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Demographic, Environmental, and Phenotypic Change but Genetic Consistency in the Jellyfish Mastigias papua. Swift, Holly F.; Dawson, Michael N. Oct 1, 2020 10772
Comeback Creatures: These animals almost died out completely--but then people, stepped in to help. Grunbaum, Mara Apr 1, 2020 1525
Mountain Lion (Puma concolor) Population Characteristics in the Little Missouri Badlands of North Dakota. Johnson, Randy D.; Jenks, Jonathan A.; Tucker, Stephanie A.; Wilckens, David T. Report Apr 1, 2019 8654
Additional Information on a Normative Whiptail Population (Aspidoscelis flagellicauda/sonorae complex) in Suburban Orange County, California. Erickson, Richard A.; Burt, Weston G. Apr 1, 2019 1019
RESULTS OF A FALL AND SPRING BIOBLITZ AT GRASSY POND RECREATIONAL AREA, LOWNDES COUNTY, GEORGIA. Cantonwine, Emily; Blackmore, Mark; Nienow, James; Griffin, Brandi; Bergstrom, Brad; Bechler, David; Report Mar 22, 2019 5280
EOCENE TERRESTRIAL MAMMALS FROM CENTRAL GEORGIA. Rhinehart, Parker D.; Mead, Alfred J.; Parmley, Dennis Report Mar 22, 2019 3265
RESULTS OF A FALL AND SPRING BIOBLITZ AT GRASSY POND RECREATIONAL AREA, LOWNDES COUNTY, GEORGIA. Cantonwine, Emily; Blackmore, Mark; Nienow, James; Griffin, Brandi; Bergstrom, Brad; Bechler, David; Report Mar 22, 2019 5280
Ecological factors influencing winter field sign abundance of Korean water deer Hydropotes inermis argyropus in a temperate forest in South Korea. Eom, Tae-Kyung; Hwang, Hyun-Su; Lee, Jae-Kang; Rhim, Shin-Jae Nov 1, 2018 4140
Analysis of cross-population differentiation between Thoroughbred and Jeju horses. Lee, Wonseok; Park, Kyung-Do; Taye, Mengistie; Lee, Chul; Kim, Heebal; Lee, Hak-Kyo; Shin, Donghyun Report Aug 1, 2018 5084
MALLARD DECLINE CAUSE & ACTION. Stiller, Josh Aug 1, 2018 1761
COMPARISON OF THREE METHODS FOR AGING THE ICELAND SCALLOP CHLAMYS ISLANDICA. Liu, Shanshan; Wroblewski, Joseph S.; Schneider, David C. Report Dec 1, 2017 5667
The physiological stress response, postrelease behavior, and mortality of blacktip sharks (Carcharhinus limbatus) caught on circle and J-hooks in the Florida recreational fishery. Whitney, Nicholas M.; White, Connor F.; Anderson, Paul A.; Hueter, Robert E.; Skomal, Gregory B. Report Oct 1, 2017 8884
Range and roosting ecology of the little brown bat, Myotis lucifugus, in interior and Northern Alaska. Shively, Rachel; Barboza, Perry Report Sep 14, 2017 5856
Observation of a super pod of Pacific Harbor Porpoises (Phocoena phocoena vomerina) in the Salish Sea. Butler, Robert W.; MacVicar, Rod S.; Hollick-Kenyon, Sandra Report Sep 14, 2017 894
First acoustic records of the Brazilian free-tailed bat (Tadarida brasiliensis) in British Columbia. Ommundsen, Peter; Lausen, Cori; Matthias, Laura Report Sep 1, 2017 2502
Management strategy evaluation for the Atlantic surfclam (Spisula solidissima) using a spatially explicit, vessel-based fisheries model. Kuykendall, Kelsey M.; Powell, Eric N.; Klinck, John M.; Moreno, Paula T.; Leaf, Robert T. Report Jul 1, 2017 19208
Investigations into the distribution of sample sizes for determining age composition of multiple species. Hulson, Peter-John F.; Hanselman, Dana H.; Shotwell, S. Kalei Report Jul 1, 2017 12154
High genetic diversity and implications for determining population structure in the blue crab Callinectes sapidus. Feng, Xiaojun; Williams, Ernest P.; Place, Allen R. Report Apr 1, 2017 9990
Range expansion of the Eastern Fox Squirrel within the greater Los Angeles metropolitan area (2005-2014) and projections for continued range expansion. Garcia, Rosemary B.; Muchlinski, Alan E. Report Apr 1, 2017 6097
Distribution of Pacific Marten in coastal Oregon. Moriarty, Katie M.; Bailey, John D.; Smythe, Sharon E.; Verschuyl, Jake Report Sep 22, 2016 7202
Discovery of the Oregon spotted frog in the Northern Puget Sound Basin, Washington State. Bohannon, Jennifer S.; Gay, Don R.; Hayes, Marc P.; Danilson, Christopher D.; Warheit, Kenneth I. Report Sep 22, 2016 8573
Recent records of Lynx on the Alaska Peninsula. Watts, Dominique E.; Olson, Link E. Report Sep 22, 2016 2875
Non-breeding female Cassin's Auklets killed at a lighthouse at Pine Island, British Columbia, 1976 and 1977. Sealy, Spencer G.; Carter, Harry R. Report Sep 22, 2016 2297
Underwater towed video: a novel method to estimate densities of queen conch (Lobatus gigas; Strombidae) across its depth range. Boman, Erik Maitz; De Graaf, Martin; Nagelkerke, Leo A.J.; Van Rijn, Jimmy; Schlochtern, Melanie Mei Report Aug 1, 2016 4606
Surveys for the Alabama Map Turtle (Graptemys pulchra) in the Coosa River, Georgia. Jensen, John B. Report Jun 22, 2016 2138
A model based on data from echosounder buoys to estimate biomass of fish species associated with fish aggregating devices. Lopez, Jon; Moreno, Gala; Boyra, Guillermo; Dagorn, Laurent Report Apr 1, 2016 8136
Nudibranch range shifts associated with the 2014 warm anomaly in the Northeast Pacific. Goddard, Jeffrey H.R.; Treneman, Nancy; Pence, William E.; Mason, Douglas E.; Dobry, Phillip M.; Gre Report Apr 1, 2016 10998
Cannibalistic-morph tiger salamanders in unexpected ecological contexts. McLean, K.I.; Stockwell, C.A.; Mushet, D.M. Report Jan 1, 2016 3153
