with Full-Fat Insect Meal from Hermetia illucens. Ognik, Katarzyna; Kozlowski, Krzysztof; Stepniowska, Anna; Listos, Piotr; Jozefiak, Damian; Zdunczyk 7445
Association between Attitude and Empathy with the Quality of Human-Livestock Interactions. Leon, Andres Felipe; Sanchez, Jorge Alberto; Romero, Marlyn H. 10627
Association between Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms in SIRT1 and SIRT2 Loci and Growth in Tibetan Sheep. Gui, Lin-sheng; Raza, Sayed Haidar Abbas; Zhou, Li; Garcia, Matthew; Aziz, Ayman Hassan Abd El-; Wei 4320
Attention Bias Test Measures Negative But Not Positive Affect in Sheep: A Replication Study. Monk, Jessica E.; Lee, Caroline; Dickson, Emily; Campbell, Dana L.M. Report 9988
Avian Satellite Cell Plasticity. Jankowski, Maurycy; Mozdziak, Paul; Petitte, James; Kulus, Magdalena; Kempisty, Bartosz 5310
B-Mode and Contrast Enhanced Ultrasonography Features of Gastric Inflammatory and Neoplastic Diseases in Cats. Simeoni, Francesco; Terragni, Rossella; Rubini, Giuseppe; Tamburro, Roberto; Del Signore, Francesca; Clinical report 7410
Behavioural Evaluation of a Leash Tension Meter Which Measures Pull Direction and Force during Human-Dog On-Leash Walks. Shih, Hao-Yu; Georgiou, Fillipe; Curtis, Robert A.; Paterson, Mandy B.A.; Phillips, Clive J.C. 5176
Behavioural Patterns and Postnatal Development in Pups of the Asian Parti-Coloured Bat, Vespertilio sinensis. Sun, Deyi; Li, Yu; Yin, Zhongwei; Zhang, Kangkang; Liu, Heng; Liu, Ying; Fe, Jiang 6863
Beyond Glucocorticoids: Integrating Dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA) into Animal Welfare Research. Whitham, Jessica C.; Bryant, Jocelyn L.; Miller, Lance J. 15749
Bone Morphology and Strength in the Mid-Diaphysis of the Humerus and Metacarpus in Dairy Calves Prior to Weaning. Gibson, Michaela; Dittmer, Keren; Hickson, Rebecca; Back, Penny; Rogers, Chris 6363
C57BL/6J and B6129F1 Embryo Transfer: Unilateral and Bilateral Transfer, Embryo Number and Recipient Female Background Control for the Optimization of Embryo Survival and Litter Size. Lamas, Sofia; Franquinho, Filipa; Morgado, Marlene; Mesquita, Joao R.; Gartner, Fatima; Amorim, Irin 7777
Can Endocrine Dysfunction Be Reliably Tested in Aged Horses That Are Experiencing Pain? Gehlen, Heidrun; Jaburg, Nina; Merle, Roswitha; Winter, Judith 9158
Captive Dwarf and Mouse Lemurs Have Variable Fur Growth. Crowley, Brooke Erin 7628
Carcass Characteristics, Physicochemical Properties, and Texture and Microstructure of the Meat and Internal Organs of Carrier and King Pigeons. Kokoszynski, Dariusz; Steczny, Kamil; Zochowska-Kujawska, Joanna; Sobczak, Malgorzata; Kotowicz, Mar 8969
Center of Pressure in the Paws of Clinically Sound Dogs in Comparison with Orthopedically Diseased Dogs. Reicher, Bianca; Tichy, Alexander; Bockstahler, Barbara 13112
Changes in Renal Resistive Index Values in Healthy Puppies during the First Months of Life. Agut, Amalia; Soler, Marta; Palacio, M. Josefa Fernandez-del 3491
Changes in the Physicochemical Parameters of Yoghurts with Added Whey Protein in Relation to the Starter Bacteria Strains and Storage Time. Brodziak, Aneta; Krol, Jolanta; Barlowska, Joanna; Teter, Anna; Florek, Mariusz 12408
