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Articles from Animals (Basel) (April 1, 2020)

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A Data-Driven Prediction Method for an Early Warning of Coccidiosis in Intensive Livestock Systems: A Preliminary Study. Borgonovo, Federica; Ferrante, Valentina; Grilli, Guido; Pascuzzo, Riccardo; Vantini, Simone; Guarin 4151
A Detailed Study of Rainbow Trout (Onchorhynchus mykiss) Intestine Revealed That Digestive and Absorptive Functions Are Not Linearly Distributed along Its Length. Verdile, Nicole; Pasquariello, Rolando; Scolari, Marco; Scire, Giulia; Brevini, Tiziana A.L.; Gandol 7510
A Meta-analysis Describing the Effects of the Essential oils Blend Agolin Ruminant on Performance, Rumen Fermentation and Methane Emissions in Dairy Cows. Belanche, Alejandro; Newbold, Charles J.; Morgavi, Diego P.; Bach, Alex; Zweifel, Beatrice; Yanez-Ru 8863
A Meta-Analysis of the Effects of Slow-Release Urea Supplementation on the Performance of Beef Cattle. Salami, Saheed A.; Moran, Colm A.; Warren, Helen E.; Taylor-Pickard, Jules Report 11250
A Radiographic Technique for Assessment of Morphologic Variations of the Equine Caudal Cervical Spine. Gee, Christine; Small, Alison; Shorter, Kathleen; Brown, Wendy Y. 3622
A Scoping Review: The Impact of Housing Systems and Environmental Features on Beef Cattle Welfare. Park, Rachel M.; Foster, Margaret; Daigle, Courtney L. Report 8861
A Survey of Dairy Cattle Behavior in Different Barns in Northern Italy. Lovarelli, Daniela; Finzi, Alberto; Mattachini, Gabriele; Riva, Elisabetta 8035
Acceptance and Feasibility of a Guideline for the Animal Welfare Assessment of Fattening Pigs from Farmers' Point of View. Pfeifer, Mareike; Koch, Alexandra; Lensches, Clara; Schmitt, Armin O.; Hessel, Engel F. 8291
Aeromonas veronii Infection in Commercial Freshwater Fish: A Potential Threat to Public Health. Li, Tong; Raza, Sayed Haidar Abbas; Yang, Bintong; Sun, Yufeng; Wang, Guiqin; Sun, Wuwen; Qian, Aido Report 6192
Ameliorative Effects of Antibiotic-, Probiotic- and Phytobiotic-Supplemented Diets on the Performance, Intestinal Health, Carcass Traits, and Meat Quality of Clostridium perfringens-Infected Broilers. Hussein, Elsayed O.S.; Ahmed, Shamseldein H.; Abudabos, Alaeldein M.; Suliman, Gamaleldin M.; Hack, 8653
An Assay System to Evaluate Riboflavin/UV-A Corneal Phototherapy Efficacy in a Porcine Corneal Organ Culture Model. Perazzi, Anna; Gomiero, Chiara; Corain, Livio; Iacopetti, Ilaria; Grisan, Enrico; Lombardo, Marco; L 8323
An Assessment of Wildlife Use by Northern Laos Nationals. Davis, Elizabeth Oneita; Glikman, Jenny Anne Report 7020
Analysis of Astragalus Polysaccharide Intervention in Heat-Stressed Dairy Cows' Serum Metabolomics. Zeng, Hanfang; Xi, Yumeng; Li, Yeqing; Wang, Zedong; Zhang, Lin; Han, Zhaoyu Report 10714
Animals in Moral Limbo: How Literary Pigs May Help Lab-Generated Ones. Tuck, Nancy Report 10004
Antimicrobial Resistance and Virulence Properties of Campylobacter Spp. Originating from Domestic Geese in Poland. Wysok, Beata; Wojtacka, Joanna; Wiszniewska-Laszczych, Agnieszka; Szteyn, Joanna 8094
Antimicrobial Resistance in Farm Animals in Brazil: An Update Overview. Rabello, Renata F.; Bonelli, Raquel R.; Penna, Bruno A.; Albuquerque, Julia P.; Souza, Rossiane M.; Report 25145
Application of Meta-Analysis and Machine Learning Methods to the Prediction of Methane Production from In Vitro Mixed Ruminal Micro-Organism Fermentation. Ellis, Jennifer L.; Alaiz-Moreton, Hector; Navarro-Villa, Alberto; McGeough, Emma J.; Purcell, Peter 10242
Artificial Light at Night (ALAN) Is the Main Driver of Nocturnal Feral Pigeon (Columba livia f. domestica) Foraging in Urban Areas. Leveau, Lucas M. Report 3906
Association Between BMP2 Functional Polymorphisms and Sheep Tail Type. Lu, Zengkui; Liu, Jianbin; Han, Jilong; Vang, Bohui 6411
Association between Rumen Microbiota and Marbling Score in Korean Native Beef Cattle. Kim, Minseok; Park, Tansol; Jeong, Jin Young; Baek, Youlchang; Lee, Hyun-Jeong 6923
Attitudes toward and Knowledge about Wolves in SW German Secondary School Pupils from within and outside an Area Occupied by Wolves (Canis lupus). Randler, Christoph; Wagner, Annkathrin; Rogele, Alena; Hummel, Eberhard; Tomazic, Iztok Report 5443
Betaine Supplementation Improves the Production Performance, Rumen Fermentation, and Antioxidant Profile of Dairy Cows in Heat Stress. Shah, Ali Mujtaba; Ma, Jian; Wang, Zhisheng; Zou, Huawei; Hu, Rui; Peng, Quanhui 4787
Black Wattle (Acacia mearnsii) Condensed Tannins as Feed Additives to Lactating Dairy Cows. Avila, Andre S.; Zambom, Maximiliane A.; Faccenda, Andressa; Werle, Caroline H.; Almeida, Ana R.E.; 8529
Body Size and Bite Force of Stray and Feral Cats--Are Bigger or Older Cats Taking the Largest or More Difficult-to-Handle Prey? Fleming, Patricia A.; Crawford, Heather M.; Auckland, Clare H.; Calver, Michael C. 15119
Body Temperature Responses During Phases of Work in Human Remains Detection Dogs Undergoing a Simulated Deployment. Baker, Janice; DeChant, Mallory; Jenkins, Eileen; Moore, George; Kelsey, Kathleen; Perry, Erin 5371
Cafeteria-Type Feeding of Chickens Indicates a Preference for Insect (Tenebrio molitor) Larvae Meal. Filho, Marcos Antonio Nascimento; Pereira, Raquel Tatiane; Oliveira, Ana Beatriz Santos de; Suckever Report 6991
