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AnimaTek Launches Caviar Converter, an Affordable Solution for Real-Time Viewing of Animation.


Developers Can Now Display 3D Animation Quickly and

Easily Via Email and Internet

AnimaTek International Inc., a leading developer of 3D computer graphics software, today announced the launch of Caviar Converter, a set of tools for converting 3D models into Caviar format (CVR files) for real-time viewing.

Based on AnimaTek's powerful surface pixel real-time rendering engine, Caviar Technology, Caviar Converter allows animators such as game and Internet developers, to quickly view and display their creations on their local PC, send via email, or post on the Internet in real-time with a high level of quality.

Until now, animators creating polygon-based 3D animated objects for real-time applications using 3D Studio MAX, Lightwave and others, could not share files with colleagues and clients without spending time and money buying expensive applications or rendering a movie just to view the work.

Once files are converted to CVR files, they are viewed using the bundled Caviar Player which AnimaTek is freely distributing. 3D developers and animators can then display their models on their computer, send them to remote colleagues via email, or post them on the Internet.

Viewers no longer have to buy expensive 3D animation software just to view the animated images -- they can simply download Caviar Player for free from AnimaTek's Web site and quickly view the models from any point of view in real-time.

"Our computer game company collaborates with the industry's top animators in locations around the world. When animators in Europe and Asia need to share their work with colleagues in California, for example, we are looking for inexpensive solutions. Caviar Converter has saved the company time and money by helping us deliver animators' work across borders and across platforms using a common format."

--Henk Rogers, CEO, Blue Planet Software Inc., international developers of computer game software, including Tetris

"The use of file readers and viewers for text documents, audio and graphics files has become widespread. Caviar Converter is the first affordable solution for companies and individuals concerned with costs, that enables the viewing of animated objects quickly and easily."

--Vladimir Pokhilko, President, AnimaTek International, Inc.

The Technology

Caviar Converter works fast by converting the surface of objects to a set of 3D pixels, storing the geometrical position and animation, color and surface normal vector of each pixel. The resulting CVR files are then played back in real-time with Caviar Player.

Caviar Converter also serves as an inexpensive way to check out Caviar Technology, AnimaTek's full-motion 3D animation engine used by developers and Web designers. The technology wraps rendered objects with electronic strings of 3D pixels, providing continuous reference points for movement, light and shadow. Because of its small data size, characters in motion appear on screen very quickly, with a high level of detail.


Caviar Converter is compatible with the most popular professional 3D animation software packages, enabling all polygon-based 3D objects created in 3D Studio R4, 3D Studio MAX, Lightwave, and some SGI formats to be rendered from any point of view in real-time.


Caviar Converter is the best value 3D animation viewing solution available for only $99. For distribution information, contact Roger Springer, AnimaTek, at 415/477-0610 Ext. 302 or Email: .

Caviar Player comes bundled with the converter for viewing capabilities and is also available for free download at .

About AnimaTek

Founded in 1989, AnimaTek International is a pioneer in the creation of real-time characters in realistic environments and is dedicated to selling and licensing innovative tools, technologies and content libraries for 3D modeling and animation. The expanding company, headquartered in San Francisco, consists of 12 employees based in the United States and 70 in Moscow, many of whom hold doctorates from the most prestigious Russian universities and institutes.

AnimaTek is well-known as the developer of the acclaimed Bones Pro, the popular plug-in for 3D Studio MAX, as well as the real-time rendering engine, Caviar Technology, and the award-winning landscape generation program, World Builder. AnimaTek also provides custom services for animation, 3D graphics, games and multimedia products.

For more information about AnimaTek's tools, technologies and services, phone 1-800/471-1233 or visit our Web site at . -0-

Note to Editor: All trademarks, products and technologies mentioned are the property of their respective owners.

CONTACT: AnimaTek International, Inc.

Susan Cooper, 415/477-0610 Ext. 311
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Date:Oct 8, 1997
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