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RUFFED GROUSE. Friend, Bean Apr 1, 2018 1513
Love Song Blues: DEHP Alters Courtship Vocalizations in Mice. Seltenrich, Nate Report Jan 1, 2018 2053
Melatonin makes the midshipman hum. Milius, Susan Oct 29, 2016 418
Male giant water bugs win females by babysitting. Milius, Susan Brief article Jun 11, 2016 160
What really changes when a male vole settles down. Milius, Susan Oct 17, 2015 418
Courtship and mating in Phausis reticulata (Coleoptera: Lampyridae): male flight behaviors, female glow displays, and male attraction to light traps. De Cock, Raphael; Faust, Lynn; Lewis, Sara Report Dec 1, 2014 12826
Most extreme female penis is found on cave lice: insect's organ can be 15 percent the length of the body, extract sperm from males. Milius, Susan May 31, 2014 565
Fly form of sexual frustration takes toll: whiff of female but no mating causes males to die young. Milius, Susan Jan 11, 2014 561
Residual attractiveness of a spinosad-containing protein-based bait aged under variable conditions to Bactrocera dorsalis and B. cucurbitae (Diptera: Tephritidae) wild females in Hawaii. Pinero, Jaime C.; Souder, Steven K.; Vargas, Roger I. Report Sep 1, 2013 4503
Mating preferences and consequences of choosing sibling or non-sibling mates by females of the predator Podisus nigrispinus (Heteroptera: Pentatomidae). Poderoso, Julio Cesar Melo; Zanuncio, Jose Cola; Purer, Anderson; Ramalho, Francisco de Souza; Wilcr Report Jun 1, 2013 2450
Behavior of the Catarina pupfish (cyprinodontidae: Megupsilon aporus), a severely imperiled species. Liu, Robert K.; Echelle, Anthony A. Report Mar 1, 2013 4305
Effects of climate-induced changes in parasitism, predation and predator-predator interactions on reproduction and survival of an Arctic Marine bird. Gaston, Anthony J.; Elliott, Kyle H. Report Mar 1, 2013 7198
City lights create sexual early birds: male blackbirds end up with untimely reproductive surge. Milius, Susan Feb 9, 2013 340
Too young for sex but not its scent: larvae follow pheromones. Milius, Susan Oct 20, 2012 372
Body size dependent male sexual behavior in a natural population of sailfin mollies (Poecilia latipinna). Becker, Lily J. Swanbrow; Aspbury, Andrea S.; Gabor, Caitlin R. Report Apr 1, 2012 3471
Asymmetric mating isolation between two caridean shrimp: Lysmata wurdemanni and Lysmata boggessi. Zhu, Jing; Zhang, Dong; Lin, Junda Report Apr 1, 2012 4237
The latest fashion in bowhead whale songs: for cetacean crooners, the song does not remain the same. Esch, Carter Dec 22, 2011 1534
Spilanthes acmella ethanolic flower extract: LC-MS alkylamide profiling and its effects on sexual behavior in male rats. Sharma, Vikas; Boonen, Jente; Chauhan, Nagendra S.; Thakur, Mayank; Spiegeleer, Bart De; Dixit, V.K. Report Oct 15, 2011 5444
Female infidelity may be inherited: hints of 'cheating gene' passed down by philandering dads. Milius, Susan Brief article Jul 16, 2011 292
Climate for divorce. Milius, Susan Brief article Jul 16, 2011 118
Incestuous ant escapes inbreeding: unorthodox family structure may have helped insect spread. Milius, Susan Feb 26, 2011 454
For spiders, sex play has its pluses: mock-mating seems to yield later benefits for young arachnids. Milius, Susan Jan 29, 2011 353
Deceptive cads of the savanna: male topi antelopes will lie to keep ladies from leaving. Ehrenberg, Rachel Jun 19, 2010 481
Relative size of males and competition for females induces homosexual behavior in the western mosquitofish (Gambusia affinis) under laboratory conditions. Cureton, James C., II; Randall, Jason L.; Deaton, Raelynn Report Jun 1, 2010 2979
Birds of a feather flock together. Gunther, Lisa Brief article Jun 1, 2010 261
How to Halt humping: the behavior is embarrassing and can even be dangerous in certain situations. Learn ways to stop it. Jun 1, 2010 1379