Changes of Plasma Fatty Acids in Four Lipid Classes to Understand Energy Metabolism at Different Levels of Non-Esterified Fatty Acid (NEFA) in Dairy Cows. Tessari, Rossella; Berlanda, Michele; Morgante, Massimo; Badon, Tamara; Gianesella, Matteo; Mazzotta 10247
Changing Human Behavior to Improve Animal Welfare: A Longitudinal Investigation of Training Laboratory Animal Personnel about Heterospecific Play or "Rat Tickling". LaFollette, Megan R.; Cloutier, Sylvie; Brady, Colleen M.; O'Haire, Marguerite E.; Gaskill, Brianna 10422
Characterization of Different Commercial Dietary Supplements in the Peri-Weaning Period on Consumption and Growth Performance in C57Bl/6J Mice. Craig, Angela M.; Graham, Melanie L. 7391
Characterization of microRNAs during Embryonic Skeletal Muscle Development in the Shan Ma Duck. Li, Chuan; Xiong, Ting; Zhou, Mingfang; Wan, Lei; Xi, Suwang; Liu, Qiuhong; Chen, Yi; Mao, Huirong; 7922
Chemical Composition and Microstructural Morphology of Spines and Tests of Three Common Sea Urchins Species of the Sublittoral Zone of the Mediterranean Sea. Varkoulis, Anastasios; Voulgaris, Konstantinos; Zaoutsos, Stefanos; Stratakis, Antonios; Vafidis, Di 8039
CircRNA8220 Sponges MiR-8516 to Regulate Cell Viability and Milk Synthesis via Ras/MEK/ERK and PI3K/AKT/mTOR Pathways in Goat Mammary Epithelial Cells. Zhu, Chao; Jiang, Yue; Zhu, Junru; He, Yonglong; Yin, Hao; Duan, Quyu; Zhang, Lei; Cao, Binyun; An, 7043
Clustering and Characterization of the Lactation Curves of Dairy Cows Using K-Medoids Clustering Algorithm. Lee, Mingyung; Lee, Seonghun; Park, Jaehwa; Seo, Seongwon 7928
Commercial Poultry Production Stocking Density Influence on Bird Health and Performance Indicators. Bergeron, Stephane; Pouliot, Emmanuelle; Doyon, Maurice 4803
Comparative Transcriptomic Analysis of the Pituitary Gland between Cattle Breeds Differing in Growth: Yunling Cattle and Leiqiong Cattle. Lu, Xubin; Arbab, Abdelaziz Adam Idriss; Zhang, Zhipeng; Fan, Yongliang; Han, Ziyin; Gao, Qisong; Su 10258
Compositional and Functional Characteristics of Swine Slurry Microbes through 16S rRNA Metagenomic Sequencing Approach. Kumar, Himansu; Jang, Yu Na; Kim, Kwangmin; Park, Junhyung; Jung, Min Woong; Park, Jong-Eun Report 6008
Consumer Acceptance of Meat from Animals Reared on Insect Meal as Feed. Szendro, Katalin; Nagy, Monika Zita; Toth, Katalin 5199
Contrast-Enhanced Ultrasound in Cystic Endometrial Hyperplasia-Pyometra Complex in the Bitch: A Preliminary Study. Quartuccio, Marco; Liotta, Luigi; Cristarella, Santo; Lanteri, Giovanni; Ieni, Antonio; D'Arrigo, Ti Report 5295
Cultivation of Hair Matrix Cells from Cashmere Goat Skins and Exemplified Applications. Ma, Sen; Wang, Lamei; Zong, Bo; Wang, Ying; Wang, Xiaolong; Shi, Yinghua; Yang, Yuxin; Chen, Yulin 7303
Development and Differentiation of Epididymal Epithelial Cells in Korean Native Black Goat. Jeong, Yu-Da; Park, Yun-Jae; Ko, Yeoung-Gyu; Lee, Sung-Soo; Lee, Sang-Hoon; Lee, Jinwook; Kim, Kwan- 5050
Development of a Donkey Grimace Scale to Recognize Pain in Donkeys (Equus asinus) Post Castration. Orth, Emma K.; Gonzalez, Francisco J. Navas; Pastrana, Carlos Iglesias; Berger, Jeannine M.; le Jeun 10495