Can the Presence of Ovarian Corpus Luteum Modify the Hormonal Composition of Follicular Fluid in Mares? Satue, Katiuska; Fazio, Esterina; Medica, Pietro 6143
Changes in Pulse Rate, Respiratory Rate and Rectal Temperature in Working Dogs before and after Three Different Field Trials. Lopedote, Mirella; Valentini, Simona; Musella, Vincenzo; Vilar, Jose Manuel; Spinella, Giuseppe 3098
Changes in Serum and Salivary Proteins in Canine Mammary Tumors. Franco-Martinez, Lorena; Gelemanovic, Andrea; Horvatic, Anita; Contreras- Aguilar, Maria Dolores; Da 24775
Chlamydia psittaci Triggers the Invasion of H9N2 Avian Influenza Virus by Impairing the Functions of Chicken Macrophages. Chu, Jun; Guo, Yongxia; Xu, Guanlong; Zhang, Qiang; Zuo, Zonghui; Li, Qiang; Wang, Yihui; He, Cheng 7109
Cistanche deserticola Addition Improves Growth, Digestibility, and Metabolism of Sheep Fed on Fresh Forage from Alfalfa/Tall Fescue Pasture. Liu, Xulei; Liu, Fuyao; Yan, Tianhai; Chang, Shenghua; Wanapat, Metha; Hou, Fujiang 9003
Commonalities in Management and Husbandry Factors Important for Health and Welfare of Captive Elephants in North America and Thailand. Brown, Janine L.; Bansiddhi, Pakkanut; Khonmee, Jaruwan; Thitaram, Chatchote 11910
Comparative Analysis of CpG Sites and Islands Distributed in Mitochondrial DNA of Model Organisms. Kowal, Krzysztof; Tkaczyk, Angelika; Zabek, Tomasz; Pierzchala, Mariusz; Slaska, Brygida 6546
Comparative Effects of Stovers of Four Varieties of Common Vetch on Growth Performance, Ruminal Fermentation, and Nutrient Digestibility of Growing Lambs. Huang, Yafeng; Matthew, Cory; Li, Fei; Nan, Zhibiao Report 7729
Comparative Transcriptome Analysis of Gill Tissue in Response to Hypoxia in Silver Sillago (Sillago sihama). Saetan, Wanida; Tian, Changxu; Yu, Jiawang; Lin, Xinghua; He, Feixiang; Huang, Yang; Shi, Hongjuan; 6853
Comparison of Methods for the Histological Evaluation of Odontocete Spiral Ganglion Cells. Ramirez, Tania; Sacchini, Simona; Paz, Yania; Rosales, Ruben S.; Camara, Nakita; Andrada, Marisa; Ar 5434
Comprehensive Transcriptional Changes in the Liver of Kanglang White Minnow (Anabarilius grahami) in Response to the Infection of Parasite Ichthyophthirius multifiliis. Qiu, Ying; Yin, Yanhui; Ruan, Zhiqiang; Gao, Yu; Bian, Chao; Chen, Jieming; Wang, Xiaoai; Pan, Xiaof 7705
Comprehensive Transcriptome Analysis Reveals Insights into Phylogeny and Positively Selected Genes of Sillago Species. Lou, Fangrui; Zhang, Yuan; Song, Na; Ji, Dongping; Gao, Tianxiang 9240
Copy Number Variation of the PIGY Gene in Sheep and Its Association Analysis with Growth Traits. Feng, Ziting; Li, Xinyu; Cheng, Jie; Jiang, Rui; Huang, Ruolan; Wang, Dingchuan; Huang, Yongzhen; Pi 5291
Copy Number Variations and Expression Levels of Guanylate-Binding Protein 6 Gene Associated with Growth Traits of Chinese Cattle. Hao, Dan; Wang, Xiao; Thomsen, Bo; Kadarmideen, Haja N.; Wang, Xiaogang; Lan, Xianyong; Huang, Yongz Report 8513
Detection of a 4 bp Mutation in the 3'UTR Region of Goat Sox9 Gene and Its Effect on the Growth Traits. He, Libang; Bi, Yi; Wang, Ruolan; Pan, Chuanying; Chen, Hong; Lan, Xianyong; Qu, Lei 5353
Determining a Welfare Prioritization for Horses Using a Delphi Method. Rioja-Lang, Fiona C.; Connor, Melanie; Bacon, Heather; Dwyer, Cathy M. 9166
Developing an Animal Welfare Assessment Protocol for Livestock Transported by Sea. Willis, Emma Dunston-Clarke Renee S.; Fleming, Patricia A.; Barnes, Anne L.; Miller, David W.; Colli 8030
Developmental and Degenerative Characterization of Porcine Parthenogenetic Fetuses during Early Pregnancy. Hwang, In-Sul; Park, Mi-Ryung; Lee, Hae-Sun; Kwak, Tae-Uk; Son, Hwa-Young; Kang, Jong-Koo; Lee, Jeon Report 5437
Dietary Puerarin Supplementation Alleviates Oxidative Stress in the Small Intestines of Diquat-Challenged Piglets. Li, Meng; Yuan, Daixu; Liu, Yanhong; Jin, Hui; Tan, Bie 6646
Differential Somatic Cell Count as a Marker for Changes of Milk Composition in Cows with Very Low Somatic Cell Count. Zecconi, Alfonso; Dell'Orco, Francesca; Vairani, Diego; Rizzi, Nicoletta; Cipolla, Micaela; Zanini, Report 7310
Diurnal Rhythm of Plasma Melatonin Concentration in the Domestic Turkey and Its Regulation by Light and Endogenous Oscillators. Prusik, Magdalena; Lewczuk, Bogdan 5021
Documenting Aggression, Dominance and the Impacts of Visitor Interaction on Galapagos Tortoises (Chelonoidis nigra) in a Zoo Setting. Freeland, Laura; Ellis, Charlotte; Michaels, Christopher J. 6090
Dynamics of Different Buffer Systems in Slurries Based on Time and Temperature of Storage and Their Visualization by a New Mathematical Tool. Overmeyer, Veronika; Holtkamp, Felix; Clemens, Joachim; Buscher, Wolfgang; Trimborn, Manfred 12985
Echocardiographic Findings in Canine Model of Chagas Disease Immunized with DNA Trypanosoma cruzi Genes. Rodriguez-Morales, Olivia; Roldan, Francisco-Javier; Vargas-Barron, Jesus; Parra-Benitez, Enrique; M 7787
Ecological Niche Models of Four Hard Tick Genera (Ixodidae) in Mexico. Clarke-Crespo, Emilio; Moreno-Arzate, Claudia N.; Lopez-Gonzalez, Carlos A. Report 7092