Age, growth, and population structure of the red flying squid (Ommastrephes bartramii) in the North Pacific Ocean, determined from beak microstructure. Fang, Zhou; Li, Jianhua; Thompson, Katherine; Hu, Feifei; Chen, Xinjun; Liu, Bilin; Chen, Yong Report Jan 1, 2016 6198
Five-striped Palm Squirrel, Funambulus pennantii (Wroughton, 1905)--a new addition to the UAE's exotic fauna. Judas, Jacky; Hellyer, Peter Report Jan 1, 2016 2294
Distribution and Zonation Patterns of Cerithideopsilla cingulata (Gmelin 1791) (Gastropoda: Potamididae) in Mangrove Stands at Sandspit Backwater, Karachi, Pakistan. Report Dec 31, 2015 3345
Estimation of Muscardinus avellanarius population density by live-trapping. Sevianu, Eliana; Stermin, Alexandru N. Report Dec 1, 2015 3252
Using integrated population modelling in conservation monitoring: a case study in the common dormouse (Muscardinus avellanarius). Harris, W. Edwin; Combe, Fraser J.; Bird, Sarah Case study Dec 1, 2015 3939
Reptiles of Banco Chinchorro: updated list, life history data, and conservation. Charruau, Pierre; Perez, Anibal H. Diaz de la Vega; de la Cruz, Fausto R. Mendez Report Dec 1, 2015 10660
Native wildlife use of highway underpasses in a desert environment. Murphy-Mariscal, Michelle L.; Barrows, Cameron W.; Allen, Michael F. Report Dec 1, 2015 6486
Aquatic invertebrate and vertebrate communities of ephemeral stream ecosystems in the arid Southwestern United States. De Jong, Grant D.; Canton, Steven P.; Lynch, Jeniffer S.; Murphy, Mark Report Dec 1, 2015 7999
Impact of geographical isolation on genetic differentiation in an insular population of the carpet shell Ruditapes decussatus in the Mediterranean Basin. Gharbi, Aicha; Said, Khaled; Van Wormhoudt, Alain Report Dec 1, 2015 7689
Success in rapidly restoring two failing oyster industries: a personal account. Mackenzie, Clyde L., Jr. Report Dec 1, 2015 11215
Population ecology and secondary production of congeneric bivalves on a sheltered beach in Southeastern Brazil. Cardoso, Ricardo S.; Galhardo, Ludmila B.; Cabrini, Tatiana M.B. Report Dec 1, 2015 6367
Monitoring recruitment patterns of mussels and fouling tunicates in mariculture. Holthuis, Thomas Duner; Bergstrom, Per; Lindegarth, Mats; Lindegarth, Susanne Report Dec 1, 2015 8027
Establishment and overwintering of bay scallops (Argopecten irradians Lamarck) in a Gulf of St. Lawrence estuary. Williams, Jim; Polk, Zephyr C.S.; Smit, Laura A.; MacInnis, Gina Report Dec 1, 2015 3931
Influence of grain size on burrowing and alongshore distribution of the yellow clam (Amarilladesma Mactroides). Fiori, Sandra M.; Carcedo, M. Cecilia Report Dec 1, 2015 4054
Mammalian Diversity in Thar Desert Habitat of Tharparkar District, Sindh, Pakistan. Report Oct 31, 2015 3988
Predator-prey relationship quantified: power law for animal abundances matches '3/4 rule' in physiology. Milius, Susan Oct 3, 2015 567
Chimps keep numbers high as forest losses mount. Bower, Bruce Brief article Oct 3, 2015 128
Home ranges and movement characteristics of minks in East-central New York. Haan, Damon M.; Halbrook, Richard S. Report Oct 1, 2015 3244
Spatial organization and home range patterns of the American hog-nosed skunk (Conepatus leuconotus). Brashear, Wesley A.; Ferguson, Adam W.; Negovetich, Nicholas J.; Dowler, Robert C. Report Oct 1, 2015 5981
Adaptive roosting gives little brown bats an advantage over endangered Indiana bats. Bergeson, Scott M.; Carter, Timothy C.; Whitby, Michael D. Report Oct 1, 2015 5965
Factors driving the density of derelict crab pots and their associated bycatch in North Carolina waters. Voss, Christine M.; Browder, Joan A.; Wood, Andrew; Michaelis, Adriane Report Oct 1, 2015 9305
An inventory of anuran species within and outside the hydraulicking mining area. Ascano, Cordulo P., II; Albutra, Queenilyn B.; Ansigbat, Vicenta V.; Mugot, Dennis A.; Paz, Sherryl Report Oct 1, 2015 2974
Counting sheep: airlifting bighorn sheep back into the Sierra Nevada's national parks. Allen, Laura Sep 22, 2015 1102
Non-invasive survey of forest carnivores in the northern cascades of Oregon, USA. Mcfadden-Hiller, Jamie E.; Hiller, Tim L. Report Sep 22, 2015 5215
Population demographics of Tridacna noae (Roding, 1798) in New Ireland, Papua New Guinea. Militz, Thane A.; Kinch, Jeff; Southgate, Paul C. Report Aug 1, 2015 4522
Population structure and dynamics of warty venus, Venus verrucosa (Bivalvia, Veneridae), in North Aegean Sea, Turkey. Colakoglu, Serhat; Palaz, Mustafa Report Aug 1, 2015 6312
Growth and respiration in blue mussels (Mytilus Spp.) from different salinity regimes. Landes, Anja; Dolmer, Per; Poulsen, Louise K.; Petersen, Jens Kjerulf; Vismann, Bent Report Aug 1, 2015 7615
Spatial analysis of the abundance and catch ability of the red octopus Octopus maya (Voss and Solis-Ramirez, 1966) on the continental shelf of the Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico. Gamboa-Alvarez, Miguel Angel; Lopez-Rocha, Jorge Alberto; Poot-Lopez, Gaspar Roman Report Aug 1, 2015 7803
Primiparous red king crab Paralithodes camtschaticus are less fecund than multiparous crab. Swiney, Katherine M.; Long, W. Christopher Report Aug 1, 2015 4763
Spatiotemporal variability of suitable habitat for American lobster (Homarus Americanus) in Long Island Sound. Tanaka, Kisei; Chen, Yong Report Aug 1, 2015 8187