Diagnosis and Treatment of Pulmonary Disease in Sea Turtles (Caretta caretta). Ciccarelli, Stefano; Valastro, Carmela; Di Bello, Antonio; Paci, Serena; Caprio, Francesco; Corrente Clinical report 6674
Diet with a High Proportion of Rice Alters Profiles and Potential Function of Digesta-Associated Microbiota in the Ileum of Goats. Wang, Kaijun; Ren, Ao; Zheng, Mengli; Jiao, Jinzhen; Yan, Qiongxian; Zhou, Chuanshe; Tan, Zhiliang 10212
Dietary Mannan Oligosaccharides Modulate Gut Inflammatory Response and Improve Duodenal Villi Height in Post-Weaning Piglets Improving Feed Efficiency. Agazzi, Alessandro; Perricone, Vera; Zorini, Fabio Omodei; Sandrini, Silvia; Mariani, Elena; Jiang, 7935
Dietary Phytogenic Combination with Hops and a Mixture of a Free Butyrate Acidifier and Gluconic Acid Maintaining the Health Status of the Gut and Performance in Chickens. Zabek, Katarzyna; Szkopek, Dominika; Michalczuk, Monika; Konieczka, Pawel 6956
Diurnal Body Temperature and Rate of Passage of Loggers in Lions. Friend, Ted; Corsini, Giulia; Manero, Vincent; Cocco, Raffaella 5143
DNA Footprints: Using Parasites to Detect Elusive Animals, Proof of Principle in Hedgehogs. Allen, Simon; Greig, Carolyn; Rowson, Ben; Gasser, Robin B.; Jabbar, Abdul; Morelli, Simone; Morgan, 6766
Dogs Don't Die Just in Hot Cars--Exertional Heat-Related Illness (Heatstroke) Is a Greater Threat to UK Dogs. Hall, Emily J.; Carter, Anne J.; O'Neill, Dan G. 11478
Dynamic in Species Estimates of Carnivores (Leopard Cat, Red Fox, and North Chinese Leopard): A Multi-Year Assessment of Occupancy and Coexistence in the Tieqiaoshan Nature Reserve, Shanxi Province, China. Vitekere, Kasereka; Wang, Jiao; Karanja, Henry; Consolee, Kahindo Tulizo; Jiang, Guangshun; Hua, Yan 11088
Effect of a Multi-Carbohydrase and Phytase Complex on the Ileal and Total Tract Digestibility of Nutrients in Cannulated Growing Pigs. Yang, Jia-Cheng; Wang, Li; Huang, Ya-Kuan; Zhang, Lei; Ma, Rui; Gao, Si; Hu, Chang-Min; Maamer, Jlal 4310
Effect of an Outdoor Access System on the Growth Performance, Carcass Characteristics, and Longissimus lumborum Muscle Meat Quality of the Prestice Black-Pied Pig Breed. Dostalova, Anne; Svitakova, Alena; Bures, Daniel; Valis, Libor; Volek, Zdenek 7801
Effect of Dietary Insoluble and Soluble Fibre on Growth Performance, Digestibility, and Nitrogen, Energy, and Mineral Retention Efficiency in Growing Rabbits. Farias-Kovac, Carlos; Nicodemus, Nuria; Delgado, Rebeca; Ocasio-Vega, Cesar; Noboa, Tamia; Abdelraso 11227
Effect of Dietary Supplementation with Coarse or Extruded Oat Hulls on Growth Performance, Blood Biochemical Parameters, Ceca Microbiota and Short Chain Fatty Acids in Broiler Chickens. Adewole, Deborah 10658
Effect of Different Percentage of Camelina sativa Cake in Laying Hens Diet: Performance, Welfare, and Eggshell Quality. Lolli, Susanna; Grilli, Guido; Ferrari, Lorenzo; Battelli, Giovanna; Pozzo, Sara; Galasso, Incoronat 7791
Effect of Expressions and SNPs of Candidate Genes on Intramuscular Fat Content in Qinchuan Cattle. Li, Yaxing; Cheng, Gong; Yamada, Takahisa; Liu, Jianfeng; Zan, Linsen; Tong, Bin 3299
Effect of Intermittent and Mild Cold Stimulation on the Immune Function of Bursa in Broilers. Liu, Yanhong; Xue, Ge; Li, Shuang; Fu, Yajie; Yin, Jingwen; Zhang, Runxiang; Li, Jianhong 6469
