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Animal Planet 'Super Cute Yule Log' Air Times.

Christmas just got a whole lot cuter thanks to Animal Planet. Right in time for the holiday, the network will air its "Super Cute Yule Log" on Christmas morning.

Although we're not suggesting you wake up before dawn on Christmas Day, if you want to see this adorable overload of cuteness, you're going to have to be in front of the television bright and early.

The network will air the hour-long holiday special starting at 6 a.m. EST. It will run once again at 7 a.m. EST and one last time at 8 a.m. EST.

For those families who get a late start or have so many presents that unwrapping will take more than an hour, you can stream the "Super Cute Yule Log" at your own convenience through ( Animal Planet GO . You will need to login in using your cable provider information.

The Animal Planet special will feature familiar holiday music, as well as some curious kittens, cuddly puppies and baby goats.  Viewers will see the animals interacting with one another and their toys all while enjoying their play time on the set.

The tiny animals will also be given presents, which means there will be plenty of tumbles and high pitched barks and meows from puppies and kittens struggling to open their ( Christmas gifts.

However, the fun and games won't last forever, because the animals will be front and center as they star in an adorable holiday parade.

While preparing for the first-ever "Super Cute Yule Log "( in 2016 , Animal Planet teamed up with ( Viewpoint Creative as a way to piggyback off of the success they achieved thanks to animal themed specials like the Puppy Bowl.

The company was asked to create a program that embodied the effortless cuteness in baby animals, which has the tendency to melts hearts and cause uncontrollable smiling.

The shoot required the hiring of dozens of baby animals, from puppies to bunnies and more. While getting the animals to the set wasn't a problem, maintaining the festive holiday decorations along with the setups of a winter wonderland, a new year's party and a cozy living room, proved to be a bit of an obstacle.

In order to keep their clean and serene set spotless while overrun by baby animals that couldn't control their bladders, hundreds of wee wee pads were set up around the venue.

It was also revealed that one production assistant was given the responsibility of cleaning up the mess throughout the filming process.

Be sure to tune into the "Super Cute Yule Log" on Monday at 6 a.m. EST on Animal Planet to see what came of all the hard work put into the Christmas special.

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Date:Dec 25, 2017
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