Experimental release of juvenile sea urchins (Paracentrotus lividus) in exploited sites along the French Mediterranean coast. Couvray, Sylvain; Miard, Thomas; Bunet, Robert; Martin, Yvan; Grillasca, Joel-Paul; Bonnefont, Jean- Report Aug 1, 2015 8981
Density and fecundity of Pomaceacanaliculata (Lamarck, 1822) in selected areas of Mindanao, Philippines: implications on pest management strategies. Penaredondo, Myrtle Ayn E.; Responte, Mae A.; Ismael, I-za Fe Z.; Quinones, Lynde E.; Dacar, Maria R Report Aug 1, 2015 2858
The non-volant mammals of Bega Watershed, Prosperidad, Agusan del Sur, Philippines. Jalique, Shella Mae P.; Nuneza, Olga M. Report Aug 1, 2015 7521
The distribution and genetic diversity of the common hamster Cricetus cricetus in Central and Western Romania. Hegyeli, Zsolt; Kecskes, Attila; Korbut, Zofia; Banaszek, Agata Report Aug 1, 2015 6595
Diversity of small mammal communities of the Tuscan Archipelago: testing the effects of island size, distance from mainland and human density. Amori, Giovanni; Pinna, Vincenzo Rizzo; Sammuri, Giampiero; Luiselli, Luca Report Aug 1, 2015 3062
Long term outcomes of population suppression of leafy spurge by insects in the mountain foothills of Northern Utah. Anderson, Jacob M.; Willden, Samantha A.; Wright, Dallin L.; Evans, Edward W. Report Jul 1, 2015 5946
Landscape-level assessment of Abert's squirrel and red squirrel in mixed conifer forest. Doumas, Sandra L.; Koprowski, John L.; Noble, William O. Report Jun 1, 2015 4956
Striped hyena (Hyaena hyaena) status and factors affecting its distribution in the Gir National Park and Sanctuary, India. Alam, M. Shamshad; Khan, Jamal A.; Pathak, Bharat J. Report May 1, 2015 5747
Are mammal communities occurring at a regional scale reliably represented in "hub" bushmeat markets? A case study with Bayelsa State (Niger Delta, Nigeria). Akani, Godfrey C.; Amadi, Nioking; Eniang, Edem A.; Luiselli, Luca; Petrozzi, Fabio Case study May 1, 2015 5363
Recent decline of lowland populations of the western gray squirrel in the Los Angeles area of southern California. Cooper, Daniel S.; Muchlinski, Alan E. Report Apr 1, 2015 6065
Geoducks-a compendium. Vadopalas, Brent; Davis, Jonathan P.; Shumway, Sandra E. Editorial Apr 1, 2015 329
Geoduck Panopea generosa growth at its southern distribution limit in North America using a multimodel inference approach. Hidalgo-De-La-Toba, Jose Angel; Gonzalez-Pelaez, Sergio Scarry; Morales-Bojorquez, Enrique; Bautista Report Apr 1, 2015 7659
Modeling geoduck growth: multimodel inference in Panopea globosa from the southwestern Baja California Peninsula, Mexico. Gonzalez-Pelaez, Sergio Scarry; Morales-Bojorquez, Enrique; Lluch-Cota, Daniel Bernardo; Lluch-Cota, Report Apr 1, 2015 9030
Modeling growth of the Cortes geoduck Panopea globosa from unexploited and exploited beds in the northern Gulf of California. Aragon-Noriega, Eugenio Alberto; Calderon-Aguilera, Luis Eduardo; Perez-Valencia, Sergio Alejandro Report Apr 1, 2015 6246
Selection of models to predict Panopea globosa growth: application of a mixture probability distribution function. Morales-Bojorquez, Enrique; Aragon-Noriega, Eugenio Alberto; Aguirre-Villasenor, Hugo; Calderon-Agui Report Apr 1, 2015 7159
Distribution, abundance, and habitat associations of a large bivalve (Panopea generosa) in a eutrophic fjord estuary. McDonald, P. Sean; Essington, Timothy E.; Davis, Jonathan P.; Galloway, Aaron W.E.; Stevick, Bethany Report Apr 1, 2015 7492
Comparison of growth curves of four Panopea species. Aragon-Noriega, Eugenio Alberto; Rodriguez-Dominguez, Guillermo Report Apr 1, 2015 3993
Distribution and abundance of tree voles in the northern Coast Ranges of Oregon. Price, Amy L.; Mowdy, Jason S.; Swingle, James K.; Forsman, Eric D. Report Mar 22, 2015 5634
New records of seven Cusk-eels (Ophidiidae) and brotulas (Bythitidae) in coastal waters of British Columbia, Canada. Hanke, G.; Gillespie, G.; Fong, K.; Boutillier, J.; Nielsen, J.; Moller, P.; Bedard, J.; Riley, J. Report Mar 22, 2015 4466
Observations of the invasive Asian shore crab (Hemigrapsus sanguineus) in upper Barnegat Bay, New Jersey. Tiedemann, John A. Report Mar 22, 2015 3223
The status of Beluga Whales, Delphinapterus leucas, in Cook Inlet, Alaska, and surrounding waters: Part II. Shelden, Kim; Hobbs, Rod Mar 22, 2015 650
Spatio-temporal changes in Beluga Whale, Delphinapterus leucas, distribution: results from aerial surveys (1977-2014), opportunistic sightings (1975-2014), and satellite tagging (1999-2003) in Cook Inlet, Alaska. Shelden, Kim E.W.; Goetz, Kimberly T.; Rugh, David J.; Calkins, Donald G.; Mahoney, Barbara A.; Hobb Report Mar 22, 2015 12397
Spatio-temporal changes in beluga whale, Delphinapterus leucas, distribution: results from aerial surveys (1977-2014), opportunistic sightings (1975-2014), and satellite tagging (1999-2003) in Cook Inlet, Alaska. Shelden, Kim E.W.; Goetz, Kimberly T.; Rugh, David J.; Calkins, Donald G.; Mahoney, Barbara A.; Hobb Mar 22, 2015 8182
Spatio-temporal changes in beluga whale, Delphinapterus leucas, distribution: results from aerial surveys (1977-2014), opportunistic sightings (1975-2014), and satellite tagging (1999-2003) in Cook Inlet, Alaska. Shelden, Kim E.W.; Goetz, Kimberly T.; Rugh, David J.; Calkins, Donald G.; Mahoney, Barbara A.; Hobb Mar 22, 2015 9082