Economic and Welfare Impacts of Providing Good Life Opportunities to Farm Animals. Stokes, Jessica E.; Mullan, Siobhan; Takahashi, Taro; Monte, Federica; Main, David C.J. Report 5741
Effect of Acrylamide Supplementation on the CART-, VAChT-, and nNOS-Immunoreactive Nervous Structures in the Porcine Stomach. Palus, Katarzyna; Bulc, Michal; Calka, Jaroslaw Report 7088
Effect of Age and Sex on the Quality of Offal and Meat of the Wild Boar (Sus scrofa). Ludwiczak, Agnieszka; Skladanowska-Baryza, Joanna; Stanisz, Marek 6614
Effect of Amniotic Injection of N-Carbamylglutamate on Meat Quality of Broilers. Zhang, Feng-dong; Wang, Jing; Zhang, Hai-jun; Wu, Shu-geng; Lin, Jing; Qi, Guang-hai Report 7548
Effect of Artesunate on Leishmania Amazonesis Induced Neuroinflammation and Nociceptive Behavior in Male Balb/C Mice. Gugliandolo, Enrico; Palma, Ernesto; Peritore, Alessio Filippo; Siracusa, Rosalba; DAmico, Ramona; F Report 6761
Effect of Dietary Fiber Sources on In-Vitro Fermentation and Microbiota in Monogastrics. Ngalavu, Asavela; Jiang, Hailong; Ashram, Saeed El-; Tellez-Isaias, Guillermo; Farouk, Mohammed Hamd 8465
Effect of Dietary Protein and Tsaa Levels on Performance, Carcass Traits, Meat Composition and Some Blood Components of Egyptian Geese During the Rearing Period. Ashour, Elwy A.; Abou-Kassem, Diaa E.; Hack, Mohamed E. Abd El-; Alagawany, Mahmoud Report 8976
Effect of Different Dietary Inclusion Levels of Sunflower Meal and Multi-Enzyme Supplementation on Performance, Meat Yield, Ileum Histomorphology, and Pancreatic Enzyme Activities in Growing Quails. Tuzun, Ahmet Engin; Olgun, Osman; Yildiz, Alp Onder; Senturk, Esra Tugce 8950
Effect of Feeding Hazelnut Skin on Animal Performance, Milk Quality, and Rumen Fatty Acids in Lactating Ewes. Campione, Adriana; Natalello, Antonio; Valenti, Bernardo; Luciano, Giuseppe; Rufino-Moya, Pablo J.; Report 10792
Effect of GABA-T on Reproductive Function in Female Rats. Si, Wenyu; Li, Hailing; Kang, Tiezhu; Ye, Jing; Yao, Zhiqiu; Liu, Ya; Yu, Tong; Zhang, Yunhai; Ling, Report 9681
Effect of High-Dose Topical Minoxidil on Erythrocyte Quality in SKH1 Hairless Mice. Naranjo-Vazquez, Eduardo; Sanchez-Parada, Maria Guadalupe; Gomez-Meda, Belinda Claudia; Zamora-Perez 5632
Effect of Supplemental Kluyveromyces marxianus and Pichia kudriavzevii on Aflatoxin [M.sub.1] Excretion in Milk of Lactating Dairy Cows. Intanoo, Malinee; Kongkeitkajorn, Mallika B.; Suriyasathaporn, Witaya; Phasuk, Yupin; Bernard, John 6509
Effect of Two Different Stunning Methods on the Quality Traits of Rabbit Meat. Skladanowska-Baryza, Joanna; Ludwiczak, Agnieszka; Pruszyriska-Oszmalek, Ewa; Kolodziejski, Pawel; S 7974
Effects of a Trans-Galactooligosaccharide on Biochemical Blood Parameters and Intestine Morphometric Parameters of Common Carp (Cyprinus carpio L.). Ziolkowska, Ewa; Bogucka, Joanna; Dankowiakowska, Agata; Rawski, Mateusz; Mazurkiewicz, Jan; Stanek, 7888
Effects of Acute Hyperthermia on the Thermotolerance of Cow and Sheep Skin-Derived Fibroblasts. Saadeldin, Islam M.; Swelum, Ayman Abdel-Aziz; Zakri, Adel M.; Tukur, Hammed A.; Alowaimer, Abdullah Report 6857
Effects of Dietary [beta]-Mannanase Supplementation on Growth Performance, Apparent Total Tract Digestibility, Intestinal Integrity, and Immune Responses in Weaning Pigs. Jang, Jae-Cheol; Kim, Kwang Ho; Jang, Young Dal; Kim, Yoo Yong 5452
Effects of Dietary Iron Level on Growth Performance, Immune Organ Indices and Meat Quality in Chinese Yellow Broilers. Lin, Xiajing; Gou, Zhongyong; Wang, Yibing; Li, Long; Fan, Qiuli; Ding, Fayuan; Zheng, Chuntian; Jia Report 7371
Effects of Dietary Quebracho Tannin on Performance Traits and Parasite Load in an Italian Slow-Growing Chicken (White Livorno Breed). Marzoni, Margherita; Castillo, Annelisse; Franzoni, Alessandro; Nery, Joana; Fortina, Riccardo; Romb 5964
Effects of Different Selenium Sources on Meat Quality and Shelf Life of Fattening Pigs. Zhang, Shaotao; Xie, Yuhuai; Li, Min; Yang, Haitao; Li, Shiyin; Li, Junhui; Xu, Qingqing; Yang, Weir Report 7969
Effects of In Ovo Supplementation with Nanonutrition (L-Arginine Conjugated with Ag NPs) on Muscle Growth, Immune Response and Heat Shock Proteins at Different Chicken Embryonic Development Stages. Subramaniyan, Sivakumar Allur; Kang, Darae; Siddiqui, Sharif Hasan; Park, Jinryong; Tian, Weishun; P Report 6955
Effects of Increasing Doses of Lactobacillus Pre-Fermented Rapeseed Product with or without Inclusion of Macroalgae Product on Weaner Piglet Performance and Intestinal Development. Satessa, Gizaw Dabessa; Tamez-Hidalgo, Paulina; Kjaerulff, Suren; Vargas-Bello- Perez, Einar; Dhakal Report 8595
Effects of Microencapsulated Blend of Organic Acids and Essential Oils as a Feed Additive on Quality of Chicken Breast Meat. Stamilla, Alessandro; Russo, Nunziatina; Messina, Antonino; Spadaro, Carmine; Natalello, Antonio; Ca 10625
Effects of Olfactory and Auditory Enrichment on the Behaviour of Shelter Dogs. Amaya, Veronica; Paterson, Mandy B.A.; Phillips, Clive J.C. Report 13213
Effects of Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms in the SLC27A3 Gene on the Nutritional Value of Sheep Milk. Pecka-Kielb, Ewa; Kowalewska-Luczak, Inga; Czerniawska-Piatkowska, Ewa; Zielak- Steciwko, Anna E. Report 6502