Effect of Replacing Dietary Corn with Broken Rice on Goose Growth Performance, Body Size and Bare Skin Color. Chen, Xiaoshuai; Yang, Haiming; Xu, Lei; Wan, Xiaoli; Wang, Zhiyue 5694
Effect of the Source of Zinc on the Tissue Accumulation of Zinc and Jejunal Mucosal Zinc Transporter Expression in Holstein Dairy Calves. Ma, Fengtao; Wo, Yeqianli; Li, Hongyang; Chang, Meinan; Wei, Jingya; Zhao, Shengguo; Sun, Peng 5873
Effect of Thymol Addition and Withdrawal on Some Blood Parameters, Antioxidative Defence System and Fatty Acid Profile in Rabbit Muscle. Bacova, Kristina; Zitterl-Eglseer, Karin; Chrastinova, Lubica; Laukova, Andrea; Madarova, Michaela; 7541
Effects of 5-Aminolevulinic Acid as a Supplement on Animal Performance, Iron Status, and Immune Response in Farm Animals: A Review. Hendawy, Amin Omar; Khattab, Mostafa Sayed; Sugimura, Satoshi; Sato, Kan 7865
Effects of A Concentrate Rich in Agro-Industrial By-Products on Productivity Results, Carcass Characteristics and Meat Quality Traits of Finishing Heifers. Diaz, Maria Jose Moreno; Garcia, Valeriano Domenech; Ramirez, Carmen Aviles; Blanco, Francisco Pena; 7368
Effects of Autologous Platelet-Rich Fibrin in Post-Extraction Alveolar Sockets: A Randomized, Controlled Split-Mouth Trial in Dogs with Spontaneous Periodontal Disease. Tambella, Adolfo Maria; Bartocetti, Francesca; Rossi, Giacomo; Galosi, Livio; Catone, Giuseppe; Falc Report 8782
Effects of Dietary Doum Palm Fruit Powder on Growth, Antioxidant Capacity, Immune Response, and Disease Resistance of African Catfish, Clarias gariepinus (B.). Khalaifah, Hanan. S. Al-; Khalil, Alshimaa A.; Amer, Shimaa A.; Shalaby, Shimaa I.; Badr, Haitham A. 10883
Effects of Diets Containing Finger Millet Straw and Corn Straw on Growth Performance, Plasma Metabolites, Immune Capacity, and Carcass Traits in Fattening Lambs. Chen, Xiaoyong; Mi, Hao; Cui, Kai; Zhou, Rongyan; Tian, Shujun; Zhang, Leying 6693
Effects of Different Dietary Vegetable Lipid Sources on Health Status in Nile Tilapia (Oreochromis niloticus): Haematological Indices, Immune Response Parameters and Plasma Proteome. Nakharuthai, Chatsirin; Rodrigues, Pedro M.; Schrama, Denise; Kumkhong, Suksan; Boonanuntanasarn, Su 9256
Effects of Flaxseed Oil and Vitamin E Supplementation on Digestibility and Milk Fatty Composition and Antioxidant Capacity in Water Buffaloes. Agustinho, Bruna C.; Zeoula, Lucia M.; Santos, Nadine W.; Machado, Erica; Yoshimura, Emerson H.; Rib 9137
Effects of High Intensity Laser Therapy in the Treatment of Tendon and Ligament Injuries in Performance Horses. Zielinska, Paulina; Nicpon, Jakub; Kielbowicz, Zdzislaw; Soroko, Maria; Dudek, Krzysztof; Zaborski, 6120
Effects of Iron Deficiency on Serum Metabolome, Hepatic Histology, and Function in Neonatal Piglets. Dong, Zhenglin; Wan, Dan; Yang, Huansheng; Li, Guanya; Zhang, Yiming; Zhou, Xihong; Wu, Xin; Yin, Yu 5599
Effects of L-Arginine Supplementation during Late Gestation on Reproductive Performance, Piglet Uniformity, Blood Profiles, and Milk Composition in High Prolific Sows. Hong, Jinsu; Fang, Lin Hu; Jeong, Jae Hark; Kim, Yoo Yong 12207
Effects of Olfactory and Auditory Enrichment on Heart Rate Variability in Shelter Dogs. Amaya, Veronica; Paterson, Mandy B.A.; Descovich, Kris; Phillips, Clive J.C. 12896
