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Pedicelliops gen. nov., a new genus from West Africa with striking antennae (Ephemeroptera, Baetidae). Kaltenbach, Thomas; Gattolliat, Jean-Luc Report Dec 11, 2020 5581
Virtual Anatomy: expanding veterinary student learning. DeBose, Kyrille Oct 1, 2020 738
External Anatomy and Life Cycle of Aphis nasturtii (Hemiptera: Aphididae). Fericean, Liana Mihaela; Corneanu, Mihaela Report Dec 31, 2017 2962
What is your diagnosis? Report Dec 1, 2015 2245
Conformation theory: can trained professionals predict actual performance in the field? Thoms, Jerry Mar 1, 2013 1943
Scala Naturae, or Southern Vivisection. Williamson, Corrie Poem Sep 22, 2012 283
Sex determination in Oxyeleotris marmorata (Bleeker, 1852) based on morphometric features. Idris, Hasan Basri; Ambak, Azmi; Ikhwanuddin, Mohd Report Apr 1, 2012 3139
The Madagascar hissing cockroach: a new model for learning insect anatomy. Heyborne, William H.; Fast, Maggie; Goodding, Daniel D. Report Mar 1, 2012 2198
Radiographic measurement of internal organs in Spix's macaws (Cyanopsitta spixit). Rettmer, Helen; Deb, Amrita; Watson, Ryan; Hatt, Jean-Michel; Hammer, Sven Report Dec 1, 2011 2365
Ode to the Aperture. Hahn, Kimiko Poem Jun 22, 2010 312
Microscopic Anatomy of the digestive system in normal and regenerating specimens of the brittlestar Amphipholis kochii. Frolova, Lidia T.; Dolmatov, Igor Yu. Report Jun 1, 2010 6903
Microscopic anatomy of the desert shrew, Notiosorex C. Crawfordi. Ostrin, Samuel L.; Clark, William H. Report Jun 1, 2010 4038
Gator breath is a one-way street: looping airflow may be older than reptiles and dinosaurs. Grossman, Lisa Feb 13, 2010 400
Pre-testical spermathecal pores and unusual setal arrangement in the South African endemic microchaetid earthworms of presumed Gondwanan origin (Oligochaeta: Microchaetidae). Plisko, Jadwiga Danuta Report Dec 1, 2009 7229
Ultrastructure of the retinal synapses in cubozoans. Gray, G. Clark; Martin, Vicki J.; Satterlie, Richard A. Report Aug 1, 2009 6743
Oddities in rod cells may help with night sight: nocturnal mammals invert retinal DNA arrangement. Saey, Tina Hesman May 9, 2009 491
Fish needs see-through head. Mar 18, 2009 714
Chapter 3: Organization and structure of mammalian reproductive systems. Schillo, Keith K. Jan 1, 2009 5487
Proventriculus of three nemobiinae crickets (Orthoptera: Grylloidea: Trigonidiidae). Szinwelski, Neucir; Rodrigues, Moreno S.; Pereira, Marcelo Ribeiro; Serrao, Jose Eduardo; Sperber, C Report Jan 1, 2009 1942
The musculoskeletal system: a vast array of disorders can thwart the functioning of your cat's bones and muscles. Here's what you should know. Ewing, Tom Nov 1, 2008 1207
Sting operation: scientists use bees and wasps to sniff out the ellicit and the dangerous. Gaidos, Susan Sep 27, 2008 2429
Virtual science. Klein, Andrew Brief article May 12, 2008 175
Using a guided inquiry approach in the traditional vertebrate anatomy laboratory. Meuler, Debra Jan 1, 2008 2863
Chapter 4 Animal anatomy. Brady, Colleen Jan 1, 2008 8926
Chapter 5 Functional anatomy. Parker, Rick Table Jan 1, 2008 12254
Relationships and taxonomy of the killifish genus Rivulus (Cyprinodontiformes: Aplocheiloidei: Rivulidae) from the Brazilian Amazonas river basin, with notes on historical ecology. Costa, Wilson J.E.M. Oct 1, 2006 25913
Amblyeleotris neumanni, a new species of shrimp goby from New Britain. Randall, John E.; Earle, John L. Jan 1, 2006 3331
Descriptive anatomy of Iso rhothophilus (Ogilby), with a phylogenetic analysis of Iso and a redefinition of Isonidae (Atheriniformes). Saeed, Basim; Ivantsoff, Walter; Aarn Jan 1, 2006 4693
Animal imaging update: new products and new deals. Oct 15, 2005 1330
Just for frills? Decoding dinosaurs' cryptic anatomical features. Perkins, Sid Aug 13, 2005 754
Limb bone structure in bats versus gliders and runners. (Medical Science and Health Poster Session 09:00 AM-10:00 AM). Connour, Jacqueline Runestad Brief Article Mar 1, 2003 235