Effects of Slaughter Knife Sharpness on Blood Biochemical and Electroencephalogram Changes in Cattle. Imlan, Jurhamid Columbres; Kaka, Ubedullah; Goh, Yong-Meng; Idrus, Zulkifli; Awad, Elmutaz Atta; Abu Report 10517
Effects of Stroking on Salivary Oxytocin and Cortisol in Guide Dogs: Preliminary Results. Ogi, Asahi; Mariti, Chiara; Baragli, Paolo; Sergi, Valeria; Gazzano, Angelo 6760
Effects of Transport and Lairage on the Skin Damage of Pig Carcasses. Driessen, Bert; Van Beirendonck, Sanne; Buyse, Johan Report 7860
Effects of Tributyrin Supplementation on Growth Performance, Insulin, Blood Metabolites and Gut Microbiota in Weaned Piglets. Sotira; Stefania; Dell'Anno, Matteo; Caprarulo; Valentina; Hejna, Monika; Pirrone, Federica; Callega 9060
Erratum: Baker, S.E.; Maw, S.A.; Johnson, P.J.; Macdonald, D.W. Not in My Backyard: Public Perceptions of Wildlife and 'Pest Control' in and around UK Homes, and Local Authority 'Pest Control'. Animals 2020, 10,222. Baker, Sandra E.; Maw, Stephanie A.; Johnson, Paul J.; Macdonald, David W. Correction notice 226
Erratum: Rodrigues, L.; Amezcua, R.; Cassar, G.; O'Sullivan, T.; Friendship, R. Comparison of Single, Fixed-Time Artificial Insemination in Gilts Using Two Different Protocols to Synchronize Ovulation. Animals 2020, 10, 306. Rodrigues, Lima; Amezcua, Rocio; Cassar, Glen; O'Sullivan, Terri L.; Friendship, Robert Correction notice 190
Erratum: Saeed, E.-A.; Shawky, M.A.; El-Sayed, M.A.-K.; Shymaa, A.H.; Lilian, N.M.; Eman, M.F.; Asmaa, A.K. Investigation of Pre- and Post-Weaning Mortalities in Rabbits Bred in Egypt, with Reference to Parasitic and Bacterial Causes. Animals 2020,10, 537. Ashram, Saeed El-; Aboelhadid, Shawky M.; Abdel-Kafy, El-Sayed M.; Hashem, Shymaa A.; Mahrous, Lilia Correction notice 282
Etiology, Epizootiology and Control of Maedi-Visna in Dairy Sheep: A Review. Kalogianni, Aphrodite I.; Bossis, Ioannis; Ekateriniadou, Loukia V.; Gelasakis, Athanasios I. Report 8985
Evaluation of Criminal Sanctions Concerning Violations of Cattle and Pig Welfare. Vaarikkala, Sofia; Koskela, Tarja; Hanninen, Laura; Nevas, Mari 5998
Evaluation of Heavy Metal Content in Feed, Litter, Meat, Meat Products, Liver, and Table Eggs of Chickens. Korish, Mohamed A.; Attia, Youssef A. 14391
Evaluation of Immunoglobulin G Absorption from Goat Colostrum by Newborn Piglets. Miro, Silvia Martinez; Naranjo, Susana; Madrid, Josefa; Lopez, Miguel Jose; Sanchez, Cristian Jesus; 5613
Exogenous Oleic Acid and Palmitic Acid Improve Boar Sperm Motility via Enhancing Mitochondrial B-Oxidation for ATP Generation. Zhu, Zhendong; Li, Rongnan; Feng, Chengwen; Liu, Ruifang; Zheng, Yi; Masudul Hoque, S.A.; Wu, De; Lu Report 6348
Experimental Evidence Reveals Both Cross-Infection and Cross-Contamination Risk of Embryo Storage in Liquid Nitrogen Biobanks. Marin, Clara; Garcia-Dominguez, Ximo; Montoro-Dasi, Laura; Lorenzo-Rebenaque, Laura; Vicente, Jose S Report 6344
Expression of DAZL Gene in Selected Tissues and Association of Its Polymorphisms with Testicular Size in Hu Sheep. Yuan, Zehu; Luo, Jing; Wang, Li; Li, Fadi; Li, Wanhong; Yue, Xiangpeng 8032
Feather Corticosterone Measurements of Greater Flamingos Living under Different Forms of Flight Restraint. Reese, Lukas; Baumgartner, Katrin; von Fersen, Lorenzo; Merle, Roswitha; Ladwig- Wiegard, Mechthild; Report 7795
Feeding Agroindustrial Byproducts to Light Lambs: Influence on Growth Performance, Diet Digestibility, Nitrogen Balance, Ruminal Fermentation, and Plasma Metabolites. Evan, Trinidad de; Cabezas, Almudena; de la Fuente, Jesus; Carro, Maria Dolores Report 6564
Female-Male and Female-Female Social Interactions of Captive Kept Capercaillie (Tetrao Urogallus) and Its Consequences in Planning Breeding Programs. Rosenberger, Joanna; Kowalczyk, Artur; Lukaszewicz, Ewa; Strzala, Tomasz Report 8274
Fermentative Quality and Animal Acceptability of Ensiled Persimmon Skin with Absorbents for Practical Use in Ruminant Feed. Abdelazeem, Shimaa; Takeda, Ken-ichi; Kurosu, Kazuhiro; Uyeno, Yutaka Report 9223
Flexible Foraging Response of Wintering Hooded Cranes (Grus monacha) to Food Availability in the Lakes of the Yangtze River Floodplain, China. Wei, Zhenhua; Zheng, Meng; Zhou, Lizhi; Xu, Wenbin Report 6931
Global Strategies for Population Management of Domestic Cats (Felis catus): A Systematic Review to Inform Best Practice Management for Remote Indigenous Communities in Australia. Kennedy, Brooke P.A.; Cumming, Bonny; Brown, Wendy Y. 9350
Grazing Cow Behavior's Association with Mild and Moderate Lameness. O'Leary, Niall W.; Byrne, Daire. T.; Garcia, Pauline; Werner, Jessica; Cabedoche, Morgan; Shalloo, L 6338
Growth Performance of Local Chicken Breeds, a High-Performance Genotype and Their Crosses Fed with Regional Faba Beans to Replace Soy. Nolte, Tanja; Jansen, Simon; Weigend, Steffen; Moerlein, Daniel; Halle, Ingrid; Link, Wolfgang; Humm 10707
High Salt Diet Affects the Reproductive Health in Animals: An Overview. Abdelnour, Sameh A.; El-Hack, Mohamed E. Abd; Noreldin, Ahmed E.; Batiha, Gaber Elsaber; Beshbishy, Report 7390
Histological and Electrophoretic Analysis of Carpathian barbel (Barbus carpathicus, Cyprinidae) Skin and Mucus in Environmental Context. Spychalski, Przemyslaw; Poradowski, Dominik; Chroszcz, Aleksander 6011