Annual calf indices for Beluga Whales, Delphinapterus leucas, in Cook Inlet, Alaska, 2006-12. Hobbs, Roderick C.; Sims, Christy L.; Shelden, Kim E.W.; Brattstrom, Linda Vate; Rugh, David J. Report Mar 22, 2015 12658
Viability of a small, geographically-isolated population of Beluga Whales, Delphinapterus leucas: effects of hunting, predation, and mortality events in Cook Inlet, Alaska. Hobbs, Roderick C.; Wade, Paul R.; Shelden, Kim E.W. Report Mar 22, 2015 22584
Potential natural and anthropogenic impediments to the conservation and recovery of Cook Inlet Beluga Whales, Delphinapterus leucas. Norman, Stephanie A.; Hobbs, Roderick C.; Goertz, Caroline E.C.; Burek-Huntington, Kathy A.; Shelden Report Mar 22, 2015 15716
Cook inlet Beluga Whale, Delphinapterus leucas, observations near Anchorage, Alaska between 2008 and 2011: results from a citizen scientist project. Carlson, Barbara Svarny; Sims, Christy; Brunner, Sylvia Report Mar 22, 2015 9823
Virgin America, San Francisco ACC, ASPCA 'airlift' Chihuahuas east. Brief article Mar 18, 2015 246
An updated stratigraphic and environmental framework for the distribution of Silurian vertebrates on Gotland. Bremer, Oskar; Blom, Henning Report Mar 1, 2015 2544
Pathways and mechanisms of Late Ordovician (Katian) faunal migrations of Laurentia and Baltica. Lam, Adriane R.; Stigall, Alycia L. Report Mar 1, 2015 2725
Endoscopic vasectomy of male feral pigeons (Columba livia) as a possible method of population control. Heiderich, Elisabeth; Schildger, Bernd; Lierz, Michael Report Mar 1, 2015 4013
Distribution and ecology of squirrels (Rodentia: Sciuridae) in Paraguay, with first country records for Sciurus Ignitus. Timm, Robert M.; Cartes, Jose L.; Ruiz-Diaz, Mirtha; Zarate, Rodrigo; Pine, Ronald H. Report Mar 1, 2015 4930
New county records and range expansion of the Mediterranean gecko (Hemidactylus turcicus) in southwestern Oklahoma. White, Jared W.; Husak, Michael S. Report Mar 1, 2015 1492
Biogeography of Phallusia nigra: is it really black and white? Vandepas, Lauren E.; Oliveira, Li Via M.; Lee, Serina S.C.; Hirose, Euichi; Rocha, Rosana M.; Swalla Report Feb 1, 2015 8793
Slipper lobsters (Scyllaridae) off the southeastern coast of Brazil: relative growth, population structure, and reproductive biology. Duarte, Luis Felipe de Almeida; Severino-Rodrigues, Evandro; Pinheiro, Marcelo A.A.; Gasalla, Maria Report Jan 1, 2015 9261
Extended duration of parturition season in North American elk (Cervus elaphus). Keller, Barbara J.; Bleisch, Amy D.; Millspaugh, Joshua J.; Lehman, Chad P.; Kragel, Jackie J.; Hans Report Jan 1, 2015 3295
Seasonal and Spatial Growth Patterns of Shrimps Collected from Some Selected Creeks of Sindh Pakistan. Report Dec 31, 2014 5554
Distribution Pattern of Commensal Rodents in Shops of Urban Rawalpindi Pakistan. Report Dec 31, 2014 2427
Deterioration Impact of Indian Crested Porcupine Hystrix indica on Irrigated Forest Plantations in Punjab Pakistan. Report Dec 31, 2014 3228
Acoustic surveys reveal hoary bat (Lasiurus cinereus) and long-legged Myotis (Myotis volans) in Yukon. Slough, Brian G.; Jung, Thomas S.; Lausen, Cori L. Report Dec 22, 2014 4605
Bats of Nahanni National Park Reserve and surrounding areas, Northwest Territories. Lausen, Cori L.; Waithaka, John; Tate, Douglas P. Report Dec 22, 2014 6510
Diversity and distribution of bats in the Northwest territories. Wilson, Joanna M.; Reimer, Jesika P.; Allaire, Danny; Lausen, Cori L. Report Dec 22, 2014 12560
Eastern Red Bat (Lasiurus borealis) occurrence in Northern Alberta. Lausen, Corn L.; Player, Delanie Report Dec 22, 2014 4763
First records of Yuma Myotis (Myotis yumanensis) in Alaska. Olson, Link E.; Gunderson, Aren M.; MacDonald, S.O.; Blejwas, Karen M. Report Dec 22, 2014 4226
Acoustic monitoring provides first records of Hoary Bats (Lasiurus cinereus) and delineates the distribution of silver-haired bats (Lasionycteris noctivagans) in Southeast Alaska. Blejwas, Karen M.; Lausen, Cori L.; Rhea-Fournier, Dylan Report Dec 22, 2014 7424
New insights on the distribution, ecology, and overwintering behavior of the Little Brown Myotis (Myotis lucifugus) in Alaska. Tessler, D.F.; Snively, M.L.; Gotthardt, T.A. Report Dec 22, 2014 7463
Roost-site selection and movements of Little Brown Myotis (Myotis lucifugus) in southwestern Yukon. Randall, Lea A.; Jung, Thomas S.; Barclay, Robert M.R. Report Dec 22, 2014 3685
Concluding remarks: what do we need to know about bats in northwestern North America? Jung, Thomas S.; Blejwas, Karen M.; Lausen, Cori L.; Wilson, Joanna M.; Olson, Link E. Report Dec 22, 2014 8606
Ontogenetic shifts in the predatory habits of the northern moonsnail (Lunatia heros) on the northwestern Atlantic coast. Clements, Jeff C.; Rawlings, Timothy A. Report Dec 1, 2014 11135
Variability in the abundance of the rock crab Grapsus adscensionis (decapoda: grapsidae) in the canary islands (Eastern Atlantic). Ramirez, Ruben; Haroun, Ricardo Report Dec 1, 2014 4501
The dietary and reproductive consequences of fishery-related claw removal for the stone crab Menippe spp. Hogan, Jessica M.; Griffen, Blaine D. Report Dec 1, 2014 7791
Vanishing point. Levy, Andrea Column Nov 1, 2014 693
New records of spiny eels (Albuliformes), true eels (Anguilliformes), and bobtail eels (Saccopharyngiformes) in British Columbia, Canada. Hanke, G.F.; Gillespie, G.; Fong, K.; Boutillier, J.; Peden, A.E.; Bedard, J.M. Report Sep 22, 2014 5698