A model mouse: can an accidental rodent strain unlock secrets of rheumatoid arthritis? Travis, John May 18, 2002 1818
Aqualungs. (Hands-On Activity). Apr 8, 2002 427
Reliable, responsive pacemaking and pattern generation with minimal cell numbers: the crustacean cardiac ganglion. Cooke, Ian M. Apr 1, 2002 14912
The anatomy, life habits, and later development of a new species of enteropneust, Harrimania planktophilus (hemichordata: Harrimaniidae) from barkley sound. Cameron, Christopher B. Apr 1, 2002 5315
Up-regulation of integrins [[alpha].sub.3] [[beta].sub.1] in sulfate-starved marine sponge cells: functional correlates. Kuhns, William J.; Rusciano, Dario; Kaltenbach, Jane; Ho, Michael; Burger, Max; Fernandez-Busquets, Oct 1, 2001 1226
Differentiation of pharyngeal muscles on the basis of enzyme activities in the cichlid tramitichromis intermedius. Rice, Aaron N.; Portnoy, David S.; Kaatz, Ingrid M.; Lobel, Phillip S. Brief Article Oct 1, 2001 849
Endogenous zinc as a neuromodulator in vertebrate retina: evidence from the retinal slice. Chappell, Richard L.; Redenti, Stephen Oct 1, 2001 1538
Human Brains May Take Unique Turn. Bower, B. Brief Article Sep 1, 2001 491
Soaking Up Rays. WEISS, PETER Aug 4, 2001 2249
Function and Functional Groupings of the Complex Mouth Apparatus of the Squat Lobsters Munida sarsi Huus and M. tenuimana G.O. Sars (Crustacea: Decapoda). GARM, A.; HOEG, J. T. Jun 1, 2001 8390
Spot Pattern of Girella nigricans, the California Opaleye: Variation among Cohorts and Climate Periods. Davis, Jana L. D. Apr 1, 2001 5442
Introduction. BLAZIS, DIANA E. J.; GRASSO, FRANK W. Apr 1, 2001 1647
View From the Boundary. WEBB, BARBARA Apr 1, 2001 3990
Insights for Robotic Design From Studies of the Control of Abdominal Position in Crayfish. MACMILLAN, DAVID L.; PATULLO, BLAIR W. Apr 1, 2001 3424
Increasing Sensor Flexibility Through Neuromodulation. BIRMINGHAM, J. T. Apr 1, 2001 3096
Dinosaur fossil yields feathery structures. Wang, L. Brief Article Mar 10, 2001 496
Three-Dimensional Analysis of Finlet Kinematics in the Chub Mackerel (Scomber japonicus). NAUEN, JENNIFER C.; LAUDER, GEORGE V. Statistical Data Included Feb 1, 2001 6315
Fluffy, Fancy, Fantastic : FEATHERS. Berger, Cynthia Jan 1, 2001 964
Troglomorphic Banded Sculpin (Cottus Carolinae) in Perry County, Missouri: Morphological Variation and Conservation Status. (Speleology Section). Brief Article Jan 1, 2001 281
Molt-Related and Size-Dependent Differences in the Escape Response and Post-Threat Behavior of the American Lobster, Homarus americanus. CROMARTY, S. I.; MELLO, J.; KASS-SIMON, G. Dec 1, 2000 9708
Mice have a sharp nose for pheromones. Travis, J. Brief Article Jun 17, 2000 449
Bones of Ground-Based Ape Unearthed. Brief Article Jun 1, 2000 463
Protein may help the eyes tell time. J.T. Brief Article Feb 19, 2000 399
Weird jaws let tiny snake gulp fast. S.M. Brief Article Dec 4, 1999 233
Studies of Ballooning and Resulting Patterns of Locally Contagious Distribution of the Bagworm Thyridopteryx ephemeraeformis (Haworth) (Lepidoptera: Psychidae). Ghent, Arthur W. Oct 1, 1999 11692
Functional Morphology of Prey Ingestion by Placetron wosnessenskii Schalfeew Zoeae (Crustacea: Anomura: Lithodidae). Crain, Jennifer A. Oct 1, 1999 7692
Hyaluronic Acid: A Component of the Aggregation Factor Secreted by the Marine Sponge, Microciona prolifera. Kuhns, William J.; Burger, Max M.; Turley, Eva Oct 1, 1999 1185
The Origin of the Florida Sponge Fishery. WITZELL, W. N. Dec 22, 1998 2699
Slugging toads have a mean left jab. Milius, Susan Brief Article Nov 7, 1998 206
Use-it-and-lose-it genitals for birds. Milius, Susan Brief Article Nov 7, 1998 165
Sickling of anoxic red blood cells in fish. Harosi, Ferenc I.; Von Herbing, Ione Hunt; Van Keuren, Jeffrey R. Aug 1, 1998 3843
Speciation and feather ornamentation in birds. Moller, A.P.; Cuervo, J.J. Jun 1, 1998 7338
Minerals of the radular apparatus of Falcidens sp. (Caudofoveata) and the evolutionary implications for the phylum Mollusca. Cruz, Renato; Lins, Ulysses; Farina, Marcos Apr 1, 1998 2925