Horse Transport to Three South American Horse Slaughterhouses: A Descriptive Study. Nivelle, Beke; Vermeulen, Liesbeth; Van Beirendonck, Sanne; Van Thielen, Jos; Driessen, Bert Report 13464
Identification and Genetic Characterization of a Novel Respirovirus in Alpine Chamois (Rupicapra rupicapra rupicapra). Luzzago, Camilla; Ebranati, Erika; Lavazza, Antonio; Besozzi, Martina; Zehender, Gianguglielmo; Lanf 4834
Identification of Crucial Genetic Factors, Such as PPAR[gamma], that Regulate the Pathogenesis of Fatty Liver Disease in Dairy Cows Is Imperative for the Sustainable Development of Dairy Industry. Shi, Kerong; Li, Ranran; Xu, Zhongjin; Zhang, Qin 7311
Identification of Differentially Expressed MicroRNAs and Their Potential Target Genes in Adipose Tissue from Pigs with Highly Divergent Backfat Thickness. Xing, Kai; Zhao, Xitong; Liu, Yibing; Zhang, Fengxia; Tan, Zhen; Qi, Xiaolong; Wang, Xiangguo; Ni, H Report 5732
Identification of Plasma Fatty Acids in Four Lipid Classes to Understand Energy Metabolism at Different Levels of Ketonemia in Dairy Cows Using Thin Layer Chromatography and Gas Chromatographic Techniques (TLC-GC). Fiore, Enrico; Tessari, Rossella; Morgante, Massimo; Gianesella, Matteo; Badon, Tamara; Bedin, Silvi Report 13160
Identification] of Ancestry Informative Marker (AIM) Panels to Assess Hybridisation between Feral and Domestic Sheep. Somenzi, Elisa; Ajmone-Marsan, Paolo; Barbato, Mario Report 5749
Identifying Physiological Stress Biomarkers for Prediction of Pork Quality Variation. Cobanovic, Nikola; Stankovic, Sanja Dj; Dimitrijevic, Mirjana; Suvajdzic, Branko; Grkovic, Nevena; V Report 12951
Immunomodulation of Avian Dendritic Cells under the Induction of Prebiotics. Zmrhal, Vladimir; Slama, Petr 11043
Impact of Poultry Farmers' Participation in Modern Food Retail Markets on Household Dietary Diversity: Lessons from Southeast Nigeria. Onyeneke, Robert Ugochukwu; Emenekwe, Chukwuemeka Chinonso; Chidiebere-Mark, Nneka Maris; Munonye, J Report 7721
Impact of Prebiotics and Synbiotics Administered in ovo on the Immune Response against Experimental Antigens in Chicken Broilers. Stefaniak, Tadeusz; Madej, Jan P.; Graczyk, Stanislaw; Siwek, Maria; Lukaszewicz, Ewa; Kowalczyk, Ar 7708
Impact of the Timing of Spay-Neuter Related to Transport on Disease Rates in Relocated Dogs. Doyle, Erin; Gupta, Maya; Spindel, Miranda; Dolan, Emily D.; Slater, Margaret R.; Janeczko, Stephani 5886
Impact of Thermal and High-Pressure Treatments on the Microbiological Quality and In Vitro Digestibility of Black Soldier Fly (Hermetia illucens) Larvae. Campbell, Mairead; Ortuno, Jordi; Stratakos, Alexandros Ch.; Linton, Mark; Corcionivoschi, Nicolae; 5922
Impacts of Time-Fed Concentrate-Based Diets on Plasma Metabolites, Rumen Histology, and mRNA Expression of Hepatic Enzymes of Wethers. Chishti, Ghazanfar A.; Salfer, Isaac J.; Nedelkov, Krum V.; Felix, Tara L. 7356
Improvement of Cecal Commensal Microbiome Following the Insect Additive into Chicken Diet. Jozefiak, Agata; Benzertiha, Abdelbasset; Kieronczyk, Bartosz; Lukomska, Anna; Wesolowska, Izabela; Report 8143
In Vitro Estimation of the Effect of Grinding on Rumen Fermentation of Fibrous Feeds. Ortolani, Ignacio Ruben; Amanzougarene, Zahia; Fondevila, Manuel 7639
In Vitro Methods of Assessing Protein Quality for Poultry. Bryan, Dervan D.S.L.; Classen, Henry L. Report 11938
Increase in Milk Yield from Cows through Improvement of Forage Production Using the [N.sub.2]-Fixing Legume Leucaena leucocephala in a Silvopastoral System. Sarabia-Salgado, Lucero; Solorio-Sanchez, Francisco; Ramirez-Aviles, Luis; Alves, Bruno Jose Rodrigu 7236
Individuals with Psychopathic Traits and Poor Attitudes towards Animals Can Recognise Infant Features But Give Them Reduced Attentional Priority. Carroll, Grace A.; Cohen, Leah R.; McParland, Aideen; Jack, Sam; Montrose, V. Tamara 10629
Inflammasome Activation in Bovine Peripheral Blood-Derived Macrophages Is Associated with Actin Rearrangement. Tahoun, Amin; Jensen, Kirsty; Sharkawy, Hanem El-; Gally, David; Rizk, Amira M.; Ajarem, Jamaan; All 5439
Influence of Housing Systems on Physical, Emotional, and Cognitive Functions with Aging in DBA/2CrS1c Mice. Shimizu, Chikako; Wakita, Yoshihisa; Tsuchiya, Youichi; Nabeshima, Toshitaka 12218
Influence of Mushroom Polysaccharide, Nano-Copper, Copper Loaded Chitosan, and Lysozyme on Intestinal Barrier and Immunity of LPS-mediated Yellow-Feathered Chickens. Fan, Qiuli; Abouelezz, K.F.M.; Li, Long; Gou, Zhongyong; Wang, Yibing; Lin, Xiajing; Ye, Jinling; Ji 8348
Injection of Raffinose Family Oligosaccharides at 12 Days of Egg Incubation Modulates the Gut Development and Resistance to Opportunistic Pathogens in Broiler Chickens. Stadnicka, Katarzyna; Bogucka, Joanna; Stanek, Magdalena; Graczyk, Radomir; Krajewski, Krzysztof; Ma Report 11279
Interspecific Aggressions between Crested Porcupines and Roe Deer. Lazzeri, Lorenzo; Senini, Caterina; Mori, Emiliano Report 3736
Investigating the Palatability of Lamb and Beef Components Used in the Production of Pet Food for Cats. Watson, Pavinee; Thomas, David; Hoggard, Adrian; Parker, Michael; Schreurs, Nicola Report 5329
Is Dietary 2-Oxoglutaric Acid Effective in Accelerating Bone Growth and Development in Experimentally-Induced Intrauterine Growth Retarded Gilts? Tomaszewska, Ewa; Dobrowolski, Piotr; Swiatkiewicz, Malgorzata; Donaldson, Janine; Puzio, Iwona; Mus Report 11515