When frog gender flips. Ornes, Stephen Mar 24, 2010 589
Conflict or cooperation in the courtship display of the white widow spider, Latrodectus pallidas. Harari, Ally R.; Ziv, Merav; Lubin, Yael Report Sep 1, 2009 6312
Nephilid spider eunuch phenomenon induced by female or rival male aggressiveness. Kuntner, Matjaz; Agnarsson, Ingi; Gregoric, Matjaz Report Sep 1, 2009 3755
A primate's fragrance speaks volumes. Jun 1, 2009 505
Pupal development, longevity and behavior of Carmenta theobromae (Lepidoptera: Sesiidae). Morillo, Franklin; Sanchez, Pedro; Herrera, Beatriz; Liendo-Barandiaran, Carmen; Munoz, Wilfredo; He Report Jun 1, 2009 3579
A most private evolution: dumb designs for sex: evolutionary biology walks on the weird side. Milius, Susan Feb 14, 2009 3239
Buck sense: understand what goes on in a buck's head, and you can put his head on your wall. Wootters, John Reprint Nov 1, 2008 1041
Female frogs play the field: multiple partners improve odds of offspring survival. Ehrenberg, Rachel Brief article Oct 11, 2008 323
January-February '08: the science of homo-sex. Schneider, Richard, Jr. Editorial Jan 1, 2008 524
Zoology. Jan 1, 2008 1681
Divergent oviposition behaviors in a desert vs a marsh grasshopper. Stauffer, Timothy W.; Whitman, Douglas W. Jan 1, 2007 10829
Reproductive pattern of the squalid callista Megapitaria squalida from Northwestern Mexico. Arellano-Martinez, Marcial; Quinones-Arreola, Marcos F.; Ceballos-Vazquez, Bertha Patricia; Villalej Dec 1, 2006 5477
Courting costs: male prairie dogs seem too busy mating to dodge predators. Milius, S. Oct 14, 2006 431
Evolution of ornamentation and courtship behavior in Schizocosa: insights from a phylogeny based on morphology (Araneae, Lycosidae). Stratton, Gail E. May 1, 2005 13134
The function of long copulation in the wolf spider Pardosa agrestis (Araneae, Lycosidae) investigated in a controlled copulation duration experiment. Sziranyi, Andras; Kiss, Balazs; Samu, Ferenc; Harand, Wolfgang May 1, 2005 3588
The Hudson-Raritan Estuary as a crossroads for distribution of blue (Callinectes sapidus), lady (Ovalipes ocellatus), and Atlantic rock (Cancer irroratus) crabs. Stehlik, Linda L.; Pikanowski, Robert A.; McMillan, Donald G. Oct 1, 2004 10465
It's all natural: biologist and transwoman Joan Roughgarden takes on Darwin and science's traditional view of sexuality. Lisotta, Christopher Interview Aug 17, 2004 644
Eyeless in Central Park. Brief Article May 1, 2004 243
Simple sexual modeling using multi-agent programs. (South Carolina Junior Academy Of Sciences Abstracts). Poole, Philip Brief Article Jan 1, 2003 191
Battle of the Sexes. Brief Article Jun 1, 2002 137
Variable mate-guarding time and sperm allocation by male snow crabs (chionoecetes opilio) in response to sexual competition, and their impact on the mating success of females. Rondeau, Amelie; Sainte-Marie, Bernard Oct 1, 2001 10722
Multi-scale breeding bird and land-cover associations. Butler, J. Russell Oct 1, 2001 8505
Metabolic Status and Respiratory Physiology of Gecarcoidea natalis, the Christmas Island Red Crab, During the Annual Breeding Migration. ADAMCZEWSKA, AGNIESZKA M.; MORRIS, STEPHEN Jun 1, 2001 11280
Sexual segregation in moose: effects of habitat manipulation. Bowyer, R. Terry; Pierce, Becky M.; Duffy, Lawrence K.; Haggstrom, Dale A. Statistical Data Included Jan 1, 2001 7002
Reproductive life history and fertility of moose in North Asia. Zheleznov, N.K.; Fox, L.M. Statistical Data Included Jan 1, 2001 5586
Incisor arcades of Alaskan moose: is dimorphism related to sexual segregation? Spaeth, Douglas F.; Hundertmark, Kris J.; Bowyer, R. Terry; Barboza, Perry S.; Stephenson, Thomas R. Jan 1, 2001 4437
Sexual conflict pushes species making. Milius, S. Brief Article Sep 16, 2000 444