Protein gives the heads-up to frog embryos. Travis, J. Brief Article Jan 24, 1998 584
Chimp brains show humanlike tilt to the left. Bower, Bruce Brief Article Jan 10, 1998 404
Spermiogenesis and sperm structure in relation to early events of fertilization in the limpet Tectura testudinalis (Muller, 1776). Buckland-Nicks, John; Howley, Brent Dec 1, 1997 7096
Myogenic heartbeat in the primitive crustacean Triops longicaudatus. Yamagishi, Hiroshi; Ando, Hitoshi; Makioka, Toshiki Dec 1, 1997 3797
Claw transformation and regeneration in adult snapping shrimp: test of the inhibition hypothesis for maintaining bilateral assymetry. Read, A.T.; Govind, C.K. Dec 1, 1997 4656
Tuning in to a tasty meal. Travis, John Brief Article Nov 15, 1997 129
Super supper snoopers: these creatures don't just hear, see, and smell the way we do. They use super senses in amazing ways to search for supper. Guynn, Dan, Jr. Aug 1, 1997 226
Snake eyes! Jun 1, 1997 118
A search for quantitative trail loci affecting asymmetry of mandibular characters in mice. Leamy, Larry J.; Routman, Eric J.; Cheverud, James M. Jun 1, 1997 10434
The ecology of body size in a seed beetle, Stator limbatus: persistence of environmental variation across generations? Fox, Charles W. Jun 1, 1997 4358
Compound eye fine structure in Paralomis multispina Benedict, an anomuran half-crab from 1200 m depth (crustacea; decapoda; anomura). Eguchi, Eisuke; Dezawa, Mari; Meyer-Rochow, V. Benno Apr 1, 1997 4398
In your May 1995 column, you said only mammals had belly buttons, What about the platypus? Mar 1, 1997 148
Why does my dog always sniff cats', dogs', and other animals' bottoms? Scanlin, K.T. Sep 1, 1996 127
Perspective. Metazoan complexity and evolution: is there a trend? McShea, Daniel W. Apr 1, 1996 11304
Bird eats like a cow! Constello, Emily Brief Article Feb 9, 1996 200
Did you know? Fish get their oxygen from the water, not the air. Dec 1, 1995 113
The pushy side of mammalian brains. Monastersky, Richard Brief Article Nov 18, 1995 232
A most dangerous sawfish. Monastersky, Richard Brief Article Nov 11, 1995 179
The ghost of Geoffroy Saint-Hilaire: frog and fly genes revive the ridiculed idea that vertebrates resemble upside-down insects. Travis, John Cover Story Sep 30, 1995 1764
Scarlett, do animals have bellybuttons? May 1, 1995 205
Expression of the engrailed gene reveals nine putative segment-anlagen in the embryonic pleon of the freshwater crayfish cherax destructor (Crustacea, Malacostraca, Decapoda). Scholtz, Gerhard Apr 1, 1995 4549
What are these snouts about? De Celles, K.M. Mar 1, 1995 338
Talking smells. Prescott, Lyle Jan 1, 1995 773
Take a bite. Sep 1, 1994 304
Muscle and nerve terminal fine structure of a primitive crustacean, the cephalocarid Hutchinsoniella macracantha. Read, A.T.; Hessler, R.R.; Govind, C.K. Aug 1, 1994 2387
Protogynous sex change in the intertidal isopod Gnorimosphaeroma oregonense (Crustacea: Isopoda). Brook, Heather J.; Rawlings, Timothy A.; Davies, Ronald W. Aug 1, 1994 5243
Frogs follow their noses. Cover Story Mar 1, 1994 221
My hairy neighbors: meet some pig-like animals that "talk" with stinky smells! Lowell, Susan Mar 1, 1994 1095
Leaping frogs maximize muscle potential. Pennisi, Elizabeth Brief Article Jan 22, 1994 322
Color-pattern variation in Lake Erie water snakes: prediction and measurement of natural selection. King, Richard B. Dec 1, 1993 7155
Monkeys disclose the face of emotion. Brief Article Jul 31, 1993 228
New twist in the tale of long tails. Brief Article Mar 6, 1993 134
Ancient ape suggests human, chimp lineage. Bower, Bruce Brief Article Sep 26, 1992 474
Should students dissect frogs? Chambers, Sally Hillstrom; Bates, David Feb 1, 1992 1385
Watching cholesterol - in worms and oysters. De Quattro, Jim Jan 1, 1992 367
Biographies etched in bone: chimpanzee skeletons reveal memoirs of life in the wild. Bower, Bruce Aug 18, 1990 2026
Spanish fly's lure: ardor or armor? Raloff, Janet Sep 16, 1989 270

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