Issues and Opportunities Associated with Trophy Hunting and Tourism in Khunjerab National Park, Northern Pakistan. Rashid, Wajid; Shi, Jianbin; Rahim, Inam ur; Dong, Shikui; Sultan, Hameeda Report 10708
L-OPU in Goat and Sheep--Different Variants of the Oocyte Recovery Method. Wieczorek, Jaroslaw; Koseniuk, Jurij; Skrzyszowska, Maria; Cegla, Miroslaw 7395
Lambs Weaned Early onto a Herb-Clover Mix Have the Potential to Grow at a Similar Rate to Unweaned Lambs on a Grass-Predominant Pasture. Ekanayake, Lukshman Jay.; Corner-Thomas, Rene Anne; Cranston, Lydia Margaret; Kenyon, Paul Richard; Report 6776
Lineal Discrimination of Horses and Mules. A Sympatric Case from Arauca, Colombia. Salamanca-Carreno, Arcesio; Jordana, Jordi; Crosby-Granados, Rene Alejandro; Bentez-Molano, Jannet; 2425
Lions Panthera leo Prefer Killing Certain Cattle Bos taurus Types. Weise, Florian J.; Tomeletso, Mathata; Stein, Andrew B.; Somers, Michael J.; Hayward, Matt W. 5886
Long-Term Socialization with Humans Affects Human-Directed Behavior in Goats. Mastellone, Vincenzo; Scandurra, Anna; D'Aniello, Biagio; Nawroth, Christian; Saggese, Fiorella; Sil Report 5104
Low Expression of Sirtuin 1 in the Dairy Cows with Mild Fatty Liver Alters Hepatic Lipid Metabolism. Li, Yu; E; Zou, Suping; Ding, Hongyan; Hao, Ning; Huang, Yingying; Tang, Jishun; Cheng, Jianbo; Feng Report 8041
Metabolic Gene Expression in the Muscle and Blood Parameters of Broiler Chickens Stimulated In Ovo with Synbiotics. Dunislawska, Aleksandra; Siwek, Maria; Slawinska, Anna; Lepczynski, Adam; Herosimczyk, Agnieszka; Ko 5369
Microbial and Fungal Phytases Can Affect Growth Performance, Nutrient Digestibility and Blood Profile of Broilers Fed Different Levels of Non-Phytic Phosphorous. Attia, Youssef A.; Bovera, Fulvia; Iannaccone, Francesco; Al-Harthi, Mohammed A.; Alaqi, Abdulaziz A Report 8625
Milk Composition of Asian Elephants (Elephas maximus) in a Natural Environment in Myanmar during Late Lactation. Dierenfeld, Ellen S.; Han, Yadana A.M.; Mar, Khyne U.; Aung, Aung; Soe, Aung Thura; Lummaa, Virpi; L Report 9927
Minimally Invasive Markers of Stress and Production Parameters in Dairy Cows before and after the Installation of a Voluntary Milking System. Jerram, Lucy J.; Van Winden, Steven; Fowkes, Robert C. Report 7819
Mitogenome Diversity and Maternal Origins of Guangxi Buffalo Breeds. Sun, Ting; Huang, Guangyun; Sun, Junli; Wang, Zihao; Teng, Shaohua; Cao, Yanhong; Hanif, Quratulain; Report 2886
Molecular Identification of the "Facciuta Della Valnerina" Local Goat Population Reared in the Umbria Region, Italy. Ceccobelli, Simone; Lasagna, Emiliano; Demir, Eymen; Rovelli, Giacomo; Albertini, Emidio; Veronesi, Report 4724
Moringa Oleifera Leaf Extract Repairs the Oxidative Misbalance following Sub-Chronic Exposure to Sodium Fluoride in Nile Tilapia Oreochromis niloticus. Ahmed, Nirmen F.; Sadek, Kadry M.; Soliman, Magdy Kh.; Khalil, Reyad H.; Khafaga, Asmaa F.; Ajarem, Report 12866
Mouth Pain in Horses: Physiological Foundations, Behavioural Indices, Welfare Implications, and a Suggested Solution. Mellor, David J. Report 16650
Mutations in NLRP5 and NLRP9 Are Associated with Litter Size in Small Tail Han Sheep. Zhang, Zhuangbiao; Tang, Jishun; He, Xiaoyun; Di, Ran; Chu, Mingxing 5495
Natural Preservatives from Plant in Cheese Making. Ritota, Mena; Manzi, Pamela 10126
Negative Energy Balance Influences Nutritional Quality of Milk from Czech Fleckvieh Cows Due Changes in Proportion of Fatty Acids. Duchacek, Jaromir; Stadnik, Ludek; Ptacek, Martin; Beran, Jan; Okrouhla, Monika; Gasparik, Matus Report 7064
Nutrigenomic Effects of Long-Term Grape Pomace Supplementation in Dairy Cows. Pauletto, Marianna; Elgendy, Ramy; Ianni, Andrea; Marone, Elettra; Giantin, Mery; Grotta, Lisa; Rama 9557
Olive Cake Meal and Bacillus licheniformis Impacted the Growth Performance, Muscle Fatty Acid Content, and Health Status of Broiler Chickens. Saleh, Ahmed A.; Paray, Bilal Ahamad; Dawood, Mahmoud A.O. 7065
Optimization of Sperm Cryopreservation Protocol for Peregrine Falcon (Falco peregrinus). Cardoso, Beatriz; Sanchez-Ajofrin, Irene; Castano, Cristina; Garcia-Alvarez, Olga; Esteso, Milagros 5469
Organic Livestock Production: A Bibliometric Review. Manuelian, Carmen L.; Penasa, Mauro; Costa, Luciana da; Burbi, Sara; Righi, Federico; De Marchi, Mas Report 7506
Parasite Occurrence and Parasite Management in Swedish Horses Presenting with Gastrointestinal Disease--A Case-Control Study. Hedberg-Alm, Ylva; Penell, Johanna; Riihimaki, Miia; Osterman-Lind, Eva; Nielsen, Martin K.; Tyden, Clinical report 11854
Pathotypes and Antimicrobial Susceptibility of Escherichia Coli Isolated from Wild Boar (Sus scrofa) in Tuscany. Bertelloni, Fabrizio; Cilia, Giovanni; Bogi, Samantha; Ebani, Valentina Virginia; Turini, Luca; Nuvo 6838
Pegbovigrastim Treatment around Parturition Enhances Postpartum Immune Response Gene Network Expression of whole Blood Leukocytes in Holstein and Simmental Cows. Lopreiato, Vincenzo; Palma, Ernesto; Minuti, Andrea; Loor, Juan J.; Lopreiato, Mariangela; Trimboli, Report 9505