Comparison of two age-estimation techniques for cougars. Hiller, Tim L.; Tyre, Andrew J. Report Sep 22, 2014 2829
Age, region, and temporal patterns of trace elements measured in stranded Harbor Seals (Phoca vitulina richardii) from Washington inland waters. Akmajian, Adrianne; Calambokidis, John; Huggins, Jessica L.; Lambourn, Dyanna Report Sep 22, 2014 5995
Abundance of Western Red-backed Salamanders (Plethodon vehiculum) in the Washington Coast Range after headwater stream-buffer manipulation. Wilk, Randall J.; Ricklefs, Jeffrey D.; Raphael, Martin G. Report Sep 22, 2014 5787
The Green Treefrog, Hyla cinerea (Schneider), in Indiana. Lodato, Michael J.; Engbrecht, Nathan J.; Klueh-Mundy, Sarabeth; Walker, Zachary Report Aug 20, 2014 7832
Passenger pigeon had ups, downs: DNA from specimens of extinct bird reveals lean times. Milius, Susan Aug 9, 2014 728
Regarding basics of interaction of anthropogenic and natural carcass as exemplified by Rostov agglomeration. Boyarinov, Alexander Merkurevich; Zalunina, Inga Vladimirovna; Ismailova, Natalya Valeryevna; Ageeva Report Aug 1, 2014 1839
United we fail: group versus individual strength in the California sea mussel, Mytilus californianus. Cole, Adam; Denny, Mark Report Aug 1, 2014 4338
Studying reptiles and amphibians of southern California (RASCALS) through citizen science. Pauly, G.B.; Higgins, L.M.; Smart, R.F. Report Aug 1, 2014 236
Examining anuran declines in southern California's western transverse ranges: did disease play a role? Adams, A.J.; Sweet, S.S.; Briggs, C.J. Report Aug 1, 2014 181
Ecological consequences of increasing environmental variability on rocky shores. Allen, B.J.; Miller, L.P.; Denny, M.W. Report Aug 1, 2014 292
Assessment of invasive New Zealand mudsnail abundance on juvenile mayfly populations within the Malibu Creek Watershed. Vu, K.; Pease, K. Report Aug 1, 2014 230
Distribution of introduced tree squirrels in California--a citizen science approach to gathering data. Garcia, R.; Alexanian, I.; Sun, C.; Qiu, H.; Muchinski, A. Report Aug 1, 2014 297
California Dolphin Online Catalog. Alps, D.; Baker, K.; Bearzi, M.; Campbell, G.; Causey, K.; Cotter, M.; Debich, A.; Defran, R.H.; Hil Aug 1, 2014 301
The California dolphin online catalog: collaboration, collaboration, collaboration! Defran, R.H. Author abstract Aug 1, 2014 210
Behaviors of Southern California cetaceans: observations from a small aircraft 2008-2013. Smultea, M.A.; Bacon, C.E.; Wursig, B.; Lomac-MacNair, K. Author abstract Aug 1, 2014 333
Resource selection function analyses: assessing habitat use relative to behavior and resource characteristics/availability for five common marine mammal species in the southern California bight. Smultea, M.A.; McDonald, T.; Howlin, S.; Bacon, C.; Steckler, D.; Lomac-MacNair., K. Author abstract Aug 1, 2014 366
Whale stories: connecting the public to data. Mathes, K. Author abstract Aug 1, 2014 240
Early evolution, diversification, and geographic distribution of the suborders constituting the mammalian order artiodactyla. Lander, E.B. Author abstract Aug 1, 2014 300
Species-specific responses to increasing environmental variability are driven by differences in physiological performance capacity. Reynoso, V.; Chilin, D.; Miller, L. Author abstract Aug 1, 2014 250
Systematic differences in eye numbers between the left and right valves of the sea scallop Placopecten magellanicus: an evolutionary response for visualizing the water column? Whoriskey, Kim; Whoriskey, Sophie; Whoriskey, Frederick G. Report Aug 1, 2014 4187
Variation in population structure and density of Austrovenus stutchburyi (VENERIDAE) from Canterbury, New Zealand. Adkins, Suzanne C.; Marsden, Islay D.; Pirker, John G. Report Aug 1, 2014 7690
Morphological trends of four Manila clam populations (Venerupis philippinarum) on the French Atlantic Coast: identified spatial patterns and their relationship to environmental variability. Caill-Milly, Nathalie; Bru, Noelle; Barranger, Melanie; Gallon, Laurent; D'Amico, Frank Report Aug 1, 2014 10298
Effects of reduced salinity on the heterotrophic feeding of the juvenile giant clam Tridacna gigas. Maboloc, Elizaldy A.; Mingoa-Licuanan, S. Suzanne; Villanueva, Ronald D. Report Aug 1, 2014 4871
Aquaculture assessment of Noah's Ark (Arca Noae Linnaeus, 1758) in the Central Adriatic Sea (Croatia). Zupan, Ivan; Peharda, Melita; Dolenec, Tadej; Dolenec, Matej; Rozic, Petra Zvab; Lojen, Sonja; Ezget Report Aug 1, 2014 6906
Clearance rate of Mytilus edulis (L.) as a function of current velocity and mussel aggregation. Nielsen, Pernille; Vismann, Bent Report Aug 1, 2014 6453
Age validation in Octopus vulgaris beaks across the full ontogenetic range: beaks as recorders of life events in octopuses. Perales-Raya, Catalina; Almansa, Eduardo; Bartolome, Aurora; Felipe, Beatriz C.; Iglesias, Jose; San Report Aug 1, 2014 10127
Identification of Indian mangrove mud crab genus Scylla spp. (Brachyura: portunidae) using RAPD and PCR-RFLP markers. Mandal, Anup; Varkey, Mathews; Mani, Anjali Kottayil; Sobhanan, Sobha Pindaniyil; Thampi-Samraj, Yoh Report Aug 1, 2014 5118
Status of rare and endangered species of lichen populations in the Perm Territory. Shkaraba, Ekaterina Mikhailovna; Selivanov, Alexey Evgen'evich; Shajakhmetova, Zoya Modarisovna; Kar Report Jul 1, 2014 2334