Social Organization of Nine-banded Armadillos (Dasypus novemcinctus) in a Riparian Habitat. McDONOUGH, COLLEEN M. Statistical Data Included Jul 1, 2000 6017
Spawning Behaviors in the Bluehead Chub, Nocomis leptocephalus, River Chub, N. micropogon and Central Stoneroller, Campostoma anomalum. SABAJ, MARK H.; MAURAKIS, EUGENE G.; WOOLCOTT, WILLIAM S. Statistical Data Included Jul 1, 2000 7418
Female owls: First to advertise good genes. Milius, S. Brief Article May 13, 2000 579
Pregnant--and Still Macho. MILIUS, SUSAN Mar 11, 2000 2322
Reproductive Behavior and Spawning Microhabitat of the Flagfin Shiner Pteronotropis signipinnis. ALBANESE, BRETT Jan 1, 2000 5504
Pushy For Love. Brief Article Oct 1, 1999 187
Causes of consequences of territory change and breeding dispersal distance in the black kite. Forero, Manuela G.; Donazar, Jose A.; Blas, Julio; Hiraldo, Fernando Jun 1, 1999 9464
Mutant flies can't get no satisfaction. Brief Article Jan 16, 1999 265
Nuptial gifts, resource budgets, and reproductive output in a polyandrous butterfly. Karlsson, Bengt Dec 1, 1998 6990
Polygyny in great reed warblers: a long term study of factors contributing to male fitness. Hasselquist, Dennis Oct 1, 1998 10383
Predation as a major cost of reproduction in Namib Desert tenebrionic beetles. Polis, Gary A.; Barnes, Joseph D.; Seely, Mary K.; Henschel, Joh R.; Enders, Margit M. Oct 1, 1998 4072
Chickadees sneak up the social ladder. Milius, Susan Brief Article Jul 11, 1998 140
Selection of the color polymorphism in Hawaiian happy-face spiders: evidence from genetic structure and temporal fluctuations. Gillespie, Rosemary G.; Oxford, Geoffrey S. Jun 1, 1998 6975
A microsatellite assessment of sneaked fertilizations and egg thievery in the fifteenspine stickleback. Jones, Adam g.; Ostlund-Nilsson, Sara; Avise, John C. Jun 1, 1998 7644
Estimating the mating behavior of a pair of hybridizing Heliconius species in the wild. Mallet, James; McMillan, W. Owen; Jiggins, Chris D. Apr 1, 1998 6863
When birds divorce: who splits, who benefits, and who gets the nest. Milius, Susan Cover Story Mar 7, 1998 2010
The mating game. Stiefel, Chana Cover Story Feb 9, 1998 1541
Sexual competition among male blue crab, Callinectes sapidus. Jivoff, Paul Dec 1, 1997 7100
Evolutionary predictability in natural populations: do mating system and nonadditive genetic variance interact to affect heritabilities in Plantago lanceolata? Tonsor, Stephen J.; Goodnight, Charles J. Dec 1, 1997 8828
Salivary androgen-binding protein (ABP) mediates sexual isolation in Mus musculus. Laukaitis, Christina M.; Critser, Elizabeth S.; Karn, Robert C. Dec 1, 1997 5030
Tests for sexual incompatibility between two newt species, Triturus vulgaris and Triturus Montandoni: no-choice mating design. Michalak, Pawel; Grzesik, Jolanta; Rafinski, Jan Dec 1, 1997 4428
Polygynandry in the dusky pipefish Syngnathus floridae revealed by microsatellite DNA markers. Jones, Adam G.; Avise, John C. Oct 1, 1997 7276
Behavioral dynamics that would lead to multiple paternity within egg capsules of the squid Loligo pealei. Hanlon, Roger T.; Maxwell, Michael R.; Shashar, Nadav Oct 1, 1997 1488
Can the female American lobster predict the dominant male? Voss, Dan; Voigt, Rainer Oct 1, 1997 951
Comparison of three techniques for evaluating seasonal gametogenesis in Spisula solidissima. Schneider, P.; Smolowitz, R.; Smith, C.; Degiorgis, J.; McCafferty, M. Oct 1, 1997 836
Lek breeding in a Texas population of fallow deer (Dama dama). Hirth, David H. Oct 1, 1997 7196
Pairing behavior of the nine-banded armadillo (Dasypus novemcinctus). McDonough, Colleen M. Oct 1, 1997 3916
Mate choice in the sailfin molly, Poecilia latipinna. Ptacek, Margaret B.; Travis, Joseph Aug 1, 1997 11029
Monkey love. Bull, Chris Jun 10, 1997 1201