Effects of Parenteral Supplementation with Minerals and Vitamins on Oxidative Stress and Humoral Immune Response of Weaning Calves. Mattioli, Guillermo Alberto; Rosa, Diana Esther; Turic, Esteban; Picco, Sebastian Julio; Raggio, San 5292
Effects of Replacing Extruded Maize by Dried Citrus Pulp in a Mixed Diet on Ruminal Fermentation, Methane Production, and Microbial Populations in Rusitec Fermenters. Garcia-Rodriguez, Jairo; Saro, Cristina; Mateos, Ivan; Gonzalez, Jesus S.; Carro, Maria Dolores; Ran 7767
Efficacy of a Semi Automated Commercial Closed System for Autologous Leukocyte- and Platelet-Rich Plasma (l-prp) Production in Dogs: A Preliminary Study. Perego, Roberta; Spada, Eva; Baggiani, Luciana; Martino, Piera Anna; Proverbio, Daniela Report 8861
Ejaculate Collection Influences the Salivary Oxytocin Concentrations in Breeding Male Pigs. Lopez-Arjona, Marina; Padilla, Lorena; Roca, Jordi; Ceron, Jose Joaquin; Martinez-Subiela, Silvia 5762
Escherichia coli Producing Extended-Spectrum [beta]-lactamases (ESBL) from Domestic Camels in the Canary Islands: A One Health Approach. Carvalho, Isabel; Tejedor-Junco, Maria Teresa; Gonzalez-Martin, Margarita; Corbera, Juan Alberto; Si Report 5025
Estimation of between-Cow Variability in Nutrient Digestion of Lactating Dairy Cows Fed Corn-Based Diets. Tharangani, Himali; Lu, Changwen; Zhao, Liansheng; Ma, Lu; Guo, Xusheng; Weiss, William P.; Bu, Deng Clinical report 9472
Eurasian Beaver (Castor fiber) Winter Foraging Preferences in Northern Poland--The Role of Woody Vegetation Composition and Anthropopression Level. Jackowiak, Mateusz; Busher, Peter; Krauze-Gryz, Dagny 6975
Evaluation of Poultry Stunning with Low Atmospheric Pressure, Carbon Dioxide or Nitrogen Using a Single Aversion Testing Paradigm. Gent, Thomas C.; Gebhardt-Henrich, Sabine; Schild, Sarah-Lina Aagaard; Rahman, Abdulsatar Abdel; Tos 8913
Evaluation of the Impact of Behavioral Opportunities on Four Zoo-Housed Aardvarks (Orycteropus afer). Hamilton, Jennifer; Fuller, Grace; Allard, Stephanie 9622
Evaluation of the Relationship between Adipose Metabolism Patterns and Secretion of Appetite-Related Endocrines on Chicken. Chuang, Wen Yang; Hsieh, Yun Chen; Chen, Li Wei; Lee, Tzu-Tai 12877
Exercise Training Protocols in Rabbits Applied in Cardiovascular Research. Lozano, Wilson M.; Parra, German; Arias-Mutis, Oscar J.; Zarzoso, Manuel 8427
Exploring Attitudes toward Animal Welfare through the Lens of Subjectivity--An Application of Q-Methodology. Vecchio, Yari; Pauselli, Gregorio; Adinolfi, Felice 8847
Factors Affecting Canine Obesity Seem to Be Independent of the Economic Status of the Country--A Survey on Hungarian Companion Dogs. Julianna, Torda Orsolya; Kata, Vekony; Katalin, Juno Vanda; Peter, Pongracz 7500
Fast and Slow-Growing Management Systems: Characterisation of Broiler Caecal Microbiota Development throughout the Growing Period. Montoro-Dasi, Laura; Villagra, Arantxa; de Toro, Maria; Perez-Gracia, Maria Teresa; Vega, Santiago; 8592
Fecal Sample Collection Method for Wild Birds-Associated Microbiome Research: Perspectives for Wildlife Studies. Borrelli, Luca; Minichino, Adriano; Pace, Antonino; Dipineto, Ludovico; Fioretti, Alessandro 2677