Small mammals from the Chelemha Cloud Forest Reserve, Altaverapaz, Guatemala. Matson, John O.; Ordonez-Garza, Nicte; Woodman, Neal; Bulmer, Walter; Eckerlin, Ralph P.; Hanson, J. Report Jun 1, 2014 3660
Loss of a significant maternity population of Brazilian free-tailed bats (Tadarida Brasiliensis) in Oklahoma. Caire, William; Ganow, Kyle B.; Matlack, Raymond S.; Caddell, Gloria M.; Crawford, Priscilla H.C. Report Jun 1, 2014 3116
Lumbricoid fauna of cryosolic soils of Yakutia. Boeskorov, Vasily; Savvinov, Grigory Report Jun 1, 2014 2897
Effects of fluctuations in sea-surface temperature on the occurrence of small cetaceans off Southern California. Henderson, E. Elizabeth; Forney, Karin A.; Barlow, Jay P.; Hildebrand, John A.; Douglas, Annie B.; C Report Apr 1, 2014 11682
Linked populations. Brief article Apr 1, 2014 139
Genetic analysis of ultrasound and carcass measurement traits in a regional Hanwoo steer population. Hwang, Jeong Mi; Cheong, Jae Kyoung; Kim, Sam Su; Jung, Bong Hwan; Koh, Myung Jae; Kim, Hyeong Cheol Report Apr 1, 2014 5164
Differential evolution between Monotocous and Polytocous species. Ahn, Hyeonju; Kim, Kyu-Won; Kim, Hyeon Jeong; Cho, Seoae; Kim, Heebal Report Apr 1, 2014 4919
Effects of substrate type on demographic rates of eastern oyster (Crassostrea virginica). Dunn, Robert P.; Eggleston, David B.; Lindquist, Niels Report Apr 1, 2014 7569
Spatial and temporal patterns of the nonnative green mussel Perna viridis in Cienfuegos Bay, Cuba. Lopeztegui-Castillo, Alexander; Baker, Shirley M.; Garces-Rodriguez, Yuliesky; Castelo-Baez, Roberto Report Apr 1, 2014 4643
Age and growth of the ark shell Scapharca broughtonii (Bivalvia, Arcidae) in Japanese waters. Sugiura, Daisuke; Katayama, Satoshi; Sasa, Shuji; Sasaki, Koichi Report Apr 1, 2014 5807
Autotomy of the visceral mass in the feather star himeroinetra robustipinna (crinoidea, comatulida). Bobrovskaya, Nadezhda V.; Dolmatov, Igor Yu. Report Apr 1, 2014 5332
Handed behavior in hagfish-an ancient vertebrate lineage and a survey of lateralized behaviors in other invertebrate chordates and elongate vertebrates. Miyashiita, Tetsuto; Palmer, A. Richard Report Apr 1, 2014 7021
Flight initiation distance differs between populations of Western Fence Lizards (Sceloporus occidentalis) at a rural and an urban site. Grolle, Elizabeth K.; Lopez, Michelle C.; Gerson, Marina M. Report Apr 1, 2014 2366
Paleomentes sp. abundance, size, and parasitic rate in Santa Rosa Island, Fl. Seagrass beds and adjacent tidal pools. Author abstract Apr 1, 2014 245
Mapping the Western Pond Turtle (Actinemys marmorata) and painted turtle (Chrysemys picta) in Western North America. Barela, Kimberly L.; Olson, Deanna H. Report Mar 22, 2014 6147
Changes in Evermann's Rock Ptarmigan density on an eastern portion of Attu Island, Alaska, 2003-2009. Braun, Clait E.; Taylor, William P.; Ebbert, Steve E. Report Mar 22, 2014 4095
Brush mouse (Peromyscus boylii) occurrences in Southern Oregon. Johnston, Aaron N.; Anthony, Robert G. Report Mar 22, 2014 1091
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Distributional records of helminths of the swift fox (Vulpes velox) from New Mexico. Ubelaker, John E.; Griffin, Bretton S.; Mendoza, Kimberly M.; Duszynski, Donald W.; Harrison, Robert Report Mar 1, 2014 1828
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Genetic diversity of freshwater leeches in Lake Gusinoe (Eastern Siberia, Russia). Kaygorodova, Irina A.; Mandzyak, Nadezhda; Petryaeva, Ekaterina; Pronin, Nikolay M. Report Jan 1, 2014 6191
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Cetacean presence in the Trincomalee Bay and adjacent waters, Sri Lanka. Nanayakkara, Ranil P.; Herath, Jayampathi; de Mel, Ruvinda K. Report Jan 1, 2014 4571
Analysis of a mathematical model of emerging infectious disease leading to amphibian decline. Dur-e-Ahmad, Muhammad; Imran, Mudassar; Khan, Adnan Report Jan 1, 2014 8315
Numerical solutions of nonlinear fractional partial differential equations arising in spatial diffusion of biological populations. Singh, Jagdev; Kumar, Devendra; Kilicman, Adem Report Jan 1, 2014 4970
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Growth and survival of pearl oyster Pinctada maxima spat reared under different environmental conditions. Deng, Yuewen; Fu, Shao; Liang, Feilong; Du, Xiaodong; Xie, Shaohe Report Dec 1, 2013 4844
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Impacts of freshwater management activities on eastern oyster (Crassostrea virginica) density and recruitment: recovery and long-term stability in seven Florida estuaries. Parker, Melanie L.; Arnold, William S.; Geiger, Stephen P.; Gorman, Patricia; Leone, Erin H. Report Dec 1, 2013 7214
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Reproductive strategy in a littoral population of the cockle Cerastoderma glaucum from the Gulf of Gabes area (Southeastern Tunisia). Machreki-Ajmi, M.; Rebai, T.; Hamza-Chaffai, A. Report Dec 1, 2013 4141
Proxy measures for queen conch (Strombus gigas linne, 1758) age and maturity: relationships between shell lip thickness and operculum dimensions. Mueller, Karl W.; Stoner, Allan W. Report Dec 1, 2013 4265