Performance, Behavior, and Welfare Status of Six Different Organically Reared Poultry Genotypes. Mancinelli, Alice Cartoni; Mattioli, Simona; Bosco, Alessandro Dal; Aliberti, Andrea; Amato, Monica Report 6035
Polymorphisms in Fatty Acid Desaturase 2 Gene Are Associated with Milk Production Traits in Chinese Holstein Cows. Li, Mingxun; Gao, Qisong; Wang, Mengqi; Liang, Yan; Sun, Yujia; Chen, Zhi; Zhang, Huimin; Karrow, Ni 5393
Possible Relationship between Long-Term Adverse Health Effects of Gonad-Removing Surgical Sterilization and Luteinizing Hormone in Dogs. Kutzler, Michelle A. Report 7073
Precision Betacarotene Supplementation Enhanced Ovarian Function and the LH Release Pattern in Yearling Crossbred Anestrous Goats. Lopez-Flores, Noe.M.; Meza-Herrera, Cesar A.; Perez-Marin, Carlos; Blache, Dominique; Arellano-Rodri 5777
Prediction of the Hind-Leg Muscles Weight of Yearling Dairy-Beef Steers Using Carcass Weight, Wither Height and Ultrasound Carcass Measurements. Addis, Addisu Hailu; Blair, Hugh Thomas; Morris), Stephen Todd; Kenyon, Paul Richard; Schreurs, Nico 5590
Preference Ranking Procedure: Method Validation with Dogs. Li, Han; Wyant, Rachel; Aldrich, Greg; Koppel, Kadri 5893
Preventing Dog Bites: It Is Not Only about the Dog. Reese, Laura A.; Vertalka, Joshua J. 4686
Proteomic Analysis of Fresh and Liquid-Stored Boar Spermatozoa. Bajuk, Blanka Premrov; Zrimsek, Petra; Pipan, Maja Zakosek; Tilocca, Bruno; Soggiu, Alessio; Bonizzi Report 5946
Quality of Eggs, Concentration of Lysozyme in Albumen, and Fatty Acids in Yolk in Relation to Blue Lupin-Rich Diet and Production Cycle. Kowalska, Emilia; Kucharska-Gaca, Joanna; Kuzniacka, Joanna; Lewko, Lidia; Gornowicz, Ewa; Biesek, J Report 13549
Quantifying the Geometric Shell Shape between Populations of True Limpets Lottia Mesoleuca (Mollusca: Lottidae) in Colombia. Echeverry, Ana Maria; Londono-Cruz, Edgardo; Benitez, Hugo A. 5749
Recalibrating Veterinary Medicine through Animal Welfare Science and Ethics for the 2020s. De Paula Vieira, Andreia; Anthony, Raymond Report 15217
Repeatability and Reproducibility of Measures of Bovine Methane Emissions Recorded using a Laser Detector. Niero, Giovanni; Cendron, Filippo; Penasa, Mauro; De Marchi, Massimo; Cozzi, Giulio; Cassandro, Mart Report 4611
Reproductive Traits of an Invasive Alien Population of Grey Squirrel (Sciurus carolinensis) in Central Italy. Maranesi, Margherita; Bufalari, Antonello; Dall'Aglio, Cecilia; Paoloni, Daniele; Moretti, Giulia; C 7553
Resveratrol Attenuates Aflatoxin [B.sub.1]-Induced ROS Formation and Increase of [m.sup.6]A RNA Methylation. Wu, Jiamin; Gan, Zhending; Zhuo, Ruhao; Zhang, Lili; Wang, Tian; Zhong, Xiang Report 7638
Salivary Cortisol Interactions in Search and Rescue Dogs and Their Handlers. Wojtas, Justyna; Karpinski, Miroslaw; Czyzowski, Piotr Report 7007
Salmonella in Free-Ranging Quokkas (Setonix brachyurus) from Rottnest Island and the Mainland of Western Australia. Martinez-Perez, Pedro; Hyndman, Timothy H.; Fleming, Patricia A. Report 8763
Separate and Synergic Effects of Lactobacillus uvarum LUHSS245 and Arabinogalactan on the In Vitro Antimicrobial Properties as Well as on the Fecal and Metabolic Profile of Newborn Calves. Zavistanaviciute, Paulina; Lele, Vita; Antanaitis, Ramunas; Televicius, Mindaugas; Ruzauskas, Modest 8374
Serum Protein Gel Agarose Electrophoresis in Captive Tigers. Proverbio, Daniela; Perego, Roberta; Baggiani, Luciana; Ravasio, Giuliano; Giambellini, Daniela; Spa 4744
Sex of Walker Influences Scent-marking Behavior of Shelter Dogs. McGuire, Betty; Fry, Kentner; Orantes, Destiny; Underkofler, Logan; Parry, Stephen 7800
Significant Differences in the Gut Bacterial Communities of Hooded Crane (Grus monacha) in Different Seasons at a Stopover Site on the Flyway. Zhang, Fengling; Xiang, Xingjia; Dong, Yuanqiu; Yan, Shaofei; Song, Yunwei; Zhou, Lizhi 5315
Spermiogenesis, Stages of Seminiferous Epithelium and Variations in Seminiferous Tubules during Active States of Spermatogenesis in Yangzhou Goose Ganders. Akhtar, Muhammad Faheem; Ahmad, Ejaz; Mustafa, Sheeraz; Chen, Zhe; Shi, Zhendan; Shi, Fangxiong Report 6346
Supplementation of Lactobacillus plantarum or Macleaya cordata Extract Alleviates Oxidative Damage Induced by Weaning in the Lower Gut of Young Goats. Chen, Kai; Liu, Yong; Cheng, Yan; Yan, Qiongxian; Zhou, Chuanshe; He, Zhixiong; Zeng, Jianguo; He, J Report 5277
Supplementation of Underfed Twin-Bearing Ewes with Herbal Vitamins C and E: Impacts on Birth Weight, Postnatal Growth, and Pre-Weaning Survival of the Lambs. Parraguez, Victor H.; Sales, Francisco; Peralta, Oscar A.; Narbona, Eileen; Lira, Raul; De los Reyes 5547
Synthetic and Crystalline Amino Acids: Alternatives to Soybean Meal in Chicken-Meat Production. Selle, Peter H.; Dorigam, Juliano Cesar de PaulaLemme, Andreas; Chrystal, Peter V.; Liu, Sonia Y. 12557
Temporary Relocation during Rest Periods: Relocation Stress and Other Factors Influence Hair Cortisol Concentrations in Horses. Gardela, Jaume; Carbajal, Annais; Tallo-Parra, Oriol; Olvera-Maneu, Sergi; Alvarez-Rodriguez, Manuel 5768
The Beneficial Effect of Eco-Friendly Green Nanoparticles Using Garcinia mangostana Peel Extract against Pathogenicity of Listeria monocytogenes in Female BALB/c Mice. Alkhuriji, Afrah F.; Majrashi, Nada A.; Alomar, Suliman; Khadragy, Manal F. El-; Awad, Manal A.; Kha Report 6744