Genetic Diversity and Genetic Structure of the Wild Tsushima Leopard Cat from Genome-Wide Analysis. Ito, Hideyuki; Nakajima, Nobuyoshi; Onuma, Manabu; Murayama, Miho 6539
Genetic Structure Analysis of the Pura Raza Espanol Horse Population through Partial Inbreeding Coefficient Estimation. Perdomo-Gonzalez, Davinia I.; Sanchez-Guerrero, Maria J.; Molina, Antonio; Valera, Mercedes 7802
Genetic Variability in the Italian Heavy Draught Horse from Pedigree Data and Genomic Information. Mancin, Enrico; Ablondi, Michela; Mantovani, Roberto; Pigozzi, Giuseppe; Sabbioni, Alberto; Sartori, 10546
Genome-Wide Assessment of Runs of Homozygosity in Chinese Wagyu Beef Cattle. Zhao, Guoyao; Zhang, Tianliu; Liu, Yuqiang; Wang, Zezhao; Xu, Lei; Zhu, Bo; Gao, Xue; Zhang, Lupei; 6731
Genome-Wide SNP Analysis Reveals the Population Structure and the Conservation Status of 23 Italian Chicken Breeds. Cendron, Filippo; Perini, Francesco; Mastrangelo, Salvatore; Tolone, Marco; Criscione, Andrea; Bordo 7717
Gut Microbiota-Polyphenol Interactions in Chicken: A Review. Iqbal, Yasir; Cottrell, Jeremy J.; Suleria, Hafiz A.R.; Dunshea, Frank R. 9993
Habitat Suitability Based Models for Ungulate Roadkill Prognosis. Balciauskas, Linas; Wierzchowski, Jack; Kucas, Andrius; Balciauskiene, Laima 11067
Hand-Rearing of Three Lesser Flamingo Chicks (Phoeniconaias minor). Fiorucci, Letizia; Grande, Francesco; Macrelli, Roberto; Schnitzer, Petra; Crosta, Lorenzo 3530
Hibernation Patterns of the European Hedgehog, Erinaceus europaeus, at a Cornish Rescue Centre. South, Kathryn E.; Haynes, Kelly; Jackson, Angus C. 7236
High Trophic Niche Overlap between a Native and Invasive Mink Does Not Drive Trophic Displacement of the Native Mink during an Invasion Process. Garcia, Karla; Sanpera, Carola; Jover, Lluis; Palazon, Santiago; Gosalbez, Joaquim; Gorski, Konrad; 7673
Histological Evaluation of Gonad Impairments in Russian Sturgeon (Acipenser gueldenstaedtii) Reared in Recirculating Aquatic System (RAS). Rzepkowska, Malgorzata; Adamek-Urbanska, Dobrochna; Fajkowska, Magdalena; Roszko, Marek Lukasz 10131
Home Range Estimates and Habitat Use of Siberian Flying Squirrels in South Korea. Kim, Jong-U.; Kim, Jun-Soo; Jeon, Jong-Hoon; Lee, Woo-Shin 5461
How Different Stocking Densities Affect Growth and Stress Status of Acipenser baerii Early Stage Larvae. Aidos, Lucia; Cafiso, Alessandra; Serra, Valentina; Vasconi, Mauro; Bertotto, Daniela; Bazzocchi, Ch 8447
Humane Euthanasia of Guinea Pigs (Cavia porcellus) with a Penetrating Spring-Loaded Captive Bolt. Cohen, Shari; Kwok, Melody; Huang, Joel 6561
Hybrid Versus Autochthonous Turkey Populations: Homozygous Genomic Regions Occurrences Due to Artificial and Natural Selection. Strillacci, Maria Giuseppina; Marelli, Stefano Paolo; Martinez-Velazquez, Guillermo 6658
Impact of a Topical Anaesthesia Wound Management Formulation on Pain, Inflammation and Reduction of Secondary Infections after Tail Docking in Lambs. Ferrer, Luis Miguel; Lacasta, Delia; Ortin, Aurora; Ramos, Juan Jose; Tejedor, Maria Teresa; Borobia 8268
Impact of Heat Stress on Poultry Health and Performances, and Potential Mitigation Strategies. Wasti, Sanjeev; Sah, Nirvay; Mishra, Birendra 11848