Return of the native: historical comparison of invasive and indigenous crab populations near the mouth of Delaware Bay. Schab, Corey M.; Park, Susan; Waidner, Lisa A.; Epifanio, Charles E. Report Dec 1, 2013 6351
Spawning odds in relation to size of American lobsters Homarus americanus. Seiden, Jennica M.; Wilke, Kate M.; Schneider, David C. Report Dec 1, 2013 4042
Factors that affect vitality of northern shrimp (Pandalus borealis, Kroyer 1838) during capture and storage that are destined for live trade. Larssen, Wenche Emblem; Dyb, Jan Erik; Woll, Astrid; Kennedy, James Report Dec 1, 2013 5411
Estimating biomass, recruitment, and harvest rate for the Pacific yellowleg shrimp Farfantepenaeus californiensis from a size-based model. Morales-Bojorquez, Enrique; Lopez-Martinez, Juana; Belendez-Moreno, Luis Francisco Javier Report Dec 1, 2013 5558
Biological characteristics and spatial-temporal distribution of mitre squid, Uroteuthis Chinensis, in the Beibu Gulf, South China Sea. Yunrong, Yan; Yuyuan, Li; Shengyun, Yang; Guirong, Wu; Yajin, Tao; Qibin, Feng; Huosheng, Lu Report Dec 1, 2013 6792
Differential catchability by zone, fleet, and size: the case of the red octopus (Octopus maya) and common octopus (Octopus vulgaris) fishery in Yucatan, Mexico. Velazquez-Abunader, Ivan; Salas, Silvia; Cabrera, Miguel A. Report Dec 1, 2013 8224
Correction of locality records for the endangered arroyo toad (Anaxyrus californicus) from the desert region of Southern California. Ervin, Edward L.; Beaman, Kent R.; Fisher, Robert N. Report Dec 1, 2013 4277
Distribution of the Coast Horned Lizard, Phrynosoma coronaturn, in Southern California. Brattstrom, Bayard H. Report Dec 1, 2013 5856
Does prey density limit Amur tiger Pantheva tigvis altaica recovery in northeastern China? Zhang, Changzhi; Zhang, Minghai; Stott, Philip Report Dec 1, 2013 6625
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Pine marten Martes martes and red fox Vulpes vulpes sign indices in Scottish forests: population change and reliability of field identification of scats. Baines, David; Aebischer, Nicholas; Macleod, Allan; Woods, John Report Dec 1, 2013 3603
Detection of Rhynchophorus palmarum (Coleoptera: Curculionidae) and identification of associated nematodes in South Texas. Esparza-Diaz, Gabriela; Olguin, Alma; Carta, Lynn K.; Skantar, Andrea M.; Villanueva, Raul T. Report Dec 1, 2013 4283
The butterfly defect. Brief article Nov 1, 2013 161
Current Population and Conservation Status of the Tibetan Wild Ass (Equus kiang) in the Arjin Mountain Nature Reserve, China. Turghan, Mardan; Ming Ma; Xiang Zhang; Tong Zhang; Ying Chen Report Oct 31, 2013 3985
Tale of the tape: just the facts ma'am, just the facts. Brief article Oct 1, 2013 207
Duck numbers down slightly ... but still up. Hart, David Brief article Oct 1, 2013 168
White geese overpopulation. Hart, David Brief article Oct 1, 2013 177
A comparison of sperm health in declining and stable populations of hellbenders (Cryptobranchus alleganiensis alleganiensis and C.a. bishopi). Unger, Shem; Mathis, Alicia; Wilkinson, Robert Report Oct 1, 2013 5113
A starting point: an ecosystem of reference for habitat restoration of the Northern Idaho Ground Squirrel, Urocitellus brunneus brunneus. Suronen, Elise F.; Newingham, Beth A. Report Sep 22, 2013 11825
Summer roadside use by White-tailed Deer and Mule Deer in the Rocky Mountains, Alberta. Lobo, Nikhil; Millar, John S. Report Sep 22, 2013 5773
Recent Kit Fox detections at their Northern-most extent in Southeastern Oregon. Milburn, Philip J.; Hiller, Tim L. Report Sep 22, 2013 1846
Of wings, waves, winds: a WHOI oceanographer explores the mysteries of albatross flight. Caplan, Jeremy Sep 22, 2013 1961
Swimming with sharks: an underwater robot learns how to track great whites. Baehr, Leslie G. Sep 22, 2013 3111
Call of the whales: underwater robots provide roving ears in the sea. Murphy, Stephanie Sep 22, 2013 554
The return of the seals: growing herds raise questions on sharks, fish, and poop. Lippsett, Lonny Sep 22, 2013 478
Caller IDs for marine mammals: crowd-sourcing helps sort whale, dolphin vocalizations. Thean, Tara Sep 22, 2013 507
Sassy scallops: how will shellfish fare as ocean conditions shift? Halliday, Elizabeth Sep 22, 2013 1504
Evaluation of caribou Rangifer tarandus groenlandicus survey methodology in West Greenland. Poole, Kim G.; Cuyler, Christine; Nymand, Josephine Report Sep 1, 2013 9054
Effects of nest characteristics and black rat Rattus rattus predation on daily survival rates of great egret Ardea alba nests in mangrove forest in the Hara Biosphere Reserve, the Persian gulf. Neinavaz, Elnaz; Barati, Ahmad; Brown, Jessi L.; Etezadifar, Farzaneh; Emami, Besat Report Sep 1, 2013 5347
Impacts of predator abundance on red grouse Lagopus lagopus scotica during a period of experimental predator control. Fletcher, Kathy; Hoodless, Andrew N.; Baines, David Report Sep 1, 2013 5259
Developing spatially-explicit weighting factors to account for bias associated with missed GPS fixes in resource selection studies. Webb, Stephen L.; Dzialak, Matthew R.; Mudd, James P.; Winstead, Jeffrey B. Report Sep 1, 2013 10396
Dispersal behaviour of a polygynous carnivore: do cougars Puma concolor follow source-sink predictions? Stoner, David C.; Wolfe, Michael L.; Mecham, Clint; Mecham, McLain B.; Durham, Susan L.; Choate, Dav Report Sep 1, 2013 7729