The Dignity of Kangal Fish in the Context of the Swiss Animal Protection Act. Friedli, Katharina; Binder, Heinrich Report 5569
The Effect of Behind-The-Scenes Encounters and Interactive Presentations on the Welfare of Captive Servals (Leptailurus serval). Acaralp-Rehnberg, Lydia K.; Coleman, Grahame J.; Magrath, Michael J.L.; Melfi, Vicky; Fanson, Kerry 10179
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The Effect of Integrating Genomic Information into Genetic Evaluations of Chinese Merino Sheep. Wei, Chen; Luo, Hanpeng; Zhao, Bingru; Tian, Kechuan; Huang, Xixia; Wang, Yachun; Fu, Xuefeng; Tian, Report 7492
The Effect of Shelter on Oxidative Stress and Aggressive Behavior in Crested Newt Larvae (Triturus spp.). Petrovic, Tamara G.; Vucic, Tijana Z.; Nikolic, Sonja Z.; Gavric, Jelena P.; Despotovic, Svetlana G. Report 7531
The Effects of Heat Stress on Sheep Welfare during Live Export Voyages from Australia to the Middle East. Carnovale, Francesca; Phillips, Clive J.C. 7222
The First Application of Nanoelectrochemotherapy in Feline Oral Malignant Melanoma Treatment--Case Study. Tunikowska, Joanna; Antonczyk, Agnieszka; Rembialkowska, Nina; Jozwiak, Lukasz; Novickij, Vitalij; K Clinical report 2630
The Healthy and Diseased Equine Endometrium: A Review of Morphological Features and Molecular Analyses. Schoniger, Sandra; Schoon, Heinz-Adolf 11382
The Impact of a Negative Media Event on Public Attitudes Towards Animal Welfare in the Red Meat Industry. Rice, Maxine; Hemsworth, Lauren M.; Hemsworth, Paul H.; Coleman, Grahame J. Report 6697
The Impact of Grouping on Skin Lesions and Meat Quality of Pig Carcasses. Driessen, Bert; Van Beirendonck, Sanne; Buyse, Johan Report 6375
The Impact on Antioxidant Enzyme Activity and Related Gene Expression Following Adult Zebrafish (Danio rerio) Exposure to Dimethyl Phthalate. Cong, Bailin; Liu, Cong; Wang, Lujie; Chai, Yingmei 5800
The Influence of Anandamide on the Anterior Pituitary Hormone Secretion in Ewes--Ex Vivo Study. Tomaszewska-Zaremba, Dorota; Wojtulewicz, Karolina; Paczesna, Kamila; Tomczyk, Monika; Biernacka, Ka 5832
The Oxidative Stress Markers of Horses--the Comparison with Other Animals and the Influence of Exercise and Disease. Shono, Saori; Gin, Azusa; Minowa, Fumiko; Okubo, Kimihiro; Mochizuki, Mariko 4953
The Potential for New Donkey Farming Systems to Supply the Growing Demand for Hides. Bennett, Richard; Pfuderer, Simone 10228
The Prevalence of Endoparasites of Free Ranging Cats (Felis catus) from Urban Habitats in Southern Poland. Wierzbowska, Izabela A.; Kornas, Slawomir; Piontek, Aleksandra M.; Rola, Kaja 6512
The Role of Condensed Tannins in the In Vitro Rumen Fermentation Kinetics in Ruminant Species: Feeding Type Involved? Bueno, Ives C.S.; Brandi, Roberta A.; Fagundes, Gisele M.; Benetel, Gabriela; Muir, James Pierre Report 5090
The Welfare Aggregation and Guidance (WAG) Tool: A New Method to Summarize Global Welfare Assessment Data for Equids. Kubasiewicz, Laura M.; Rodrigues, Joao B.; Norris, Stuart L.; Watson, Tamlin L.; Rickards, Karen; Be Report 8218
To What Extent Are Consumers' Perception and Acceptance of Alternative Meat Production Systems Affected by Information? The Case of Cultured Meat. Mancini, Maria Cecilia; Antonioli, Federico 12057
Total Eclipse of the Zoo: Animal Behavior during a Total Solar Eclipse. Hartstone-Rose, Adam; Dickinson, Edwin; Paciulli, Lisa M.; Deutsch, Ashley R.; Tran, Leon; Jones, Gr Report 8318
Transport to the Slaughterhouse Affects the Salmonella Shedding and Modifies the Fecal Microbiota of Finishing Pigs. Massacci, Francesca Romana; Morelli, Alessandra; Cucco, Lucilla; Castinel, Adrien; Ortenzi, Roberta; 6771
Ultrastructural Characterization of Porcine Growing and In Vitro Matured Oocytes. Kere, Michel; Liu, Pan-Chen; Chen, Yuh-Kun; Chao, Pei-Chi; Tsai, Li-Kuang; Yeh, Ting-Yu; Siriboon, C 6415
Undenatured Type II Collagen (UC-II) in Joint Health and Disease: A Review on the Current Knowledge of Companion Animals. Gencoglu, Hasan; Orhan, Cemal; Sahin, Emre; Sahin, Kazim 12340
Urinalysis in Great Dane Puppies from Birth to 28 Days of Age. Melandri, Monica; Veronesi, Maria Cristina; Alonge, Salvatore 6951
Use of Probiotics in Intravaginal Sponges in Sheep: A Pilot Study. Quereda, Juan J.; Garcia-Rosello, Empar; Barba, Marta; Moce, Maria L.; Gomis, Jesus; Jimenez-Trigos, Report 4609
Vitrification Using Soy Lecithin and Sucrose: A New Way to Store the Sperm for the Preservation of Canine Reproductive Function. Pipan, Maja Zakosek; Casal, Margret L.; Sterbenc, Natasa; Klun, Irma Virant; Mrkun, Janko 7262
Welfare Assessment on Pasture: A Review on Animal-Based Measures for Ruminants. Spigarelli, Chiara; Zuliani, Anna; Battini, Monica; Mattiello, Silvana; Bovolenta, Stefano Report 12538
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Wolf Media Coverage in the Region of Castilla y Leon (Spain): Variations over Time and in Two Contrasting Socio-Ecological Settings. Delibes-Mateos, Miguel 5806
Yield Performance, Laying Behaviour Traits and Egg Quality of Purebred and Hybrid Hens Reared under Outdoor Conditions. Rizzi, Chiara Report 9271

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