Impact of Oral Supplementation of Different Levels of Tamoxifen on Productive and Reproductive Efficiencies and Carcass Traits of Avian48 and Arbor Acres Broilers. Younis, Mona E.M.; Aboelnour, Asmaa; Swelum, Ayman A.; Ghoneim, Hanan A.; Hack, Mohamed E. Abd El-; 9739
Impact of Stress on Health and Final Weight in Fattening Lambs. Navarro, Teresa; Gonzalez, Jose Maria; Ramos, Juan Jose; Marca, Maria Carmen; Figliola, Lucia; de Ar 8856
Improve Pasture or Feed Grain? Greenhouse Gas Emissions, Profitability, and Resource Use for Nelore Beef Cattle in Brazil's Cerrado and Amazon Biomes. Molossi, Luana; Hoshide, Aaron Kinyu; Pedrosa, Lorena Machado; de Oliveira, Andre Soares; de Abreu, 13118
In Vitro Antibacterial Potential of Salix babylonica Extract against Bacteria that Affect Oncorhynchus mykiss and Oreochromis spp. Rangel-Lopez, Lenin; Zaragoza-Bastida, Adrian; Valladares-Carranza, Benjamin; Pelaez-Acero, Armando; 6005
Individual Variability in Response to Social Stress in Dairy Heifers. Nogues, Emeline; Lecorps, Benjamin; Weary, Daniel M.; von Keyserlingk, Marina A.G. 5243
Insight into the Current Genetic Diversity and Population Structure of Domestic Reindeer (Rangifer tarandus) in Russia. Kharzinova, Veronika; Dotsev, Arsen; Solovieva, Anastasiya; Sergeeva, Olga; Bryzgalov, Georgiy; Reye 10423
Interactive Effects of Glycine Equivalent, Cysteine, and Choline on Growth Performance, Nitrogen Excretion Characteristics, and Plasma Metabolites of Broiler Chickens Using Neural Networks Optimized with Genetic Algorithms. Hofmann, Philipp; Siegert, Wolfgang; Ahmadi, Hamed; Krieg, Jochen; Novotny, Moritz; Naranjo, Victor 11161
Intra-Group Lethal Gang Aggression in Domestic Pigs (Sus scrofa domesticus). Camerlink, Irene; Chou, Jen-Yun; Turner, Simon P. 8112
Investigation of the Prevalence, Virulence Genes, and Antibiogram of Motile Aeromonads Isolated from Nile Tilapia Fish Farms in Egypt and Assessment of their Water Quality. Gohary, Fatma A. El-; Zahran, Eman; Gawad, Eman A. Abd El-; Gohary, Adel H. El-; Abdelhamid, Fatma M Clinical report 8843
Isoflurane and Carbon Dioxide Elicit Similar Behavioral Responses in Rats. Kulkarni, Satyajit; Hickman, Debra 11406
Isolates, Antimicrobial Susceptibility Profiles and Multidrug Resistance of Bacteria Cultured from Pig Submissions in New Zealand. Riley, Christopher B.; Chidgey, Kirsty L.; Bridges, Janis P.; Gordon, Emma; Lawrence, Kevin E. 8911
Large Lemurs: Ecological, Demographic and Environmental Risk Factors for Weight Gain in Captivity. Mellor, Emma L.; Cuthill, Innes C.; Schwitzer, Christoph; Mason, Georgia J.; Mendl, Michael 18743
Long-Term Effect of Environmental Enrichment on Reproductive Performance of Swiss Webster Mice and Their Female Offspring. Meikle, Maria Noel; Arevalo, Ana Paula; Schlapp, Geraldine; Fernandez-Grana, Gabriel; Menchaca, Alej 3613
Long-Term Effects Following Fresh/Vitrified Embryo Transfer Are Transmitted by Paternal Germline in a Large Size Rabbit Cohort. Garcia-Dominguez, Ximo; Vicente, Jose Salvador; Viudes-de-Castro, Maria P.; Marco-Jimenez, Francisco Clinical report 3605
Luminal and Mucosal Microbiota of the Cecum and Large Colon of Healthy and Diarrheic Horses. Arroyo, Luis G.; Rossi, Laura; Santos, Bruna P.; Gomez, Diego E.; Surette, Michael G.; Costa, Marcio 4924