Choreography of the squid's "nuptial dance." Sauer, Warwick H.H.; Roberts, Mike J.; Lipinski, Marek R.; Smale, Malcolm J.; Hanlon, Roger T.; Webb Apr 1, 1997 2325
Mating behavior in Drosophila melanogaster selected for altered longevity. Pletcher, Scott D.; Fukui, H. Henry; Curtsinger, James W. Feb 1, 1997 4473
Animals' fancies: why members of some species prefer their own sex. Adler, Tina Cover Story Jan 4, 1997 1640
Reproductive biology of the northern starhead topminnow, Fundulus dispar (Osteichthyes: Fundulidae), with a review of data for freshwater members of the genus. Taylor, Christopher A.; Burr, Brooks M. Jan 1, 1997 4993
Nipple dimensions and reproductive status of northeastern Minnesota female black bears (Ursus americanus). Brooks, Robert T. Jan 1, 1997 1347
Good genes and direct selection in the evolution of mating preferences. Kirkpatrick, Mark Dec 1, 1996 13735
Apparent directional selection of body size in Drosophila buzzatii: larval crowding and male mating success. Santos, Mauro Dec 1, 1996 5075
Advertisement calls of four microhylid frogs from Bolivia (Amphibia, Anura). Riva, Ignacio de la; Marquez, Rafael; Bosch, Jaime Oct 1, 1996 2623
The effects of contrasting modes of fertilization on levels of inbreeding in the marine invertebrate genus Corella. Cohen, C. Sarah Oct 1, 1996 8732
The toll courtships take on primates. Brief Article Jul 27, 1996 251
The effect of age on timing of breeding and reproductive success in the Thick-Billed Murre. Forest, Leah N. de; Gaston, Anthony J. Jul 1, 1996 7522
Harem sizes and adult sex ratios in elk (Cervus elaphus). Bender, Louis C. Jul 1, 1996 2319
Annual variation in survival and breeding probability in Greater Flamingos. Cezilly, Frank; Viallefont, Anne; Boy, Vincent; Johnson, Alan R. Jun 1, 1996 5590
Effect of wind on field metabolic rates of breeding Northern Fulmars. Furness, Robert W.; Bryant, David M. Jun 1, 1996 6123
Postmating isolation analysis in founder-flush experimental populations of Drosophila pseudoobscura. Galiana, Agusti; Gonzales-Candelas, Fernando; Moya, Andres Apr 1, 1996 2390
Disappearance of female pied flycatchers in relation to breeding stage and experimentally induced molt. Slagsvold, Tore; Dale, Svein Mar 1, 1996 8599
Pollen digestion by Darwin's finches and its importance for early breeding. Grant, B. Rosemary Mar 1, 1996 8051
Seasonal decline in reproductive success of the Great Tit: variation in time or quality? Verhulst, S.; Van Balen, J.H.; Tinbergen, J.M. Dec 1, 1995 7680
Incipient reproductive isolation between two sympatric morphs of the intertidal snail Littorina saxatilis. Johannesson, Kerstin; Rolan-Alvarez, Emilio; Ekendahl, Anette Dec 1, 1995 7815
Effect of rearing environment on calling-song plasticity in the striped ground cricket. Olvido, Alexander E.; Mousseau, Timothy A. Dec 1, 1995 3996
Secret to birds' mating score: speedy sperm. Adler, Tina Brief Article Oct 7, 1995 374
Sexual dimorphism and niche divergence in a mid-water octopod (Cephalopoda: Bolitaenidae). Voight, Janet R. Oct 1, 1995 4546
Resource allocation and mating systems in butterflies. Karlsson, Bengt Oct 1, 1995 4611
Can different animals - like a jaguar and leopard - breed with each other? Sep 1, 1995 171
Ecological and demographic effects on intraspecific variation in the social system of prairie dogs. Travis, Steven E.; Slobodchikoff, C.N.; Keim, Paul Sep 1, 1995 6653
Food supply, territory quality, and reproductive timing in the blue tit (Parus caeruleus). Svensson, Erik; Nilsson, Jan-Ake Sep 1, 1995 6804
An analysis of midwestern breeding bird population trends, 1966-1993. Herkert, James R. Jul 1, 1995 3828
A review and synthesis of habitat use by breeding birds in agricultural landscapes of Iowa. Best, Louis B.; Freemark, Kathryn E.; Dinsmore, James J.; Camp, Martha Jul 1, 1995 7697