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Death of the duck box? Focusing on brood habitat, not man-made nests, will boost wood duck populations. Hart, David Column Sep 1, 2013 1020
Seasonal patterns of ascidian settlement at an aquaculture facility in the Damariscotta River, Maine. Bullard, Stephan G.; Davis, Christopher V.; Shumway, Sandra E. Report Aug 1, 2013 4330
The influence of saibo donor and host on the nacre deposits of pearls produced from Pinctada fucata martensii. Wang, Shi Yaohua; Xin, Hai Zhan; Zhifeng, Gu; Aimin, Wang Report Aug 1, 2013 3655
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Occurrence and distribution of Crassostrea Sikamea (Amemiya 1928) in China. Wang, Haiyan; Qian, Lumin; Wang, Aimin; Guo, Ximing Report Aug 1, 2013 5475
First extensive examination of genome size in phylum brachiopoda (Lamp Shells) collected from Japan. Adachi, Kenta; Kuramochi, Takashi; Kimura, Kazuma; Okumura, Sei-ichi Report Aug 1, 2013 2628
Abundance of invasive and native crab larvae in the mouth of Delaware Bay: Hemigrapsus sanguineus and Uca pugnax. Epifanio, Charles E.; Tilburg, Charles E.; Dittel, Ana I. Report Aug 1, 2013 4854
Direct estimation of disturbance rates of benthic macroinvertebrates from contact with standard and modified ocean shrimp (Pandalus jordani) trawl footropes. Hannah, Robert W.; Lomeli, Mark J.M.; Jones, Stephen A. Report Aug 1, 2013 3944
Estuarine cage culture of pink shrimp Farfantepenaeus brasiliensis at different stocking densities. Peixoto, Silvio; de Alcantara Lopes, Diogo Luiz; Wasielesky, Wilson Report Aug 1, 2013 4503
Developmental mode in opisthobranch molluscs from the northeast Pacific Ocean: additional species from Southern California and supplemental data. Goddard, Jeffrey H.R.; Green, Brenna Report Aug 1, 2013 6275
More rain please. Hart, David Brief article Aug 1, 2013 180
Auction tags raise big bucks & questions. Aug 1, 2013 1057
News from the hunting world. Hart, David Brief article Aug 1, 2013 239
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Restoring shoal bass. Sammons, Steve May 1, 2013 345
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Growth models for fisheries: the effect of unbalanced sampling error on model selection, parameter estimation, and biological predictions. Helidoniotis, Fay; Haddon, Malcolm Report Apr 1, 2013 11059
Determinants of badger Meles meles sett location in Bialowieza primeval forest, northeastern Poland. Obidzinski, Artur; Pabjanek, Piotr; Mcdrzycki, Piotr Report Mar 1, 2013 14001
Roaring counts are not suitable for the monitoring of red deer Cervus elaphus population abundance. Douhard, Mathieu; Bonenfant, Christophe; Gaillard, Jean-Michel; Hamann, Jean-Luc; Garel, Mathieu; Mi Report Mar 1, 2013 4989
The greater mastiff bat Eumops perotis (chiroptera: Molossidae) in Oklahoma. Caire, William; Loucks, Lynda Report Mar 1, 2013 1634
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Albino raccoons (Procyon lotor) from League City, Texas. Castellanos, Adrian A.; Brooks, Daniel M. Feb 1, 2013 1372
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Faecal sampling along trails: a questionable standard for estimating red fox Vulpes vulpes abundance. Guthlin, Denise; Kroschel, Max; Kuchenhoff, Helmut; Storch, Ilse Report Dec 1, 2012 5284
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Model evaluation in statistical population reconstruction. Skalski, John R.; Clawson, Michael V.; Millspaugh, Joshua J. Report Sep 1, 2012 4988
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Sex- and age-structured models for Alpine ibex Capra ibex ibex population dynamics. Mignatti, Andrea; Casagrandi, Renato; Provenzale, Antonello; von Hardenberg, Achaz; Gatto, Marino Report Sep 1, 2012 9900
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Assemblages of amphibians, reptiles, and mammals on an urban military base in Oklahoma. Bogosian, Victor, III; Hellgren, Eric C.; Moody, Raymond W. Report Sep 1, 2012 6806
Demography of the side-blotched lizard, Uta stansburiana, in sand dunes of the central Chihuahuan Desert. Gadsden, Hector; Castaneda, Gamaliel Report Sep 1, 2012 9354
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Suitable habitats for cougars (Puma concolor) in Texas and northern Mexico. Hernandez-Santin, Lorna; Harveson, Patricia M.; Harveson, Louis A. Report Sep 1, 2012 3258
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Breeding colonies of least terns (Sternula antillarum) in northern Sonora, Mexico, 2006-2008. Rosemartin, Alyssa; van Riper, Charles, III Report Sep 1, 2012 1828
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Land snails in ephemeral pools at Ottine Swamp, Gonzales County, Texas. Dirrigl, Frank J., Jr.; Mohlenbrock, Robert H. Report Sep 1, 2012 2062
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Waterfowl protection program: habitat decline could spur new predator control efforts. Hart, David Jul 29, 2012 1036
Evaluating methods for estimating rare event: with zero-heavy data: a simulation model estimating sea turtle bycatch in the pelagic longline fishery. Barlow, Paige F.; Berkson, Jim Report Jul 1, 2012 12542
Minor species as the dominant rodents in an oldfield. Rose, Robert K.; Ford, Linda J. Report Jul 1, 2012 4188

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