Meiotic Status Does Not Affect the Vitrification Effectiveness of Domestic Cat Oocytes. Sowinska, Natalia; Zahmel, Jennifer; Nizanski, Wojciech; Hribal, Romy; Fernandez-Gonzalez, Lorena; J 6927
Mental Health Disease or Preventable Problem? Australian Dog Trainers' Opinions about Canine Separation Anxiety Differ with Training Style. Hunter, Trepheena; van Rooy, Diane; McArthur, Michelle; Bennett, Sara; Tuke, Jonathan; Hazel, Susan 8771
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Soft Release Translocation of Texas Horned Lizards (Phrynosoma cornutum) on an Urban Military Installation in Oklahoma, United States. DeGregorio, Brett; Moody, Raymond; Myers, Hannah 6063
SPARCL1 Influences Bovine Skeletal Muscle-Derived Satellite Cell Migration and Differentiation through an ITGB1-Mediated Signaling Pathway. Wang, Yuxin; Liu, Shuaiyu; Yan, Yunqin; Li, Shufeng; Tong, Huili 5825
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The Milk Thistle Seed Cakes and Hempseed Cakes are Potential Feed for Poultry. Stastnik, Ondrej; Pavlata, Leos; Mrkvicova, Eva 7795
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Time Course-Dependent Study on Equine Herpes Virus 9-Induced Abortion in Syrian Hamsters. Abas, Osama; Abdo, Walied; Kasem, Samy; Alwazzan, Abdulatif; Saleh, Asmaa G.; Saleh, Ibrahim G.; Fuk 10492
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Toxoplasma gondii Recombinant Antigens in the Serodiagnosis of Toxoplasmosis in Domestic and Farm Animals. Ferra, Bartlomiej; Holec-Gasior, Lucyna; Grazlewska, Weronika 13655
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Tumor Infiltrating Lymphocytes in Pet Rabbit Mammary Carcinomas: A Study with Relevance to Comparative Pathology. Schoniger, Sandra; Degner, Sophie; Zhang, Qian; Schandelmaier, Claudia; Aupperle-Lellbach, Heike; Ja Report 8962
Uniform Manifold Approximation and Projection for Clustering Taxa through Vocalizations in a Neotropical Passerine (Rough-Legged Tyrannulet, Phyllomyias burmeisteri). Parra-Hernandez, Ronald M.; Posada-Quintero, Jorge I.; Acevedo-Charry, Orlando; Posada-Quintero, Hug 6262
Updating the AIHTS Trapping Standards to Improve Animal Welfare and Capture Efficiency and Selectivity. Proulx, Gilbert; Cattet, Marc; Serfass, Thomas L.; Baker, Sandra E. 15119
Urinary Proteome of Newborn Calves--New Potential in Non-Invasive Neonatal Diagnostic. Dratwa-Chalupnik, Alicja; Wojdyla, Katarzyna; Ozgo, Malgorzata; Lepczynski, Adam; Michalek, Katarzyn 9121
Use of Castor Bean Meal, Biodiesel Industry Coproduct, in a Lamb Production System Using Creep-Feeding in Brazil. Novaes, Marco A.S.; Veloso, Cristina M.; Siqueira, Otavio H.G.B.D.; Ferreira, Matheus F.L.; Lovatti, 8772
Use of the Multivariate Discriminant Analysis for Genome-Wide Association Studies in Cattle. Manca, Elisabetta; Cesarani, Alberto; Gaspa, Giustino; Sorbolini, Silvia; Macciotta, Nicolo P.P.; Di 7680
Validation of the Turkey Semen Cryopreservation by Evaluating the Effect of Two Diluents and the Inseminating Doses. Di Iorio, Michele; Rusco, Giusy; Iampietro, Roberta; Maiuro, Lucia; Schiavone, Achille; Cerolini, Si 5401

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