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Animal Totems 2: Arvel Bird.

Animal Totems 2: Arvel Bird. Category: Contemporary/New Age/Instrumental Singing Wolf Records. SWR0460-90302-CD. Copyright 2007.

An outstanding CD, Arvel Bird's follow-up to his breakthrough CD, Animal Totems is 'top drawer'. A clever confection of contemporary instrumentation, Native flute and virtuoso violin, Animal Totems 2 only expands on the wonderful work exhibited on the earlier volume. A magical journey through 'dancing dolphins', 'spookie spiders' and 'coyote capers', this array of aural excellence captures the imagination, taking the listener to the 'spirit animals' of our hearts.

Bird, along with his fellow musicians, create musical murals of beautiful badgers, elegant elephants and glorious geese to our delight. The song writing is sharp, the arrangements are amazing and the musicianship is beyond compare - what a band. Favorites include the opening cut "Badger Boogie", a marvelous track entitled, "Dragonfly"and the always alluring, "Snake Medicine".

Arvel Bird's winning ways continue in this totemic masterpiece! "Animal Totems 2" is a hit!

Congratulations to Arvel Bird for taking home the award for Best Instrumental Album at the Canadian Music Awards held in Toronto, Canada.

Reviewed by Gene Bates Matairie, LA.
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Author:Bates, Gene
Publication:Whispering Wind
Article Type:Sound recording review
Date:May 1, 2008
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