The evolutionary genetics of male life-history characters in Drosophila melanogaster. Hughes, Kimberly A. Jun 1, 1995 13152
Maternal traits and reproduction in Richardson's ground squirrels. Dobson, F. Stephen; Michener, Gail R. Apr 1, 1995 7654
Life history consequences of variation in age of primiparity in bighorn ewes. Festa-Bianchet, Marco; Jorgenson, Jon T.; Lucherini, Mauro; Wishart, William D. Apr 1, 1995 7144
Population structure, local mate competition and sex-allocation pattern in the ant Messor aciculatus. Hasegawa, Eisuke; Yamaguchi, Takeshi Apr 1, 1995 4484
How to win her over. Miller, Claire Cover Story Mar 1, 1995 685
Sex investment in a social insect: the proximate role of food. Deslippe, Richard J.; Savolainen, Riitta Mar 1, 1995 4680
Small size, brooding, and protandry in the apodid sea cucumber Leptosynapta clarki. Sewell, Mary A. Aug 1, 1994 7681
Breeding competition in a Pacific salmon (Coho: Oncorhynchus kisutch): measures of natural and sexual selection. Fleming, Ian A.; Gross, Mart R. Jun 1, 1994 10837
Assortative mating and the adaptive landscape. Williams, Scott M.; Sarkar, Sahotra Jun 1, 1994 5287
Is decreased frequency of mating among conspecifics a cost of sympatry in salamanders? Verrell, Paul A. Jun 1, 1994 2850
On the evolutionary consequences of sexual imprinting. Laland, Kevin N. Apr 1, 1994 7435
The evolution of reproductive effort in squamate reptiles: costs, trade-offs, and assumptions reconsidered. Niewiarowski, Peter H.; Dunham, Arthur E. Feb 1, 1994 4723
Genetic correlation between a female mating preference and the preferred male character in seaweed flies (Coelopa frigida). Gilburn, A.S.; Foster, S.P.; Day, T.H. Dec 1, 1993 4730
Mode of swarming in relation to reproductive isolation in mayflies. Savolainen, Eino; Saura, Anssi; Hantula, Jarkko Dec 1, 1993 3300
The influence of mating system and overlapping generations on effective population size. Nunney, Leonard Oct 1, 1993 8419
Annual differences in female reproductive success affect spatial and cohort-specific genotypic heterogeneity in painted turtles. Scribner, Kim T.; Congdon, Justin D.; Chesser, Ronald K.; Smith, Michael H. Oct 1, 1993 6387
Chemical communication in Hawaiian Drosophila. Tompkins, Laurie; McRobert, Scott P.; Kaneshiro, Kenneth Y. Oct 1, 1993 7718
Badge size, phenotypic quality, and reproductive success in the house sparrow: a study on honest advertisement. Veiga, Jose P. Aug 1, 1993 6186
The genetics of an isolating mechanism between two sibling species of Drosophila. Coyne, Jerry A. Jun 1, 1993 6126
Laboratory evolution of longevity and reproductive fitness components in male fruit flies: mating ability. Service, Philip M. Apr 1, 1993 6700
Founder-flush speciation in Drosophila pseudoobscura: a large-scale experiment. Galiana, Agusti; Moya, Andres; Ayala, Francisco J. Apr 1, 1993 6499
Ramifications of sheep breeding behavior. Corliss, Julie Mar 1, 1993 1113
Your pond or mine? Confusion reigns when froggy goes a-courtin'. Ezzell, Carol Cover Story Jul 6, 1991 939
Randy reptiles: curious clockwork spurs sex drive in snakes. Fackelmann, Kathy A. May 11, 1991 1273
Scientists seek sources of sexy smells. Jan 6, 1990 293
Garter snakes yield sexual chemistry. Bower, B. Jul 22, 1989 382
Fish learn their facts of life from elders. Knox, Charles Oct 29, 1988 275
Fertile faster, if herd under roar. Jan 9, 1988 381
Leaping lizards and male impersonators: are there hidden messages? By imitating male mating behavior, all-female lizard species apparently enhance their own ability to reproduce. Edwards, Diane D. May 30, 1987 1593
You light up my life, Vargula. May 2, 1987 366
Waspish son-killers and sex-switchers. Davis, Lisa Mar 1, 1986 514
Survival: sizing up the sexes. Miller, Julie Ann Jan 19, 1985 365

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